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[P5] The Endgame
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No shitposting. I have an RP that you can shitpost on to your heart's content. ([P5] The Final Resolution) No weapons in the overworld. Unless you could carry it around without it being fishy. (E.G, a baseball bat, a cane, etc.) Definitely no OP OCs. Unless you're the antagonist, for some reason. And finally, no messing up the STORY. This will be like DnD. Unless you perform an action, I'll tell you to stop messing it up. (I.E, having Shujin Academy get hit by a meteor, killing a NPC {Non-Player Character}, etc.)
Have fun!
so we can't kill NPCs, but can we kill ourselves?
Uses the infinity gauntlet to erase the rules section and then conquer the entire universe. Is now the antagonist.
(edited by Iaharl)
What up Kidz Boppers! All the kidz bop kidz hits the woah.
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Laharl, quit shitposting.
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so we can't kill NPCs, but can we kill ourselves? The NPCs I was talking about are shopkeepers and passersby. You can kill enemy NPCs without me penalizing you.
(edited by eihara-shiomi)
that doesn't answer the question Can we kill ourselves?
Why is it okay for you to enter a thread without asking but not for me to epicly dab on your 5th grade writing assignment?
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Let's start the game, shall we?
So, what are your OCs names and classes? I'll be playing as well, but my Dungeon Mastering will be on my other account.
I am a Phantom Thief with a cool sword and shield (wink) and I have my cool persona Zeus and that's it (yay)
My character is Laharl, a shirtless boy who looks like a child and carries a giant sword. Their class is demon overlord and their persona is Shiranui, whom they awakened by copying from edgy loser.
You haven't done this before have you?
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Ok, Sam's a fighter (ZEUS), Laharl's a demon overlord (SHIRANUI), what else?
(edited by eihara-shiomi)
Oh, you're just going to ignore anyone with valid critism? I mean, you didn't answer Laharl's question about how you seem to be alright with you jumping into any random thread and trying to mess it up but when you think people might do it to you? Nah. Rule 1. That's not allowed.
Old man. Yokai Summoner. Makes tea. Japan's greatest Villain.
Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun? Gun. I shoot gun, gun shoot me, me get strong.
I agree with gun
Gun is also something I agree with.
Woah Woah Woah do you think we can trust gun.
Guns kill people you know
People kill people
Oh ho ho. My gun definitely kills people.
My character’s name is Oma Tokita, he’s a Human Monk with Neko Shogun as his persona who wants to be the strongest
(edited by Sayaka_Miki)
My character's name is MS_Paint_Homura. Her power is oh no.
My character is Tatsuya Suou, a persona user from another time that's ended up here by reasons he doesn't understand. His Persona is Apollo, and he fights using swords. His main goal is to find a way to return to his own time and find a way to stop the being known as Nyarlathotep.
My character is Niko. He's obviously not from around here, and he's lazy. He can use really anything as a weapon and his persona is Yog-Sothoth.
My character's name is Ivory, he carries a Balisong (Butterfly knife), and a sniper rifle. His persona is (my own creation) monoko.
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