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Creative Persona
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If you have an Idea of what kind of Persona you would want, what could it be? (Persona Name and Arcana)
I would have a humongous warrior with two legs and six arms with red skin and super muscular. It would have super long hair that it would control at will and would carry six swords with its hair. Think of six arms except they're made of hair and that's how it would carry its swords and if I had to name it its name would be Oku no Ken meaning many swords because p4 had a lot of japanese names for the main personas and its arcana would be either fool or chariot.
(edited by Ren_bestrickster)
My persona would be Ariel of the Lover’s Arcana. They’re a beautiful mermaid that uses ice magic and curses with their voice
Mine would dance with his swords to curse his foes like a fire dance or an ice dance or a lightning dance.
I want one that could turn me insane, of course I’d have to say arcana, would be insanity
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