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Can we ask for help on the game here?
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Just wondering, since the fanbase learns tips and tricks to help beat the game, and I need a little help on some things. So I guess..... Phantom thieves: Do you know of any way to help max confidants like Iwai, who rank so slow it is almost ridiculous (I compair it to pulling teeth)?
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Ah. Thank you. I recieved similar advice on another forum, but having this confirmed makes it a lot easier to plan on who to hang out with. It helps that I've been working with Chihaya (fortune) for a bit now. Almost at rank 5, and I believe that comes at rank 7 or 8. I will keep working then. I presume this works with all the confidants (lovers, temper, sun, star, etc)?
The primary thing you need to do is focus on the Fortune Social Link. Progressing far enough in that unlocks a reading that'll bump up your relationship with any confidant without costing time. Basically mandatory if you wanna max them in one playthrough Also to answer the question in the title, yes. This is in fact a P5 Forum even if it doesn't look that way sometimes AHH if i had known this in my first playthrough probs maxing out the confidants would have been much easier :/
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