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A Matter Of Perception
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*One day, you get an invite. All that is on the invite is an address, a date and a time along with the words "Come and challenge your ideas of the world - Doctor Simon Nero". Deciding that the idea was interesting, you arrive at the location. It's a simple warehouse looking out to the sea with ships coming and going. Though the places around it seem active, the one you've arrived at is abandoned. All that is left to do is venture inside.*
The lone girl arrives at the warehouse, remembering the words on the invite, and then looking back at the warehouse once more. It seems empty, abandoned, and weirdly nostalgic for some arbitrary reason. "Uhm, er, hello? Is anyone here? I came to the address. Maybe it's late...sorry..." She meekly calls out, hiding her eyes under the shadow of her baseball cap out of timorous fear, her own hands shaking as it tries to hold the only thing that she can use to defend herself behind her in fear of retaliation. "Y-you, it said that uh, someone is supposed to...challenge my ideas of the world?"
A figure comes out of the darkness as you feel yourself shaking in fear and all you can hear is your heart in your ears. "H-hello, I came here because of the letter. Do you know who sent it and where I can find them." They seem to be waiting for you to walk over to them what do you decide to do?
“Challenging my ideas huh?” Setsuna reads over the letter one last time before breathing out a sigh. School was out and she’d been bored anyways, so it seemed safe enough to try. “Come on no point waiting here. You joining or not?” Setsuna nudges Isabelle before walking into the warehouse
"S-should I-" {When she was nudged, she gasped out, almost swinging her bat at the girl by reflex. She stopped herself at the last second, doing her best to calm herself.} "Of course. Wait for me!" Isabella follows Setsuna into the warehouse.
A strange catperson arrives at the destination, seeing some faint glimpses of two figures entering. "Challenge my ideas of the world, huh?" He chuckles, even though he's been around for quite a time now, he still has no exact idea of this world at all. Maybe this'll shed light on his multiple observations of this strange world. He enters along with the two that already have.
Flareons ventures forth inside the warehouse, leaving burning marks on the floor as he walks. "Hey guys did you hear about anime." He then rolls over and begins playing games on his phone, waiting for the host to show up.
Setsuna takes a brief look at the people who came along with her, smiling as she declares “Wow they weren’t kidding. We haven’t even started yet and I’m already questioning my life choices”
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*Inside, the warehouse is mostly empty. Only three things are inside. A tall lamp, a leather reclining chair and the doctor himself, whether you know him from past experiences or not, reading through a newspaper with the words "Alien threat destroys Cairo. Fifth capital city in three weeks destroyed" on the front of it.* Well, I'm glad to see my experiment is already having an effect before it's started. *Nero folds his paper and rests it on his lap.* Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to my experiment. I do hope to enjoy this as much as I hope I will. Today, I'm planning on testing a new piece of aparatus I invented. I simply need you to do what comes natural once the experiment begins. Naturally, I plan on offerin a reward if you do your efficiently enough. Questions?
He thinks for a moment. I mean, the most obvious thing to ask is... "Yeah, what exactly did I sign up for? What is this... "Aparatus" you're talking about, bud?"
Setsuna calmly raises her hand before asking “Do I have to go in alongside two furries and an airhead. I came to see something cool, not leftovers from last week’s anime convention.”
Flareon rolls their eyes at Setsuna, interjecting condescendingly. "Actually, the anime convention was in July, which was about six months ago and definitely NOT last week. Who's the airhead now?" Flareon puffs up their chest, snorting triumphetly
“There’s more than one anime convention a year idiot.” Setsuna crosses her arms with a sigh before remarking with a grin “Besides, don’t you know Gachamon can’t talk?”
Niko thinks of how to respond. Something witty... "...Teach me how to be as cool as you." Nailed it.
"Yeah, well, guess what? I'm talking right now, idiot." Flareon smirks before pouting in iritation and continuing. "And, besides, what's the point of multiple anime conventions if there's only one anime?"
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*Nero's eye twitches from behind his glasses.* Are you two done arguing yet?
“No!” Setsuna snaps at the researcher before looking over at Niko “Are you talking about me? Such a weirdo... Try not asking strange questions first.” Setsuna crosses her arms with a grin before finally addressing the Flareon again “Have you been living under a rock? I can think of at least a dozen. And if you don’t stop talking no one will take your gachamon cosplay seriously.”
He shakes his head. "Forget it." He approaches the man who presumably sent out the invites. "Now anyway, before the rude interruption, what will this experiment of yours involve, anyway?"
"C-cosplay?" Flareon shoots a concerned glance at Setsuna, tilting his head on confusion. "What human on this entire planet would be able to fit in a costume that's even remotely similar to my proportions? God, how stupis can you be?"
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Ah yes. My experiment you see- *Nero is cut off from answering Niko's question by Flareon's yelling. His mouth twitches and he growls, trying to keep his composure.* I'm starting to lose my temper.
“I dunno, maybe you’re some kinda child contortionist. Though I’ll admit that IS the second-best cosplay I’ve ever seen.” Setsuna brushes off the question before turning to yell at the researcher “Can we get this over with so I don’t have to talk to this loser anymore.”
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Niko sighs. "Go on, sir. Just try to ignore these people. I'm seriously curious about what you have in store."
"I...don't even want to ask what is happening." She snapped out of her daze, acting as if she had fainted while still standing on her two legs. Isabella looked around before noticing the researcher. "Erm, are you the one that gave us the letter? Can you tell us what to do? I'm sorry for so many questions..."
"Oh, sure, because a baby that speaks perfect english is a way more likely scenario than you being wrong." Flareon grunts, highlighting his bitter sarcasm before turning his attention to the host. "Yeah, yeah, go on."
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Right... then. *The doctor stands up. A small girl steps from behind his chair as he does so, standing at his side, a cheerful faced mask covering her face, one eye closed in a mocking wink.* My name is Doctor Simon Nero and this experiment will deal with the shifting of reality, perspective and the laws of nature. If my theory is correct, my new apparatus will allow me to manipulate the very laws of space-time inside a specific space. I wish to test it's applications in specific scenarios. That is why I called a number of random people here to aid me with that task. Any more arguments or questions? I shall give you 1 more minute of preparation then I shall begin with my experiment.
Niko raises his hand. "I call dibs on low gravity. Or something else of the sort. I always wanted to fly."
“Oh great, a magician.” Setsuna says with a huff, her earlier argument having doubtlessly affected her mood “Let’s just start the show already.”
"You're giving us 1 minute to prepare, right?...I may have some questions but I need to know how I am as of now..." Isabella looked in her jacket pockets and then her bat. In order to prepare herself from not fainting, she looks at everyone else in hopes they don't notice her back. "Uh, can you give me a family that loves me- I mean, uh, nevermind. I hope this will be fun."
"Hm, a magic show? Could be fun." Flareon shrugs and lays down, staring in anticipation.
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It's not magic. It's technology. *Nero folded his arms.* I cannot create from thin air. I've tried. It doesn't work. However, I can manipulate materials to contruct other materials, however, once leaving the space they fall apart regardless. As for gravity manipulation, well I suppose we'll. *Nero glances at a watch on his wrist.* Ten seconds. Are you prepared?
“W- No. Like a street magician with the rabbits and the hats.” Setsuna makes some arm motions like pulling something out of the air in front of her before letting out a sigh “Everyone knows Magic isn’t real.”
Niko shrugs. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be, I guess. I won't say anything further just in case my words jinx things."
"Yeah, let's get it on." Flareon patiently sits still
She nods her head. "Yes, let's see the wonders of technology...yeah."
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Very good. Zero. * As Nero's timer hits 0, the doors behind the group slam shut.* Punctual. As expected. Now then. Let us begin. I believe your first question was if I could alter gravity, was it not? Shall we test that theory? * With a smirk, Nero snapped his fingers. To the party, it would be as if the world had flipped upside down as gravity starts trying to drag them to the ceiling high above. As you fall, a number of steel bars crossing the ceiling threaten to deal damage if they are hit. Nero himself stays where he is, he and his ally seemingly immune to the gravity altering effects.*
"Oh wow, impressive. You closed some doors. Ver- WOAH" Setsuna's sarcastic remark is cut off by the change in gravity, the girl wasn't exactly prepared for such a dramatic change so one of her legs hits a steel bar as she flies upwards "Hey, watch the stagepiece idiot."
{Isabella’s head jerks backwards once the doors close behind them. An instantly more worried expression taints her unawareness and makes her try to keep her guard up again.} “Was that necessary? I feel as if there’s more to worry about here-“ {Her worrying was also cut a bit short, as the girl starts to go up in the air. She shrieks out, her hand trying to keep her baseball cap on as well as trying to swing her bat around in discomfort. Though it’s in an extremely unprofessional and unpleasant manner, she uses the baseball bat to knock her trajectory away from any of the steel bars that threaten her livelihood.} “I-I-i want to get down...Can we get down? M-must we really go all the way up?”
Flareon, with his nimble body, is able to easily land on a steel bar unharmed. Being caught off-guard, however, he was unable to have stretched ahead of time and thus felt as if he was forcefully woken up after a long night of rest. Having already been disturbed, he decides to stretch over the steel bar before hoping all the way down to the new center of gravity's lowest point. "What move was that? Trick room? Well, I suppose I could use a little exercise. A bit of a warning wouldn't have gone amiss, though."
Niko, using his amateurish acrobatic skills, lands safely, although he didn't stick the landing due to the reversal of gravity. At least he's relatively undamaged. "Glad I was takin those lessons. Aaaanyway, I asked for low gravity, not reversal. Good enough though, I guess." He taps his foot. "I dunno how this could possibly change my ideas of this world, seeing as how weird stuff like this is almost common occurrence."
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