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Persona 5 Royal Port
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Atlus itself needs a change of heart. Their greed beyond measure is going to keep me (and others) from playing P5R. I don't have the money to buy a PS4, but I have a PC and an Xbox one. (not my choice, I'm 17 and my dad wanted the Xbox). If they would Port it to PC or xbox, though, I would be able to play it. I'm playing P5 right now via a PS3 emulator, but I would like to do things correctly and get Atlus the compensation they deserve for making a great game.
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I can't just buy a PS4. That would take me way too long to save up. I'd rather just wait for someone to make an emulator for it.
Tip for the future, maybe don't talk about pirating games on a public internet forum. Nobody here cares most likely but there's a fair few who would probably frown upon such behavior. One of which would be the FBI...
Well, it isn't impossible to run a legally bought copy on an emulator which is... I don't think actually illegal? But I could be wrong there.
I swear if another freshie lookin ass comes up and uses the theme of Persona 5 to complain about miniscule inconveniences in their life one more time they finna be needing a change of diaper when i'm through with them

Isn't PS4 kinda cheap right now

In the US, on average it's about $230 for the original series. If I really looked into my resources, I can get it under $200. Realistically though, Atlus is spot on the money for leaving P5 on the PS4. The Xbox generally does not attract JRPG players, so the market is less. (Which makes me wonder why the hell PS02 is an Xbox exclusive)
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