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The GYM: Reminiscent memory's.
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Three. Three years, close to four to be precise. Those years have been long and lonely, pure and utter isolation of both matter and mind. [i]Three. Three years, close to four to be precise. Those years have been long and lonely, pure and utter isolation of both matter and mind. silence does not come without the price of mental stability. Depression gloom over every day, separation of any outer things, but why would one want to make themselves suffer like so? Maybe a punishment sent by their own force. But slowly, they approach back into society, a creeping, grueling traverse back into the reality of others, maybe the internal cold shall be warmed by the empathy of others? And who even is this stranger of silence? His name, reminiscent forgetful memories of the past. Others remember as the bane of their existence… Zane Thomas Mayhew, A.K.A ‘’Reperzell the snakipede’’ was regarded as a hateful spirit. Constant violence, hateful intent every waking second of his life, the ending result was always the same: A defeat. This only grew his burning rage for the people he despised, even his only few friends began to question Zane’s mental stability. With every single loss, death, or even a slight wrong twist of the head. His rage begun to grow. His persona, Omukade didn’t help either, for it was [and still is] a gruesome beast of pure murder and slaughter...It almost seemed that the monster controlled his creator. This centipede monstrosity may have caused more chaos then Zane himself, but I digress. After the constant internal struggling of his social life crumbling and his mentality, slowly crippling away...there was practically no other choice than solitude, away from the people that harm himself or others. These three years have finally come to a close, and thanks to the cold warning him to the new years, it may just be a better time than any to return than any. The road was a long one, but finally...back at the place where it started it all[...The GYM. So many memories locked in this large attire, to the countless doors being kicked down, the endless adrenaline rushing battles that commenced...and Eito, the last friend Zane lost. A new set of doors seemed to be in place as well. But anyway, with one single push of the 7’3’s man’s hands, the doors slide open...and up came a tidal wave of nostalgia. ''...Now, 'et's see who's 'ere, eh?''
A pink-haired young adult male comes in behind the giant, breathing a sigh of relief as he lets the door slam behind him and shakes the snow off his clothes. He looks up to the tall man with a somewhat mocking smirk. "Well met."
* With a tired yawn, Lugh steps into the GYM. Seeing Rep, he raises an eyebrow. With a kick, he sends the spear he's carrying spinning around before it comes to rest, balancing on his shoulder.* Oi. Oi Yoi. Oi Yoi Yoi. What an earth is happening here then I wonder?
"Oi... yoi?" Tatsuya shoots a curious glance at Lugh, lightly snickering before staring at the spear in genuine amusement. "Cool weapon you got there."
What? This old thing? *Lugh lifts his lance from his shoulders and inspects the bronze tip lazily.* Aye. I suppose you could say that. It's really just an old antique but... eh. It's definatly still got it's uses, thats for sure.
"An antique, huh? That's really interesting. Where did you get it from?" Tatsuya smiles, his eyes beeming with intrique
What? Ya expecting a grand tale of adventure and mystery? *The man laughs.* Oi yoi. It's nothing special really. An old friend made for me. That's all really. I suppose it has lasted me quite a long time though.
Yet another person enters the establishment, but an odd one at that. It was a somewhat tall and heavy built man wearing what it appears to be a reptilian-like costume that comprises of a blue, monster styled mask, a chest piece with a pair of black overalls covering it, and most surprisingly a pair of in-line skates that appear to match the overall theme of his costume as well. The man growls as he skates further into the building, suggesting that he seems to be annoyed about something. “I can’t even leave those two morons alone without them runnin’ off to god knows where...” The man takes notice of the other patrons in the building. “Hey you, green haired dude with the big ass weapon!” He points towards Lugh. “Have you happened to see two idiots tearing up the city on skates like mine around here?”
A large man kicks open the front door allowing a dense fog to roll in along with him. The fog naturally disperses as the door whines to a close well behind him at this point. "Can't say the old stomping grounds have changed all too drastically while I was on my sabbatical, not that I'm unhappy with a constant in my life." The man jumps up and takes a seat on the counter while eyeing up the patrons of this fine establishment. "Well, new faces don't hurt. So that's fine." He leans back and rummages about behind the counter before sitting back up with a cherry energy beverage in hand. "A lance wielder huh? That sure takes me back." He takes a swig from his drink. "He had a meddlesome weapon, caused all that self sacrifice to pay off. How pathetic." He takes another swig as he eyes up the kaiju cosplayer. "I'm not one to kink shame but jinkies."
A high-school age girl nods from the space near Klib, sharing her own grin "Indeed, if his friends' fashion sense is nearly as.. Unique as his I can't imagine they're hard to find." The pink-haired girl takes a quick sip of tea, letting out a satisfied sigh before adding "Have you considered visiting the circus?"
"GAH!" The man rocks backwards and spits out some of his drink at the young girl's sudden words. "Don't sneak up on people! That's MY thing!" He regains his composure and grins. "You make a solid point though. Can't be hard to find the loudest looking people around town!"
The man tilts his head at Klib, giving him a confused look. “Eh? ‘Kink shame?’ Just what are ya gettin’ at here, buddy?” The man chuckles in response to Nanaka’s comment. “The circus? Heheh, haven’t you taken the time to take a look around at this entire damn city? Tokyo-To is full of gangs striving to gain supremacy of the streets through means of vandalism and disturbin’ it’s residents. Doesn’t that sound like a circus to ya?”
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Tatsuya responds to Kalib's entrance with a puzzled stare for a few moments before approaching him and politely inquiring. "Excuse me? Are you a regular, or do you work here? Whatever the case, would you mind explaining just what kind of business this is?"
"pfft" The girl scoffs Klib, setting down what's left of her tea "I hardly had to skulk around, it seems the oaf over here was taking too much of your attention." Finally the girl brushes her hair to the side, meeting the cosplayer's eyes with a gaze of steel "I hardly have time to pay attention to the petty squabbles of boys trying to compensate for something. Ah, but I suppose I ought to introduce myself" The girl breaks off the gaze, letting out a sigh before giving a brief bow "Tokiwa Nanaka, heir of the Kashinryuu school of flower arrangement, at your service."
"Tokyo-To, huh? Another fold in his damn game again." He downs the last of his drink before tossing the can behind the counter before hopping down and approaching the strange fellow. "I haven't had the time to really waltz around recently, but I do know a troubled youth when I see one. You don't need to dress so outlandish to get attention, I'm sure someone will like you for you!" He flashes the man a chilly grin before twirling around him and approaching the young man. "Why yes my fine fellow I do work here! The name's Kalib and I just so happen to be the owner of this wonderful establishment! Been away from home for some time but I'm back!" He bows with needless flourish. "As for what GYM is... You could think of it as just that. A gym. A place to train and reach greater heights, but not alone. GYM is focused on combat training through sparring with other GYM-goers to try and push everyone up a level." "With how things are going, we'll need all the able bodied people we can get..."

Ina, having missed seeing GYM open, was glad to finally have it re-open again, even though she could have easily opened it herself, burning down the door and all. She strides through those doors with the biggest, most genuine smile she can muster "Ahhhh, finally a chance to have a good match with someone! Haven't had this in a while!"
The rudie scratches the back of his head, letting out a small chuckle again. “Well it’s a pleasure to meetcha, Ms. Nanaka. You can call me PJ, the new leader of the notorious street gang, after the previous one joined those good for nothin’ GGs, Poison Jam!” The man looks back towards Klib still with a confused expression. “It’s not like I really had a choice to wear something other than this getup, man. I’m just wearing what my gang was always ordered to wear.”
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Tatsuya would reach out his hand towards Kalib, offering a handshake. "Ah, well, my name is Tatsuya Kaname. You know, I can actually really benefit from some proper training. Do you know anyone looking for a partner right now?"
Kalib laughs at the man's explanation. "Well then PJ, you shouldn't turn to gangs when you're not getting attention at home. There's always someone who believes in you before you take a step down the dark path of being a criminal!" He turns his attention back to the young man and grins. "I'm sure we can arrange someone to spar with you. Either Ms. Tokiwa or Ms. Ina would be suitable partners. I would partake but I'm quite weary from my travels, and my strength hasn't made it's way back to me yet."
"Miss Tokiwa, if you have enough manners to use an honorific." Nanaka breathes out a sigh, stepping forward and looking up at PJ, as the other man is significantly taller than she is. "now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you really lead one of those new gangs, don't you get to decide the uniform?"
The man deeply sighs after hearing the man’s response. “The thought of my old home and family has not crossed my mind in quite some time. I’ve already gone down the life of a ruthless criminal that has led me to a new home with others I can care about, unlike my jackass parents... And besides, there’s no turnin’ back ya know.” The man shifts his attention over to Nanaka once again. “Well Miss Na- Er, I mean Miss Tokiwa, there’s kind of an unwritten rule of the gang that states we have to keep our dress code relatively similar to the first uniform, so I can’t really change it to whatever I desire.”
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"Ah, in that case," Tatsuya turns towards Tokiwa, interjecting "Um, Tokiwa-san? How would you like to spare for a bit?" As a gesture, Tatsuya forms a dust cloud of light energy in the form of a crossbow for a brief second before it materializes into a full iron crossbow modified to rapidly shoot strands of light instead of arrows. He holds this weapon to his hip.
"Oh?" Nanaka turns to the other boy, one who really looked to be about her age and, though she couldn't quite place how, they actually looked somewhat familiar. "Very well, I hope you don't mind if I let loose a little?" Nanaka takes a nice glance at their crossbow, it actually looked similar to something she'd seen another girl use. But there was no time for that, Nanaka raises her left hand, silver ring glistening in the light, before finally transforming. Her uniform fades away, replaced by a solid magenta robe, like that samurai used to wear, and accompanied by a single scabbard through which the hilts of two blades can be seen. Finally, her outfit is topped off by a flower-shaped hairpin in the upper-left of her hair, a magenta gem glistening within. "If you're still eager, I'll allow you the first move." Nanaka doesn't seem to take any sort of fighting stance as she enters the arena, instead simply opting to watch her opponent.
A calm, stylish man would stride through the empty door frame. He seems to be juggling some empty coffee cups with mild success. Every now and again he stumbles on his way to the counter. "Hup! Oop! Fuuah! Mmp!" These vocalizations are some indicator that this semi-simple task is proving to be minute amounts of difficult for the otherwise flawless guy. Once he made it to the counter all of his cups shatter on the floor as he bumps into a chair. "You hate to see it..."
PJ stares in awe at Nanaka’s transformation, as if he hasn’t seen any bizarre occurrences in his life. “Wow, that looked like somethin’ you’d find in one of those weird ass anime shows.” He’s then interrupted by Evolt’s mishap with his cups, turning to look at him. “I’m... Yeah, I’m just not gonna comment on that...” PJ proceeds to lean on a nearby wall, keeping an eye on the already brewing battle at the arena.
"A magical girl, huh? Must be my lucky day. Good luck beating me." Tatsuya slowly takes a step back, allowing a brown desert cloak to form over his clothes, large sniper goggles suddenly obscuring his eyes. He appeared to become more nible and efficient, a second crossbow forming at his other hand. Smirking, he then takes a giant leap back which allows him enough air time to essentially suspend him in place for a brief moment while he fires his weapons. He first pulled the trigger on the crossbow in his left hand, a beam of light being fired like a bullet directly towards Nanaka's current location. Almost immediately following this, he fires the crossbow in his right hand to the empty space on Nanaka's right, being spaced at her chest level. Quickly falling afterwards, Tatsuya would bend his knees and seperate his legs to allow him to land safely on his feet as the impact causes him to naturally slide across the floor in a preemptively evasive maneuver as he prepares for whatever counterattack he has to face.
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A young woman would... Appear out of nowhere in fact, wearing a long black coat and looking rather stunned. She'd simply burst into reality atop the counter with a mildly annoyed look on her face. "Stupid ass transport spell... At least I didn't end up anywhere too dangerous." She says, staring at a place filled with all sorts of dangerous people at least two of whom are unknown to her frankly kind of evil. But oh well, to her nothing seems too out of place and that's all that matters. She'd just look over the place with a slight smile while speaking out to those present. "So... Guess I'm looking for someone to practice against, anybody here want to go a round?" Ashlyn eyes the ongoing battle curiously, curious. Not anything she can make too much use of though, maybe the girl has something but eh. With any luck she'll get at least one thing she can take advantage of. "Huh, nifty little weapon he's got there. Hmm, nothing too crazy though."
"I appreciate the thought, but I don't need luck." A faux transformation. Her opponent didn't have a Soul Gem, but what happened was clearly similar to her own method of transforming. However, this also meant that it wasn't a unique form, and thus that her opponent might have more. For now, Nanaka naturally dodges to her right, narrowly avoiding the first blow. Unfortunately this puts her in line with the second, however rather than panic, Nanaka draws her blade in an instant, slashing through this second bullet of light. "So you're familiar with Magical Girls like myself are you? I wonder... Have you heard of an Iroha Tamaki?" Nanaka poses her question as she considers her options. For now Nanaka decides to continue testing her opponent from a distance, bringing her unburdened left hand down to her scabbard to draw her second sword. This time she makes a wide slashing motion towards Tatsuya, sending a horizontal wave of razor-sharp flower petals at him
For the first time in ages, Nacci takes a step into GYM. After a quick glance around, she finds her way to a nearby chair and pulls it over towards the arena, turning it towards the room before sitting herself down, her right leg resting over her left. She sits firm and upright, but her face expressed her feeling of relaxation. "Doesn't seem like much has changed... same old GYM." She glances over to the pile of broken coffee mug on the floor, then to the one responsible for it. "Quite a spill you've had. Although, you don't seem particularly... perturbed."
The young woman stares boredly for a while, before absently walking up to... Hmm, white-haired lady sure that works. "Yo! Did you come here just to sit around and watch, or are you gonna spar with somebody? Name's Ashlyn by the way." She just smirks a bit while glancing at the other person, clearly hoping the answer to her question is that they will indeed pick a pointless fight. Well, pointless to most people. For the young woman in black it has quite a point indeed.
"Hmm... Nope. Can't say I have. Why do you ask?" Tatsuya would attempt to dodge the projectiles by jumping to the side, backstepping as he eyes his opponent. Gazing over his surroundings, he looks for any form of cover he could find. Before moving to cover, however, he intensely stares at his opponent, gritting his teeth and taking careful, calculated and minute steps. He attempts to hide his intent by taking one step forward and firing 3 alternating shots at Naaka's current location at once.
She looks over to Ashlyn, then stands up from her chair with a smile. "Truthfully, I'd come to watch, but I have no issue with sparring. I take it you're interested in doing so?" Nacci keeps her eyes to the woman, but grips her right wrist with her left hand, adjusting it, before doing the same to the other.
as Nanaka had sent a sideways arc of petals at Tatsuya, leaping to the side would likely result in him still getting hit, if only by a less-intense flurry of petals, his cloak and perhaps skin being sliced into "The cloak, crossbows, hair color." in response to Tatsuya's continued assault, Nanaka directs a slash downwards, creating a curtain of flowers that serves to both block the attack and obscure Nanaka from view. A few tense seconds pass with Nanaka nowhere to be seen. Until the girl suddenly lunges from Tatsuya's right, aiming to bring one blade against his throat. She wouldn't actually stab him of course, simply demonstrating what she might have been able to do. "They all remind me of Tamaki-san."
Ashlyn chuckles a bit, nodding before cracking her knuckles slightly before stepping out into... The back yard, its a fairly simple area and it mostly just seems to have grass along with a couple trees plantted. Plus some rather serious fencing that's renforced with magical wards of some stripe that Nacci may not have seen before given those were placed a few months ago is all. "Alright then, I guess I'll let you go first in this match... What's your name anyways?" She'd grin as some strange flowing, red liquid appears in her right hand. Perhaps a weapon of some kind, though if so exactly what it does isn't too clear right now. And Ashlyn doesn't seem so intent upon assuming a fighting stance or anything like that, instead just watching the other young woman curiously with one hand in her pocket.
Nacci takes her place on the other side of the back yard, finishing her self body check from the walk over. She brings her right side back, and balls her fists, keeping her eyes locked on Ashlyn. "You can call me Fee- Actually, I suppose it's not particularly necessary. My name is Nacci, it's good to meet you. Let's have a good match." Nacci's eyes dimly flash as she continues to stare down Ashley, glancing down at the substance in her hand, before firming up her stance and then launching herself towards Ashlyn with a lunge. She throws out a quick right jab as she reaches her target, keeping her left arm ready for another action.
The young woman smirks a little bit before that strange goop takes on a solid form, swinging her left arm forward to meet Nacci along with a pair of red gauntlets with black outlines that now cover both her fists. She's a lot quicker than one might expect of a human, stronger too considering she can actually push against the machine for a good while. Not that she notices Nacci is a machine quite yet. There also seems to be a red glow starting to form in her still held down right fist. "Hah, yeah sounds fine to me! Good meeting you too Nacci!"
Her eyes dart to the new pair of gauntlets that met her blow, quickly choosing to sidestep to the right and use her left arm to elbow Ashlyn in the back. "Interesting weapon... However you happen to be attempting to match me at one of my specialties."
The girl manages to flip around, just barely. But she can't block... Instead she tumbles backward with the force of the blow, very much by design judging from the smirk on her face despite being slammed into hard. "Yeah not my best choice all things considered! Guess I'll just try this instead, Flames of Hell!" Ashlyn would raise up her right hand in a blur, that red glow bursting forth from it wildly. Raging hot fires that would burn through all but the most impossibly tough things rushing out in a wide cloud that engulfs much of the field in front of her while the girl staggers up. They wouldn't kill Nacci if they struck true though, clearly some part of her will is holding the magic back, enough to wound rather than destroy.
Seeing the wave of flames burst out in front of her, Nacci's eyes and hair similarly burst into a crimson red, but not before the wave is able to swallow her whole. Before it's passed, Nacci blasts out from it with a leap, only lightly singed, save for her legs. After hitting the ground, she looks down at the damage. "Looks like I haven't been able to pick up the pace on that yet. Perhaps I need another upgrade." Through the burns on her legs, scorched metal can be seen. Thankfully for her, it's not quite melted, yet certainly heated. In fact, they seem to be turning a bright red despite being out of the fire. "Now that I can see your ability to attack with fire, how about your ability to defend against it?" She raises her palm, showing a small hole in the middle of it, from which a burst of flame hurtles towards Ashlyn like a bullet, aimed for her right shoulder.
"Heaven's Shield!" Metal... Huh that's kind of cool, but for the moment she has bigger things to worry about. Like all that fire rushing toward her, the gauntlets melt down back into that goo she had held to begin with. And the fire Nacci had sent would be met by... A gleaming pure white shield forming in the air, hovering in front of the young woman and pushing back against the attack while her weapon forms itself into what looks some sort of launcher gun. The fighter takes whatever time she gains from that barrier to hopefully evade the fire attack as well. "I'll admit, my current bag of tricks is... Pretty small, actually those two are about it. But that oughta work well enough to defend aginst that one. Now since getting close is clearly an awful idea so maybe I can stay further afield instead." The girl raises up her launcher and pulls back on the trigger, a single grenade blasting forth from it and landing a few feet away from her, though it might be possible to dodge the thing does explode with a rather solid blast radius of about forty feet and seems to have some of those hellish flames within it given they rush out too. "I can't quite figure out what your deal is yet though, gotta admit. Beyond being an android or something I guess. Kinda curious to hear your guess on my thing though."
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Watching the grenade hit the ground, rather than back away, Nacci dashes over to the grenade and kicks it as hard as she can, flinging it back behind Ashlyn and slamming into a post of the fence around them. "Reaction time's still good..." She looks over to Ashlyn and chuckles at her query. "I'll leave you guessing for now. As for your own power... it seems to me as though you have some command over that fire, and it's certainly an abnormal variant of the element. It's something stronger, at least... Not to mention that weapon of yours. It seems to be a flexible substance capable of molding itself into various types of armaments, given the vast difference between the two forms I've seen. Does that answer satisfy you?"
The young woman smiles a bit at Nacci's answer, yeah she has an idea of what's going on after all... "Not a bad guess at all, yeah you're right, my fire burns what I want it to how I want. And Flames of Hell ain't just a cutesy name when I say it after all, Hell isn't so bad though really. At least not where I'm from anyway, can't speak for the local area too much." Local dimension really, but she's fine leaving that merely implied rather than openly stated. The launcher switches form a bit again, now looking more like a sprayer really... A sprayer that's launching a gout of hellfire at the grass in fact, the fires dancing across foliage and rushing toward Nacci without even damaging the plant life at all despite it clearly using the stuff to spread. "As for you, clearly an android of some stripe. Fire-resistant is that a supernatural effect or a function of your making. Too soon to tell, but I have a decent eye for the strange, and something tells me you're more than just a machine Nacci."
"Huh, what a funny coincidence." Tatsuya is undeterred by the sharp petals grazing his skin, and merely looks for a way to lengthen the distance between him and his opponent. However, upon noticing the disappearence of his foe, Tatsuya tenses up and steps back in fear. Being unable to effectively act, he drops the crossbow in his right hand and looks around himself confusedly. Immediately after Nanaka draws her blade and lunges, Tatsuya attempts to catch the blade with his bare hand, quickly jerking back. "I hate to say it, but I can't really fight well at this distance. How about we just call this your win?"
Nanaka lets out a sigh, bringing back her sword and spinning it around before sheathing her weapons once more "Very well. I suppose that makes you more of a long-ranged support specialist. Also like miss Tamaki or miss Kaname." Nanaka turns her back to walk out of the arena, casting Tatsuya one last glance over her shoulder. "You'll be in a lot of trouble if you can't find a team of some sort."
"Kaname? Do you know Onee-Sama?" Tatsuya looks curiously at Nanaka
(edited by Tatsuya_Kaname)
"hm?" Nanaka casts a glance back at Tatsuya, letting out a sigh as she reverts to her uniform "I thought there was something familiar about you. Yes, your sister and I have fought together on a few occasions. Though I tended to stick with my own team there were times cooperation was necessary."
"Ah, in that case, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name's Tatsuya." Tatsuya's own battle form fades into light dust. "I do typically fight alongside a large team, but for reasons I can't disclose at the moment that's not an option for me right now. Although, if it comes down to it, it shouldn't be too hard to find help in this city."
(edited by Tatsuya_Kaname)
-A silver-haired teenaged girl wearing the Shujin Academy uniform walks through the door, wearing a red cardigan over her blazer.- Ey, what's goin on here? I'm wondering, cause I have no reason to just barge in and start 'hello'ing and 'hi'ing. (Oh, Reperzel, BTW, sorry for just getting in the RP. I just really like RPing.)
"Let me guess, they just sort of vanished?" Nanaka raises an eyebrow at Tatsuya before breathing out a knowing sigh "I suppose I'm in a similar position. Akira and the others weren't able to follow me here so I'm still working on building up a team of my own."
"It's not like I don't know where to find them, there are just certain things I can only do on my own. So, I suppose you're half right." Tatsuya then looks outside the building, noticing the weather has improved slightly. "It's getting pretty late, I should get back to my apartment before a snow squall hits or something."
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