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A single night turned everything around. A false accusation, the decision of sending him away for a year, and the journey that will begin. The first of many was Ryuji, a lackluster student. A goofball and runner. A teen of strength with a bat, with an electric personality. Morgana was a different story. A guide to the fledgeling wild card, with a serious demeanor and the stubbornness of a hurricane. Ann was a passionate and fiery addition, wronged by many and full of a desire to gain strength. Model, better at english than anything with her time abroad, and slightly spicy yet sweet personality. And then, the artist. Stiff, uncertain, and overly heavy on the politeness. Sheltered by Madarame, the only student still living in the Atelier. Skinny, bad with money, and hyper focused on art only. Lacks understanding in social customs, and comes off as both blunt and a bit ditzy. The love he once had for his mentor frozen over in an icy shell, unforgivingly. What will become of the rag tag group, the ones that push back against the ideology of the adults they can no longer forgive? The Phantom Thieves that steal the hearts of the corrupt, and bring about peace for those that have been suffering from them. A society heading towards certain ruin in an apathetic daze. Let us start the game.
If you don't mind the inquiries of someone who wants to participate, what are we supposed to do now? The description was good, but there's not much else to go off of. Any means of directions such as, you arrived here or there's someone you need to see over there are greatly helpful. I also want to know if we need to be specific characters or not based off the way it was descripted.
Creepy obsession ended with Lady Ann. Desco from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is my waifu now.
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Mona2, please don't post if you aren't going to join the rp. Mal_covet, I don't mind at all. It actually is nice to get feed back. Character introduction is first. If you want to be a cannon character, you are more than welcome. I'm going to be playing as the protagonist of the game, but you are more than welcome to act as an OC (original character) if you please. I only listed the first few, since I didn't want to make it too long to start with. I do ask that you write at least a 5+ sentance paragraph, though more is always appreciated. :) And, if you have more questions, please do DM/PM me. I will be more than happy to answer. Be sure to add in the RP title somewhere though, so I know what the message is about.
I think you've drastically misunderstood the point. You have to actually have an original plot in order for people to participate, as well as an actual location. Otherwise, this is no different than spam.
Also since you’re pretty new here, remember to ignore Mona. They just like stirring stuff up
Ignore Sayaka, they're just a shitposter who likes to spread lies about me
Ah, I get what you're doing now. See as a bit of context and as a more old timey guy, usually RPs here go about a bit differently in the sense that most users have multiple accounts, and each one is dedicated to a specific character unless stated otherwise, even using the profile picture as a base for expected appearance. This extends to OCs and canon characters from any series. Now, I am not saying this is wrong, quite the opposite, but just giving a heads up on what people have gotten used to expect here specifically. I would suggest joining the Discord server, every RP person is in there and it would be nice to have more people around, at least to see if maybe you are interested in any of the stuff we do regularly and such c:
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