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Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
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As was a custom, from time to time, a strange establishment sometimes appeared within the city of Tokyo. Nobody could exactly predict where it would next appear or for what reasons. As such, there were many rumors about such a place and what may happen to those who entered. Some say that those people would disappear only to come back after a while completely passed out. Other's say that what they saw inside was more beautiful than anything they had every seen. Only one fact was certain though...The establishment had excellent reviews on Yelp. Regardless, it has once again taken form within a random corner of a quiet street, this time in the form of a restaurant and Bar. "Wings of Gold" would be printed on a sign in golden text hanging over the establishment. Inside would be what one might expect from an establishment of its kind. Most of the furniture and decorations seemed to be a mix between golden and black. There were many empty tables within as well and a bar was also located near the back, being manned by an odd man with golden eyes and hair to match the building's interior decoration. Another man was sitting at the bar, simply drinking what seemed to be a colorless liquid he had been served. A sign at the front underneath a podium also would simply read "Seat yourself." As if the staff just couldn't be troubled to guide people to their seats on such a calm night.
A high-school age girl with long silver hair was walking around town with a sigh. She was on break which meant less of an annoyance to deal with, but this also meant more boredom. Setsuna thought she knew the streets of her hometown well, which is why this new restaurant interested her... Or.. Was it new? She couldn't remember. Either way, the girl heads inside, standing by the podium for a few seconds before she notices the sign "Seriously? What kinda hole in the wall is this?" the place actually looked pretty nice, but lacking such basic service gave Setsuna an excuse to complain. The girl goes ahead and seats herself near one of the corners with a sigh
{An adult-ish male with short white hair walks around aimlessly, trying to go find the place his younger sister had told him to go for...food. Just food. Would it be pick-up? Would they even allow that? What matters is that he's trying to find the place. His search would have been fruitless were it not for him seeing the girl enter the establishment first. Once he enters, he feels a bit abandoned: a feeling that's not new, but he still hated it.} "Tabitha recommended me this restaurant. Maybe this is why I should never listen to her..." {He silently thanks the teenage girl that came before him and sits himself on another end of one of the corners and checks his phone in case anything comes up.}
[The young man would calmly walk in while yawning and stretching his limbs, wondering why he picked this place if the colors were somehow hard on his eyes at this moment. At this moment, especially after what happened before, he wondered if a drink would help him relax in general. Sadly, he was still too young for it, so instead, he decided to sit down near bar just to stay close to people. For the moment, he was wondering what to order. Truth is, he was rather hungry.] Hey, you guys. Got any menu, I wanna see what you've got. [He said nonchalantly to those near him.]
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A girl seemingly near her 20s would appear next to Setsuna's table from almost what seemed to be out of nowhere. Her eyes oddly seemed closed and her hair seemed to have an unnatural dark blue color to it. She almost seemed to just have a permanent smile as her relaxed expression didn't seem to change. Strange Woman: "Hello, miss. I didn't expect customers at this time of day but I suppose I also should have been at that podium doing my job. Anyway, I've come with a menu if you want to order." Oddly, ever item on the menu seemed to be a vague combination of words. Selections of note would be, Heretic's Tea, Seraph's Fire, The Wistful Breath of the Dragon King, and The Aquatic Rage of the 7th Guardian. There didn't even seem to be any description for what each item on the menu actually was. Before any questions could be asked the girl from before seemed to just be gone. At the boy, who can only be concluded to be Cyrus', table there'd be a sudden struggle originating from the back doors that seemed to be the kitchen. A younger looking boy with black hair and eyes would suddenly come running out with something in hand. He'd slam that something down on Cyrus' table before stabbing it with a knife. Black colored blood would spray onto the tablecloth and also the boy stabbing the creature that seemed like some kind of giant bug. Strange Boy: "Sorry...One of the bugs we collect oil from to light the candles got loose...I had to get rid of it before it escaped..." The boy obviously lacked any real empathy as his face just remained glaring at the creature before dragging it back through the door he came from. A menu somehow would be left behind as well in front of Cyrus, featuring many of the same options as previously stated. Finally, the strange man drinking at the bar would speak up to the bartender, as in response to Kazuo's inquiry. Sketchy Guy: "Well, you heard them bartender. Don't you have some spare menus behind the counter?" The bartender nodded patiently before handing the man a menu. He'd briefly get up and place the same menu that the others have received at Kazuo's table. It was easier to see the man's features during this process. Dark green hair, red eyes, and an odd looking closed mirror hanging at his side via a chain of sorts.
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So the people in this place are as weird as the ones outside, color me surprised. [He would say to himself in a hushed tone, not wanting anyone to hear as he looks through the menu. It was obvious it wasn't exactly anything too normal so he decided that, if anything were to happen, he would better sit at the bar. After doing so, he would clear his throat and decide to go ahead with his order.] I want this "Wistful Breath of the Dragon King", sounds exciting at least. [He would leave the menu on top of the counter while he looks at another item, but merely keeping it in mind for later, if he was inclined to order anyways.] Nice place but I never heard of it before, you guys new in the city?
A pair of girls wanders into the buildings as well, one in black hair wearing a red dress that clings to her a bit, along with a short pair of red heels and a simple black purse over her shoulder. The other has pink hair, dressed in a white blouse and pink skirt. They'd stare towards the entry for a moment before shrugging and coming in, having heard good things about the place and not entirely having any actual plan for this night out the two ex-magical girls just look around and smile before absently taking a seat at one of the restaurant's tables. With any luck, someone will come and take their order. M: "Nice looking place, gotta admit. I was excepting that though after all we've heard about this place." H: "Yeah, it is kind of nice to just relax without anyone else bothering us sometimes. And oi, if we could get a menu whenever its convenient that'd be nice!" Homura shouts out the last of that phrase with an easy to hear voice, it isn't annoyed just quite clear and loud. Madoka would giggle slightly while watching the other girl, inching her chair closer while doing so.
Setsuna wasn't really sure what to think of the girl who looked half-asleep. They didn't seem much older than her. That is to say, they were definitely older than she was, but Setsuna would still try to lecture them "You never work at a restaurant before or something? At least get some kinda bell so you know when cust..." it wasn't until she was well into her ranting that she realized the waitress was gone. Setsuna breathes out a sigh, crossing her arms as she looks over the menu. "Seriously? What kinda insider thing is this?" Setsuna growls at the menu for a moment, before an idea strikes her. The girl brings out a smartphone from her pocket, and searches online for a translation of their menu. Eat that vague and snobby restaurant!
{Cyrus, who is indeed Cyrus, peaks his head over at the back doors from his seat out of curiousity, only to be slightly surprised when the strange boy comes over towards his table. He was moreso looking at the bug that evidently had a rough time getting stabbed, but this is a restaurant, he did come over to eat.} "Uhm, that's fine. You can go on with what you're doing." {Even if the faculty and staff seemed to be a bit unusual. Black bug juice almost got splattered on him, which he just assumes serves fine as oil for lanterns. He looked over at the menu that he almost did not even notice until now, and mapped out the possible foods he could order while quietly mumbling to himself.} "I'm never letting Tabitha pick where to go again."
A young boy wanders in lugging a backpack on his back full of scrolls and panting in exhaustion trying to catch his breath as if he ran himself till he was a deadbeat. With that said he was more then eager to take his seating as the sign told him he just wanted a drink the best way to refreshen yourself after many a long trek. "Yes this is a celebration for me I deserve it after my work. In a few days the wave patterns will work out and I can make my revelation but till then I drink in anticipation." He was so enthralled by his own self perhaps a bit too much even. He would take out one of his own scrolls and start marvelling in it before he would calm down and think on what ever to drink in toast of himself.
Out of nowhere, a woodland creature pops up from behind the counter at the bar, carrying chicken fries on his back and a Burger Kyubey crown on his head. He would strut around the counter, offering chicken fries to anyone that got near him. "Try the chicken fries. And remember, every purchase goes towards diminishing the loss of energy in the universe also I don't work here."
[Kazou would let out a loud sigh as more people make it into the place, every single one more weird than the last.] Gimme a break...
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The bartender would look at Kazuo for a moment, as if trying to discern whether he should actually be allowed to sit at the bar...though he seemed to quickly just move on from that as he adjusted back into a more calm demeanor. Bartender: "Hmmm, yeah, I remember what that is I think...I really shouldn't let the manager pick the names on her own. It should be out in a moment though...As soon as she's done reprimanding one of our employees for scaring the customers." For a moment, he almost seemed to break out of his calm mood and shudders as if something terrible just came to mind. Bartender: "We move around a lot. This may not seem like it but I guess you could call us a mobile company. The only real regular we get is that man sitting on the other side of the bar." The man with green hair would in fact be back to drinking by himself. Occasionally he seemed to take one hand and slip the closed pocket mirror in his hand, as if in consideration on whether to open it or not. The girls who had just arrived would suddenly find a terrfified looking boy with black hair and eyes at their table, normally his default facial expression was a glare but he almost seemed traumatized by something at the moment. Strange Boy: "Y-yes...Menus..." He'd place two menus on their table before leaving in a hurry, obviously nervous about something. From the back room, two glowing blue eyes could be felt despite the door in the way. The only thing Setsuna would find on her phone is that the names seemed to originate from the titles of obscure fantasy books. There was no real indication as to what each one was aside from what was already hinted at by the name. The blue haired woman from before had once again reappeared next to her table though she seemed a bit annoyed oddly. Despite this she still tried to maintain a cheery tone. Strange Woman: "Have you had time to decide what you want to order?" The blac haired boy was again returned to Cyrus' table. He seemed to have calmed down a bit now which ment he returned to looking very apathetic about everything. Strange Boy: "I apologize for the bizarre display from before. Have you decided what you want to eat yet." His question would be followed by a seemingly harsh glare as if pressuring Cyrus to decide.
Setsuna lets out an irritated sigh before putting her phone back away. She didn't want to seem as if she was clueless, so the girl confidently declares "Of course. I'll have the Aquatic Rage of the 7th Guardian. The sooner the better." With that the girl would fold up her menu, allowing the worker to take it from her if needed, and looks around to the other customers. Most of them didn't look much older than she was, which made her glad that she didn't come with her parents. Even the two at the bar didn't really worry her. Instead she decides to lean back in her chair, a smug grin plastered across her face.
Nica was not amused. He entered the strange establishment to avoid people and yet people he encountered. And not the calming sort either. But the type that grated on his nerves till his eyes twitched in dissatisfaction. It just wasn't enough to enter a random place. It seemed he instead had to cover his own ears if he wanted an out from the noise. "Don't mess with me people." He takes a seat in one of the few abandoned booths and warily shifts about.
I have the time, so I can wait for whatever it is I'm ordering. [He would smile at the bartender as he pays attention to every little detail of what he was saying. After a solid few seconds of letting it make sense in his system.] Now that you mention it... what's up with that guy, huh? Not to be disrespectful but you don't exactly look japanese to me, got any names? I'm Kazuo
{Though he was extremely tempted to do his best to replicate the strange boy's apathetic stare, he can't help but think that the boy wouldn't even care. So instead, he tries to be absentmindedly polite, pointing at random items on the menu and saying them out loud so that the boy would take his order.} "Right, I'll have the Aquatic Rage of the 7th Guardian and some Heretic's Tea please." {Cyrus says to him blankly, staring straight at the boy and making eye contact in hopes that he can get something out of his little analysis. And also to try and remember why he came here. Oh right, for food. He clears his throat before reverting back to a slightly wary way of speaking.} "Is there any way I can have something to-go, or is that not something done here?"
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The blue haired girl would just smile in response to Setsuna as usual. Strange Woman: "Of course!" She almost seemed overly eager to take that order as she vanished once more, the menu along with her. The same phenomena would occur soon after around the establishment as if she had just quickly decided to collect menus from everyone who was done with them. Quickly after, the girl would suddenly reappear next to the abandoned booth where the odd social butterfly that was Nica had sat down. Her excitement clearly hadn't worn down yet as she began to speak in an extra cheery tone. Strange Woman: "Hello! Here's a menu!" The menu would appear in front of them with the same number of exotic sounding entree names. The menu almost gave off the feeling that one could say any random combination of words and that there would still be a good chance at it being a valid order. The woman would seemingly disappear once more after the menu had been given out. Meanwhile, Kazuo might notice that a plate suddenly appeared in front of him. It appeared to be a trio of stuffed peppers over a red-colored pasta. The peppers would actually be stuffed with more peppers while the pasta would somehow taste smokey as if it has been barbecued while still retaining the sponginess of pasta. the bartender almost was about to reply before the man interrupted. Sketchy Man: "I suppose I should handle introducing myself. You're right, my family's mostly in Japan these days but I actually was a bit of a world traveler until recently. Truth is, I barely remember where I was born. My names Malachai but you can just call me Marcus since that's easier." The strange boy would look at Cyrus, fire almost seemed to begin burning in his eyes as he replied. Strange Boy: "An excellent choice...And you're asking if you can get something to go...Very well, you may order to go...if you dare..." The boy would step back as a puff of smoke that seemingly came from nowhere seemed to envelop him. The only thing visible would be his eyes that were now shining with a red light, before those too disappeared.
Nica is stunned by the strange woman's sunny disposition. He nearly jumps in place, cracking his head against the back of the booth. With a pained moan his hands come up to encircle the back of his head. His eyes drop down to the menu left with him and he is uncomfortable with all the exotic choices. "This is too annoying ..." With a bothered frown, He says something at random instead. "Spicy dumplings." But the strange woman is not there anymore. So Nica awkwardly gazes about to see if anyone might have heard him. All the strange people quickly turn him off and he silently stares holes into the table.
They'd stare down at the strange menus... Fairy tale and myth Inspired from the likes of what they're seeing. The girls just shrug at each other and nod before trying to place an order for themselves. M: "We'll have two heretic's teas please, and we'll split a Journey To The West as well." H: "Mmm, that'll be it for us. Thank you." There isn't much describing the food, but ah well. Considering the name if it's anything like that take it should be rather massive in fact. With that order placed the two would by now have moved their chairs directly next to each other and started leaning together. Mostly not paying attention to the area around. M: "So... What are we gonna do anyway, I mean after this. Not in some grand sense, just tonight." H: "I dunno babe, hang out? Try not to get into any life or death battles? Eh whatever happens, I'm just glad it's with you." The pinkette would blush a bit while staring at Homura and merely nodding, taking a moment to form a reply.
"Good and.." Again before Setsuna can speak her mind the waittress is gone. Not that it means anything to her of course. Either way the girl would simply sigh and get on her phone to pass the time. After all it looked like none of the other patrons wanted to talk to her, and she's definitely not desparate enough to force it. "What a pain..."
Crucis would twitch for a bit almost in an erratic sense thinking of what he shall douse down tonight. It finally dawns on what his choice shall be and his body flickers with a small glow of light as if a lightbulb sparked in him. He got up the instant and let the scroll magically wrap itself up and he places it back in his backpack. He sought out the bartender at once to make his order as well as pay him right at that moment. "Quite a fine day to drink away! I'll pay right now as ask for your finest Blue Berry Blitz double if you want its a special occasion and i'm feeling up and alive!" He was quite overbearing but washed in pure joy when he spoke and he'd order only the most luxury of drinks to fulfill a special session for himself. Things were going just this boys way for once and he awaited to pay up and return to his seating.
Okay Marcus, it's nice to finally meet a traveler from all around. [He would take a look at his place and it would almost be like his mouth became that of a cat just by how excited he had become at the sight of food. He would quickly take a spork and dig, not caring for anything else in the world. Showing how obviously hungry he was, he would keep talking with half his mouth full.] Shee I didn't ashk for it buh cah you gimme somephing wiff no ahcohoh?? [He would finish swallowing his food before continuing, hitting his own chest.] It's super good by the way, I'm a sucker for pasta like you wouldn't believe.
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At random, the girl would appear once more at Nica's table, still smiling far too much to be considered normal. She'd have a plat in hand that seemed to be normal that she placed down on the table. It appeared to actually be... 4 large dumplings that almost looked to average on first glance. However, it would be clear that they were all glowing in a strange way, as if flames were trapped inside of them. Strange Woman: "Four dumplings! Spicy!" This time she actually seemed to stick around, as if waiting to see what reaction Nico might have to the food. All the other foods that's been ordered would suddenly appear as well. Setsuna would randomly find a plat of what seemed to be seafood pasta in front of her though the sea life seemed a little odd in color taking on a more exotic shade of blue. Cyrus would find the same meal in front of him along with a liquid that seemed to be in a normal seeming mug. The tea almost looked like...green tea...In fact it was almost identical in both smell and appearance. Homura and Madoka would find that two cups of a similar tea and three plates arrived before them. The plates seemed to be based on characters from journey to the west as they showed some of the characters but made out of a different type of steak. One was based on a monkey, one was based on a pig, and one seemed to look like a buffalo. The bartender would also nod to Crucis before handing him a blue drink in a glass that seemed to be shaped like a round orb. The man at the bar with the green hair seemed to passively say something to them. Macus: "Might want to be careful with that. I've seen that thing down elephants before." Marcus would return to talking to Kazuo as the bartender seemed to begin making something else. Though the bartender seemed like he wanted to say something as well. Marcus: "I get that feeling I suppose. Pasta is a rather unique food. It's as interesting to look at as it is to taste. Though often I find myself craving deserts more than anything, especially the kind with a lot of flair. Though I only really came here now to drink. Things feel a bit too slow for me tonight." Marcus would begin to shift the closed mirror around in his hands once more. Finally, he almost seemed ready to open it up but he just sighed before placing it back at his side. The bartender finally poured Kazuo what seemed to just be normal soda but he seemed ready to say something along with that. Bartender: "I don't remember saying I served alcohol anyway."
Nica looks to the strange woman with gratitude. "Thank you." He earnestly says as he prepares to dig in. Though he feels a little awkward with the strange woman watching him eat. Her watching almost makes him wait until she leaves. But his own grumbling stomach wins over his awkward feelings and he eats one dumpling in a single bite.
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"huh?" Setsuna smells something... Unexpected, so she looks up from her phone to find that her meal had been there for some time. The waittress must have just snuck it in without her noticing. No matter. The girl slowly begins to eat, absentmindedly twirling her pasta on the fork as she stares into space. She wasn't really that hungry, but at this point she's dedicated so she wouldn't want to waste anything.
Thank you, Bart. Since you aren't giving me a name, I'll go with that until you tell me one. [He would laugh as takes a drink from the soda and keeps eating, wondering what to get out of Marcus.] I get what you mean with desserts, and I agree. Another thing I can't get into is...national food. I'm not a fan of japanese food so I normally try stuff from anywhere and everywhere. Oh! This may be weird but do you guys know anywhere I can get a scabbard for a rapier? I was... gifted one quite recently, some super expensive piece from an old collection.
The young boy would take the drink and strut right back to his deer and shake it around a bit watching the contents swish around the glass before raising it up in the air for himself. “A cheers to the marvel of the Aether theory becoming a reality! A worthy drink to a worthy cause that will change everything for me! But let’s not forget to review the case to be presented.” Crucis would take out a scroll and it would unfold to show a page with a series of diagrams hard to distinguish unless looked at up close. He start taking a few sips in and wasn’t at all worried. He’s assume the drunk would not cause to much problem as he reviewed over his paper, he had a bit of a good tolerance so he’d assume that his makeshift of a body can take such a potent drink and focus.
{Cyrus stares out towards...something, for no real reason really. He almost dozes off in his table before the smell of Heretic's Tea hits him.} "Oh right, my tea. I'm glad that it looks normal." {He takes a generous sip from the cup after some examination, taking a breather and asking the question that crossed his mind momentarily.} "Wait, what was that about ordering to-go again? May I?"
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Nica would immediately taste...fire...but it wasn't hot? It was the flavor one might expect of fire but without the burning aspect. However, there was another flavor beginning to creep up but it was slow, as if the fire was actually keeping it at bay. However...soon Nica would understand exactly what the reaper aspect of the reaper pepper was that laced the outside of the dumpling. The odd seafood that adorned the pasta would taste like...chicken...huh, go figure. The bartender remained calm despite everything, simply stating his name and nothing else. Bartender: "Kouki." Marcus would ponder the question for a moment. It almost seemed like that became his main focus for a moment before he came back to the mirror for a moment once more. Marcus: "Actually, I'm not sure how many stores might sell antiques. This mirror is somewhat of a project I've been working on itself. I've mostly been refurbishing it to restore a very unique use it once had. I suppose that doesn't answer your question though. Japan isn't exactly the best place to find that kind of thing I guess. If I had to guess you'd either need to try and find one of the internet or simply in another country." Kouki: "Or...Well, I'm not sure exactly how likely it'd be but I could try asking one of our employees. They're a bit moody but they could probably make a makeshift scabbard for a unique weapon like that." Crucis would find that what he had drank tasted like...blueberries...so many blueberries. They'd begin to inch closer and closer. The blueberries would be all over the place moving in and trying to take control. Suddenly, a blueberry would grab him from behind as well and he'd find that the color blue began to spread across his body, beginning to try and take hold of him. Cyrus would find no response, in fact, in a mere moment he would see that everyone within the building was gone...except for a lone sunflower that had suddenly appeared growing out of the chair across from him.[/i]
{Cyrus, as he waited for his actual meal, texted on his phone. His focus was entirely on something else, at least not until he looked over his phone and saw the sunflower growing on the chair.} "What is this, symbolism? I know Isabella liked flowers like these, but it'd be mean to try and pick them from...a chair." {He tried to look around and see if anyone else was able to notice this, but as it turned out, nobody really was left around. Instead, he just took another sip of tea waiting for something to happen while glaring at the flower.}
Is that so? Then I might as well just ask right away. [He would quickly finish his plate before standing up and looking around the place, picking someone at random, it being the one woman.] Hey, you know where I can find a scabbard for a blade I got recently? Kouki over there told me you could help with that, or... Anyone, really.
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At first, it seemed as if the sunflower was the only one present but as another sip was taken Cyrus would notice that another sunflower had sprouted on the seat next to his. The floor as well was beginning to look more like a carpet as bits and pieces of it began to stand up like blades of grass. The woman would be somewhat confused for a moment. She was wondering exactly what Kazuo was referring to when she suddenly remembered. Strange Woman: "Oh, you mean Tsukiya. They're the one with the weird solid stuff. They should be in the back right now. Just take a right after you walk through the doors and you should be able to find them in the kitchen."
The girls would stare at the varioius plates placed before them, it really is quite the feast isn't it? The pair happily digs in though, starting to devour their food. After a while they've... Well not finished all of it, but a good bit of it. After Homura absently licks up a bit of sauce that had gotten onto the other blushing girl's face, both would stand and begin looking around the area a bit more. H: "Well, that was really good... Wanna take a look and see who all's around? I guess we might run across someone interesting." M: "Yeah, could be fun. Not as though we're in any hurry tonight." They'd wander around for a bit, before evetually finding themselves at the bar counter given it seemingly has the largest population in this place as of right now, both girls would absently take a seat next to each with hands held and smile at the others there. M: "Hello there, nice night out isn't it? Though I have to say, this place is... Rather strange, very nice. But curious to be sure." Madoka would glance toward the bartender while making that remark, there's part of her that wants to know more about why exactly the building seems to come and go. For her part, the black-haired girl seems content to allow such questioning to happen so long as it doesn't cause issues. And merely happily sits by her more socially-minded companion's side.
{Cyrus gets more confused, but he tries his best to just go along with it. Since the atmosphere is getting more and more happier, he assumes it's because of the tea. With that assumption being cleared, he takes yet another sip. He awalks around, being careful not to hurt any of the flowers. The grass however, is a different story, since you have to step on it.} "For a beverage named "Heretic's Tea", this feels a lot more like a safe haven than anything." His phone is now put in his pocket as he starts to bring his tea along with him to experience more and see how long and far it will last.
The critter would nonchalantly approach the pair of lesbians, lifting their crown to reveal a whoppurgisnacht meal below it, which the being would slide on the counter by tilting their head forward. They put their crownback on and begin to chew on chickyuen fries. "I am no longer villain. I crave borgar."
Tsukiya, then. Alright, thank you for that, I'll be back shortly so nobody move my soda, I like it a lot. [Kazuo would follow the directions given to him by the strange woman he managed to confuse for a few moments and head straight into the kitchen without even knocking first, heading head first into, what he hoped, was an absolutely normal encounter compared to the others inside.] Hey, they told me back at the restaurant that you can help me with getting a scabbard? My name is Kazuo and I'm looking for something I can use for this new rapier I have. I can pay so money is no issue.
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