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Should I get Persona 5 Scramble on the switch when it comes out ?
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I have been thinking about it and I can't decide if I should buy the game when it comes out or not. What should I do ?
supposedly it's a sequel to persona 5 itself. i would but it for the story not the gameplay.
I would get it for the story and the gameplay. Have you seen the footage they posted on YouTube it's awsome. I would definitely get persona 5 scramble I know it's going to be awsome.

Persona 5 Phantom Strikers takes place 1 year after the main line game story. You should get it only under two factors: Do you like Musou games? (Dynasty Warriors) Do you want to experience the story of the main story as it continues into a direct squeal? It's an absolutely day 1 for me. However, if you are unsure of the gameplay, or if you can wait a bit to learn more of the story (Or if you're a wiki abuser like me), you can always wait a few week sand see how the fan reaction is to the game in a whole. I've done this on a few games, and dodged a bullet because of how bad it actually was.
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