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Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
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In a Realm Unknown to Man
] Entrusting oneself to fate and fortune is a wonderful gift. This gift was given freely to man, and he has squandered it. He has chosen to struggle against fate, to curse his fortune, not once occurring to him that denying one's destiny and slighting one's blessings will ultimately lead to doom. "Will you embrace your fate, or fight it until your own power is not enough to move your body?" A lurching pain brews within... fear, perhaps? "Should you choose to fight it, know you will have allies. These misguided souls will fight the unwinnable battle alongside you. The actions you take will decide what awaits you. Awaken from your slumber, forget my words if you will be a sleeping slave, crushed beneath the wheel of fate. If you choose to defy the chains of destiny, and free yourself from bondage... then seek him. Seek the prophet who exists beyond time, who writes his own fate in his tome. He possesses the means to take you further."
Tokyo, At the End of a Decade.
After that dream ends, the decision was upon you to forget what you had dreamed, and fall back asleep, or awaken with the words etched into your memory.
A certain man with long dark green hair and red eyes would find himself waking up as normal within his hotel room he had rented the previous night. As usual, he'd find his closed pocket mirror on the nightstand next to him. Something was different today for him however, a strange memory of words that had been spoken to him in a dream. Those words for whatever reason had stayed with him. 'A prophet who exists beyond time?' it was a strange thought to him but he had witnessed many strange things in his travel and new better than to believe Japan would be an exception. He would get dressed as usual and bind the closed mirror to his waste via a metal chain as usual. His usual attire consisted of a coat that could be worn in most weather conditions and a normal pair of slacks of a matching brown color to his coat. He'd pack what little he brought around with him and exit the hotel building but for once he felt truly aimless, a feeling he was used to but for once it seemed as if he had somewhere he should be but wasn't sure how to get there.
*As the dream ends, the dreamer remains asleep, though appears to be unfomfortable. However, something else who witnessed the dream does rise from her shadow. Mare leaps up onto his hosts shoulders and places a soft hand on Briar's forehead. Briar begins calming down before returning to a peaceful sleep.* Mare: Da Prophet who exists beyond time wazzit? *Mare perches himself on Briar's shoulder.* Mare: Welp. I guess we gots nothin betta ta do today. *Mare sinks into Briar's body and commands it to move, causing the sleeping girl to rise from her place under a tree and begin walking, though the host remained as asleep as ever.* Briar/Mare: Now then. Where to start looking?
[Kazuo would be sitting by the side of his bed after the strange dream he had. He wasn't one to just dream every night or at all, but having one usually meant his mind was trying to tell him something important. He didn't get any of it, so he just shrugged the words off.] Think I'm just being paranoid about it? Could be it... my mind just deteriorating all of a sudden. Did you have the same dream? [A voice within replies as he changes into his clothes and a heavy long coat for the winter outside. He would hide the rapier he had gained days prior behind his back inside a newly acquired scabbard.] No, huh... must be just me then. It's probably just something weird, if anything. [He would take his hat and step outside of his dorm and into the streets, unsure of what to do or where exactly it was he was going.]
*sigh* Another high-school age girl sits in her old-fashioned abode, focusing as she thinks about her options. At the moment there's nothing to say she should go, and nothing she could rely upon. But still, this wasn't the first time she'd willed herself to face the unknown. And so, with another breath, the girl takes a stand "I've been looking at impossible odds all my life. This is no different." Nanaka adjusts her glasses, and heads out in search of this prophet
{The girl laid in the bed of her room, staring at the ceiling fan as she rubbed her eyes. She almost felt like going back to sleep until her phone had vibrated on the nightstand next to her. A notification she read slowly before putting down the phone with a groggy attitude.} "What did I dream about again? A...prophet that exists...beyond time?" {She goes ahead and puts on her new clothes while thinking over that dream she doesn't bother to fully piece together. A pink motorcycle jacket, some fingerless gloves, her trademark blue checkered dress, some blue tights, and boots. The girl picked her phone back up before looking at the wall for a few dry minutes, leaving her to decide.} "I might as well go. And tell my friends about it too. They won't mind." {She picked her bookbag up from off the ground and headed out, putting a sticky note on her front door that had small and girlish handwriting.}
Makoto awakens to the sound of her alarm clock, with the words of the mysterious voice still in her mind. She would then get out of bed slowly while also taking time to stretch, yawn and process what has been etched in her mind. “I must be going crazy or something, but then again my life up to this point has been a bit crazy.” As she got dressed to head out into the world in search of this prophet, she grabbed her pair of spiked knuckles and pocketed them in case anything troublesome would happen. She would let out a heavy sigh with that thought. Makoto didn’t really want too much trouble, but she won’t just let something like this slip away from her. “Alright. Now to just start my search.” She would head outside of her apartment to a motorcycle parked near bye. Determined to find the prophet, Makoto would rev up the engine and take off.
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As the day progressed, those who had chosen to remember their struggle could feel a pull. Not a physical pull, but as if their very souls were being dragged. Attempting to fight this pull would result in the pull growing exponentially stronger. Things would seem normal for now, every citizen doing his comings and goings, birds fluttering about, vehicles chugging along to wherever they needed to be. The pull would eventually lead to a small chapel, stained glass letting in multicolored light. Inside, at the lectern stood two men, both with the same face, but with wildly different outfits. One held a book, the other a tablet. The man with the tome had brown attire with a gray scarf. The one with the tablet had a sleek silver outfit and a beret. "Welcome, you have done well to heed the call." They both spoke simultaneously, each with an otherworldly echo. "There are others like you who have yet to arrive, please, become acquainted with each other." They stood there with mirrored expressions, both equally blank.
Mona woke up in the middle of an alleyway, his immediate reaction being to lick himself repeatedly for the next few minutes before realizing he should do something. First, he rummages through the trash looking for something to eat before heading out of the alleyway and wandering down the street. "Gee, I sure hope nothing bad happens."
The green haired man wouldn't have done much to resist the pull. He wasn't typically the type to defy fate without purpose. He knew all to well how hard it was to resist what had already been set in course. Regardless, the church suited his tastes anyway. The stained glass seemed to entertain him all on its own. "Such a wonderful place this is. Truly we are blessed to be able to create such beauty in our world."
*As Mare forced her to stop outside the church, Briar finally fully awoke. Mare rose from the shadows on the girl's shoulder.* Briar: Hrm. Ma...re... Mare: Easy princess. Just takin a walk is all. Briar: Prophet... Makes sense... they'd hide here. Mare: Heh. Figures you'd remember that. And yeah. Go figure. Shame though. I hate church. *The pair laugh before finally stepping inside. Briar immediatly sits at the back and begins to look like she's about to fall asleep again. Mare, meanwhile, returns to Briar. and begins speaking to her inside her mind.* Mare: Whose this chump? Someone call Doc Shakespeare. We found one of his missin actas. Briar: Hee hee. That's... mean... Mare: 'ts also true tho Briar: A... little.
"That's... Interesting.." The high-school aged girl comments. She takes a quick look over everyone gathered at the church, heeding the pair's advice for now. After all, its always useful to know who you're working with. She starts by commenting on Marcus's remark "Indeed. I suppose humanity is capable of creating some beauty as well. However it hardly compares to a natural beauty." The girl adjusts her glasses, smiling as she turns to her other companions and bows "I see we're to be acquainted for the moment? You may call me Tokiwa Nanaka, of the very same family that developed the Kashinryuu art of flower arrangement. It is a pleasure to be able to meet you all."
The man would look back to Nanaka, a slight smile forming along his mouth. "Seems you have a good head on those shoulders, yet despite that fact mankind will always strive for more. Maybe one day we'll be able to capture natural beauty in a not so natural way. Maybe that day will even be soon. Marcus, by the way. It's just a nickname but I get tired of saying my full name over and over again. Not that I grew up in Japan so Japanese manners are a little foreign to me anyway." Marcus would once more toy with the mirror at his side. Flipping it around in his hand, the cover still in place over where the reflective side of the mirror could be assumed to be.
At first Makoto would resist the pull, not understanding what exactly it was, however as it got stronger her breathing would get heavier along with it. Eventually feeling as if she might pass out, she gave into the pull and let it lead to her destination. She would park her bike in front of the chapel and gaze at its stained glass from behind her helmet. “Wow, that’s really pretty.” After spending a decent amount of time admiring the stained glass, Makoto took off her helmet and headed inside to see the two men at the lectern as well as two other individuals she had never met before. Not knowing what else to do for now, Makoto simply would listen to the two men. She was curious about them as well as everything else, from the words etched in her mind to the call they now speak of. She would take a seat closest to the two men awaiting what they would say next, but before they could speak, one of the individuals introduced themselves. Makoto stood up to greet them. “It’s quite nice to meet you as well. My name is Makoto Niijima.“ She would give a smile and turn to the rest of those gathered here and give a small wave.
[Kazuo would come back to his senses suddenly and find himself in the small chapel. He would look up and see the people talking at the same time. He didn't know what to do with this kind of information, but he was somehow expecting something weird happening today. He would place both hands within the jacket's pockets and look ahead.] Call...right. [To be honest, he was somewhat awkward. He had the feeling this would all be weird anyways, so there is no point in hiding much.] Hey everyone. My name is Kazuo Ya- [Kazuo would cough loudly, as if dust had gotten inside his throat.] Sorry, I meant Kazuo Takahara. No one of note, just a high school senior going to Kosei High School. ... What is this all about? [Kazuo, after the earlier of experience of something merely pulling him towards a destination, had allowed his mind to wander, and in his opinion it was a bit too much of it. He would glance around at the people around and wasn't exactly sure if he had met any of them before, besides Marcus that one time that is. There was this one girl, however, the one with brown short hair. She somehow felt familiar. He thinks that it's because they are just the same age or he may have seen her at some point nearby his own school in the past.] And who are you two, tweedle dee and tweedle dum.
{Shihiro herself, of course, did not really make any efforts or try and loophole out of the sensation that pulled her towards wherever it may have wanted her to go. In fact, she would not even go so far as to question it, merely performing some daily activites as she let her body take her towards the chapel. Albeit, the only fighting back she did do was of course just passing by a soda machine and getting her drink.} "All I wanted was some coke and now I feel slightly dizzy." {As the teenage girl arrives at the church, she drinks her soda and gazes at the archiecture of the church, being a bit surprised that somebody went out of their way to at least install those stained glass windows. Colors are always nice to look at.} "Hey gang. Is this some kind of secret hangout meeting I stumbled into?" {She took out her phone and checked on it quickly before giving a blank stare at everybody else, as if she had no other means of communicate and tell all her friends she was going to die now.} "My name is Shihiro. Tamashi Shihiro. Fun time to meet everyone. I assume we aren't all here to be told to go to church more, hopefully."
*Though still seemingly asleep, Briar lazily holds her arm up, letting it sway around slightly.* Briar: 'm Briar. *Briar puts her arm down and says nothing more, closing her eyes again.* Mare: Smooth.
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mona approaches the chapel, approaching Makoto from behind as he glances over all the unfamiliar characters. "Ah, so there's a crowd? Well then, I think i'll skip my introduction and just get down to business."
"Its a pleasure to meet you Marcus, Makoto, Kazuo, and Shihiro." Nanaka looks across the group, pointing at each person as she names them before giggling. "I'm actually a first year at Kazamino high, which I suppose makes me the second-youngest here?" Nanaka guesses, looking at Shihiro for confirmation, since everyone else was clearly some amount older than her. After a moment she notices Briar as well and lets out a sigh "Honestly can't you at least put a little bit more effort? That's hardly a proper greeting let alone an introduction." Nanaka slowly shakes her head before turning back to Marcus, someone who seemed much more pleasant to talk to at least. "I'm glad I could find another appreciator of the natural world." Nanaka closes her eyes for a moment, holding one hand close to her art as she continues "So far it seems that the best we can do is find and cultivate the beauty found in the world around us and bring it to greater heights. Still, as they say one must be careful not to fly too close to the sun. For as humans aim to bring forth beauty, so too do they cast shadows upon the world."
Mare: Ooh. So prim and propa lass, ain't she? Tch. The hell does she want us to say? "Soz. Names Briar. Imma princess who was possesed by a sleep demon. It's OK though cause I hate life. Nice ta meetcha." *Briar doesn't react to Mare's annoyed ramblings inside of her head. Instead, she yawns.* Briar: Sorry. It's just... too much... effort. *yawn*
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After the last of the chosen had entered, the doors would slam shut, the sound of the heavy oak colliding with the frame echoing out through the whole sanctuary. Once the noise had faded into oblivion, the two men vanished. There was no trace left of them. Their voices echoed from around the hall. "So you've all prepared? For a battle you cannot win?" A faint rumble builds in the distance. "Though if you're here, it means you don't care what I have to say. I suppose you believe that you are the almighty chosen hero who is born to win, and that my dissuading you is simply another obstacle to your glory." The stained glass begins to shatter as the rumble grows to a quake. "They're coming, you know." Dust falls from the ceiling of the building. "Tell me, truthfully. Do you have the resolve to wage war against beings beyond your comprehension? Furthermore, does that resolve outweigh your fear of death? A simple yes or no will do." This question hangs silently in the air, as it seems the rumbling has stopped.
Mare: Psh. "Beyond our comprehension". If only this pastor knew bout what we can do, eh Brair? Heh. He'd be beggin for our help. Or tryin to exorcise ya. One works. Briar: Yes. I know. *Briar slowly and sleepily nods her head.*
"I can't really do that whole fighting well thing on my own but saying no after coming this far, it'd leave a pretty bitter image right. Besides, I won't die. I have a goal that I'll stake everything on. I'll just think of this as another stepping stone against fate, until I'm able to accomplish that goal." Marcus would seem oddly relaxed. He'd hold his pocket mirror up, almost ready to open it yet there was a hint of hesitation still contained within the man's fingers that seemed to pressed against a button on the side of the mirror.
You are all either weird or dramatic, give me a break... Some are both. [Kazuo would say while scoffing in regards to the group. He had more to say, but the sudden change in atmosphere caught him off guard. He would reach out to the scabbard on his back and unsheathe his rapier, of a name he honestly forgot about. At the very least, it would not break with anything.] I don't know what this is all about... [As the rumbling stops, he lowers his guard a bit, trying to remain mostly calm.] I can't die, I'm too young, I still have a thing or two I have to finish. That, and vacations started just some time ago so something complicated happening is not for the best.
"The funny thing is this isn't the first time I've been asked that exact question." Nanaka laughs a little as she adjusts her glasses, before giving back a cheerful smile "I've never backed down before, and I won't now. Or if you'd prefer, 'yes'."
Marcus would address Kazuo without hesitation. There was no anger in his reaction, more disappointment. "And you my friends, are boring. Adding a little flair is what spices things up, even if it may seem a bit over dramatic. What's the point if you don't go all in?"
Makoto thought for a moment. She thought about all she’s been through in the past. The answer to their question was in her past. She hasn’t been one for backing down, and that wouldn’t change now. Makoto would clench her fists and look forward with a stern look. “I’ve been in a couple life or death situations before, and through it, my resolve has always outshined my fear, so my answer to your question is yes.”
Mona purrs mockingly at the echoing voice. "What kind of question is that? Of course i'm resolved and all, why would I be here if I wasn't?"
You can go ahead and get killed in a flashy way; I'll be watching. [He dismisses Marcus without looking back at him.] Go all in.
{Shihiro checks her phone, seeing one of her friends just send her a picture of the word or. What could that ever possible mean. Would that be some kind of hidden secret route, a key that unlocks many secrets only accessible once one has delved deep within? Maybe it's a part of a bigger picture, maybe she should say the word to the booming voice, the one that asked her of this seeing as how she is regarded as a chosen one.} "Yes." {Goddamnit.}
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Once all of those within the chapel had made their decision the walls would collapse. The setting outside the church appeared completely different. Whereas it used to be nestled between several buildings, the platform that was the floor of the church was all that remained of the old world. The new setting was the same city, but apparently blasted out by a nuclear device. Looking to the sky would reveal what seemed to be the sun, but more like a close up image of it. Reflective of this size was intense heat. For some reason the platform of the church remained cool as if still air conditioned. "So you've come..." Falling from the sun was one of the men that used to stand at the front of the church, the one with the darker outfit. He landed with perfect silence, standing close to where the door used to be. "Greetings, I am Woz, the prophet of time." He pushes his scarf over his shoulder, it seems to shrink into place. "You have roughly five minutes to prepare yourself for the battle to come. My only advice I can give you is to know yourself, that and to create large quantities of debris, I will explain this later."
For the most part Marcus just brushed off what Kazuo had replied with. It wasn't very beautiful in his own mind to continue such a petty argument even if he felt that Kazuo had missed the point. Considering the change in scenery he felt he had little choice now. "Anyone want to come see what this mirror is about? I could use a bit of a hand here."
Briar: Five minutes? That's long enough for a nice... *yawn* nap... *Briar fully falls asleep.* Mare: Hopeless this one. Still, seems we walked into the wrong world ending issue. Welp, guess a demons gotta do what a demons gotta do. *As if pulled up by invisible strings, Briar's body lurches odd the church pew and walks in a very floaty manner over to the others.* Briar/Mare: Welp. Seems like this a mighty fine mess. What wazzat about makin debris? Cause I'm all for breakin a church to pieces.
What the...!? [Kazuo did not have a single clue of what just happened, what was that rumbling just moments before and...that thing above, could it be the reason for it? He wasn't sure, but he could not miss this "Woz" floating down. He would quietly consider the situation. For one, the city is gone for whatever reason that he can guess has to do with some...time shenanigans, which would not make him freak out too much; he had been through weirder. Furthermore-] What the hell, whatever. I'll do what you say. Imaginary 1.0 - High-speed Alloy!! [He would make a heavy punch motion as a vortex appears, shooting out a series of gears and metal pieces out to the platform and hopefully towards any building or any piece that still remained to be demolished; the strikes would be hard enough to do just that.] I'm almost expecting some giant thing. In any case the area is open enough, I can work with this.
{As everyone had gotten transported towards their even newer destination, Shihiro stared ahead with no idea what to do other than eat the PB and J sandwich she made for traveling purposes.} "Oh, that's pretty cool." {The girl finished up the remains of her sandwich once Woz appeared, casually waving to him as he was floating down. She took note of the scarf, whatever help that would do, and listened intently as he gave the party directions. Once they were told to create debris, Shihiro looked idly at the others already making quick work of what they can find.} "Hey, I've always wanted to play Minecraft in real life." {Shihiro says, taking an unassuming axe out of her bag, it glimmered with a few sparkles of as she examined it under the sun. With that out of the way, she simply runs over to the others like a child trying to hit something with a baseball bat, and hits any buildings with her axe to make several quick dents, smiling as she does so.} "I almost forgot we were supposed to have some boss fight...right?"
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Makoto would take in her surroundings of this strange, ruined city. ‘Where did we all get sent to?’ Makoto wondered. As Woz descended from the sun, Makoto would focus her attention on him and listen to what he had to say. “Only five minutes to prepare? Well that’s certainly cutting it short, but this is the path we’ve taken.” ‘Know yourself and create large quantities of debris? What are going to be fighting?’ Makoto would bite her thumbnail as she started to think. She thought about herself first, going down a list of all her strengths and weaknesses. She made many notable assessments. For some of her strengths she knew full well how to defend herself. She also knew her way around a gun. For some of her weaknesses, her right arm was once broken, sure it has fully healed, especially with the help of a strange serum, but it wouldn’t take much to break it again. So with that in mind she’d have to be careful. ‘As for making debris...I could try punching walls really hard.’ She’d let out a sigh with this thought. Makoto then took out her spiked knuckles and started prepping herself for the coming fight. She’d then take a look at all the others around her. “Here goes nothing, right?”
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"You again, huh? Can't say i'm rather fond of you cryptic types." Mona narrows his eyes and looks at Woz skeptically, tilting his head and stepping forward slightly. "Well, whatever this is, i'm ready."
"Very well, I suppose this was unavoidable." Nanaka lets out a sigh and raises her left hand to show off a fine silver ring with a magenta-colored jewel inlaid within "I hope this won't take long." Soon the girl is covered in a shimmering light, changing her clothing from her school uniform, to that more akin to a traditional samurai's outfit, the long robe rolling off her shoulders as the girl lets out a sigh "Admittedly, I'm not the greatest fighter. So I believe I'll aid Marcus here for now." Nanaka lets out a sigh as she heads over to join marcus, taking a passing glance over the others. Though her gaze is somewhat innocent, she's paying close attention to just how everything is performed.
"Thanks though I really just need someone to open this mirror for me. Bit of a heavy task to do on my own." He'd show off the button on the side of the pocket mirror at an angle that would show as well that it still remained closed. His fingers occasionally hovered over the button to open it but it was obvious that he was shaking at the mere thought of it.
"Oh, well even I can manage something like that." Nanaka says with a grin. She didn't really understand the significance, but could tell that Marcus meant to help, in some way. Itvwas likely that whatever was inside was some secret of his. "Whatever's in there must be rather personal, so I won't look. Now, it opens like this?" Nanaka calmly and carefully pushes the button to unlatch Marcus's pocket mirror. Once its safely opened the girl would look away, just as promised.
Wether they wanted to or not, Nanaka's mind would suddenly flow towards the most beautiful person they could think of that they had met in their life, regardless of who that may be. They'd feel some compulsion to talk about it but if it wasn't something comfortable to talk about outloud simply thinking about it would be enough. Marcus would now hold the mirror close to him not seeming nervous about it anymore and almost smiling with a sense of pride.
"O.. Oh.. Pardon me. I.. Thought that was yours." Nanaka immediately looks away, blushing a little as she thinks of Akira, another girl slightly younger than her with short gray hair. They were one of Nanaka's closest friends and had been working under her in a team for some time. Though Akira had an unfortunate tendency to get sidelined, it was only because they were always eager to help. So while it was sometimes annoying, overall the other, gray-haired martial artist came off as cute and reliable, if a bit overeager. Nanaka seems flustered a bit as she looks up "So.. Um.. When are we starting again?"
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