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An Undetermined Bar in Shinjuku
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A tall man walks into a bar, hefting a staff that's in one hand while taking a seat and looking to a perplexed bartender. "Just... Gimme whatever beer's on tap I guess, I'm not that picky at the moment Mr." He'd place some money onto the counter before getting exactly what was requested, the wizard can't really place it but seems decent enough as far as beers go. Frankly he's got bigger things to worry with for the moment, but even so right now Harry's taking a moment to sit down and not think too hard. Assuming nothing weird springs itself upon him here... A thought which only draws a sigh out while running a hand over his staff. "Who am I kidding, no way things can be peaceful for long in this madhouse. Guess there isn't any getting around that, but we'll see how weird things get tonight..."

*At a table near the back of the bar, Kai sits. His red jacket is slung over his chair and his sunglasses are on the table. He holds a bottle in his hand and is looking out of one of the windows.* For Auld Lang Syne, my dear. For Auld Lang Syne. * He raises his bottle slightly before taking a sip.*
A young kid carrying a large staff enters the bar with a determined look on his face, glancing over the patrons within before slowly walking towards the counter and sitting down two stools to the left of Dresden, looking off to his side and making a thinking face.
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The wizard has little to say to Kai, in fact he doesn't even notice the man honestly... A kid sitting damn near next to him though, yeah Harry can see that easily enough. The man just sighs at the sight of that staff, is this kid... "Hey kid, first off what brings you here. Second off, are you a spellslinger yourself?" Harry's no master of sensing magic or anything, but if this boy is a powerful wizard then even someone metaphorically half-deaf like Dresden should be able to notice that much. Which is exactly what he's trying to do while taking care to avoid meeting the kid's eyes. "Name's Harry Dresden by the way, detective, wizard, do-gooder sometimes even. Anything I can help with?"
Negi smiles at Harry "Well, you see, we're currently in a fictional story and my writer didn't think of a reason for me to be here, he simply thought it would be a fun idea." He adjusts his spectacles and coughs. "Yes, I am a wizard. Negi Springfield, son of the thousand master and junior high english teacher. How was your day?"
"This place seems cool! Come on, we have to check it out." A.. Child, one who obviously doesn't belong in a bar, peeks inside to find.. A few older people mostly, including the bartender. She'd receive a few strange looks on account of her age, but doesn't seem to pay it any mind as she starts to explore. "Woah, there are so many old people." Soon the girl would approach the main bar itself, trying to get a closer look at all of the pretty bottles behind the counter. Though the bartender would likely be rather confused, he still has the presence of mind to keep the child from getting back there. Though they act carefree and innocent, the child seems to carry a cold air around them wherever they go, chilling the room with their very presence.
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