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ATTN: McDonalds-employee
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You're getting a raise
Oh boy! Maybe this means I can afford to eat.
while the boss and the lady behind the counter where talking , mr waternoose sat quietly looking at his very sloppy looking big mac. "It looks like someone spat on it" mr waternoose whispered angrily "I'VE HAD ENOUGH" screamed mr waternoose . he stumbled out of his seat almost tripping on his own fat. he ran... um *waddled fastly* to the counter.
"Oh god not this fat fuck again" The girl looked dully at the approaching boomer coming their way
She slowly lifts her hand just berly over the alarm in such a way that if someone were to say, tackle her it would set the alarm off.
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"shut the fuck up casualtard" Ronald McDonald is now Sephiroth and impales Noose's torso with his french fry sword. No one else notices this happen as they just quietly go on about their business.
The shallow eyed girl slowly walks over to the burger station and starts prepareing orders like that happens every day... Because it does.
"Oh nice I got a raise" *the employee walked over to noose and kicked him a litlle*
The female employee stares at her fellow colleague and former classmate but she didn't think to stop him. That's just the way it goes here.
mr waternoose eyes fluttered in great pain that french oil fry was so greasy so fattening when mr waternoose got shanked by that crunchy potato he had a revelation he realized that the spittle was not a gesture of evil but a gesture of luck. he has been reborn. he was knocked out for a while and he felt a little kick on his mountainous lard like a small rock hitting the earth. he knew that he was being watched but he did not wake up yet. he wanted to hear what they were saying first.
"Poor guy didn't even finish his Mcflurry" The employee a French fry on the ground to honour the man
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"Oh nice I got a raise" *the employee walked over to noose and kicked him a litlle* "ah, yes, as I was saying before I was so rudely interupted. I noticed you were getting a raise of expectations. I'm afraid we can't have that here so i'm gonna have to give you a pay cut."
The shallow eyed female employee stares in disbelief and sorrow for she feels bad for her fellow colleague but can not do a thing for speaking up against the boss would only lead to pain. She knows because she has seen her friends all on the floor; lambs to the corporate sacrifices. The eternal grind.
mr waternoose thinks about of what he has done and fully regrets it all. mr waternoose tries to get back up but couldn't. he tried rolling over .... he tried using his own fat as a rail and when he was on the verge of getting up his hand slipped. his gigantic body like a ton of slime filled bags fell down with enough force to make wendy's across the street collapse. his head fell onto a discarded ranch cup his face covered in greasy white goodness. he had no choice but to lick it up. "im doomed" he thought
The shallow eyed employee picks up a McBroom and sweeps Mr waternose out the mcdoor and picks him up of the mcfloor. Then she hands him his big Mac and leaves for her counter without a single word.
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just as the grease ball leaves the building, a man sharply dressed with the word “RACIST” engraved in his forehead enters. “i have a debt to settle with the McManager” he loudly proclaims.
The shallow eyed girl slowly adds a surprised look to her face. "I thought we got you arested after you snuck in at night and drank all the liquids in the whole building!" She starts unsheathing her midevle blade and chargeing the man with the word racist imprinted on his forehead.
the man defects the strike like Meth from superb bash bros “my quarrel isn’t with you miss”
Sir calm down I'm sure we can solve your problem
then bring me the Mcmanager
She turns to the man and speaks."he shall come." She walks over to a somining circle and starts chanting the anchint words of McDonald land.
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