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I’m being stalked!
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There’s this girl in my school who I feel has been stalking me for a long time. Some of my friends have told me the same whenever I feel myself being watched. Her name is Yumeko Mogami, please change her heart!
I’m glad to see you’re seeking assistance on this issue, as this is a serious issue. however I believe it would be good to speak to an authority, rather than relying on fairy tales. As a member of the Student Council I will speak to them on the matter and we can resolve this according to the rules. In the future I would appreciate it if you would approach me or an adult regarding the matter rather than reporting it to anonymous figures online. Thank you for your cooperation.
Day 113 - The humans still do not suspect a thing

Is it bad that I know who that is? Mo-she-rige strikes again.
Target destroyed
My skills exceed yours!"
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