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Lucid Onslaught: Battle Of Dreams
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Due to a mysterious phenomenon, your experiences became distorted and dreamlike yet not altogether unreal. Possessing no immediate memories yet being unaware of this fact altogether, you walk into a nearby cafe. The barista, being the being you fear most yet not welling up any feelings of discomfort or horror, issues you to come forth. Through no command of your own, your body moves towards the figure. He speaks, possessing the voice that is regular of that which you fear. "You are to be prisoner and have no choice but to heed my command. You have been sentenced to life in prison for your sins, and there is but one way to escape, by emerging victorious in combat against my other prisoners. Only once they are all defeated will I release you and those who have been assigned as your allies. Good luck." He then hands you a cup of coffee or other similar beverage which you don't remember ordering, but nonetheless would be the kind you would plan on ordering. The walls of the café suddenly started crumbling down, revealing the outside being nothing but an icy surface which slowly spreads to the floor of the café of which the walls had turned to dust, the feared being gone and in its place a being resembling the late persona-user known as Gamma. Notably, the Gamma lookalike's eyes shone an opaque white icelike color with his skin partly blue from seemingly being frozen over. He turns to you and pouts, stomping on the ice repeatedly, growing in intensity each time as the ground begins to crack more and more. It would seem as the cracks would spread solely in one direction towards you, with the ground behind the being unscathed. Unable to move, you would eventually find yourself collapsing into a body of water. As you slowly sank into the depth, you begin to lose the last shred of awareness you felt, your eyes closing and your mind going blank. … … … You wake up in a beaten down gladiatorial cell, being drenched in water. You would first notice your full consciousness slowly returning, as well as control over your body. Immediately afterwards, you notice other such individuals dripping as well. A few seconds would pass before the gate at the front of the room rose, leading to a large currently vacant arena
"Well, this is new..." Bartz scratches his head as he looks at the other individuals in an attempt at identifying them.
"Damnit...who the fuck splashed me? Alright, which one of you chucklefucks...aw hell. Roped into another mess." Steam rises off of Star as she heats herself up, annoyed that she got suckered yet again into an event. She takes in everything around her, gathering data that could hopefully help her out of this mess...if she needs it. Chances are she's going to get lucky somehow and end up alive. Again.
"Ugh, what a bust...I-really now. I don't want to talk to anyone else at this time..." {The girl says, shaking her book to get water off it before looking at everyone else. Well, trying her hardest not to, the girl still seemed very jittery. Her clothes were soaking wet and the only thing distracting her from knowing other people exist is the book she is trying her hardest to dry.}
"So.... uh... Should we maybe look around? just standing here won't do us any good."
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