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Dramatic Finish
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A while back I used to do these RP character fighting game threads but for the most part I kinda ran out of interesting ideas for these. Well, here's one now. Dramatic finishes like in Dragon Ball FighterZ. So, like at the end of a theoretical fighting game a special scene your character might have against another specific one.
Human foe: I had a stronger reason to win, and I'm gonna keep at it until the day I die. FILTHY DESPICABLE ROBOT GROSS EW EW EW: Humanity won't just let you run amok... I'll crush every last one of your kind, with my bare hands if I have to! Kinda not disgusting robot: It was only a matter of time before you had to be scrapped, I won't let anyone else experience the rage I hold... never again...
Ah, I've missed these threads. Although it's been years since it would be nice to put the questions up in the air again. Now these are mostly based on fight that already happened, but some of these I would say can be reversed, like a "Bardock vs Frieza" situation. So, here I go:
Kazuya vs Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV At Inokashira Park
[Kazuya and Raidou rush at each other with their respective blades and clash as they stare down at each other; their eyes meet filled with determination and almost creating flames. Finally, they acknowledge each other as equals. They share no words as per usual for Silent Protagonists as they leap back and return to their original battle stances. The wind howls and the cherry blossom petals drift away. They wait for the first petal to touch the water of the nearby pond before they let out a battle cry for their final attacks. Charging at full speed, both would prepare to use the blunt side of their weapons at the same time; Raidou would quickly go for a lightning-fast overhead strike but misses as Kazuya dodges with a last second sidestep. In the small moment of confusion, Kazuya would hit Raidou in the back with his own blade. Raidou loses balance and Kazuya lets out a big sigh of relief, his breathing agitated as well.] Kazuya: "I'll keep protecting them, Tokyo, the people and their future..." [The young man would smile at the one he considered his superior before also collapsing on top of the grass, with no more energy.] Kazuya: "...forever!"
Kazuya vs Delta At Outskirts of Tokyo - Moonlit Forest
[Delta would be pushed back against a tree, result of a harsh blow from Kazuya's Initial Persona, "Kusanagi". He would quickly move out of the way as the very same giant blade attempts to cut him, merely cutting the tree in half, slowly falling forward. In retaliation, Delta would make a golden, metallic fist descend from the sky directed at Kazuya full speed, his "God Hand" made his style complete, impetuous. Delta would smirk before he realized Kusanagi had just launched the falling tree directly at him while he was busy casting his Physical move. Both the impact of the God Hand and the cut three leave small craters on the ground and lift up dust. Two silhouettes stand facing each other on their last legs, and one of them kneels. After the dust settles, Kazuya with one knee on the ground while Delta stands proudly...moments before losing balance and falling on his back.] Kazuya: "S-Strong... I can't believe I won..." Delta: "Neither can I, you kneeled down first...!"
Kazuya vs Tatsuya At Arena - GYM
[Demon after Persona would clash against one another on equal terms. The entire area was filled with ice one moment, then devastated by powerful winds, then flashes of light would go off all over the area, disrupting electronics and finally, flames burning away all that could be melted or turned into ashes. The older man and the young man would be gasping for air before Tatsuya smirks taunts Kazuya to attack him. Kazuya smirks as well before rushing at the man full speed with his blade in the ready.] Tatsuya: "Got you now!!" [Tatsuya's body would be surrounded by blue flames, materializing his Apollo behind Kazuya, preparing itself to attack from behind, the man himself reading his blade to attack from the front. Kazuya doesn't stop, summoning his own "Kusanagi" on his back to prepare for the incoming attacks. Apollo rushes forward with Gigantic Fist and Tatsuya attempts to pierce right through the young man's torso, but then Kusanagi changes form. The blade quickly separates in a mechanical samurai wielding two swords; Kazuya himself would make a quick turn to face Apollo with his blade really to strike.] Kazuya: "Lightspeed Slash!!!" [The True Persona, Musashi, would parry Tatsuya's attack to defend Kazuya as he uses his final move on Apollo. The red Persona would disappear and so would Tatsuya collapse with a satisfied on his face.] Kazuya: "Did I hit him....? Yeah, I got you now."
Kazuya vs Clearing Eyes Ene At Heat Haze Daze
[Ene would clutch her head in pain, her hands covered in electricity and static as a gigantic black snake with red eyes emerges from her back, hissing at Kazuya, looking at him from above. Kazuya does not move for as long as the serpent's tail remains connected to the girl. His expression screams frustration until from the side, out of the darkness, a trail of ice appears and emerges from its surface rapidly with a single sharp spike that cuts the tail. Ene loses consciousness and the Clearing Eyes Serpent panics at the sudden attack that came out of nowhere. For a moment, Kazuya would look shocked, but he would grit his teeth and dash at the monster with both his sword and Musashi. The three blades would begin to cut the enemy all over again and again before it can even react or express its pain. A deep cut for each one of the Serpent's victims, all of their faces flashing in Kazuya's head.] Kazuya: "AND STAY GONE THIS TIME!!" [He would run up his body while Musashi becomes a giant sword again. He would leap off the creature's head and grab on to the hilt of the massive blade; doing a front flip to gain momentum, he would force down the blade down Clearing Eye's entire body, cutting it in half. As the creature disappears, Kazuya checks on the passed out Ene, caressing her cheek.]
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