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Forum Game: Guess the Game.
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Easy rules. Make a Haiku about a video game. The next person in the thread has to guess it and then make a Haiku of a game and so on and so forth. Ready? I'll go first. Edge. Edge. Edge. Edge. Edge. Undo. Undo, Edge, Undo, Undo. Edge Undo. Pretty easy one for those who have played the game.
Catherine, truly the game with the most edge. Awaken Within, A dream shared by all hunters, Worthy prey at last. Not the easiest one I could think of, but I'm sure there's someone out there who'll get it.
(edited by Ally_of_justice)
I want to say Bloodborne cuz that's the only one I know that has dreams and hunters, probably wrong tho. There in the forest, A house awaits, longing, Evil lurks within it. Should be easy enough
Resident Evil 7 To save Tokyo, You must learn to sing and dance, And kill a dragon
I was thinking more RE1 but RE7 does a very similar setting, almost the same. Btw that's Tokyo Mirage Sessions. City of the night, Lives to fight, like a dragon, he punches them all.
Could be any Yakuza game, but likely means Kiwami more specifically as the later in the series you go the more reluctant Kiryu gets. If no one gets this by the time I’m off work I’ll add a hint for the sake of continuation. Scions of Kresnik A race to the promised land Spirits hold their breath
You're a furry now You and your partner save peeps This is really sad Edit: Forgot to guess but honestly have no idea, im gonna give a random guess and say a final fantasy game?
(edited by JustAMimikip)
Ah right, sorry I forgot about this. Its actually Tales of Xillia 2, one of the few direct sequels in the Tales series. Will let others take over though
Kitten squad, i guess The true sumnation they all have returned, now here is everyone
Smash Ultimate Men wearing spandex Made humorously absurd Fight for no reason
It was actually Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and im guessing literally any wrestling game ever? This game is of vore Also has weird red and green dudes Its really funny
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