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Is dating your own persona incest?
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Asking for a friend.
Is dating yourself incest? I, too, am asking for a friend who also happens to be me but a different me than me.
Is dating Yur other selves incest? I am jYust very cYurioYus aboYut the sYubject. I am asking for myself, bYut also a friend who knows this other gYuy who knows this other person who knows this other friend.
Ok now that the Yu clones are done than let's run an experiment. Let's anser this question once and for all.
It's selfcest, of the strange kind as the goal is to do it with your own weaponized personality.
Let's throw this dude in to the experiment too.
Let's throw this dude in to the experiment too. yes
It's a party and Yu are invited.
Never! *throws self off cliff, but returns due to being a boomerang* F###!
Is it even possible?
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