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God Complex: Last True Angel
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For the most part everything seemed normal... At least, things would seem normal to the everyday men and women who roamed the streets. It was business as usual within Shibuya but for those who held the power to sense such energy a large amount of divine aura would be leaving a trail throughout the entire city. By no means was this energy normal, it seemed to waver and contort to pester the view of those who held a similar presence and it seemed to reek of death in a way that would be almost natural. Of course, it wasn't only the divine who could see it but anyone with even a minor amount of detection for the strange might be able to pick up on it as well, as the energy wasn't exactly trying to remain invisible. The end of the trail would lead to an empty lot that had yet to have anything built on top of it. There was an unnatural shifting of matter within the area that seemed to mostly be subtle and effect nothing but anyone looking could see the floor shift slightly occasionally and the air sometimes rapidly decrease in temperature before returning to normal. A crowd of strange looking individuals would already be gathered. They all seemed to either have a divine or otherwordly aura of their own and also it would seem they were drawn to this place by the same thing. Among them an especially strong presence could be felt from some. Of note were a young man with red hair and tan skin. His eyes were narrow and he seemed to have a permanent smirk on his face. A small crowd had also already gathered around him as he leaned back against a wall surrounded by people who seemed to stand as if they were with him. Another would be a rather odd gentleman who already had a portable shop parked outside the lot, he'd be announcing his wares to anyone nearby. Mostly he seemed to sell things most would consider part of a scam but a small amount of energy could be felt from his products suggesting more to them. Finally was an almost too perfect looking women who stood a little away from everyone else. Her hair would be an unnatural mix of many colors and she would simply have a bored expression on her face as she looked everyone present over. Above all things seemed to be the fact that everyone was waiting yet none of them knew exactly what for.
"This is the place, huh? I don't know if any of this is a good idea..." [Kazuo had gotten there just now, but was trying to remain hidden behind a wall while keeping his hat down to hide his eyes and his coat to hide his general figure. Old fashioned, but it worked well. His "Mother" had told him about this sudden happening and he had to come and check it out.] "They seem to be waiting on something, or someone...? Whatever the case, I can't just approach them and ask. They could be demons for all I know."
Projekt Red glances about nervously and sniffs the air. The young woman seems twitchy, nervous, but they don't let it affect their mission.... "Wolves... So many..." truth is the woman was abnormally perceptive, not only would they feel this divine presence, it comes off as strong enough to almost hurt. Still, it was a direction. And as any hunter, Red follows it. Uncomfortable with the streets below, the wolf travels to the empty lot along the rooftops, known only by a brief shadow along the ground. Until she finally arrives at her destination, slipping down and among the crowd silently, almost invisibly.
Apollo sighs, releasing his sister's hand as she runs up to Kazuo from behind and tightly grips his left arm, slight trepidation being felt in her movements and expression. Apollo: "Most likely, they wouldn't know. Even Thoth felt complexed by it." Asami: "Kazuo... you should go home! It's not safe here!" The silver-haired young man shrugs, craning his neck to notice the perfect looking woman looming over the group. Apollo: "I'll find out what I can. If my suspicions are correct, it may be better to be here than not." He accosts the woman, giving off a mischievous smile and waving. Apollo: "Hi, my name's Apollo. Your's?"
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Most of the individuals gathered wouldn't so much as notice the young woman as another among the crowd was almost irrelevant to them considering the oddity of the situation. The women would just glance back at Apollo, uninterested in whatever he was trying to ask but somehow willing to respond regardless. Perfect Woman: "Names are of no importance to me. It is such a temporary binding but if you must address me you may call me Motley. Now silence, whatever is going to occur here I want to experience the entirety of." The energy throughout the air would finally begin to gather together having felt that enough people had arrived. It would begin compressing in the center of the lot causing those who had been standing there to back away. It would slowly piece by piece cluster all at once gathering together until it seemed to almost simply become a pure solid mass of energy. The scent of the dead would become more potent combined with the smell of what seemed to be ashes. Finally, it would burst releasing... Nothing. The energy was all but gone. Everyone present seemed surprised but also slightly annoyed at what had happened as if they had expected more. They seemed to begin demanding answer from anyone who seemed to grasp what was going on or in other words they would simply be grasping at straws for the moment. Gentleman Merchant: "Everyone seems rather flustered. I wonder if they dislike my products?" Red-Haired Man: "Well, this is entertaining at least. Maybe if I'm lucky some of them might end up killing one another..."
[Kazuo would turn to Apollo as he passes him by and then to Asami.] "I can see it's not safe here, but even so, I won't go. I've been through worse." [The young man would keep his eyes glued to the happening. At first, he was getting worried at the sudden scent of the dead and then the ashes. But in the end, nothing. Just annoyed people and a lot of nothing at all.] "But I wonder who is doing this and why. This is not all there is to it, I'm sure of it." [If anyone had the power of the divine... he wondered if he could take it somehow. An idea went through his head, that if they saw their divine power as something different, not part of themselves, he could take it.] "Asami, what are you and your brother doing here? Were you called too?"
corpses. Burned corpses on the frozen ground. The scent of wolves, an image. Its an image that goes through the woman's mind. A hunt, was that it? Red shakes her head, before moving to the edge of the crowd, keeping a firm eye on everything around her. Looking not just at people, as bizarre as they were, but focused more on the energy, that flow that brought Red here to begin with. Red felt danger, but then again, she often felt danger. The woman's small, grey tail begins to wag nervously beneath her coat, in anticipation of what comes next.
Apollo frowns and turns back to Kazuo, then laughing. Apollo: "Oh, really? Did you rush headlong into what you call 'worse' saying that as well? Looking back retrospectively, that would've been a false presumption then, wouldn't it?" He smiles, craning his neck to see the area where the energy had dissipated. Apollo: "Don't set your expectations too low. Mare Cognitum." Once more, the power with which Apollo used to search the area was refitted to trace any remnants of the energy which was once present in the air down to the subatomic level, the range being only the streets around him. Asami's grip would loosen slightly, her expression and tone becoming more solemn. Asami: "Apollo told me it was dangerous. I wanted to be here in case someone got hurt." Suddenly, Asami would release her hold on Kazuo's arm and boldly, albeit with slight timidness, approaches the wolf-like hunter. She faces them and reaches upward as if to pet them but stops suddenly, waiting to see their reaction. "...Um, h-hi!"
The hunter immediately turns around, drawing a dagger from beneath her heavy winter coat as she turns to Asami, the one who noticed her. The target approaching her "Position compromised. INi..." Red pauses, her dagger halfway between the hunter and Asami. It was.. A child? They weren't actually making any threatening movements. So for a few seconds, Red simply stares at Asami, dagger drawn, her eyes clouded with uncertainty. Eventually, the woman gives a timid reply "H.. Hello?"
[It was a bit more complicated than him getting into that situation from long ago by choice. He would sigh as Asami approaches the one weird woman. He would be too slow to notice the dagger. As he tried to reach out for his rapier, he would then also notice that she stopped, merely deciding to say...] ... Hello...? [Whatever her deal was, there was no point in hidding. He would leave the wall and walk in Asami's direction.] You almost got hurt yourself. You should uh... try to avoid any weird people. ... No offense.
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Apollo would in fact find a remnant of the energy but it's very nature seemed to change. It no longer felt as though it was divine at all, now it only seemed to represent a sense of emptiness as it sat in place above the crowd without them even noticing somehow. Standing on nothing but the air was another young man though his appearance was vastly different than those below. The most simple way to put it was that he looked like a corpse. His skin and hair would be pale beyond belief. His eyes although calm would seem dead and shallow. Most unsettling of all though was his smile that seemed to show genuine glee yet subtly seemed to be holding back sorrow. His body was draped in white robes as well as if he didn't already look enough like a funeral rite waiting to happen. Corpse in White: "Well, perhaps calling you all here was a mistake after all. Rather ungodly behavior for those that claim to be as such. Though I can already tell that a few mortals have mixed in as well. That's fine..." Everyone would once more be surprised who was present, staring up at the figure. His presence though wasn't what had shocked them but the fact that they hadn't noticed it. Truthfully if one wasn't detecting something other than divine power or even supernatural power for that matter there was little way they could feel his presence at all, as if he was there and not all at once. Corpse in White: "Introducing myself would only be proper. I am Elian, the last servant that remains of the one. It seems I've lured in quite a few false ones as well. I'm sure there's more but you should all at least be able to spread word of what I have to say." Most were silent though a few seemed to speak out in some form of protest. Perfect Woman: "It lures us out here and it expects us to believe it to be a servant of the one. Haven't your heard stupid Lich, the one has long since been dead. Killed by the many sins of humanity. Though I guess a vile creature like you finds comfort among the dead anyway." Gentleman Merchant: "Hmmm, I'm sure I've got something here that can help your complexion...I've wanted to test it out for a while too..." Red-Haired Man: "..."
A young woman with bright red hair would wander up to the scene with a curious look on her face, staring absently at the gathering of people. She could feel the power that had happened, of course, no denying that. She also has a distinctly powerful air around herself to anyone with a sense of the supernatural and even more specifically the Divine. For the moment she mostly seems to be observing things and preparing, speaking aloud to nobody in particular. "Hmm, strange night now wouldn't you say? I get the sense something terrible will probably happen though, it'd be nice if these crowds would clear up but..." She glances towards the Lich with a heavy sigh, a servant of The One. Fucking lovely, false ones... People like herself most likely, truth be told she'd say the title of "god" is a bit overblown for people who've just randomly gained far far too much power. But what's done is done and Amaya doubts that she can convince him to simply back down, so she'd speak up while staring over at Elian. "Lure is such a loaded word, I prefer to think of it as having nothing better to do. That said I can't disagree with ya about us, god is kind of a weird way to think about yerself when you're just a random person who got vast power through utterly no merit like we do. Don't guess you'd like to just chat though, right Elian?" Truth be told, it's a word that she's used to describe herself in the past without even thinking. But the meaning of such a title is... Far beyond anything that the woman would want, either way, she's merely left absently waiting and glancing at everyone gathered around with hands in her pockets.
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Asami would jump back, being caught off guard by the drawing of a weapon. Asami: "Eep!" She steps back and catches her footing, bowing slightly as she interlockes her hands in front of her chest. Asami: "I'm sorry... you looked cool and I wanted to introduce myself, i'm Asami." She stands upright, nervously smiling while looking Red in the eyes, her fingers now interlocked at her lap instead. It was then that the corpse appeared, Apollo grits his teeth irately as he locks eyes with the being while Asami just briefly glances in his direction, looking confused and failing to respond to any of his words at all. Apollo: "Ah, so rather than letting everyone worship their own 'false ones', you want them to worship your own false one? Now, i'm no expert in monotheism myself, but the idea that any single omnipotent being factually exists is just absurd. Ah, well, can't waste my time thwarting every half-brained cultist that pops up..." Apollo, rather than directly confronting the corpse, merely shrugs and turns his head to the perfect woman. He nods in silence as he listens intently to what others have to say.
"I..." Red pauses for a few more seconds, before suddenly her dagger is gone, hidden beneath the hunter's coat. Red looks at Kazuo with almost empty-seeming eyes. From here Kazuo would easily be able to see the gray, wolf-like ears that were previously hidden beneath her hood. "it doesn't matter." After noting the newcoming guy... Seems more dangerous. Caster? They didn't seem hostile. Friends with the child? Not a threat, seemingly. For now, Red focuses on Asami.. Intro.. Right, she can introduce herself. Red's empty yellow eyes attempt to lock onto Asami's "Projekt Red, wolf hunter. I... smelled wolves. Mission, is all.." Red glances back to the interaction between Elian and Amaya... This newcomer, the corpse.. Its doubtlessly what she smelled, and likely felt. Wolf? No, something else. Though Red keeps her focus on Asami, the experienced hunter remains intimately aware of her surroundings, half-expecting the situation to explode
Huh, I almost feel like I stumbled upon an ongoing saga. [He mutters, jokingly at the sudden appearance of god-like figures. He doesn't mind, he's used to people with power and them abusing it to their ends. He shrugs, knowing they would do as they do. Most gods are the same. He would not move from his place, and instead would try to keep watching for the moment. Regardless, he would turn to Projekt Red. Weird name, he feels as if he had heard it somewhere before.] My name is Kazuo Takahara. But if we are going with weird names, you can call me Fabian. Whatever you find easier, uhm... [He would compute the ear detail in his brain a few moments after.] ...Wolfy. [Was she a demon? She could be one, maybe just a plain hybrid or a werewolf.]
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Elian simply tilts his head to the side, for a moment seeming to be confused though there expression had changed very little. Finally, they'd just laugh a little before finally replying. Elian: "I didn't know people with red-hair were so smart. That's an interesting thing to keep in mind. It's as the protean over there says, I'm a lich and one that was created through divine power far beyond any other in this world. In other words I was made with one specific goal in mind, to preserve the balance of the world in any way that seems rational. Wether you call me a cultist or say I worship a dead god it doesn't matter to me. Wether the one still remains or not...No, it's fairly clear that they are gone with no intent of returning...even with them gone I shall continue my duties. Besides, your opinions won't matter after you're all erased anyway. That's the message I've come to deliver. In the coming days I plan to erase all false gods from the timeline completely. You all only have a few days left to exist. I'd suggest making the most of that time." There was nothing remotely off about his tone. He seemed like he thought of himself as only spouting fact and nothing more. The reaction from some was simple shock, some were confused, and others angry. Protean Woman: "E-erased? There's no way! Why would a simple lich have power like that! W-wait, if that divine power really was yours....No way! You don't mean to say you were really created by the one! That's impossible!" Gentleman Merchant: "Huh? The gods erased? But those are my main customers...Maybe I should try selling more to mortals too...Do mortals even have money?" Red-Haired Man: "Oh, maybe I should kill that corpse again...Dying now wouldn't do any good."
Red slowly shakes her head before looking back at Kazuo. They don't seem to... Fully understand what he's saying, but it doesn't bother the woman in the slightest. But wolves again.. Her? No.. "Fabian..." Red points to Kazuo, like a child who needed the help remembering. Red analyzes Kazuo's face, his scent. It wouldn't do to injure a fellow Operator. After this brief ritual, Red points to herself "Lupus... Not wolf, Lupus." just a correction. wolves were much worse. With apparently no need for stealth at the moment anyways, Red pulls back her hood before adding. "Projekt Red.. Have no other name" The corpse draws Red's attention again.. It seemed like a dramatic declaration.. But it didn't matter. Not to the hunter. Maybe they would end up killing a few wolves, but it wouldn't change her duties. It simply didn't impact the hunter, not in an appreciable manner
[Kazuo listens to the gods keep going at it. The prospect of all of them disappearing was... appealing to him, very much so. It meant less obstacles, it meant less overpowered individuals who would abuse humans. No one should have that much power, nothing but nature itself.] "I don't see much reason to oppose that guy, but all of them seem to be worried..." [He would turn to Wolfy, from now on Lupus. Through her analysis, she finds that the young man is purely human, although with a latent, somewhat eerie feeling to him, perhaps his power.] "Lupus, I got it. And you're not a wolf, so then..." [He would point at the others.] "Are they the wolves?"
Amaya just eyes the Lich curiously, staring and sighing heavily before she speaks up again. "I see then, somehow I'm not shocked to hear that... So. I don't really wanna roll over and just die, on the other hand I ain't so sure I could really take you on..." If he's a servant of The One or not doesn't really matter, Elian is very obviously powerful and despite her own considerable unearned strength the woman really has no idea if that's a fight she could win. Not to mention the tales of Liches suriving death... She just speaks out in a curious tone. "So, guess I'm gonna ask a stupid question Elian. Why. I mean, I sort of get why honestly given people do often have a bad habit of doing horrible things when suddenly given great power. But just trying to kill everyone seems... A bit extreme to me, I'm curious if there's something more to it than merely that I guess." She sounds shockingly calm for a woman who may very soon be dead by the hands of the person she's speaking to, but that's mostly because she doesn't see any point in panic. There's never any point to it, either she finds a way to survive or doesn't, nothing more to it. Of course internally she's still rather concerned but for now Amaya can avoid showing it.
Asami sighs, relieved by the hunter's cooperation but upset by their mechanical nature. Asami: "Is 'wolf' some sort of code? I've never seen any actual wolves." She tilts her head curiously Asami: "If you're on a mission, the people gathered here might be able to help you. It seems they're all here for the same thing. I'll try and support whoever I can, of course." ... Apollo's emotions would flare up, a dark violet void swallowing the air around and emitting a fearsome aura. Apollo: "All of them!? You mean to commit genocide to sate your own ego!?! Fuck that, these are lives! These are people! This is a plot that makes the very cosmos cry out in anguish!! No, even besides that, these are people with friends and family! Even if it's just a few compared to the scale of the universe, I won't let a single soul weep for such a loss! No matter what it takes, I will devote my entire being to stopping you! For my name isn't Apollo Sonnenschein!" Suddenly, as if a dangerous force had been awakened, the moon overlapped with the sun and appeared to lock in place albeit only visible to himself and Eilan, creating a perpetual eclipse with an abnormal air about it. Not only was the sun blocked, but all source of light was drowned out. The only thing anyone could see is each other as if they were still illuminated standing in a world of pure blackness. This would last only a few seconds as the moon quickly vanishes from sight. Should Eilan not possess utmost resistance to mental afflictions the phenomenon would cause a terrible sense of fear, panic, assuming the worst and slight amnesia of the cause which compiled the fact that they would still possess those feelings without understanding why. Every other witness would only notice a terrible rage flaring up in Apollo's eyes. He sighs, possessing full knowledge that his attack would most likely have no effect and/or backfire. Asami: "A... Onii-chan..." Apollo's devastating aura would slowly disappear as he sighs, clearly exasperated as he suppresses the dark air surrounding him. Apollo: "No, there's still a few days left. Until that point, I have to conserve my energy. Lacus Temporis" Without saying another thing, he puts both his thumbs in the back pockets of his jeans as a stone formation begins to materialize in front of him, the higher elevation able to make his voice clearer and draw attention. Apollo: "Well, I propose we all work together to stop this. What does everyone else think?"
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At first, the others would actually look towards Apollo with curiosity as to what he had to propose but Elian would simply yawn a bit as the display of power had done little to nothing to even phase his already long past dead mind. Elian instead would look back at Amaya, he almost seemed pleased at her for helping him get to his point much faster. "I changed my mind, I think rather than red-heads being smart it may just be you. That or maybe you've met the one I've chosen as my equalizer before. They actually said the same thing. And to that extent..." Elian would face everyone at once, attempting to gain their attention by seemingly forming what looked like a strangely designed pistol from out of nowhere and firing it into the air. "I'd propose the opposite. Rather than working together, work on your own to defeat me. Those are the conditions I'm setting in place. On the day of extermination, there is one other event I'd like to hold first. I'll be opening the door to my own home reality. A domain tucked away in the very corner of the heavens themselves. I'll be waiting there along with the artifact that has the power to destroy the gods. If you can make it all the way there then I will allow the God who makes it that far the chance to live. I'll recognize them as worthy of the power they've obtained. I'll even allow them to use the artifact instead for whatever they desire. There are limits to what it can do but keep in mind that those limits only really extend to effecting things that exist as a direct aspect of time. Otherwise, the artifact could allow for you to rewrite history if even for a single instance. It all depends on the one using it. Of course, I invite the mortals here to participate as well. You should be on a more even playing field given that the influence of a god becomes somewhat restricted in my own domain." For a moment there was another moment of confusion but as soon as the others realized what Elian was talking about they began to once more look away from Apollo, realizing that this might be there chance for much more than simple survival. Red-Haired Man: "Rewrite history? Sounds like I can get a lot of use out of that!" The red-haired man would move away with wide eyes full of desire. Protean Woman: "Working with others isn't something I'm fond of anyway. I don't need anyone else to win this." The Protean would move away as well, confident in her own abilities and far too proud to ask for help. Gentleman Merchant: "W-wait...Am I going to be erased too? I...Gee...what should I do then..." The merchant would walk away, confused as to his own fate and unsure how to proceed.
OOC: Huh, wow. Almost fell asleep there. Probably not gonna be up much longer tonight. IC: "Wolves?" The snow falling on the cold ground, the scent of corpses as howling sounds out in the distance... Red's hand moves towards the daggers hidden in her coat, only for the woman to rapidly shake her head, as if snapping herself out of a trance. "There are no wolves here.. The scent... Not yet." Red takes a moment to breathe, her hand moving away from her coat and back out into the open. The woman looks back to Asami and shakes her head "I hunt alone. I've always hunted alone. Red needs no help." The woman pauses for a few moments, not only listening to Elian's words, but beyond that. In a moment, the woman nods, understandingly before responding "Yes Granny... I will join the hunt..."
[Kazuo's eyes would become wider, surprised by the possibility of such a power. He didn't know what any of this was, but he would not back down at the possibility of having such ability. Finally, he didn't trust anyone in this place enough to merely allow them to attain it. He had a clear goal in mind. He would just have to... win, somehow.] "Gods, huh. I'm used to demons and it's not like I haven't defeated deities before..." [A few names would come to him. He would cross his arms and keep a focused glare on Elian as he thinks of what he can realistically do on his own. Truth is, he would need to put his mind to the test. The Chimera were his ticket to victory, but setting them up before going down was going to be difficult. Regardless, he would do what he needs to do.] "I guess I'll fight then. I'll gain that power." [He shrugs casually before turning around and deciding to head home, planning to tell his mother what was up.] "See you at school, Apollo."
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