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Chapter one: Demons Wrath
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it's a wonderful day outside. Fire everywhere, De heading the elderly and hearing Children's scream go quiet. "Dad! Dad! Can I go play outside with Lucy and Charles!" The little girl seems very happy. "Sure why not? Just make sure that you throw rocks at the other kids!" Father seemed rather happy today. The Little girl is Me? You ask? No. I'm not there yet. Charles looks up and sees someone new. "Lucy! Someone is here!" They look down upon my face. It's me, yes it is. I open my eyes. I have a scar on my left. I'm blind in that one. "Welcome to Hell!" They hold out there hands wanting time to grab one to help me up. But I do not take one, I just simply stand up. "Hell isn't a place for nice kids like you" they're attitudes turned very low. I could sense them getting partially sad. As if there puppy had gotten out down in front of there eyes. That kind of sad. I'm in a cave with writing all over the walls. "I am thou, thou art I," i read it out loud as the ground starts to shake. "Oh shit! Why did I do that!" Piercing red eyes from the darkness of the cave. It felt like I was being stabbed in the head. "Hey! Wake up!" I wake up. I'm different, I'm not the same. I could feel it. I felt nothing near this....evil...powerful.. I point to Lucy. "I don't need your help. The next time you try, I WILL kill you" I walk away knowing I scared her. I don't know why I said that. It felt like acid was burning me from the inside, I was in constant pain since that day...
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This story was based off of a Demon girls diary!
Well izanagi did kind of talk to yu before hand in his dreams and arsene did appear in front of akira when time froze. Orpheus was probably just sleeping
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