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Cacophonous Din
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Madoka and Homura There were only a few days left until everything was finished. To that end, there was something the pair needed to do, confronting a self-proclaimed "Demon Lord". But before all that, there was one more person they wanted to talk to. The "Demon Lord"'s student, and a friend of theirs, Sonomi. Damon Damon, on the other hand, was already moving. He'd been brought along by Risako, a nervous child and another of Suzuki's students. The girl leads him silently to Suzuki's empty apartment building. Though the grey building seems peaceful, the building carries a sense of foreboding. Feeling this, the blonde-girl glances back at Damon, asking one last time as they stand just outside the door Risako: "A.. Are you sure you're going to come? I mean.. I don't want to force you into one of my problems..."
Damon takes a cursory glance at the vicinity. Your friend really lives like this? His left eyebrow raises as he senses something odd from being in the building. He finds the general feeling difficult to really place. But he is savvy enough to get that all may not be right. Though it would be pretty lame of him to just leave after agreeing to come. The least he could do is stick around for snacks. Yep I'm coming in and that friend of yours better have some refreshments set out. Let's go! He walks into the door.
The pair of girls merely sit next to each other quietly at a table inside a little burger joint not too far from Suzuki's home, leaning against one another as Homura absently sends Sonomi a message asking her to meet with them. No words need to be exchanged at the moment for Homura and Madoka to understand why they're here after all, business needs to be taken care of one way or another and it's woefully something that their friend's involved in herself. So they wait, and absently munch at their burgers while leaning upon each other.
{A few supposedly peaceful silent minutes pass until the girl was seen holding her phone and rushing straight into the burger joint, not looking in front of her at all as she shuffled around with her earbuds in. She's seen carrying a purse that actually does not get to be seen at all as it is carelessly put down near the seat Homura and Madoka sat at. The bag leans over and a few things fall out, but it isn't much of an issue to the girl as she puts all of her stuff down and looks at the two.} "Hi, how was your date last night? I came as fast as I could! I didn't really know where the coordinates to this place were but I swear I read your text message! What can I do for you two?" {The girl rushed words out and stopped to catch her breath when she rests her head on her hands, shoulders on the counter and all, gazing at the two eating together intently with a big smile on her face.}
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Damon Risako slowly nods to Damon Risako: "S.. Suzuki said her parents were the landlords, so she ended up getting the building.. I've never seen anyone else living here though.." The girl pauses for a few more seconds, only for Damon to enter ahead of her. Seeing the older person leave her behind Risako runs after him into the first room. Risako: "Don't leave me behind either! Just.. Stay near me.. I guess..." The pair walk into an abnormally long, whitewashed lobby, with a wide entry desk on the other side which parts two separate hallways leading deeper into the square building. Before Damon can take a few more steps, Risako takes hold of his arm. Risako: "U.. I mean.. Please wait a second... Suzuki likes to leave bits of her magic around to warn her of visitors and I'd rather not trigger them.."
Homura would sigh a little bit as Madoka absently rubs at her shoulders, hand wobbling a bit as she speaks. H: "It... Got interrupted by some weird shit, but eh we had a good time besides that." M: "Yeah! As for what you can do uh... Homura?" The Black-haired girl nods to her friend, leaning back a bit and finishing the last bits of her food before speaking up in a weary tone. H: "Suzuki, something has to be done to deal with her before this super powerful Witch appears. If we can reason with her somehow great, but I'm expecting a fight. And if it comes to that, I don't intend to give her a chance to be an issue later if we win. Do you know anything useful, and if you don't want to help, at least just stay away. We won't judge you for keeping out of this Sonomi." Homura's clearly offering their friend an out here. Even as Madoka winces a bit while nodding along to her girlfriends statement.
So your friend likes to lay booby traps. Damon deadpans. Little girls these days are only getting more and more eccentric. Is there anyway to call her? Or catch her attention? He didn't want to wait around too long. He had other stuff to do like binge watch shows and ignore the hw he was supposed to do.
{Sonomi realized how sloppy her entrance to the burger joint was, and she took some time to pick the things that fell from her bag back up and make the place more tidy. She gave a little comment as she tries to reach for her wallet.} “Oh, that sounds bad. But I’m glad you had fun!” {The girl who was about to pay for whatever they had bought, or at least just give a tip to the server for no reason, until she hears Suzuki’s name come out of Homura’s mouth. Preparing for serious talk, she put her head slightly down and silently put her wallet away.} “Well, I saw that she looked a lot more stressed out when I was there last time. When I first found out how my weapon worked for the first time, she did praise me. But afterwards it all just became a bit of a somber atmosphere. It felt as if she was lost in her own thoughts about something.” {The suggestion of sitting out the situation just makes her feel even worse about it. The more she rambles on, the sadder she gets, her head slowly lumps down onto the table and she even might devolve into crawling under the table and continuing the conversation from under there like a groundhog under a hole.} “Maybe she’s just worried...would it be fine if I hung out outside or something? I have a feeling there’s somebody else you’d want to talk to going over there herself...when you mentioned that you expect conflict it makes me think I wouldn’t contribute much. Maybe I should just bring Asena along and hope she’s fine with talking instead...I did mention to her that I’d like for them to meet...”
Homura just sighs very very heavily while staring over at her friend, she can't help looking intensely annoyed while replying. H: "No, that would not be fine in the least bit. This isn't a fairy tale where everything will just work out and you can stand around watching till people make up, I don't really know why she tried to kill us to begin with but I don't expect her to stop. And if it's us or someone else, I choose our lives." Madoka doesn't exactly look happy to see that, but she also agrees in the end. Dying doesn't sound too fun in the least bit, and dragging more people into this crap... M: "Homura's right, yeah. Truth of the matter is that we're both pretty sure how this is gonna go. Standing and staring at a fight to the death isn't a great idea in the least bit Sonomi, and that's most likely what'll happen. I can't say that I like the idea of involving Asena either, this is our problem to solve after all." Both girls would go quiet again at that point, merely silently looking at each other and pondering as they await Sonomi's reply.
{Sonomi stops slouching down in despair. She prepared for this, yet everything inside of her is trying to refuse last second. She grits her teeth, and almost slams on the table in annoyance, but just gives them an unexpectedly fiery gaze as she stays determined to stick by her ideals.} "I don't want to expect everyone to make it out unscathed, walk out with smiles on their faces and let everything be alright. That's just stupid. I want to expect everyone to make it out alive. Homura-chan, Madoka-chan, you both want to live, right? What's she going to do to stop that? Both of you are stronger than that, I know you are." {She turns her head and looks away, trying to ignore eye contact as tears start to form in her eyes, being disappointed in herself. In the end, everyone, even her own self, has to give advice to her.} "She isn't the one who would kill either of you. I don't want to be on her side because she tried to hurt my friends. But for some reason, I still consider her one too. I at least want to be there to make sure she doesn't die without another reason that makes me want to see her dead. That's what Asena said would drive me." {The girl starts to pack her stuff, slinging the purse over her shoulder. All she feels she needs to do is walk outside to blow some steam instead of talking to anyone not included in this little mission. Sonomi speaks to them one last time, reminiscing back at the airports as her tone shifts from on edge to generally despondent.} "Asena even said she'd be fine with coming...but I guess that's not an option anymore. I'm just tired of losing all my friends. I'll go with you two and see if we can just knock some sense into Suzuki-chan and be done with it. I've already done it with my other old, dead friends after all..."
Homura sighs a little bit, she... God dammit, this all seems a bit naive to her but here she is. Fucking listening to it anyway despite her better judgement. H: "Fine, I frankly think wanting everyone to walk out alive is too much here Sonomi. But fine, I'll try anyways. I don't like this, she nearly killed us before and I have little faith in being able to fight her non-lethally, though my prior attempts at lethal failed anyways so maybe no need to hold back." Madoka is decidedly more pleased with the little speech, she is the more idealistic of the pair after all and even if some of that idealism has been driven down she can't help smiling at Sonomi a bit. M: "I think it's fine Sonomi, maybe Homura is right but... I don't really want to belive that, no offense Homura but even if I admit you usually have a point, can't say I always agree with or like the way that you wanna do things." The black-haired girl frowns slightly before nodding, she doesn't really expect Madoka to agree with her on everything after all. That'd be stupid naturally, so the pair stands up and walks out alongside Sonomi. H: "I just want you to know that if this goes badly for us, well I hope it doesn't. And I still pick us over her in the end if it gets there." M: "That's honestly fair, I wouldn't expect or ask anything else of you at this point. Oh and is there anything we need to know before trying to go over there?" They'd simply wait for a moment before setting off, after Sonomi's next reply the pair would be ready to head out toward their goal. For better or worse.
"I'm glad you think the same way Madoka! But that doesn't mean Homura isn't wrong,m like you said. My mind's just too stubborn to agree, tee-hee! Let's do our best, Suzuki-senpai is my mentor after all!" {Sonomi smirks to herself as she walks out, not turning around until after she leaves the burger joint, only glancing back feeling a bit worried with how everyone else in there felt. Paying tips for other people just because they're your friends can wait, she has to have a heart to heart with someone special. Although does respond to Homura and Madoka, since not doing that would be rude.} "Oh, and I wasn't lying when I said I have a feeling someone's already trying to go to where Suzuki is. Me and Risako-chan only met for like five minutes, but I strongly believe my classmate is going to meet with our teacher right now." {She smiles at them as she entrusts her gut feeling as reliable information they can use. Whether it's correct or not, she wouldn't really know. However her smile instantly turn back to her getting teary-eyed as she suddenly goes in to hug the two without their consent.} "Ugh, what am I saying? I'm sorry I spoke out like that, I didn't need to make that scene! You both were right! Asena would be so embarrassed to have me around. I'm so sorrryyy!!!"
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Damon Risako: "Um.. I mean... There's an intercom.. But I'd really rather not..." Risako shifts nervously back and forth, taking an unfortunately long time to actually get to her point Risako: "I just... Found something like a labyrinth.. And I wanted.. well I wanted Ruriko to..." Risako pauses, again, but of course the older girl wasn't here and wasn't likely to come so there was no point in thinking about it. Either way, the girl grabs Damon's arm to lead him on Risako: "Anyways, Just.. Stay close to me and we won't run into anything." Risako tries to drag Damon on a circuituous route through the vacuous entryway and towards the left hall. The hallway was also somewhat dreary, a straight, gray-walled line with four doors on the left and three on the right, all spaced evenly. Though nothing appears strange to Damon's eyes, Risako becomes noticably more tense, and Damon himself can feel an intensifying sense of dread Homura, Madoka, and Sonomi whenever the trio leaves for Suzuki's apartment building, they'd find the door already open, likely carelessness on the part of one of the tenants, though no one seemed to actually live there. Through the door is a largely empty room, a long white space leading up to a large desk which splits off into two hallways, one leading to their left, and the other to their right where the stairs would be.
The girls would raise their eyebrows at Sonomi's words, that's... Not really what they meant. Homura shrugs a bit while responding in a concerned voice. Just this once, she'll let herself be hugged without warning by someone besides Madoka. H: "Lemme level with you, I talk a good game but I've never actually... Done what I'm talking about doing. It's fine feeling like this really, I'll... Probably be not much better by the end of it all." The pink-haired girl would go silent for a moment while staring at her partner, she could say plenty but instead merely opts to place a hand on the other girl's shoulder before finally heading off for the building. Upon reaching it, both would stop and turn to Sonomi again. H: "So uh, all that stuff earlier aside. How we planning to get in there? I guess if we're trying to talk with her, then it might be best to... Not try and sneak in like some cut rate assassian wannabe." M: "Yes dear, generally sneaking into a place is cause to listen to someone even less than you already planned to." Homura blushes just a bit while shrugging slightly, for now merely waiting and looking between the split pathway.
{The girl would wipe a tear away before speaking to the pair again, now being more sincere in her words. In order to make proper eye contact, she pulls away from the hug.} "I apologize for that...those airports really messed me up, you know? Let's hope everyone gets through this safely." {Sonomi looks at the already open door with curiosity, and considers to try not to be cautious. Yet she can't help but think waltzing in normally will be alright.} "Oh she'll listen to us. I don't think she cares about your method of entering considering that..." {Hopefully they'll be able to fill in the blanks as the girl never really bothers to finish or clarify that sentence. The girl just continues on like everything is going as planned.} "And the fact that this door being open probably meant somebody else already went inside. Who might have already triggered something. Everytime I go in this building, Suzuki always knows I was here the whole time. No idea if or how we could avoid it."
Damon allows himself to be dragged into the left hallway, but upon arrival he jerks out of Risako's grip. The hallways itself is exceedingly boring and lacking in any personal touch. The feel of the hallway is the exact opposite causing a pins and needles sensation on his person. Could there be another one of them witches around? Damon hugs himself for some comfort and carefully positions himself behind Risako. A cowardly move, but the girl is charged with fighting witches. She must have better chances then him of surviving an encounter.
The girls just shrug at that point, they'd keep on moving through the building. Aiming to get towards Suzuki's place as best they remember how, if any mistake is made perhaps Sonomi can correct it, or not. Either way for the moment, they turn to the left hallway unless the other girl tells them to go down the right.
"I'll trust you two." {Sonomi nods, and does not bother to stop the two girls from going off to the left path, instead trying to use her powers in secret in order to find out whether or not Risako was off on this path and maybe see if there were any other stragglers or lose ends that need to be cut off. It was better to be safe than sorry, the right path looked kind of suspicious anyway, there was no need to try and explore if it all leads to the same destination.}
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Damon Risako nearly jumps at first, her original plan having been stolen by Damon, yet the girl did ask him to come, so after a few seconds of muttering to herself, Risako steps forward. A few tense seconds pass before Risako pauses to stare at a point on the right wall between the second and third doors. Risako: "R.. right.. There... Just let me..." Risako takes a deep breath, focusing on the spot. It only takes a moment for the spot to seem to bloom, opening a circular gateway large enough for the two of them, bordered by a pair of intertwining serpents. An intense feeling of dread emanates from the portal, doubtlessly the source of unease that Damon had felt throughout the building. Risako: "T.. That's what I thought... Its here...." Madoka, Homura, and Sonomi Sonomi can sense the thoughts of her companions, but nothing else seems to jump to her mind. Looking into the hallway, the trio find it to be a completely empty hallway that simply goes straight ahead for a few dozen feet before simply turning right. Once the trio enters, they hear a familiar voice behind them. Suzuki: "I thought I warned you to stay away from those two." Turning around, the three can see the form of Sonomi's former teacher, arms crossed with a disgusted glare. However, Sonomi can't feel anything at all from them, as if it was simply another unthinking creature. Suzuki: "So then, what lies have these mongrels been feeding you?"
Homura would stare forward with a calm and icy look even as Madoka grimaces and tries to greet the rather hostile girl. M: "Nice to see you too Suzuki, and despite the insults we don't especially want to fight you. Was kind of hoping that we could come to some sort of understanding, honestly..." The black-haired girl is silent while staring ahead, merely letting her partner speak while shadows flicker and dance around her. It's fairly clear that she's more than ready for the in her mind inevitable breakdown of communications. Madoka smiles a bit while going on slightly. M: "Despite you know, the attempted murder and all we aren't dead set on turning this into a fight. But I guess it kind of depends on what you really want too, Demon Lord. So talk to us, or don't and you can prove Homura right." She shrugs while finishing that statement, just absently placing a hand on the bow strapped to her back and observing Suzuki a bit.
Damon musters a grimacey smile. Let's get this over with! He pushes Risako into the portal and then follows behind. Before any second thoughts can convince them to do otherwise.
{Sonomi instantly turned around to see Suzuki currently in their presence, and she can't help gasp in surprise at her mentor's sudden appearance. However, she merely stayed silent as she listened to the two speak to her, only looking down at the ground, letting the shadow of her bangs cover her eyes.} "Tee-hee! Demon Lord, huh? Since that's been mentioned, have we really met before? Ha ha...ha ha ha! Maybe that's why..." {The girl said giddily as she laughed to herself, skipping forwards as she put herself right in front of both Suzuki and her friends. Though she looked at her "mentor" with a smile and her eyes closed, she actually found it in her to reciprocate with an uncharacteristically disgusted glare of her own, one shot straight back at this Suzuki as if she were really disappointed in the older girl.} "I won't care at all for what you're going to say. Because I know that you aren't the real Suzuki-Senpai. So please. May you answer my question? Who do you really think you are? Maybe I'll give you more respect if you enlighten me with your true identity."
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Madoka, Homura, Sonomi Suzuki gives a slight grin as the girl brushes her hair out of her eyes. She slowly shakes her head with her eyes closed. Suzuki?: "Its nice to see you're coming around to my title. To think you hated it at first. Ah well." Suzuki?: snaps her fingers, and the walls seem to come to life, what had been part of the wallpaper peeling itself off and changing shape until there's another Suzuki blocking off the other side of the hallway Suzukis: "You didn't really think I'd come to investigate this myself did you? These are nothing more than pets of mine, familiars trained to take on my shape." The two Suzukis give a smile, leaning their head on one hand before adding Suzuki: "I never did give you many quizzes did I Sonomi? How's this one, what's the nature of my lovely assistant Mihmeh. Though I suppose you two might remember her better." The Suzukis split their view between Madoka and Homura, the two who'd seen the referred to Witch the most often. Damon Risako: "I'm not so..." The girl doesn't get much of a chance to protest before she's through the portal, with Damon following behind. at first, the portal is dark, as if Damon had simply thrown himself into an abyss... But a few seconds later, the world begins to form around him. It was bizarre, in the sense that it was perfectly normal. Though every labyrinth he'd visited previously had been crazy in some way, this one looked like a perfectly ordinary high school, if one a little outdated. Damon finds himself in the middle of a room full of lockers near the school's entrance, with a stairway leading up straight ahead, and a hallway to each of his sides. Looking back, Damon would find that there's simply nothing outside the school, not even the blackness of a void. An absence beyond the absence of light, if you will. Risako is nowhere to be found, however the pressure from earlier seems to have lifted entirely. Replaced only by a single "sound", though sound didn't quite seem to be the way to describe it. More the idea of crying, emenating from the left hallway, towards the school's gym.
{Sonomi knew better than to try and interject as the two older girls more than she needed to, however she wasn't too shocked when Suzuki reveals her familiars. Knowing how she was well-versed in her own magic, she knew that she wasn't coming here to greet them herself.} "Familiars? That's pretty cool. Oh, Suzuki, I was getting a bit worried for a second, heh. I knew you weren't going to be with us too early, we haven't even gotten past the first arc!" {The girl says, only pretending to be nervous right after she insulted her familiar. She sweeps her sidebangs away as she places her hand on her chin to ponder on the question for a bit, attempting to reach the back of her minds in order to come up with a serviceable answer.} "MihMeh? Well, I might not remember them too much, but I know that they're very loyal. Very upstanding, and helpful. You could even consider them your employee of the month, but it feels like MihMeh is your only employee..."
Homura would just offer a slight smile while replying to Suzuki, she is in truth lying through her teeth but she looks pretty damn convincing while doing so. H: "Oh, so you're gonna be like that then huh... Fine with me, I look forward to shattering the shiny rock that holds your life's essence Suzuki Kuroi. As for this pathetic creature, as I recall it was a being that relied solely upon others fear of it yes? Such a trick might work for a time, but I'm not sure why you think it would do any good now of all times." She is sure of course, there must be more to that annoying witch after all. She'd speak out in a slightly amused tone while staring the thing down. H: "Your power makes all kinds of sense though, gotta say however. Sort of a lame motive... I mean, your senpai goes Witch and so you wish for the power to curse others with misery? Come on, almost like some cliched anime villain or something. I don't mind taking such trash out from the world." In reality the thought of actually killing someone is strange and causes Homura a bit of a sick feeling, but she doesn't let that show in the least. Madoka for her part merely winces slightly, not sure if taunting Suzki is the best move but oh well. It's done now, and the pair nod to each other while turning to MihMeh. Lilith and D'Arc forming in front of them before sending a whirling tornado that has tiny fragments of light designed to slice anything caught inside to bits within it flying at the witch. M: "Let's get this thing handled quickly, sort of annoying to see it back and all but what can you do right?" H: "Mmm, hopefully it goes down as easily as last time without any fear to feed off."
Risakooooo! Risakooo! Damon shouts Risako's name a few times in case she is around. It's odd that they were seperated upon entrance but if it was intentional then the witch is smart. Divide and conquer is an intelligent tactic. He already tried to see if there was an outside to this place but that was a no go. Perhaps there is a tool just lying around. Without an audience, he talks to himself under his breath. While attempting to open one of the lockers. If he can't open one of them then he goes to the next.
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M, H, and S Homura and Madoka’s tornado shreds through the Suzuki-familiar as if it were made of paper. The group can catch a glimpse of its true form, resembling a cardboard cutout of a spider, before even that is shredded in the wind. The Suzuki on their opposite side, safe from this carnage, glares at Homura specifically, practically spitting out her words “And What could you possibly know about her?” The Suzuki familiar lets out a huff, brushing a few stray hairs from her face as she continues “I made a wish knowing it wouldn’t change anything. After all I’ve been a walking curse since the day I was borne.” Finally, the familiar’s eyes glance down at Sonomi, a glimpse of disgust “Now you’ve been tainted too. There’s nothing pure in this world.” Damon The first locker Damon reaches for seems to begin opening before he’s even touched it. Within the locker he finds a tool he’s already familiar with, perhaps something that would ensure he’s not defenseless. However, doesn’t it almost seem too easy? Nothing else would change, there’re still the same areas as the previous post, with faint crying sounds emanating from the school’s gym
"You're right. But it's not called being tainted. It's called maturing. Maybe you'd know what it is if you weren't stuck in your own little world. Correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe it also seems like you're stuck up your own senpai's ass." {Sonomi looks up at the familiar glaring at her, returning hers with a dull, disappointed gaze. She grips her fist as her voice starts to lose joy and emotion, now devolving into annoyance. She does not even try to glance at Homura and Madoka, staying right where she is to watch the familiar that is not dead where they stand.} "I don't know where she is. I even asked, but you never told me. With this little reaction of yours, she's probably dead. That's what tends to follow when they become a witch. And that's also probably why you made your wish." {The girl sighs out, making eye contact with the familiar instead of looking down or away, blank eyes that show pity. Eyes that are not full of hope anymore, they are ones that show remorse. She laughs to herself before giving a smirk towards Suzuki, looking up for a futile attempt for the real Suzuki to see for herself how she feels.} "But to make a wish knowing nothing will change...I guess we can both be mutually disappointed in each other, Suzuki-senpai. Your wish would be fruitless, but it's not as if you can't make a positive change out of that opportunity. Even now, you might've been able to prove my doubts wrong. Sadly, that's not the case. We're both lost causes, aren't we? That's a funny way to end off, you know."
Homura shrugs a little bit, stopping the attack for now as they haven't really made any moves to strike... Instead she merely shrugs a little bit while replying. H: "Can't say that I know a ton about her, that's true. But being a walking curse since you were born... Hah, relateable in a way though I'm sure our reasons for thinking that differ. I'm almost curious why you'd call yourself that." Madoka speaks up a bit as well, bow drawn and ready while she looks forward at the other girl and talks in a curious voice. M: "Tainted huh...? What a word to use, for what? Not doing what you wanted her to? That sounds like it, but maybe I'm wrong, enlighten me if so." The girl doesn't really sound mocking or sarcastic while staring over at Suzuki, just like she's trying to figure something out.
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"A walking curse who brings nothing but misery. A demon lord whose nature is nothing but slaughter. No matter how much one resists..." The Suzuki clone pauses for a moment, burying its face in its hand as it begins to laugh... A few seconds later, the clone looks back up, its face contorting into an inhuman grin, baring its fangs in a hideous caricature of the person. The monster lunges forward, only to be struck through by a set of three silver strings emerging from the right wall and dissolve into nothing Madoka and Homura were familiar with these strings of course, the weapons of Suzuki's Doppel that threatened its targets very existence. "No one can defy themselves." The illusion of Suzuki's apartment building melts away into nothingness around the group, leaving them hanging in the air of a Labyrinth. The trio find themselves on one set of stone stairs at the edge of a pit that seemed to go downwards forever, deeper into the dungeon. Like the hallway before it, the stone walls maintain an almost eerie realism, with a torch lit up every few feet to provide light in an otherwise blackened abyss. Opposite the three lies another set of stairs identical to their own. two separate paths spiraling downward into the abyss. These stairs are occupied by a familiar silver-haired girl who almost seems to be ignoring them, choosing to walk downwards instead. Though the three could easily recognize Suzuki, her outfit had definitely changed, not her careless casual outfit, or practical Magical girl one, but rather a long, black, feathered dress adorned with blackened wings. Homura might note the resemblance to another, more terrifying girl who proclaimed herself a demon, though Suzuki lacks their oppressive, unnatural aura. Though she almost seemed close enough that they might reach out and touch her, the space between them is quickly filled with an image of the planet. It starts normal, but as the planet spins the group would notice a few dark spots scattered around "This whole world is tainted, filled with hatred, misery, rage. One cannot clear a curse with more curses, that merely causes them to propagate grow." As Suzuki speaks, the dark spots begin to grow, soon covering the planet's image in a thick, black mist. "It takes a pure heart, one who can persevere through the darkness yet emerge untainted. A soul that could soothe even a demon's chaotic heart." Yet such a thing could never exist in this world. Soon, a single spark of light can be seen in place of the city of Tokyo, at first the light spreads, clearing away the "curses" that had long since covered the image. "But that was her one mistake. For a demon's nature is to destroy, no matter how much they try to resist." The image of the world fades away, leaving only Suzuki holding the faint light in her hand. The girl holds the light gently, like a precious, fragile piece of glasswork. Only to crush it in her hand and continue downwards into the dungeon. "Still, if this is what you consider maturity, perhaps it was for the best things ended up this way." I don't have any time left to wait. Suzuki grins, letting out a low, hollow-sounding laugh. It was ridiculous in a way, the mere suggestion that she'd.... Your teacher could never be strong enough to do such a thing "If you're so curious, perhaps you would like to meet Kurumi-senpai? It doesn't really matter if you don't. Feel free to try your hardest, slay the demon lord and save everyone you love." At least I wouldn't have to see it end. Suzuki glares specifically at Homura, a vile-looking smirk crossing her face. They were the more violent one after all, it seemed like an honest question. "Isn't that what you came for?"
Thank you random witch that will probably try to kill me. Damon shouts this so that the witch may hear. He then snatches the tool and looks around one last time. If she does not see Risako then he will heard towards the crying noise.
Homura just stares blankly for a while, standing in silence before speaking up in a... Calm and if anything slightly bored tone. "What a question... I came to solve this mess, one way or anything that's all. I'd prefer to get it done without resorting to killing, but if I can't so be it. Already told you, I'm no hero." She'd grow a bit less calm while speaking up further, starting to sound angry as she fully considers the girl's rant. "What really gets me here, you saying no one can defy themselves... Absurd, people change all the time and that's all you are Suzuki. A person, a person who's lashing out at the world for what you see as injustice I suppose, and I can't disagree either really. What happens with magical girls is awful, no argument here. But calling yourself a Demon Lord... Nah, you aren't." Madoka would stand back quietly for a while before cutting in herself, this is likely a useless gesture but she has to try anyway. Her voice comes out softly but focused and holding surprising steel behind it as she stares down Suzuki without a hint of fear. "I can't really say that I entirely get what happened to you beyond perhaps the very basics of one thing, but I know this much. Homura's right, you really are just a person too same as the rest of us no matter what kind of magic you toss around, anyone can make something better of themselves, but you can't help somebody who won't accept any help to begin with." Once upon a time she might have said that everyone can be saved and it'll all work out, but that just isn't a belief that can be reasonably held onto forever. Homura would stare warily at the 'demon lord' after exchanging a pointed look with Madoka. Merely quietly preparing to defend herself if need be.
{Sonomi widens her eyes, her mouth quivers as she lets go of her previous feelings. With her telepathy, she still decides to cling onto hope, her eyes becoming teary. Instead of trying to think on her words, she lets go and acts out instead, taking a deep breath before speaking.} "I'm so tired of this! Seeing you act this way is awful. Don't think that doing this will help your case. You're just contributing. You're making it worse. Why do you think directing your anger like this will help anything?!" "You're a person, just like us. We both go through hardships. We cope differently. You aren't weak. You're just not doing this right. There's no one way to do it. But there are wrong ways to do it. This isn't about subjective, different perspectives, or a clashing point of view. This is plain stupid, and you know it!" {Before she knows it, they all have ended up somewhere else, seeing as how her eyes were closed all this time during her little fit of agitation. Her venting leaves her almost breathless, so much so that she struggles in making sentences with her mind rushing. Sonomi is reluctant to say anything, but chooses to do so, trying to inch on towards a path without Homura and Madoka knowing what she wants.} "If Suzuki-Senpai can hear this, I'm not doing this for my own sake...I'm doing this for her...and to whoever this demon lord is, Homura-Chan and Madoka-Chan are right. You're not them. You'll never be them. As your student, we both know you could never be that..." "So please. I asked nicely, and I asked forcefully...let me see Kurumi-San for myself. Without them. My problems are my own. I need to solve them. I need to save everyone I love. And that includes Suzuki-Senpai too...I need for her to know her presence and her teachings meant a lot for someone like me..."
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Damon Damon hears his own voice echoing throughout the school, a sound with no response save the distant sobbing. It seemed his backup wasn't going to come. Forced on his own, Damon makes his way to the gym. As Damon cracks the door open, he sees what seems like a rainbow of light, a scattering of color leaking through the doorway before calming down, transmuting into a dull series of grays. With the door open, Damon finds the gym to be largely empty, a black void with only a single light signifying the center of a massive area. Within the light, Damon finds Risako's form, kneeling with their head in their hands and crying, the faint sounds of her sobbing echoing in Damon's mind. However, he feels something strange, rather than the girl's usual nervousness, and greater than any sorrow that could be felt, is a crushing sense of loneliness, as a void that would never be satisfied. Madoka, Homura, and Sonomi Suzuki calmly, almost emotionlessly stares down Sonomi as she replies. Her voice is as calm and even as ever, after all it was merely a statement of fact. A statement she'd heard many times before, and was likely to hear again.But it didn't matter, after all there was nothing to be done about it. Suzuki: "Of course I'm making things worse. That's what a demon does. Their very nature permeates every aspect of their existence." Still, the girl's gaze falters, just for a moment, brought back to painful memories of a long-gone past. Though Sonomi wouldn't know who it was, she gets the impression of a girl not much older than she is now You don't have to listen to them y'know. I'd rather ya decide for yerself. Besides, your smile's way cuter. But of course, this does little to calm Suzuki. Rather, shelets out a huff, almost seeming to twitch in her fury. "This is the real me. Suzuki-senpai's true major. All that training was little more than a way of drawing out your potential. Like fattening a lamb." I can't go through this again. Lets just end it before I can change my mind. "Valencia!" Suzuki makes a pained expression almost resembling a grin as she snaps her fingers. At her command, a series of silvery springs spring up out of the staircase, separating Sonomi from the other two "Truth is, I was going to feed you to her anyways. Goodbye, Sonomi." Suzuki closes her eyes as the floor collapses under Sonomi, separating her from the others for good, falling into a pit for what seems to be forever, the spiraling staircase leaning away from her as she falls down, down... Down...
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Madoka and Homura With Sonomi gone, the pair find their path forward down the staircase blocked by Suzuki's strings, a familiar silvery barrier created by Suzuki's witch. The girl looks away for a moment, the wings on her costume seeming to stretch towards the wall behind her as she speaks "You would have me fight my every impulse? As one who's witnessed my true nature, you should know it to be a foolish endeavor." Silvery strands begin to expand from Suzuki's wings, wrapping around the girl's neck, winding tighter and tighter like a noose as the creature forms behind her. Though the noose winds itself impossibly tightly, far too tightly for Suzuki to breathe, the girl's expression is nothing but that of comfort. As for "Valencia" itself, it begins weaving itself along Suzuki's wings as a silver coating before splitting off, weaving together into a shape resembling a scarf. However, it almost seems to have become more complete, gaining patterns that could be described as eyes. "A true magical girl is a symbol of hope and purity in an unforgiving world." Having regained her composure, Suzuki looks down upon Homura and Madoka once more. "There's nothing tragic about refuse revealing their true nature. None of them would have become Witches if they were true Magical Girls. Instead they sought after their own petty desires and were devoured by them." With a wave of her arm, Suzuki sends a dozen strings aimed in a straight line at Madoka and Homura, demolishing the portion of the staircase behind them. The large pit between the three combatants prevents the attack from coming out too suddenly. However, they may need to be careful not to fall. Sonomi Sonomi finds herself falling for a few minutes into what seemed like empty space. The girl is given a fair amount of time to gather her thoughts as to what happened. Once she's steeled herself for what's to come, Sonomi finds herself dropping down onto a rooftop. Looking around, she'd notice it to be the roof of her school, though something seems off, all the buildings seem to be smaller, more distant. It was a few years before she'd remember the place, but the school would remain familiar enough to be easily recognizable. The rooftop is empty, lacking a fence or any other notable obstructions. Save for one. A girl who looked to be around the same age Suzuki is now, whose long, purple hair curls out towards the end despite any attempts to tame it, stands near the edge looking over the city skyline.
It takes a solid minute for Damon's eyes to adjust to the scattering of color. Or the color adjusts to him. Odd. Anyway once he can see again he walks toward the single light. Beforehand he does make sure to let a line of red string slip down from his sleeve just in case. Risako ... !? Damon shouts out a question but before he truly asks there is a feeling that nearly sweeps him off his feet. The sense guts him to his core leaving him in an almost faint state. He knows he must still be standing since the light is in front of his line of vision. Yet, his sense of presence feels gone and some insecurities do come forward. Needling at the back of his mind with images of being ignored or isolated from groups. Stop it! He shouts as pinpricks of tears form at his eyes. Don't mess with me!
"I don't care what kind of demon you think you are. You...aren't..." {Sonomi chokes up at the last moment. She struggles to put a comprehensive sentence after she denies her words. Without wanting to listen to what she wants to say after, the girl just laughs as her eyes start to become demented and void again.} "Pft...heh...hahahaha...whatever you say Suzuki-Senpai. Just wait. Wait for me. I'll let you know how I feel..." {From where she is, the girl doesn't react at all when her path gets split from her friends as well. She asked for it. She fell for it. She's getting it. When placed inside an unassuming void, falling into a seemingly neverending abyss, one could only try to recollect their thoughts. She closes her eyes and breathes deep.} "Who...were?...No. I know who they were...I'm so stupid...I can't force these choices...but...ugh. We're both wrong...aren't we? Suzuki...none of us are right. This conflict..." {The girl shakes her head, knowing full and well her powers did naught but make her emotions fly around like firecrackers. Sonomi tries to turn it off for what's to come, wiping away her tears and letting herself be placed on the school rooftop. Her own school rooftop. She laughs to herself quietly and in an awkward manner as her body feels like it could do nothing but pace around.} {Her eyes meet with that of the girl looking from the rooftop. Though she despises falling off anymore than she did, she still musters enough courage to walk behind her, at least staying a mere few feet away from the girl who looks at the city, she bows her head when she gives her greeting, though it comes off more as a nervous kindergartener trying to give a speech.} "h-h-...I...I-I'm...So-...so...sorry...I'm Sonomi. I apologize...I'm...fine. You're Kurumi-Senpai, are you not?...It's nice to meet you..."
Homura would sigh while the pit between suddenly becomes filled in, D'Arc appearing behind the pink-haired girl and raising her sword to form a shimmering platform of light that seems stable even while the Persona begins focusing on their foe. As for the girls, both would rise to an absurd speed while attempting to evade their enemy as Lilith appears with her clock spinning wildly on her back. H: "Foolish? I disagree but you can say what you want... I still want to avoid this, but here we go!" M: "If they were real magical girls they wouldn't have turned... That's unforgivable as a line of thought! The fact you can so casually dismiss people's lives like that is... You honestly disgust me, Suzuki!" Suzuki would find some sort of... A burst of magic rushing towards her, though rushing is pushing it considering it merely affects her directly, this spell, in particular, comes from Lilith and seems to affect the other girl's mind a bit. If it worked her vision would end up rather unsteady and swaying wildly, perhaps even causing her to see more than one each of the girls fighting against her while they do their best to try and evade the attacks rushing at them.
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Madoka and Homura Suzuki:"How is this so hard to understand?" Suzuki lets out an almost-pained sounding chuckle as she covers much of her face with her hand. She wasn't immune to mental effects, but it was little more than a nuisance for her. The girl takes a second to adjust before she continues Suzuki: "I'm a monster, of course my thoughts are disgusting. If left alone I'll simply ruin more lives. In fact, in only a few more days I'll end everything, this city, this country. I might even manage to destroy this whole tainted world." Suzuki looks back up with the corners of her mouth turned up in some attempt to smile. Still, she doesn't seem to be able to manage it, as if stuck in some sort of limbo. However, this limbo doesn't seem to be enough to stop her. If she can't easily discern her foes, the solution is simple. Chase down all of them. What was at first only three solid strings from Valencia, branch out into six, then twelve, then twenty-four, all changing direction to chase Madoka and Homura. Though most of the strings would miss, this only serves to make fleeing more difficult. Suzuki: "If you're really going to stop me, then fight me already!" comes the girl's final, frustrated shout. Damon Risako? Turns around at the sound of Damon's teary-eyed voice. The figure's face is not that of the nervous girl he knew, but closer to that of a porcelain theater mask, its mouth twisted downwards in an exaggerated frown while marks resembling tears flow from the creature's mouth. The creature's crying sounds cease as it grows more nervous, glancing around the mostly empty GYM as if afraid that it might be ambushed. But of course, there was nothing to ambush the Witch, after all this was its abode. After a few seconds, the creature approaches Damon, still wearing the guise of Ruriko. Though it cannot speak, it almost seems desperate, reaching out to grab his arm. Sonomi Someone new? The figure turns around to face Sonomi. However, the creature has a porcelain theater mask in place of a face, one with its mouth turned up in an exaggerated grin. It almost seems excited as a long, dark-red whip materializes in its left hand before coiling around their right[/b] [b]Be careful this time. We don't want them to run. The creature makes a flying leap forward, covering half the ground between it and Sonomi in an instant before lashing out at Sonomi with its whip which aims to wrap around Sonomi's chest in order to grab hold of her
“Oh. Would you look at that. I’m such an IDIOT.” {Sonomi’s eyes once again change in a matter of second. What was once bleak and hopeless, back to saddened and nervous, was now blank. Her mind was set on one thing, and she was going to get it answered, no matter what. She transforms when she sees the creature jump at her, and instead of trying to dodge, she stops the red whip with the free arm that does not carry her weapon. The girl looks up at the creature with an outright nasty glare as she tightly grasps it’s whip with an unwieldy amount of strength, something akin to that of a bulldozer holding the weapon to stop it from wrapping around her chest.} “Don’t fuck with me. Answer me this, and answer me now!” {She jerks her arm backwards, pulling the whip in order to get the creature closer to her. Her pretty pastel lavender outfit was not doing any favors to hide her enraged state, only a surgeon’s mask with a bear mouth hiding her gritted teeth. Sonomi lets go of the whip to increase momentum, attempting to force it to go towards her with a devastating pull from tossing its whip behind and aside, the creature being pulled in like a vacuum.}Break the ice properly. Tell me your name. Are you Kurumi-Senpai, or are you just a stupid witch?!” {With the word break being uttered, it echoes across the atmosphere of the rooftop. And whether or not her pull was strong enough to make her be closer by default, Sonomi still uses this opportunity to ready her own whip-like weapon. A meteor hammer that resembles a speaker, it’s bass increasing as it cracks the ground around it when making a single sound. The stereo as it starts to glow blue is off the ground, now being propelled straight towards the creature with the speed of a dart, a strike that is aimed right at the center of the mask if she was being pulled towards Sonomi.} {Whether this blow makes contact with the creature, it seems to make the air temporarily feel more dense around it. The impact itself would be even greater, the speaker emanating the Japanese kanji word for “break” in blue as well as a cute sound with purple music notes flying from it before striking at whatever it comes in contact with, having the physical force similar to that of a mountain.}
Damon slowly backs away with the limited logic he has at the moment. But, he struggles coming up with anything else to do as his mind continues to be too chaotic. His hands flail about on each side in an attempt to see if there is anything to grab. Stay back! Damon shouts. He narrows his eyes to imtimidate and lowers his upper body.
That many strings... Fine then, Homura's gotten better. Much much better at keeping up her time magic than in their last fight, and she isn't worn out at all going into this either. From the viewpoint of the girls those strings are moving as slow as a turtle, so dodging them while a bit tricky can be managed nevertheless. H: "You... Using us as a way to commit suicide Suzuki? That's how it sounds to me, might I suggest seeking some damn help instead of this madness?" M: "... She sounds snarky, but she's being kind of serious right now too honestly." Despite those words Madoka helps out as best she can in the fight, light flows onto Homura for a moment and suddenly the other girl's speed rises even more. Everything about her gets a bit stronger, and Suzuki would find herself beset upon not by the usual trickery and firearms or bombs, but a black blur with a look of rage holding a rune covered black katana that aims to slice off her enemy's arm with impossible speed and strength, shadows rushing off it as Lilith focuses behind Homura and causes a spike of darkness to try and rush into Suzuki's body. H: "I'm done running away from you wannabe, I wouldn't even run away from a real Demon Lord if she wanted to hurt Madoka, and you're sure as hell weaker than that." Madoka winces a bit while hearing the frosty cold rage flowing through her friend... And preparing to strike herself soon enough.
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Madoka and Homura Suzuki pauses for a moment in surprise. How could she not? Being called out like that. It’s only a moment but it’s more than long enough for a Homura to move past her strings, which are far too slow to catch up and defend their master. So in an instant, Suzuki loses her right arm, with a spear of darkness impaled into her chest. The strings around the girl slowly retreat back into her body, recalling Valencia as her body is covered in blood Suzuki: “hehehe... Of course. A Demon Lord’s purpose is to be slain by the hero in the end. By becoming the evil, I’d draw out one meant to save the world.” Suzuki has a brief coughing fit while her opalescent soul gem, hidden just below the throat, rapidly descends info blackness Suzuki: “but of course... There are no heroes in this world. It was stupid from the start.” As the girl continues, she locks gazes with Homura, eyes deadened since the day she was born while her soul gem half-fills with curses and adds Suzuki: “So go ahead and do it. We’re all dead anyways.” Sonomi You can hear me? The creature almost seems surprised, giving Sonomi the opportunity to grab its whip. However, the creature’s weapon simply dematerializes according to it’s user’s will. Sonomi would find herself with a few pricks on her hand from the weapon’s hidden barbs as the creature dives to the ground. Though it would feel the reverberations from Sonomi’s blast, the creature’s expression never changes. Of course I’m not a Witch, Witches are evil. But it’s so empty here.... The creature’s whip rematerializes for it to swing into the ground. The whip burrows through the roof, revealing a field of colors within the concrete as it rapidly advance towards Sonomi in an attempt to grapple her again If I just had a few more friends I wouldn’t feel so empty Damon The creature initially recoils in shock, wondering if it did something wrong before rapidly approaching Damian once more as he backs away towards the door. They couldn’t let him go, big anymore. Then they’d be alone again, and the creature hates being alone. Grasping around, all Damian finds at hand are his red string at the tool he picked up earlier, be it magical in nature or not. I’m not describing it because I have no idea what sort of tools Damian might be familiar with and am thus giving you freedom to decide
{Her previous words rang true. She truly is an idiot. The girl furrows her brows at the creature, initially stopping her rampage as she speaks with jagged breathing, trying to calm herself in the heat of the moment. This is no time to worry about a soul gem, nor is it a time to keep letting emotions loose.} "Y-you...yes. O-of course I can. I'm not deaf, you know." {This is a half lie. Without her powers, Sonomi never would have known they had been able to speak in such a way. Whether or not she was feeling the darkness corrupting her soul gem from using her power, she still will keep speaking to the creature. She tries to shake off her hand from the barbs before readying her meteor hammer again only in anticipation of the next attack.} "I'll believe you. I'll be your friend. We can play together...You don't have to feel empty. Even though I'm trying to protect myself...knocking you back...just to get to Suzuki-senpai or Kurumi-senpai...I'll still be your friend. You won't have to be alone." {Sonomi utters the words partway in the sentence, but it still activates the stereo to change it's colors. The meteor hammer, now glowing a lighter shade of aqua blue, emits an even stronger bass. She spins the hammer in a fashion similar to imitating a helicoptor, a constant rotating force to act as a shield and a daunting force meant to be intimidating. She ends her spinning with a swing going vertically upwards, trying to maximize her range by striking directly at both the creature with a force similar to a tornado to push them back as well as at the whip in an attempt to make it break once again. This time, the force emitted by the hammer is not meant to damage, but to repel.}
Madoka stares on in horror, it isn't that she wasn't preapred just... She's never seen Homura look so calm, while still being very obviously enraged in a terrible way. As for the black-haired girl she would merely offer a short reply to Suzuki while her blade sails through the air. H: "You're wrong, I'm not a hero. But they exist... And we aren't dead." Soon after that Homura's blade would attempt to fly for the other girl's soul gem with the same utterly impossible speed that had removed Suzuki's arm... Only to stop inches short. H: "I'm not here to help you commit suicide by cop, and you egging me on to kill you... That's all this is from my viewpoint, tell me I'm wrong Suzuki Kuroi." It's fairly clear her hand could twitch and break that soul gem in short order if Homura feels truly that she needs to, but for the moment she'd just stare over with curious and wary eyes as Madoka speaks up in a worried voice. M: "We... Still don't especially want to kill you, that isn't to say we won't though. But I'd like to try and understand all this rather than simply giving into petty fear and striking you down because you might attempt to hurt us.'' She sounds sure of herself while walking closer to the pair, eyes drifting between Homura and Suzuki curiously, though clearly focused mostly on the later of those. M: "Supervillian rants sure are a thing you can throw at us, but they aren't going to help anyone understand what's actually wrong. Beyond the obvious, and despite what you claim, I don't think it has to end in somebody dying."
Damon suddenly remembers the mini umbrella he picked up in earlier in the locker. He pretty much forgot about it after wrapping the strap around his wrist and letting it hang. However, he doesn't use it yet after noticing the recoil of the creature. He is still pretty much nervewracked by the thing, but gets a pang of guilt at its human-like motion. Hey can you understand me ... This comes out a little frail and Damon is real unsure right now. But maybe if the creature could talk they could come to some form of agreement. He also dares to place one foot forward. With one hand gripping the umbrella in case there is an attack.
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Madoka and Homura Suzuki: "hehehe, hehehAhahahaah." The girl closes her eyes and laughs for a few seconds, though there's no sense of joy left in her voice. Once she's done, the bloodied girl lets out a sigh. It didn't really matter anymore anyways, and perhaps if they understood the depths of her mistakes.... Suzuki: "No... No.. Everyone's dead, and its all my fault... Hehehe.. What a cruel joke." Suzuki looks back up, staring Homura in the eyes. Her eyes are much more relaxed now, that of someone who'd finally given in to the inevitable. There was never a point in resisting anyways. Suzuki: "Kurumi-Senpai's been a Witch for years now. But she was such a docile... Harmless thing... I could never hurt her... They were the only thing that mattered to me." tears begin to form in Suzuki's eyes as her soul gem continues darkening, half-full now from the combined stress of maintainence and her emotional state Suzuki: "So I kept her. She grew... And grew..... I know she never wanted to hurt anyone. She'd never want to live like this... But I did it anyways... Now its all I can do to keep her asleep." A tear leaks from the girl's eye and drops downward onto her Soul Gem, which by now had only a few glimmers of light left within. Still, the girl seems to be smiling Suzuki: "At least we'll be together. Monsters to bring an end to this loathsome existence." Sonomi Why do those names sound familiar? Despite its small size, the humanoid figure seems entirely unaffected by Sonomi's wind, as if it weighed far more than anything of its size and flexibility should. At the very least, Sonomi's wind is able to uproot the creature's whip from the ground, bringing it up into the air. However, it adjusts its movement like a living creature, instead of going after her from below, the whip arcs above and over their shield. The creature itself steps back for a second, shaking its head as it tries to sort out its thoughts. but its not completely disoriented, or defenseless. Rather, it comes back furiously, dashing directly for Sonomi, heedless of the wind You're never leaving, you can't. Just a few more.. A few more and I won't have to... However, the creature's assault is halted by the appearance of golden chains which seem to form out of the ground itself in order to wrap around its chest and prevent its movement. Though Sonomi can't see anyone, she can hear Risako's familiar voice in her head R: S.. Sonomi? I'm glad I could find someone. Just... Get rid of the familiar. We don't have much time now.. Damon The creature pauses, gazing back at Damon with its blank eyes. Though no words are exchanged, he can tell its begun to calm down, the fear and anxiety isn't nearly as intense as when Damon had first entered the room. After a few seconds of not moving, the creature tilts its head and looks at Damon's umbrella. It seems happier seeing that Damon was still holding onto the tool. The creature gives Damon an inquisitive glance, before beginning to walk towards him again.
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"Kurumi-senpai? Suzuki-senpai? Y-you know them too? Are you friends?...Relatives?" {The girl asks, putting one foot forward as she merely inches closer, only to stop in her tracks when she sees the creature attempt to dash up to her. Sonomi readies her weapon, immediately starting to swing once more until she lets loose, the stereo flying straight towards the creature. However, when she notices Risako's chains entrap her opponent, she pulls onto the wire to make the stereo freeze mid-swing, the line elongated but somehow not falling to the ground.} "You're wrong. I...I will leave. Risako-chan is calling for me. You have to remember that, as my friend. But..." {She pulls back the hammer, making both the handle and the stereo fly backwards past her own body. Sonomi runs towards the creature, detransforming mid battle, her magical girl outfit changing to the casual clothes she had from before. There was no time to care about the tears forming in her eyes. Or the soul gem that might be getting darker and darker by the second as she talks to the creature. She has safety nets to land on. The knife in her back pocket, Risako. But they won't matter. All that matters is that she's running towards the creature, embracing them in her arms.} "It's not too late. I won't leave with you here alone. We can leave together, right? You'll allow it, won't you? I'm asking, as your friend."
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Homura would just stare blankly for a moment before she sighs heavily and... Strikes, in the end she can't bring herself to hold back from that black sword cutting straight down the center of her enemy's soul gem unless something is done to stop it. Madoka winces while watching it happen, but she doesn't actively try to stop the other girl's attempt either. H: "Fine, think whatever you want. Like I've said, I only fight for the people I love anyways so saving you isn't up there on my list." The pink-haired girl looks... Well she already knew how Homura felt about all this, she isn't surprised by the action even if it's a bit terrible to see a killing strike try to be made. It does make her think twice about herself though, and the fact that she's merely standing back watching without really feeling too bad about it. For Homura's part, she merely keeps a wary eye while preparing to see what happens next, there'll be time to talk about this later, right? M: "I... Get why you did that, but geez. It really came to this...?" H: "Yeah, yeah it did. I'm sorry honestly, but if it's her or us I choose us every time." Assuming of course she actually managed to kill Suzuki with that, not a thing to take for granted at all despite the strike seemingly being so impossibly fast no one could dodge.
So no words huh? Alright we can work with that. Damon sensing the emotional change in the creature allows himself to settle back into a relax stance. He awaits the creature's approach but does not let go of the umbrella. As he waits he does ask. Is my friend perhaps okay?
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Homura and Madoka Suzuki: "I'm glad you.. Understood..." are the last words she would ever say. Suzuki's soul gem shatters gracelessly, Homura's sword piercing through the wirey seed that had begun to form within. Or perhaps it had always been there? No one could say. There's no reaction, for there's nothing around to react, merely the quiet dripping of blood as Suzuki's long dead body finally stopped working. It was utterly silent except for those two. Nothing here anymore, nothing to be done but to continue downward, into the dungeon. Sonomi The creature seems to struggle against the chains at first, but it finds itself unable to act. Stuck in place, once more. When Sonomi starts to approach the creature it seems... Confused, more than anything else. Confusion that's shared by the observer outside, who voices her objection Risako: "A.. What are you doing? Those things are dangerous!" However, when Sonomi comes up to hug the creature, it doesn't resist. It doesn't think... It merely... Leaks. Something like tears leak from the creature's eyes as it weeps. Of course, it always wanted friends. More and more, there were never enough. Nothing could ever be enough. But even if it was only a gesture, it meant something. It was satisfying, to receive the warmth a Witch was always denied. But of course, it was a monster in the end. The rooftop-like barrier seems to shift and fade away. The creature with a smile fading with it. In its place comes a more... Confusing area. It seems to shift every second, but its always a location that Sonomi would recognize. its almost like the world is probing, watching for their reactions. Whatever the theme, the location would remain the same, a fairly small room? Far smaller than the rooftop earlier had suggested. The room is largely empty. Empty, save for the one girl standing near the area's entrance. Risako.. Wasn't entirely sure what to think of what just happened, so the nervous girl simply pauses for a moment... Unwilling or unable to comment. Damon The creature pauses for a moment, growing more nervous at all the sudden questioning. Wondering what or how it had done something wrong. It didn't really understand what Damon was talking about. How could it? It wasn't in their nature to understand. Regardless, there's no intelligible answer to Damon's question. After a few second's pause, the creature walks forward again, picking up its pace to get within arms reach of Damon.... So it can present him something small. It would be a familiar object, though one not nearly as useful as the umbrella he had earlier. It was still a small gift. The creature grows more nervous in anticipation of his reaction.
{Sonomi would fall to her knees when her friend disappears. The creature fading out of existence, a feeling of exasperation and agitation that stems from everything leaving her grasps. Now placed in an unusual environment, she falls to her knees, looking at her hands and then around her in hopes her mind can at least comprehend the atmosphere, or at least make one up for her. As such, she herself is busy trying to keep her emotions in check once more, her power still activated despite her desire to keep her soul gem clean as she seems more focused on other things right now.} “B-but I...I...t-they didn’t give her mercy...did they?...I...I thought she was stronger than...that...” {The girl sighs out in frustration, not caring at all about the circumstances and instead sets her mind towards one new goal. Yet her sane, reasonable self doesn’t want that, and hopes that this atmosphere can be one of a small garden house with potted plants surrounding the two, a place that she met one of her past friends in. Something, anything would be useful to calm her down, whether it be the environment or her friend she gets up and walks to right now. Though her eyes were teary, they had an underlying cold gaze, one that was more apparent in the livid tone her otherwise cheery voice suddenly adopts.} “Hello, Risako-Chan. Did you come hoping you could see Suzuki-Senpai?...Did you bring any friends with you? Maybe it’s best if we try to locate Madoka-San and Homura-San...just to have conversation. Whatever the case, I hope you’re willing to follow me around and tell me what I might be doing wrong, classmate.” {The girl addressing her peer simply as “classmate” had a toxic undertone, obviously in a way to vent. She transforms, going back to her magical girl outfit before departing in hopes she can find an easy exit on the spot.}
The girls would stare between each other, it takes several seconds before either speaks up again... Before speaking up, Homura would fall to her knees for a moment looking rather sick. H: "I... You know, even though I told myself it'd come to this? I really wasn't ready, I know why I did it, and there's no regret, but I just feel... Awful. We gotta keep going though, right?" Suzuki was their enemy, no doubt there. But even so Homura's face has a few tears running down it, if only because she's never actually watched the life rush out of someone like this in person before. Madoka simply helps the other girl back to her feet and places an arm around her as they walk off to try and find Sonomi. She might be down there, hopefully. M: "Yeah, I get what you mean. I wanted to find another way but in the end here we are, and even if you... Finished that, I won't pretend I've had no part in it..." Her voice trails off into a silence as they advance, the simple fact is Madoka came here willing to fight to kill too. That it actually happened is, as hard as she thought it might be. But there'll be time for them to think about all that more later, here and now they simply hold weapons ready while moving further into this 'dungeon'.
Damon gets a pencil from the creature. Hooray? Damon doesn't know how to react to this so he gently smiles. As his mind reels for something to say that wouldn't make the creature desire to kill him. He continually picks up on the creature's nervous feelings but given the apparent language barrier between them it's hard to do much about it. Damon looks around and around until his gaze just stares at the pencil in his hand. He stares and stares soon enough something does come to mind. Thanks! Damon suddenly grins and pets the creature. He then crouches down and tries to write on the floor with his newly gifted pencil. He tries to write out "hello". Hopefully the creature can read or maybe understand the combination of words and language. Hello.
Homura and Madoka The pair's descent is eerily silent, with only the sound of their voices and the echoing of their shoes on the concerete-like staircase to accompany them. Soon, even that sound ceases, and the pair find themselves incapable of making any sound once more. Soon after this change, the dungeon-like staircase seems to open up, leading to an infathomably massive library that almost seems to have been carefully drawn on old parchment. Each wall is lined with massive bookshelves carrying books about twice the size of any person. Upon the bookshelves are a series of worm-like familiars, each made of multiple smaller books joined together at their edges. These familiars pick up a book and pass it on to the next worm, who sets it down, and so on in a seemingly infinite set of motion. Dominating the center of the room is a massive Witch that the pair had borne witness to once before. The Witch resembles a massive, well-painted pillar rising to a bulbous head. This massive head bears on it a dozen eye stalks, each with an arm to attend to it, randomly picking up books from along the shelves to read and leaving its familiars to deal with the consequences. The monster seems preoccupied, ravenously devouring any knowledge it can. However, it might be difficult to avoid the gaze of a creature with so many eyes. And even so, where would they go? There are hundreds of hallways branching off this massive room, with no indicator for where any of them might go. Sonomi Is she... Alright?? I mean I could look, but that'd be rude... Risako stands there awkwardly for a few seconds, rubbing her fingers together as she considers her options. However Sonomi's harsh tone brings her out of her dazed thinking Risako: "Um.. Please calm down... I just.. I thought I saw a Witch here a few days ago.... So I just... Wanted to be sure... but I... Its too late for that now... Maybe I should have just..." The girl continues mumbling for a few moments before noticing Sonomi starting to leave without her. Risako jumps a little before following her classmate. Risako: "R.. Right.. I need to find Damon. He's probably in so much trouble and its all my fault...." Though the place's image changed constantly, and was different for every viewer, its layout remained the same, letting Sonomi and Risako continue through the only pathway. Though as the pair left, there's a strange feeling of satisfaction from what they left behind. As if the Witch was smiling at them.
Damon The creature eagerly anticipates Damon's reaction, imitating the actual Risako's nervous habit of of rubbing her fingers together as it grows more and more anxious. His reaction is a relief to it, though its face cannot change it becomes much less nervous. It was glad that he liked their present. They had lived to make others happy. After all, if their friends were happy then they wouldn't want to leave. The creature doesn't seem to react to getting its head patted, but its a relief all the same. They were glad that Damon liked them and their presents. They were willing to use it so it wasn't useless. They weren't useless. That made them happy. Though no words were exchanged, the creature would be satisfied. They were finally able to appease someone, reach some level of acceptance. And for now, that was enough. The creature fades away along with the barrier they created, though their gifts remain in Damon's grasp. There's none of the nervousness and fear in the area anymore, simply a sense of satisfaction.
Damon finds himself in a single room whose style constantly shifted between places he'd seen before. The areas cycle suddenly, but leave no sense of motion sickness. There's only one exit, and no matter what style the area takes on, its layout never changes, leaving a doable, if somewhat confusing walk onward
Suzuki A few minutes pass before the sound of footsteps can be heard resonating through the staircase once more. A small, white creature pads down the staircase, pausing next to the girl's body. Kyubey: "I wish it didn't have to end this way." Lucky Streak: "Lying to the dead is disrespectful." The source of the footsteps soon becomes clear as a 20-year-old woman wearing a black and white outfit with a card motif steps forward to kneel by the body. The magician Damon had met early in our story leans in closer to look at where Suzuki's soul gem was, finding only the remnants of a wiry cage Lucky Streak: "Looks like the rumors of her being a Witch weren't too far off." There's a brief pause as the girl continues staring at them, only for the incubator to pipe up Kyubey: "Shouldn't we take it out and bury them properly?" LS: "And why would you care? Don't you usually eat your spares?" Kyubey: "I simply thought burial was human tradition. If we don't take it out before the barrier collapses her body will be gone forever." LS: "You only do that for people you were close to. It'll be taken care of soon enough." Lucky Streak stands up with a sigh before continuing on their way down, following Homura and the others. Kyubey pauses for a moment, before silently following themselves
"Interesting. I'd love to tell you who I think that witch was, but some idiocy might have occurred with that subject, so my knowledge might as well be useless." {During her treck on the only pathway that is accessible to the two, Sonomi stops midway, impatiently tapping her foot before turning to face Risako. Her eyes are dull, and she speaks with a frown on her face, but her balled up fist loosens and she holds her chest instead in an attempt to show that she's trying to calm down.} "...you're right. Whatever could have happened up there probably had nothing to do with what's down here. I'm...sorry." {Despite the girl being nice, she hesitated with her apology. Nevertheless, she thinks she reconciled well enough, taking one breath in and one breath out. The girl smirks when she notices the feeling of satisfaction, and she slaps herself lightly with both of her hands. Sonomi glances at Risako with the more familiar smile and kind gaze the girl is more used to.} "OK! I hope we can keep going with no other problems. All these mood swings are giving me a bunch of headaches...let's find your friend, Risako-chan!"
The girls don't need to speak to work with each other, not after all this time doing it. The witch's many many eyes would end up beset upon by Homura drawing out a grenade launcher as D'Arc manifests behind Madoka, not only does an entire chamber of six grenades rush directly for the thing's eyes within moments, but blazing lightening would rush out from each explosion and arc straight into the eyeballs with wild power. Lilith merely waves her hands at the beast before all this takes place, a dark light engulfing the Witch for a moment and as per usual leaving it rather weakened all around. Which should in theory let the barrage of magically enhanced explosives do even more damage to its many eyes.
Damon grins. He was able to catch the gist of what might have been on the creature's mind from the change in mood. He proceeds to blink and is suddenly in a new room. He notices the single exit and with a tight grip on his two gift he heads toward it.
Homura and Madoka Though the creature seemed preoccupied, as soon as an attack is made the creature's closest four arms bring up the books in their grasp to block the explosive burst. Fortunately, it seems these books are as conducive as one could hope, the lightning coursing straight past them to blast the creature's many eyes, arcing between them in a burst of light and force. The Witch's eyes were always somewhat fragile, meant for reading rather than fighting, and this blast is more than enough to fry it. Now shrieking in pain, the monster tosses its remaining eight books at random, crushing the familiars unfortunate enough to be in their path. The books were burning Though the Witch doesn't seem to be destroyed, its in great pain for sure. Its attendants attempt to bring order back to the bookshelves, but they begin to fall apart anyways. The books were burning. The Witch couldn't bear to be within its home anymore. The books were burning. Though the Witch wasn't destroyed, it seemed Madoka and Homura's actions were enough to drive it away. The books were burning again. The Witch melts away into a rainbow-colored puddle that reflected an entirely different room, a smaller, orderly place stacked high with its own collection. The books were burning. This primordial ooze begins a rapid retreat down one of the hallways, returning to its source. Madoka and Homura can hear the sounds of books burning, though there is no smell to accompany it. Sonomi Risako seems nervous as she follows Sonomi, but that was normal for the girl. Never quite comfortable, whatever the situation, let alone exploring a strange space with someone she barely knew. Risako: "R... Right.. Lets go..." I hope she can keep it together... The pair's journey is eventless as they go through the exit, stepping through a bright light and into... What almost seemed like some bizarre twist on paradise, a faux sun shines high in the sky above a large grassy field. The grass is tall enough to tickle their ankles, but short enough not to cause pricking or discomfort. But more obvious than the sun, or the fields, are the many creatures that inhabit the area. Dozens of Witches of all shapes and sizes. Some of the Witches are familiar, like the small, mouse-like Mihmeh. The large, mechanical spider that had attacked the science fair at Sonomi's school. Others are wholly new, like the massive, purple, balloon-like creature that calmly drifts its way through the sky, attended by familiars that resembled kitchen shears. Or another distant tower topped by a compact, digital camera. Occasionally, the creatures bump into each other, or get into some squabble for another reason. But whenever they do, Sonomi can see what most closely resembles a scale wearing a smiley mask appearing from the air to mediate the conflict. Risako is taken aback at first, with so much information that its difficult for the girl to process it all at once. The young girl meekly comments Risako: T... So many.... In one place too? A creature resembling a griffin, though with the head of a magpie rather than a majestic eagle swoops over the pair, leaving a strong breeze in its wake and causing Risako to cover her eyes. Near the pair is a massive tree with a staircase carved into it leading to a nest well-into the sky. Something large is atop the tree, and though its difficult to tell from here, it almost seems to be growing. When Sonomi's companion looks up there, the grip on the silvery-staff she uses as a weapon tightens Risako: "I... Well, I think that's what we're looking for... Its so much darker than the others...."
Damon Like the pair before him, Damon steps through the blinding light of a new entrance and finds him in a field that almost seemed like a bizarre twist on paradise. The negativity Damon had been able to feel earlier vanishes entirely, replaced by a feeling of satisfaction and repose. It was almost enough to make him sleepy himself. Damon finds himself emerging from a massive tree, standing on a branch that was more than thick enough to hold him and looking down into a nest as strange creatures pass by. Most of these monsters are unfamiliar, but he can see a card-shaped creature that resembled the one from the magic show at which he'd met his first two Magical Girls, a Joker with scythe in hand leaning out from its portrait. Within the nest below, Damon sees a figure, not much larger than a person, curled up within a large, black cloak. The cloak rises and falls as if the creature were resting, though it almost seems to grow larger with each breathing cycle.
"Oh, so you really weren't trying to look for something that was actually...inside the apartment complex?" {The girl feels a bit embarrassed that there truly was some objective Risako had in mind that wasn't really about Suzuki. Though maybe it might have interloped, whatever the case, it isn't going to help to try and internally backtrack, it reminds her of friends she might not like talking to in the moment. Instead, Sonomi decides to respond to Risako, outright disregarding her timosity and comments her own enthusiasm.} "I don't know about you, but for some reason...this feels a bit fascinating." {She covers her face with her arm, but she doesn't seem to mind all that much of the bird creature flying from above them. A gust of wind was always welcome unless it tries to pull up her skirt, and Sonomi was sure the thing meant no harm...at the time? No, nobody were really acting like witches at the moment, not even the ones she felt were familiar.} "Uh, if we really have to try and fight that thing like your instincts tell, can't we uhm...lure it out? The witches might not...no, those aren't the right words. They might target us if we disturb this place. Especially the peacekeeper over there, I have a feeling they like their job." {No sarcasm intended, but many types of possible options flowed through her head. Engage in conversation to the scale with the smiley mask, wave to the mechanical spider as a greeting and meet Mih-Meh for the first time...or disregard all of those potential threats if they ever wanted to be one and try to look for Damon. Though she feels her soul gem getting dimmer by the second, there were too many opportunities available to use it. Without thinking, she enhances her thought reading powers, attempting to try and tune out, or at least fixate herself onto the creature atop the tree, as well as anything around it to see if there's any witch hiding to make the objective more difficult.}
As soon as their foe starts trying to escape, the clock on Lilith's dress would begin spinning all too fast once again. The fleeing ooze would find the hallway it attempts to run down blocked off by a shimmering wall of solid gleaming holy light that appears in miliseconds given the impossible speed with which D'Arc now moves. Unless it finds a way forward despite being entirely blocked, the thing would then be set upon by yet more grenades. This time incendiary blasts which simply cause gouts of flame wherever they strike, aiming to boil the ooze away If it can't escape somehow.
Damon emerges from the tree with his neck craning at all angles as his eyes try to drink in the surrounding vista. Woah this is like Narnia or Thedas. He tiredly murmurs to himself. The strange creatures stirring up old memories created from books. As he reminisces on old bibliophile times he stuffs his yarn into his pockets and checks to make sure that he still has the gifts. Satisfied he looks once more and notices the card shaped creatures. An idea pops into his head. If I make it there maybe I could meet up with princess again. Hmm Damon would probably have to stop talking to himself soon before it becomes some weird quirk of his. Shoving that thought aside he does the only thing he can really do and tries to judge the distance between himself and the best below. If the drop is too big he will reconsider his options but if its survivable then he will climb down as much as he can and then allow himself to fall to it with umbrella outstretched to slow his fall.
Madoka and Homura The creature didn't have space to resist, their brutal attempt to finish it bringing its existence to a close once more. However, unlike last time, the barrier around them doesn't fade away. Rather, a ripple can be felt, emanating throughout the world. The world falls silent once more, as all of the creature's familiars freeze in place, now purposeless. There's no longer anything preventing them from making a sound, its simply as if the area had become utterly lifeless. Nothing else changes, leaving the pair with no indicator for direction save the hall the creature had attempted to flee through. Sonomi Risako: "Umm.. I'm not sure.." Risako begins murmuring again, clearly on her guard despite the seemingly peaceful surroundings. The girl looks around at the creatures that populated this bizarre space with a sense of apprehension. Risako: "If we can avoid it.. I mean.. they're all connected... There." Risako points towards the top of the tree. With her ability Sonomi finds the area surprisingly empty, despite their surface-level indicators of thought, all the creatures around them, save Risako, give off no interference at all. And what she does find at the top is a somewhat familiar thought, though Sonomi'd only met Damon a few times, she'd find him telling himself to stop talking to himself. As the pair investigate their surroundings, Sonomi would feel a faint pulse over the area, as if something had suddenly gone missing, leaving nothing but a void in its place. The Witches notice too, seeming to take on a panicked demeanor. The dozens of creatures occupying the barrier turn, as one, and make a stampede for the tree in the middle. Risako pipes up once again, hoping to bring Sonomi out of her concentration Risako: "W.. We. Might want to move." Damon Damon finds the tree's branches to be wide and rough, perhaps a bit uncomfortable, but also easy to climb. It wouldn't be difficult for Damon to climb down low enough to Mary Poppins his way down to the nest. Once the boy touches down, the form within the cloak stirs, before throwing its covering off as it rapidly uncurls. The creature most closely resembles a tailless chameleon. Though it was small at first, when the creature unfurls it almost seems to stretch and become much larger, at least the size of a truck. Its rainbow-colored scales ripple as if they had a mind of their own. The chameleon scrambles to the edge of its nest, looking down over the kingdom while one scale in particular seems to peel off and flip over, revealing a smiling, porcelain mask on its other side. The scale floats in the air a little as it notices their new guest, and approaches Damon, eager to help their new friend.
As their voices return the girls would look over, stopping for a moment and just staring into each other's eyes as Homura sighs and rubs the back of her head. H: "I uh... This hasn't exactly been a fun time, and I think it's gonna get more dangerous from here somehow honestly. I know you aren't gonna leave me, right?" M: "Nope, not a chance at all. Even if you'd feel better knowing I'm safe, I won't just sit by and let you risk everything alone." The black-haired girl groans a bit, a bottle full of... Some mystic liquid appearing in her hands that she'd half down before offering to Madoka, Soma one would say. A feeling of physical and spiritual strength flows through them both as Madoka downs the other half, only to be met with Homura absently kissing her lips for a before they move on. Blushing slightly as she heads down the hallway. H: "Whatever happens though Madoka, just... I love you, so be careful okay? And try not to feel too bad if..." M: "You aren't sacrificing yourself for me, I already know what you're gonna say and no. Just don't, that's not happening." The slightly older girl nods with a worried smile on her face, slightly surprised by the fire in Madoka's voice as they head onwards. No matter what happens from here, they're in it together just like always. To the end.
{Sonomi listens with curiosity, wondering how most of the witches around the area stayed silent for the most part. Unlike Risako, she did not bother to keep her guard up as she felt no need to think of the creatures as dangerous. What snaps her out of her thought reading was not Risako's comment, but rather the feeling of sensing a void. With a bitter taste in her mouth, her mind immediately turned to one conclusion that most likely was not how it went down.} "Ugh, come on. Again?" {She shakes her head at the thought of it being her friends messing something up again, they have to be smarter than that, right? Sonomi looks at Risako, no fear in her eyes as her weapon appears in her hands. Yet the meteor hammer thumps onto the ground, she only held her microphone upwards, putting two fingers where her ear is.} "I hope when you say that, you mean you want to move forwards. Your friend is over there where the tree is, I sensed it. What's the worst that could happen?" {The girl says the word from under her mask, speaking into a hidden microphone that makes her microphone rod connected to the meteor hammer glow a bright green light. She swings her hammer, making it traverse forwards before it disappears, forming a green portal. Sonomi runs into it, aiming to get closer to Damon while also avoiding direct contact with the witches so as to not disturb them. The portal was open for a bit longer for Risako to follow through unless she had her own way of getting either closer or further.}
Woah! Damon falls back in awe over the chameleon's activity. He seems to be awed a lot maybe. He quickly ponders the possibily of writing a book on everything he had seen so far. It could be a new fantasy series minus the part where he freaked out. Damon does not notice the mask as he thinks about the schematics of publishing a lucrative children's book franchise. It'll be like the wizard of oz only about ten times better.
Sonomi Risako: "R... Right.." Risako doesn't question her fellow student, following Sonomi's orders without hesitation. It was better than getting trampled for sure. The pair dive into the portal, leaving the Witches to stampede on past them without paying it any heed. Damon, Sonomi, and Risako Damon notices a lime-green portal opening near him before two familiar young girls emerge next to him, Risako nearly tripping in her haste to get out of there. Risako: "Oh... Umm.. H.. Hi Damon.. I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have gotten us split up...." The girl nervously shifts her weight back and forth, but she doesn't have much time to feel bad about herself, as it would only take a second for the scale that had been watching Damon to notice the newcomers. The creature's mask flashes from a smile to a frown before letting out a shrill cry that almost seemed to pierce the heavens and might cause a headache for the three Hearing this warning, the chameleon immediately turns around, now glaring at the three it finds invading its home. A few more of the scale-like creatures begin to peel themselves off the chameleon, ready to deal with the intruder. Madoka and Homura After taking a minute to prepare, the young couple proceed into the deepest depths of the dungeon. They emerge from the cold, dark library into a world seemingly devoid of life, a barren, brown savannah that almost seemed more realistic than reality itself. The only creatures populating this waste are a variety of witches, some of which the pair may recognize, like the metallic spider from the science fair which is ridden by the small, mouse-like MihMeh. And some that the pair wouldn't, like a massive, purple, balloon-like creature with bright yellow tape patching it together, and a few human-sized creatures that resembled floating scales wearing a porcelain mask eternally etched into a frown All the creatures have started to gather by the base of a large tree, one that almost seemed to try touching the sky and twisted upwards into a nest-like area.
Riii ... Sa ... Koooo! You're okay! Damon giddily yells before hugging the girl whom he mentally killed off by now. One less death to think about in the future for him and she brought another person that could potentially fight. He liked this new situation. He gazes at Sonomi and asks. So whomst are ya? Suddenly his head hurts a little from a shrill cry and he turns back around to see the nearby threat. Anyone got a plan or are we winging this like always?
"Oh, thank goodness." {Sonomi breathed a sigh of relief, wanting to put away her weapon but just trying and failing to hide it as it tumbles to the ground. Nevertheless, she closes the portal, turning around and attempting to walk towards Damon.} "Me? Well, my name is So-" {She trips as soon as the horrid shrill noise came from the creature. Her footing falls flat as she latches onto the person closest to her, which would have been Risako until she made herself fall over to where Damon is. The girl grabs onto his arm and shakes her head as she notices the chameleon.} "Er...maybe there's an easier way to tell them we aren't here to invade it's home?...I'm hoping we don't HAVE to defend ourselves..." {With her mind reading powers turned on, she hopes to delve into the thoughts of the chameleon, gazing at it reluctantly. She isn't completely defenseless, the knife with a ribbon was still in her back pocket, normal clothes or not. But she glances at Risako thinking she'll make the first move instead of attempting to talk.}
The pair of girls would quiet down and try to remain stealthy as best they can, frankly it... Isn't something either is trained in, and they make some noises even while doing their best to move unheard, but they can graps the concept of cover well enough so there's that. For now they simply observe the massive group while trying to go hidden and looking over at the large nest like tree. Maybe some more time will let them learn more about this madhouse rather than rushing in wildly without a second thought.
Damon and Sonomi Risako: "Uh?" Risako lets out a surprised sound as the older boy hugs her. The poor girl blushes a little, but doesn't give much more of a response, her arms now being held tightly at her side after all, until Damon finally lets go of her. Once she's free the girl nervously scratches the back of her head Risako: "R.. Right. I'm glad you're safe too..." of course, the trio's reunion is cut short by the cry of one familiar, which causes Risako to hold her head for a moment before looking back to Sonomi Risako: "Isn't that exactly what we're doing? If we tried to ignore a Witch it'd just cause more suffering..." After two peeled themselves off the chameleon, there would now be three of the mask-shaped familiar floating in the air around the group. As before, the familiars' mouths open wide for their sonic attack, only for Risako to whisper a quick chant as she holds her silvery staff close to her Risako: "Scattershot!" Before the familiars can attack again, several rays of light scatter out of Risako's staff, piercing through the three familiars and giving the group a little breathing room while the chameleon spawns three more, its beady eyes focused on Risako. Risako: "W... We should just have to destroy the main Witch and everything'll go back to normal." The girl declares as she stares at the large, chameleon-like creature Meanwhile, the beady-eyed creature stares back, clearly feeling threatened and enraged by their presence. The creature's thoughts aren't very coherent, however Sonomi can decipher a single thread. The simple creature exists for no reason other than to maintain this garden and protect its charges from intruders. It doesn't seem to have developed to the point of having any complex thoughts. Madoka and Homura The most interesting thing to happen in the first few moments is seeing a few of the mask-like creatures fly overhead. The pair weren't that great at hiding, and there weren't many hiding spots anyways, but it seemed like they were trying to avoid the pair, almost as if the familiars were afraid of them. Finally, the pair hear something like the clacking of heels coming from the area behind them. The person following behind, it seemed, felt no need to hide their presence at least. The woman following them looks to be in her early twenties, wearing a largely black and white outfit with a card motif, red and black diamonds alternating on a white background. The woman lets out a sigh as she looks over to her... Unfortunately familiar companion. Lucky Streak: "This is the real barrier then, isn't it." Kyubey: "Right, this is the barrier created by the slumbering Witch that's been growing these past couple of years." Lucky Streak: "I suppose its time to get to work then." The woman grins as she slides out a deck of cards from within her sleeve. There's a mixture of joviality and genuine disdain as she asks her companion. Lucky Streak: "Shouldn't you be stalking some underaged girls about now? Not exactly much of a fighter." Kyubey: "I'd... Rather see this one through if I can." Lucky Streak: "Suit yourself."
The two girls would stare curiously at Lucky Streak. They glance between each other for a moment before nodding and deciding to step out, Madoka greeting her with. Not a smile at this point, but merely a nod as Homura speaks up in a casual tone. H: "Ah, so you're looking for the barrier too? I suppose if it's to end this place, we have a common interest. And before you ask, no. We don't care about the seeds, as I'm sure he could tell you." Homura waves dissmissively toward Kyubey, he really is well aware that they have no reason to care about those things any longer. And if they can work with this girl rather than against, it'd be easier in theory. M: "Mmm, yeah. We just don't really want to leave these things around to cause people issues later..."
Damon stands behind Risako and Sonomi since they can obviously fight unlike him. He could try using the umbrella but he didn't want to damage such a nice item. So instead Damon inquires. Hey do you think the creature can be calmed into submission. Trying to calm the chameleon was pretty much all he could do.
"I...Is this even the main witch?" {But...who is suffering? That's a question that runs through Sonomi's mind as her whole worldview starts to crack after she managed to quell the familiar. The confliction makes her even more reluctant to get her weapon out, so the most she manages is to get out of her thoughts for a quick second to respond to Damon as if he was in the right instead of her classmate Risako.} "Oh, believe me, I'd love to know if I could do that, sir. But if it comes down to it, I'll protect you." {This chameleon's thought process was weird, but simple. Protect it's garden. Maybe the familiars would have something else that'd be useful, so Sonomi opts to read their thoughts, while also looking around in the environment they've been placed in, hoping that there'd be something that she could spot in order to help her calm down the chameleon as well. The environment must have something, right?}
Damon and Sonomi Risako looks back at her companions in disbelief. These things didn't have feelings, or at least not anymore. To her, there was nothing wrong attacking a Witch. In a way, it was a mercy. Both to them and those they might have harmed. Risako: "W.. What do you mean? Its a Witch! if we don't kill it it'll just hurt more people..." Damon attempts to calm the chameleon-like creature. Though its still clearly alert, the creature stops attacking, for the moment at least. Its scale-shaped minions floating in the air around them. Though the smaller creatures think even less than the chameleon that spawned it, Sonomi can at least understand them. IN a sense, their purpose and the only thing they're here for. Its not that the creatures were scared of you. Rather, all their eyes pointed at Risako. The intruder. Madoka and Homura LS: "Hmm?" Lucky Streak turns to the voice of the two younger girls. She lets out a sigh after only a glance at them, Madoka and Homura were wearing pretty normal outfits, yet they were in a barrier and clearly themselves. LS: "So some kids like you managed to find a hidden barrier and said 'hey you know what sounds like fun? Running inside and killing the monster, just like in those old stories!'" Kyubey: "Actually Lucky Streak, I'm the one who suggested they come. They're former magical girls so...." LS: "So that's four lives here you've ruined then." The older woman snaps at the incubator. Kyubey falls silent immediately. It seemed he was used to this sort of treatment. The woman begins shuffling her deck of cards, letting the slips of paper fly between her fingertips. LS: "If you two used to be magical girls then you do know all about these things and the grief seeds they drop. So I appreciate the gesture." She takes on at least a somewhat cordial tone when talking to the younger girls, yet there's a hint of sadness in her eyes. marked by the woman letting out a sigh and closing her deck of cards back together LS: "But there are just some things a kid shouldn;t have to do. You should probably get out of here and wait." LS casts Kyubey a harsh glare LS: "You can at least lead them out of here right" Kyubey: "Well yes, but you.." LS: "I think I know more about my own abilities than you do. So if there're no complaints, get going."
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Damon lets out a relieved sigh. His ball of yarn then materializes in his hands as an idea comes to mind. Maybe we don't have to kill this creature. He glances at Riasko, before pulling a strand from his ball of yarn and swinging the ball toward the creature. If the ball is able to connect with the chameleon then it will unravel in a flurry and attempt to tie the chameleon's two front legs together. We could try to capture it and befriend it so that it doesn't hurt anyone else. Like one of those famous pocket monster games.
"T-that's fair enough. Wasn't the exact method I was going to reach for, but a means to an end is all we need. If you get attacked, I'll be sure to get to you." {The thing just spawned, they all can make sure it does not hurt anybody, it should not have been able to hurt anyone in the short amount of time it's lived so far. Or at least that's what Sonomi is thinking. Either way, she walks in front of Risako, recomending to the girl get behind her. Only her microphone is in her hand instead of the cord that connects it to the meteor hammer. With a single word uttered under her breath from the mask, the microphone emits a quick pulse of light in the colors of a rainbow. Link.} "Risako-chan isn't intruding, she's my friend. We were all just confused is all. You can trust me..." {As Sonomi speaks, her "new" feature starts to show itself. A positive feeling washes over the familiars, one that she hopes they notice and take in. She urges them to be passive, or at least slowly start to control their minds and make them passive. Maybe not a true way to get people on your side, but it's a means to an end. At the same time, she reads their thoughts to see if the feeling gets to them, as mind control wouldn't be complete without thought reading.}
Homura looks over at the older woman for a moment and... Smiles slightly, even as she stares with the eyes of a haunted shell-shocked veteran rather than a simple teenager. H: "That... Is honestly nice to hear, can't remember anyone ever being worried about our safety before. But we aren't helpless or anything, and at the end of the day I can't really live with myself if I walk away and something goes wrong when I could have helped..." The black-haired girl sighs as Madoka steps to the front, offering a sad smile and nodding along with Homura's words before speaking up herself. M: "Yeah pretty much, we aren't magical girls anymore. Long story there... But we aren't ever gonna be normal again either. And I can't give up without feeling awful too." As the girl shrugs a bit magic would slightly flow around them both, dancing shadows sharpening and turning visibly solid near Homura. And lightning radiates with a crackle around the pink-haired teen.
Homura and Madoka Lucky Streak stares down Homura for a few seconds, giving the younger girl a cold glare, as if they were in some sort of staring contest. Looking at the pair before her, LS can't help but breathe out a sigh Lucky Streak: "Just because you're safe doesn't mean you're well. Sure, maybe you kids don't have to worry about becoming a bloodthirsty monster, but that's no reason to neglect your wellbeing. Consider it the wisdom of age." Lucky Streak closes her eyes with a self-satisfied grin, only for the incubator accompanying them to interrupt Kyubey: "You're not that much older than they are." LS: "Oh come on, I've got like three or four years... What year are they?" K: "Second." LS: "See? Four years is a long time for us humans." Lucky Streak chuckles to herself before looking back at Homura and Madoka. She didn't really want to get kids involved, but... They were probably already involved anyways. Still, the woman gives convincing them one last try. LS: "Letting someone do their job isn't giving up. I mean, you quit this thing for a reason right? If you're going to keep throwing yourself in danger, then what's the point of leaving it? Still, putting you two in the hospital for a bit would kinda defeat the point of keeping you out of this so..." LS pulls another card out of her sleeve, this one shining with a faint red sheen. As the woman draws her new weapon, she casts Kyubey a sideways glance LS: "Your job's done here. Better off going outside and letting the others know what's going on. But as for me...." Lucky Streak throws the card at the distant group of Witches. Her card flies straight and true, crossing the distance in a fraction of a second before bursting into an impressive wall of flame which scatters the creatures. The visible Witches all flee to the other side of their sheltering tree, yet the atmosphere seems to grow heavier with her attack. LS: "Ya can't hide from a Witch. So I'm going to stir the hornets' nest." Kyubey starts to move back towards the library area the group came from, looking back to see whether the two would leave with him, or stay to help Lucky Streak Damon and Sonomi The chameleon recoils at first, but doesn't seem to resist Damon's string, as it wasn't expecting anything from him. However, at this time the atmosphere around Damon seems to grow heavier, the previously verdant grass and leaves rapidly wither and decay into dust following his attack. The Chameleon's eyes shift from Risako alone to just Damon. Sonomi wouldn't notice this change in scenery, the area seeming just as plentiful as before. A virtual paradise for friends. Though the creature seems to calm down a little, at least enough to refrain from attacking, when Sonomi tries to convince them further, she feels an intense pressure from within the familiars' minds. A controlling force of despair that seemed far greater than she could ever overcome. A darkness intense enough to give her a headache from merely a moment of glimpsing at it. As for Risako, the young girl blinks, surprised at Damon's seeming success. The girl asks. Risako: "W... What would we even feed it? Don't they...." The girl shakes her head, driving the thought away to focus on reinforcing Damon. The young girl mutters a short chant under her breath before announcing her own spell Risako: "Luminous bonds!" Golden chains flash out from the girl's staff, aiming to further tie and constrict the chameleon-like creature's front limbs. It didn't seem like it would be going anywhere.... However, this short victory is cut off by the sound of an explosion coming from the base of the tree. This blast seems to jar the chameleon-like creature awake, who turns in an instant, pushing off its back legs in order to leap down the tree. Threatening to drag Damon and Risako down with it by their associated strings.
{Despair. A familiar feeling. If only Big Sister could see her now, right? Despair does not have to take over, when you always have hope that you can look forward to the future. At least, that’s what that mindset has always taught her. It never taught her about knowing what to do when the tree suddenly starts to explode a little.} “Don’t worry...everything will be alright...you can count on...oh, god. They’re here already?” {This minor setback was enough to get her mind out of focus for a quick second, as her body forces her to react more dramatically to the despair coming from the familiars. Sonomi takes a moment to catch her breath as she starts to have more of a pounding headache. When she sees the chameleon attempt to investigate the source of the explosion, she gets rattled. The girl turns to face the familiars with a strained face, struggling to keep up a smile when she makes herself enter their minds and speak to them for a few more seconds.} “I-it’s ok. I swear...W-whatever you do, follow your master. Move towards them...and never look back...like they’re your family!...” {Maybe they are just familiars, but they deserve to be with who gave them life in the first place. So as she hopes they get the message, she takes a step with a jagged breath, and summons her weapon. The girl proceeds to run, swinging her meteor hammer downwards. But not to attack, no, she ran past them long since her weapon was summoned. This was to make sure that the chameleon does not truly come down to greet who attacked their home. Sonomi flings her meteor hammer off the tree, in hopes of intercepting the chameleon, yet the command did something Risako at least would have been familiar with considering they did this a few minutes ago. She almost lets out a tear as she also simultaneously breaks her promise to Damon. Let’s hope whoever they are outside doesn’t see anything come out this tree.} “Damon-Kun. Risako-Chan. Something bad is coming towards us. Make sure the creature goes into the portal, and follow it!” {The girl shouts as they both are linked to the creature. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing to get a couple of bumps from falling so long as it doesn’t meet...them. When her meteor hammer was flung downwards in front of the chameleon’s path, it glowed a lime green, signifying the portal opening once more. If the creature were to go inside the portal, the atmosphere would be the same as if they normally jumped to the ground, but the sky would be pitch black, pixels and green squares trying to form a stratosphere would be present in this supposed sky. Anyone inside would at least be invisible to anyone else in the world they were currently in. Though barren, the core parts of the peaceful paradise of an environment would still be present, just like she observed. Yet if the chameleon manages to dodge the portal, this plan would all be for naught.}
Hey big guy are you mad with me? He asks the chameleon this as the greenery around him withers into ash and dust. Damon quickly covers his mouth and nose with his elbow to avoid an ash induced coughing fit. WIth his remaining hand he hold on tight to the string and tries to hold on. Your plan better not involve a pool or lava or acid on the other side! Damon yells to Sonomi. In an attempt to steer the chameleon, he grabs on to the creature with one hand and with the other he yanks back on the strings attached to the front legs.
Homura would smile a bit grimly at the older woman, danger... Danger isn't the big reason they got out. But no telling if that reason would freak this person out so she'll be vague about it. H: "I... Get what you mean, but the fighting isn't really why we stopped. We had other reasons, and I'll thank you for not trying to attack us. Not just against the point, but it'd hurt us all too." Madoka would chime in at that point as a bow appears in her hands and a large rifle that clearly fires massive bullets in Homura's. M: "Heh, yeah... Kinda cliche, but with great power comes great responsibility. And this power we use now, it isn't quite as problematic for us as being magical girls. Not all hope and despair balance out to zero, contrary to some beliefs." Houmura chuckles a bit at that remark, eyes darting around the area while keeping her anti-material rifle ready to begin aiming in a moment's notice.
Madoka and Homura LS: "Ah to be young again." Lucky Streak dismisses the pair's remark with a sigh. After all, they sounded rather cliche, and could be excused for their youth. No matter, the older Magical Girl holds a card between her fingers as she watches the tree at the center of everything intently. LS: "Should be any second now...." As a bit of an experiment, Lucky Streak tosses out another card, this one shimmering gold, which flies straight after the tree a fair distance away. Sonomi and Damon Risako: "W.. Wait what? This is a..." "Terrible idea", she wanted to add, but the girl is cut off by the chameleon's rapid movement. Risako and Damon both pull back, only managing to turn what was intended as a majestic leap into an awkward tumble into the portal, and out of Sonomi's sight. Damon Damon and Risako emerge into an area that looked similar to the one they left, dragged behind by the chameleon-like creature. The creature pauses for a moment, seeing nothing, feeling nothing. Like a puppet with its strings cut now that the creature had lost connection with its master. But now that it was out of its nest, the familiar was ready to spread its wings and fly, so to speak. As a result, Sonomi's dimension arounds them begins to distort as the creature creates its very own barrier. A labryinth fit for a full-fledged Witch. At first, the area becomes a jumbled mess of colors that bursts out of the creature, rapidly flickering between a thousand scenes in a disorienting manner similar to a supernova. After a few seconds, the area begins to settle, revealing the creature's new form. Though it still resembles a chameleon, the creature stands on its back legs, now with a grainy brown and grey texture, a pedestal forming beneath its feet. Though the words on the pedestal are incomprehensible, staring at them seems to make Risako shiver in fear. The area around them has shifted as well, settling upon a lone square in a crowded city, with the buildings all far too tall to jump over, and so claustrophobic one can hardly see the space between them. The square is filled with clocks shaped like old-fashioned streetlamps, each covered in a grainy brown and grey texture, frozen at midnight. Sonomi With the other two gone, Sonomi is left alone for a moment. The familiars she'd attempted to control, now with their commander gone, simply float towards the blanket-like object in the nest, effortlessly soaring into it as if the space hadn't existed at all. And in reply, more creatures emerge. One.. Two... Three chameleons, all identical to the one she'd just banished. One of the creatures makes a shaking motion, splitting off four scale-like familiars as it does, while the other two make no motion to pause. These two chameleons simply leap from the tree without hesitation, like the one Sonomi had attempted to stop earlier, with the four scales following them. Though the third chameleon remains near the hole in the middle of the nest, it doesn't seem to be paying Sonomi any mind, likely with more important concerns. Madoka and Homura It took almost a minute after Lucky Streak's first disturbance, but eventually two creatures descend from the distant tree. A pair of Chameleon-like creatures, their scales shimmering with all the colors of a rainbow. One of the creatures lands atop Lucky Streak's golden card, to prevent it from causing further damage. Though nothing seems to happen at first, a few seconds later the card bursts into a brilliant golden light, disorienting the chameleon in question and distracting it. As for the second, it wouldn't take long for the creature to take initiative and charge at Madoka, Homura, and Lucky Streak, aiming to close the distance between the three in a matter of seconds. Lucky Streak: "There we go. Hope you two weren't just talking big."
"...ah." {Was the only word that could escape from her mouth when she sees it all unfold around her. What she made happen. Something that could be considered...bad...even when it was to help keep the bad people away...The girl's voice changes now. Even if Sonomi shouts, her voice would lose itself anyway, reducing most of her words to exhausting, audible whispers. Her head and her heart is throbbing, beating like it's aching.} "...oh. Oh, Mr. chameleon...I wish we could name you...I wish...I didn't fail you...or them...Damon....Risako....especially them...ha. Ha ha...I...just wanted...I just wanted to make sure...nobody was sad...but I've failed...already...TWICE!..." {No. Obviously not. It's not anyone's fault. But...everything happens for a reason...blame must go on someone...The girl starts to breathe like she were being throttled, yet the laughs were perfectly clear...at least nobody would bother to try and hear her from up here.} "HA! Hee hee...ha hahahahahahaha! Tee-hee! Tee-hee hahahahahhahha! Oh, what joy...This is fair...this is fair...this is judgement...salvation...I'd forgive myself...they...they would forgive me...Mr...father...mother...big...sister...let's move on...from this despair...hope will bring peace...and...no one would cry...everyone would be happy...and then...they'll..." {Sonomi almost would cry in sorrow were she not feeling jubilous. Though tears ran down from her shifting eyes, it was hard to tell whether they were grayed out or heavily saturated blue at this point. The girl clutches at her chest as if to keep her heart at bay, still letting out stray chuckles as she blushes to herself. Her breathing now jagged, there was a shadow over her eyes as if her bangs really covered them, yet her unstable gaze was still visible. The girl tilts her head to the side as if it were trying to detach from her body, she still kept on trying to read the chameleon's mind.} "Oh...this means that my...friends...are going...to be here too, huh?...Oh, Mr. Chameleon...You look...lonely...but if that's what you want...I'll leave you be...Let me speak with them, just once...ah, what am I saying?...It doesn't matter...I'll speak with them anyway...hahahaha...I'd love to bond with them more...they'd be so proud of me...for being the good...good...girl...one full of hope...one that makes them smile...one to give them...a voice..." {She scratches her hair, tugging at some strands, almost wanting to rip her scalp off, she needed something for her hands to do, until she felt the strings that made her mask. The mask that would be ripped off to reveal her extremely twitchy smile. Sonomi laughs and laughs as she summons her weapon once again, waving goodbye to the chameleon before she jumps down from the tree, whatever height it was. It wouldn't matter if it broke her ankles or her legs, or whether her heart beating was a sign of adrenaline or a soul gem...she still just wanted to meet them...}
Damon promptly lets go of his string once he, Risako, and the chameleon emerge in the area. A bad move given the inertia of his movement but he covers his head as he scrapes across the lone square. Ughhhhhh. He shakily groans and covers his head with his scrapped forearms in a vain attempt to lessen the pain he feels from such a bad landing. Geez ChemChem why do you have to be so damn dramatic. He whines referring to the transformed chameleon. Some of the wider scrapes open a little wider as some time passes revealing a lattice of string inside. The strings frantically move forming new connections until the wounds patch enough to hide them again. Soon enough Damon is back on his feet with his arms at his sides. He inquires to Risako. So is it possible to make a witch our pet?
The black haired girl would grin while Lilith bursts to life again, a blade made of shadows forming in the Persona's hands as her master's own katana appears. Both of them move with impossible speed and startling grace, swords slashing aiming to slash through the things flesh in an insane blur of motion as they smirk. Madoka meanwhile would conjure her own Persona again, light rushing through the air from her and taking the form of what appear to be chains aimed at the Witch's limbs, aiming to latch on and hold it in place as an attempt at leaving the thing open and vulernable to her partner's attacks. H: "Mmm, I like to think we're a bit more than just talk anyways. Now please just die quickly witch." M: "Hehe... That would be nice, but don't go and underestimate it or anything, best never to assume you're too safe."
Damon Risako lands with a little more grace, her own chains snapping under the force of the creature's pull. The girl does a flip in the air, landing on her feet for a second only to be tripped and land with a thud. Risako drags herself back off the ground and glances around Risako: "Ow.... Are you?" Risako's eyes go wide as she sees some of the strings within Damon. The girl blinks for a moment, as if unsure of what she's seeing. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be long before "ChemChem" demanded their attention again. Though nothing in the world around them seems to move, Risako and Damon feel as if they'd drawn the eyes of thousands of watchers. Risako: "U.. Um... Suzuki-sensei had one that followed her around... So... It should be possible but... H.. How?" Risako backs up next to Damon as she searches for the location of their spectators. She doesn't have to wait long though, as a volley of brown, bullet-sized objects are launched from the statue at high speeds. Risako: "L.. Light barrier!" Risako blocks the attack by erecting a dome-shaped shield around her and Damon. Once the objects strike the barrier, they splatter like paint before rapidly hardening like cement. Risako: "I mean... Is there a plan?" Madoka and Homura LS: "Interesting...." Lucky Streak watches as the pair engage the first chameleon. Once Madoka's persona grabs the chameleon, they'd notice a few of its scales shaking off from the impact as a pretty, crystalline dust. Homura and Lillith take this chance to slice through the creature's more vulnerable-seeming chest, providing a clear view of the creature's insides, which glisten with an almost blinding light in every color of the rainbow. A few masks stream from the wound, the porcelain kind associated with plays. Seeing the opening, Lucky Streak dances to the pair's left and throws a couple of red cards within. LS: "You'll want to let go now." A few seconds later, the cards explode within the creature, engulfing it in flame and sending its scales outward. LS: "That makes one left." As Lucky Streak focuses on the farther creature, Madoka and Homura might notice the five masks that fell out earlier beginning to stir as the scale-dust descends near them Madoka, Homura, and Sonomi As Sonomi descends, rather than accelerating endlessly, she finds herself gradually slowing as she approaches the ground. Supported by four of those masked, scale-shaped creatures from earlier, sent by the chameleon above. With their help, she'd be able to make a safe landing beside the one creature remaining. This chameleon lets out a faint cry, with two of its scales peeling off to join the other masked creatures. Lucky Streak whistles loudly as she sees the new Magical Girl joining the group LS: "Geeze, that makes what, four kids here? Anyone else I oughta know about?"
{The girl would not even brace herself for a proper landing, but was pleasantly surprised with the assistance of the scales summoned by the chameleon. Though she was determined to try and further her bonds with Madoka and Homura, there were always time to thank essential workers like these ones.} "Thanks a lot, Mister ChemChem!" {Sonomi exclaims to the chameleon, thinking of the name out of pure coincidence as she speaks normally and smiling normally, like one would expect from her. Even so, she does not seem to be intent on putting her weapon away at all. She speaks in her microphone, her voice being apparent on everyone that hears her despite the girl being very far away.} "That's right miss! But don't worry, we aren't just kids! We're...friends..." {Her face starts to contort in a way that makes her bangs shadow over her eyes. Her gaze slowly loses light as she starts to cackle from afar. A smile would be seen on her face that's very unfit for who she was more familiar as, yet it didn't matter to her. Sonomi moves forward, spinning her meteor hammer around her, letting her emotions run wild.} "Homura-san, Madoka-san...They're who I detect?...right?...Tee-hee...I missed you..." {The metor hammer glows a dark purple, similar to a blacklight. Now that she's closer to her friends, she goes ahead and starts swinging and spinning, moving gracefully even when she laughs maniacally. As Sonomi dances, she proceeds to move forwards, letting the meteor hammer come close to one person in particular: Homura. The purple meteor hammer would make it's way toward the girl, not caring one bit about what tries to intercept it, as it would move out of the way of any type of distraction to it's path, only intent on hitting Homura in her shoulder, preferably the one on the arm that she uses her sword with.}
Homura's blade would rise up to meet the hammer, shadows coiling upon her weapon while pushing back against the attack as the older girl stares over at Sonomi. H: "God dammit, what happened to you... The magic of another Witch? It'd be nice if you'd just snap out of it, but somehow I don't think that's gonna happen so easily. Madoka, try and give her a hand!" M: "Yeah I'll try, hopefully it'll even work!" The pink-haired girl would glance over at their friend for a moment, her Persona had been well away from the Witch by the time their ally attacked, and is now pointing towards Sonomi before a bright light engulfs the girl. In theory, it should remove any magically induced mental changes and such. Or physical ones really, but this might be something else entirely... Either way Lilith isn't about to let the chameleon go unattacked, a massive web of shadows would launch up towards the beast. Aiming to engulf it and tighten around the thing, not only that, but each strand is covered in small sharp blades along it. That would hopefully cut into the enemy brutally while the Persona aims to drag it down towards them.
Damon actually starts to think and does come up with something as Risako holds up the shield. It is very crazy but they didn't have much of a choice. It could also gain them a new ally now that they lost one friend. Risako-chan how long can you hold up your shield? Damon opens his right hand and a black thread falls from it. But, the thread is woefully short for what his plan calls for. I can use my string to pacify ChemChem and if that doesn't work then maybe to hogtie him. He chuckles at the image in his mind. Buuuuut my string isn't even close to long enough for any of that so I need some time. Like about 10ish minutes to have enough for this big guy. Could you possibly hold out for that long Risako? There is a faster way to produce thread but Damon felt uncomfortable thinking about it. He tries to plead at Risako with his eyes.
Damon Risako: “T... Ten minutes? That’s a little....” Risako cringes as her shield is struck again before rapidly shaking her head Risako: “N... No way. I’ll.... I can try to keep it busy but I don’t...” It’s another crash from the outside that makes Risako make up her mind Risako: “Um... I’ll do my best. Good luck!” Before dropping the barrier and running out to face the creature. If nothing else she’d be able to stall it for a while. Meanwhile with Homura and Crew Six of the mask-like creature’s move to intercept Lillith’s web, familiars using their bodies as a shield for their master’s sake, receiving the cuts and pins instead LS: “sheesh, what’s with these kids being ashamed of their youth?” The woman lets out a sigh, leaping to the right and launching a set of red cards at the now caught familiars, blasting the masks apart before launching a golden card at the chameleon. LS: “You kids settle things out ok? I’ll take the ugly one” Although Kyubey didn’t tell her anything, Lucky Streak had seen Suzuki’s body. Soul-gem crushed with a stab wound at the edge of a barrier. A Witch would have devoured its victim, meaning it was probably a fight between Magical Girls, something LS was familiar with. And if it was only these three people here, then it had to be one of the kids. So instead she chooses to focus on the familiars, keeping this busy while watching the others’ argument as she keeps them from being interrupted[/i]
{As soon as Sonomi feels the bright light illuminate in her presence, the light that shines where she stands, she tenses up, shedding tears as she tries her best to utter a few apologies. For a moment, the spell would seem to work, as she loses a bit of grip on the wire that stays on her meteor hammer.} "Oh, Madoka-chan...Homura-san...I'm so sorry...but...I'm not moved..." {It would have never been the solution. Sonomi's meteor hammer glows a light green as it starts to coil around Homura's blade, threatening to get an even tighter grip onto it. The girl's face contorts once more, a hint of aggravation gravitating in her words when she smiles in a way that would make one petrified. Her expression and gaze would seem to show a moment of bliss as she giggles in their face, practically spitting at their efforts of curing whatever status condition they thought she had.} "See...I really hope you didn't think a little spell would make my feelings for you two wash away..." {As she utters the word, the radio would almost seem to burst from the pressure that comes from the mere sound, the syllables of that one word. The one that'd attempt to banish all of Homura's shadows and whatever negative energy the girl tries to feed off of in order to try and counteract it. The previously green hammer glows even brighter than before, ditching all of the dark colors it had at first, replacing it with an annoyingly bright yellow, white, and hints of red. Lightning was emanating from the radio, but then Sonomi started to talk once more, gripping her weapon tightly, pulling it back with strong force in hopes of breaking or tossing the blade in Homura's hand away, maybe even pulling her as well. Either way, she'd be met with a smack to the ground at the end.} "Tee-hee...ahahahahahhahahhaha! HAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHA!!!"
H: "Fine then... Fine, we can do this stupid bullshit I guess. Woulda been nice if the spell worked but this is fine too!" Lilith waves her hands at Sonomi, a dizzy burst of light flying at the other girl and if it hits leaving Sonomi... Very confused. She'd be seeing doubles and unable to tell where exactly her enemies are at this point. She is able to get rid of most of Homura's shadows, but the ones nearest to the girl simply won't vanish. And the attempt at pulling back is met with strong hooks of darkness jutting into the ground, her sword holding steady as the black-haired girl begins to tug against Sonomi... And Madoka's own persona points her sword towards their friend as well, a burst of electricity rushing across the field insanely quickly. Not meant to cause any true harm, but if it struck true Sonomi's mucles would end up slugish and paralyzed for a while, her system shocked into being not too useful. Well, if she doesn't understand how superflous her body is anyways. If she did then it could easily be shrugged off, slightly more annoying might be the pair of arrows rushing towards her knees with uncanny aim as Madoka calls out. "I really don't want to do this, and we aren't gonna hurt you too badly... But if you can't stop yourself, I guess we'll stop you Sonomi!"
“I just wanted...to make sure nobody was hurt...that everybody was happy...nobody has to die anymore...I know this...I know this...if only you...if only we...oh Madoka-Chan...if only you stayed out my way first...” {She pauses on her words, not noticing how she was hit by the dizzying light. She starts to see doubles, a lot of the same person. She reached out to them and cried more tears, but got an even stronger grip on her hammer. Sonomi pulls away from the tug of war by forcing her hammer away, in turn making the shadows currently on Homura burst and vanish from electrical light, hope inflicting pain once more.} “My dearest friends...who’ve done me so wrong...what I said...was all just a pile of nothing...you threw it away...I won’t. Tee-hee...ufufufufufu....ahahahahahh...move towards the light...you’ll find out...my hope is right...and you’re just in despair...” {The girl retracts her meteor hammer, still glowing brightly and radiantly, a sign of hope that she does not want to let go. Her gaze darkens when she says despair, a smile creeping on her face again, utter joy and dementia showing despite the horrid odds she’s facing. Sonomi laughs more and more, her eyes getting demented as she sees the clones, yet all she really does is strike at what’s in front of her. After pulling the hammer back, she kicks it forward again, sending it into the path of the lightning, absorbing most of it.} “It’s all me...I’m the...I need to...My hope is all I need...my hope...my...” {Sonomi pulls the hammer back again, whatever plans she had of trying to attack not coming to fruition, instead she makes sure the momentum of the hammer leads it upwards smashing the arrows coming at her away and making them disintegrate from her hope. However, said hope starts to fade from the stereo, making the stereo start to darken again. The girl falls to her knees anyway, her tears bursting out as she looks down, making sure to cover her face as she cries out in the middle of a battlefield.
Damon immediately gets to work by jabbing into his hands with the tip of the umbrella that was gifted to him. About four to five times in on each hand he gets exactly what he was aiming for. A jagged crack into each of his palms revealing golden thread underneath instead of sinewy flesh and bone. He then slips his fingers within each of the cracks and begins pulling the gold thread out into the open. As the thread meets the outside of Damon's body it turns black and easily connects with the thread that Damon already had out. Overall, Damon's thread becomes longer and longer the more he pulls but his head increasily is filled with static. Risako-chan how is it going? Damon yells. He needs the distraction from the undoing of his arms.
Damon R:”Um.. F.. Fine I.. Woah!” Risako shouts as she narrowly dodges another shot. Everywhere the Witch’s attacks land is quickly hardened like concrete, never to move again. R: “It’s nature is preservation so all I really have to do is keep moving for its attention, but it would be easier to fight back. Binding chains!” At her command golden chains wrap around the creature, holding it in place. The Witch doesn’t seem to mind. After all, it had never intended to move. Change was scary. Risako leaps out of the way of another blast, letting her useless spell fade away as she asks R: “W.. What are you trying to accomplish anyways?” Everyone else OOC: you two keep going without me, I’ll update Damon here as needed but we’ll probably pause it before you guys are done.

Damon finally rips out a portion of thread from each arm and ties the two new loose ends around his index fingers. Allowing the rest of the black thread to easily drape around his feet. His arms go through the same healing process as before albeit a little slower this time with less string to form the necessary internal connections. He also has to tap at the right side of his head to temporarily disperse the numbing static. He shouts to Risako. I'm gonna try to put this bad boy to sleep! Damon runs across the town square hoping that the creature's attention is still focused on Risako. If he makes it close enough to Risako's golden chains, he would then thrust both of his hand forward directing his black threads to attach to that some portion of the creature's body. Upon contact the threads should give Damon access to the creature's current emotions.
The power rushing through Homura's darkness wouldn't inflict any pain, it does vanish... But the black-haired swordswoman is far too quick to hang onto them long enough for the current to reach her. Instead the clock on the back of Lilith's dress begins spinning wildly fast once again as she turns into a black and purple blur of speed that rushes for Sonomi. She's not trying to kill or maim here though, and Sonomi would be merely met with a... Hug of sorts, one that's clearly also trying to restrain her friend as well. But she's making an attempt at comforting despite the attacks their friend has been sending out. H: "Hey, you really need to get better at this whole communication thing ya know. Fighting isn't a good way to do it at all, despite what some idiots claim. So, can we talk?" Madoka watches with slightly wary eyes, and neither Persona has vanished. But she really would prefer to resolve this without further violence. So hopefully Homura can make it happen.
"M-my...you...re...in...despair...my...my hope...n-no...no!" {The girl tried to get up from her w-sitting position, reaching for her knife as she was blankly staring at her friends while crying. Her eyes were still teary, but even so, she tried her best to stay with Homura's pace. Yet she knew it was physically impossible at her current state.} "Aaagh...n-no! L-let go! Let me go...I...I have to save...friends...I have to...my hope...my...no...s-shut...up...no..." {Her gaze got fiercer as a result of her plan failing again, yet she could not truly fight back to relieve her of her mistakes. Sonomi was even more aggravated, a butterfly knife with a ribbon attached dropping on the ground, out of her palm. She tries to shake herself out of the older girl's grasp as she starts to cry more, but in the end just ends up burying her face in Homura's chest instead.} "I just wanted...to make my wishes reality...I just wanted...to make them happy...wanted...give them...hope...voice...mother...father...big sister...Asena...anyone...h-help me...WAAHHH!!! I'M SOOORRRYYY!!! I JUST WANT TO GO BACK HOME AGAIN!!"
Damon R: "W.. What? Wh.. Watch out! Scattershot!" Once Damon makes a dash for the creature he catches its attention momentarily, however Risako draws its fire once again by launching a shot-gun like blast of light at the creature. A few of the pellets land near Damon, kicking up a cloud of dust. But their purpose is served, with the creature's attention back on Risako. Damon's able to thread his yarn through Risako's bindings to reach the creature. Once he does, he feels an intense loathing coming from the creature. It hated it, everything here. But more than that, its scared. Whenever things change life gets uncomfortable, difficult. The creatures within its barrier are constantly moving, changing. Change that was always for the worse. For a moment, it seemed as if time had stopped, Risako in the air, with the Witch's projectiles flying in her direction, the clock-like familiars all striking 12. Damon and the Witch are frozen too, for that moment. He simply gets a view of the beautiful, unchanging world they desired. A beautiful portrait of a frozen realm. But it only lasts a few seconds, before Damon's brought back to reality.
Homura would hold onto the younger girl tighter, eyes closed as Madoka walks closer... Placing a hand on their friend's shoulder as she speaks up. M: "I get it, I wanna go home too honestly. I used to think about it all the time, but we can't live in the past Sonomi... Trying just hurts more in the end. And if you wanna help anyone, this isn't how you do it. We aren't perfect, but please trust us?" Homura pauses for a second, still holding the other girl in place with that impressive strength she's not entirely sure on where it comes from, work and experince? Supernatural talent? A bit of both probably given she can keep pace with the magical girl. Either way, she'd speak out in a calm and reassuring voice. H: "Mmm, I can't say I totally love being in some random madhouse I barely understand even after years either Sonomi. But Madoka's right, we've gotta keep moving. And if you need help then... Well, I don't really have any idea how to get any of us back home. But we'll do what we can."

Damon glimpses the unchanging world the creature desires and just feels wearied by it. A feeling that he directly transfers to the creature through his attached threads. The world the creature envisions is stagnant without the excitement that change could bring. Damon is fatigued by seeing it. Though he can understand the hated of the outside world. For the sake of calming the creature he narrows down on his own fatigue and forces it into the creature's own feelings. Calm down and go to sleep. Damon whisphers as he gently pets the creature.
"I-erm...I'll...do it...yeah...I'll listen...I'll trust you..." {There's no reason to tell them that the witches can be supressed instead of murdered. With how she sees it, it's probably gone too far for anyone to think otherwise. Especially with that stranger that came with them, who probably will not try to stop the cycle. Instead, she only thinks back on her words as she tries to breathe easier.} "I don't...actually hate it here...I just want to meet them again..." {When she calms down, she realizes just how much her whining made her realize a lot less than she could have. The girl could escape from her grasp if she really really wanted to, but there's no point and no reward, it's comforting this way. Instead of trying to fight against it, Sonomi only gets closer to the older girl restraining her.} "It's only because...I know I really can help them...but..." {Now that she has nothing to be angry about, the only thing that she can do is enter a depressive state of mind. Her head is filled with dreary rainclouds that make her want to cry more but that won't solve anything. The mentioning of a near black soul gem might not help in this touching moment either.} "Ugh...I'm crying too much...I hope they don't hate me..."
Damon It takes a moment, but the creature stops attacking, the statue seeming to topple over before finally resting on the ground. With that, the world falls silent, as none of the other beings inhabiting the Barrier wanted to move. Risako sits down, the ordeal over for now. As the girl catcher her breath, Risako looks at the Witch with a mixture of pity and confusion. Finally she decides its not really worth mulling over more and asks Damon Risako: "What now? I'm... not really sure where we are compared to the outside world anymore."
Homura's voice would go lower, now whispering and not really wanting to be heard by anyone save the two present in this room. Madoka leaning in closer to hear what she says. H: "I... You aren't though? What's actually happened Sonomi, I can see your soul gem there getting dark and that's very bad. But what else? Because you're just offering platitudes and not telling us what's actually wrong, I want to help but I cannot do that if I don't understand what's going on." The pink-haired girl would nod and place a hand on their friend's shoulder, looking at the mentioned soul gem herself with a wince. That's one obvious problem, but corruption never come from nowhere. There's an underlying cause and as Homura said, they don't know it. Either way, she'd whisper as well now. M: "I don't think you're crying too much, that's fine. Feeling bad is okay and you don't have to do everything alone, but Homura is right. We can't do much for you if we don't know what we need to do or what you're going through. You... Know how to fix that problem Homura mentioned though, right? Do you have any spares?" Pointing out the soul gem doesn't feel great, but they don't have those dammed seeds anymore so their only hope there is Sonomi herself. Or Lucky Streak maybe, but betting on charity from a random magical girl who probably knows the truth is... Unwise at best, even Madoka knows it. And frankly trying to talk about anything else before fixing that seems like a terrible plan too.

Risakooooooo. Damon whines. Why do I have to figure out everythingggggg. Aren't you supposed to be a glorious witch expert? Damon could try to put some effort into finding an exit, but he is very fatigued after conducting a quick witch therapy session. He slowly picks at the threads still tied to his fingers to free himself from the bond. He follows up with another question. Isn't this all supposed to just disappear after a witch is defeated?
"H-heh...we've really...been here...haven't we?...Something like this didn't happen...that long ago..." {The girl laughs at herself for being where she is now. Very ironic how she has to get scolded again by her friends. She could almost burst out in laughter again like how she did a few seconds ago when she really tried to hurt the ones making her feel better. Sonomi glances off to the side before getting her sentence out, attempting to smile just for them.} "N-no...I've never had any spares...I haven't actually gotten one from a witch before...I hope you know what that means...Could you have gotten one from...Suzuki-Senpai?..." {Sonomi says to the two, mainly looking at Homura with her eyes out of focus. Her gaze darkens again, but it's somber and mellow instead of furious. Her smile was completely gone, asking the question makes her tone chalked up to disappointment even though it was helpless to try and refute anything. Tears ran down her cheeks again, but all she would do when feeling like this was curl up into a ball and rock back in forth. If her voice wasn't quieter before, it's barely audible now.} "Damon-Kun...Risako-Chan...I...where...where are they?...I need to know...I've felt something before...yet it's gone...where?...are?... wherearethey?...wherearethey?....wherearethey?...wherearetheywherearetheywherearethey?"
Damon Risako: "N.. No? I mean yes... But only if you destroy them..." Risako shifts nervously, toying her fingers together as the girl comes up with some kinda response R: "I mean.. If we're just gonna leave I can do that.... But.. Then that.." Risako aims a shaky finger at the slumbering Witch R: "It'll wake up some time.... Then it'll just cause more trouble." M, H, and S. LS: "You done being a selfish brat yet?" The older magical girl callously remarks as she approaches the three once more. It didn't take her long to handle the familiars, which gave her plenty of time to overhear the conversation. Based on the questioning it was likely that Sonomi hadn't had anything to do with Suzuki, which would leave either Madoka and Homura, one of them, or one of the two Sonomi just mentioned. Either way, it hardly mattered. Of course she was more than familiar with Sonomi's current condition, which is why she wields a single gold card between her index and middle fingers. LS: "I've seen it too many times now. You're so scared of getting your hands dirty that you're perfectly fine letting everyone else live with the burden instead. So let me ask you. Do you truly believe that Suzuki, Kurumi, or any of these other Magical Girls you know wanted to hurt people?"

Damon sighs. Why did everything have to be so difficult with these magical girls? Why couldn't they just be a gaggle of cheerful girls with the extra addition of magic. All this drama and despair and killing was not to his taste. He wants to complain to someone about it but Risako didn't deserve to hear it. That Lucky Star girl perhaps. Suppressing his annoyance he offers a solution. If we really have to kill this creature to escape then you have to do it. Damon stands and walks a good distance away from the witch. Then he lays down and closes his eyes mimicking sleep. Do what you have to do. Damon yawns. Make sure to look at it's peaceful sleeping form while you do it~ Damon quiets and apparently falls asleep.
"...huh?...huhuuhuhuhuh..." {"Who is she? Who does she think she is? Who is she? Who is this person? Who does she think she is?" Though one word came out, a million of the same question rushed through her head. The girl's gaze slowly lit up, yet her expression showed even more disappointment even when blank. Sonomi's tone of voice had a hint of salt when she turned around to face Lucky Streak.} "What kind of question is that? Of course not. You think you solved every problem I have now that you've enlightened me so? You aren't better than anyone because of how you've accepted the cycle, letting it repeat over and over. Nobody would ever think of you when it comes to being their savior. I truly pity you, sheep." {The girl gets worried that she is keeping too much information away from her friends. But this stranger has no right to think she's any better. She deserves all that was said. Hopefully said friends can afford to try and pick apart information in order to piece together the information Sonomi never told them.} "Wherever Risako-Chan is...wherever I put them...I hope they're ok...but...I know that she thinks the same way...as you all...doesn't she?...ah...I'm all alone...yet again...I'm so sad...again...my plans keep failing...over and over again...I hope...this won't happen...again..." {After her forty-fifth uncharacteristic outburst, the girl starts to repeat words once more, simply reverting back to how she was before Lucky Streak interrupted. In fact, she starts to shed a tear in preperation for whatever words she receives later. Sonomi is tempted to try and get even closer to her friends and away from the stranger but there's no reason to. All she can do is talk and cry.}
Madoka, Homura, and Lucky Streak LS: "Such a selfish brat. Then what? Do you even care about them at all?" Lucky streak lets out a hefty sigh before glaring back at Sonomi LS: "The reason we fight, the reason I'm here at all, is because I know they were good. Because I owe my life to that person." LS points in the direction of the distant tree still looming in the background LS: "And I know they wouldn't have wanted to hurt anyone. So I'm not going to let them. I'd rather actually help someone than have people call me something ridiculous like 'savior.' Because that's what good friends do." LS gestures to Sonomi's pair of friends nearby before finally looking back at Sonomi LS: "You have some perfectly fine friends here that you can't even bring yourself to acknowledge. I refuse to stand by and let them destroy everything they've worked towards. I stopped her student, and I'm going to stop Kurumi too." Lucky Streak casts Homura a meaningful glance. Of course one of the two would easily be able to refute her claim if they wanted to, but it was like giving them a free pass on the subject. If they were willing to take it. Damon R: "Um.. I.. I never said that...." Risako takes a deep gulp of air, visibly shaking as she looks at the collapsed Witch. The creature almost looks dead already, as it neither breathes nor flinches. The young girl slowly lifts her staff before letting out a loud sigh. R: "L.. Look. You just... I mean we're leaving right? Just.... Give me a little. I just wanted to know the plan...." Risako looks around the barrier before focusing on a spot at the edge of the central plaze near the tightly-packed building and walking over to it. R: "Lets just... Go." Risako focuses the tip of her staff in the area, which begins to glow a faint silver before opening a circular portal with a symbol resembling four streetlamps circling around each other in the middle. Though the symbol takes up most of the portal, they would be able to pass through without issue

Oh so there was an exit? Damon nonchalantly states as if he didn't just pressure Risako. He would feel perhaps some guilt for what he just did if his head didn't feel so annoying at the moment. WIthout anymore fanfare he leaps up to his feet and does exactly as Risako says. He approaches the portal and goes through it. Without so much as acknowledging Risako nor checking if she followed after.
{She'd normally be fuming again after hearing it, because it's the truth. But she laughs as the girl's mind starts to get more bloated with her own thoughts. Thoughts as to why she should care for what this person says. Sonomi squints at Lucky Streak like someone would for a tiny insect and smiling at her like the crescent moon became her mouth, beginning her session of spitting at her efforts, mocking her right in her face.} "Ah, an empty speech concocted behind lies, you really do have a questionable brain, don't you? Hmmm, what contradiction should I present to you first? I'm going to start with that stupid savior tidbit. You think I threw in that detail because I believed in it? Ufuffufufufufu...wow, you really are desperate to make yourself look better, you scrambled egg." {It was common decency to at least commend clowns that solve the puzzle. So she retreats with her words, taking a passive stance yet again. Sonomi sighs out as she glances away. Already wanting to progress instead of sit around doing nothing, attempting to wrap things up in a demented way full of unsatisfying loopholes.} "The sad part is that all this perjury has...a sliver of truth in it...wherever it is. You've already shown to me that you're a terrible person, yet you accomplished to fit just that in the midst of all this tainted dung heap of a monologue. I'd be impressed were I not throwing up at the sight of your noxious presence." {In other words, hypocrisy. Learned from one of the best adults. Herself. With an almost victory contributed to by herself, the girl starts her failed guilt trip into scolding in hopes that that will be the final straw it takes for it all to crash down. Sonomi starts to cry once more. All times were genuine, and this one was basically the same.} "All this lying, these contradictions...yet my friends will take your side...won't they? Don't worry...it's fair...that just has to be how this hopeless reality has to go, doesn't it..."
Homura could explain that Suzuki was her kill, but she won't. If LS wants to take that hit then fine, she'll have to thank the woman later on but for now she'd merely crack her knuckles and speak in a voice that's so obviously tired and worn down. H: "Sonomi... I'm not here to take anyone's side. I just want you to be okay, I want to actually do something for you because I actually give a damn about you. But I don't have the time or inclination to play stupid guessing games and poke at your words, if you wanted to actually explain then maybe. But this? Nah, I'm done here if it's gonna be this. We'll talk later. Consider actually explaining things instead of merely being vague next time, please?" As Homura finishes and starts walking she just looks... Beyond worried, clearly depressed by the other girl's utter refusal to try and let them help. As for Madoka she just speaks up in a quiet calm voice. M: "What she said honestly, I want to help too but... Homura's kinda right, we really don't have time to do this all day Sonomi." There's a sigh from both girls as they begin preparing to move on, merely waiting for a moment to hear their friend's reply.
"Ah...what...what do I think of this outcome?..." {She caused a stalemate. She caused exhaustion. She can consider herself smart. But at what cost? Her friend's approval? But according to them...they're still willing to make sure she's okay. It's what anyone that believes in hope would do. Power through. This fact makes the girl smile again, even after her fit of tears. Though Sonomi was depressingly upset mere minutes ago, now she can smile and laugh once more out of joy for her friends.} "Tee-hee, that's tooootally fine by me! I'll do something cooool first, then come riiight back, ok?" {Eyes almost closed, just for her gaze to stay visible, and to show appreciation towards their tenacity. Her smile seems to almost reach the ends of the earth. In fact, she's so happy, she starts to run in the opposite direction of where the witch is, trying to get in tune of the thoughts of those around her in order to find out wherever Damon and Risako could be in this atmosphere. Also to get a hold of LS's thoughts on "pure accident".}
Madoka, Homura, and Sonomi kids are so annoying. Can't even tell when someone's doin' them a favor Lucky Streak lets out a sigh before looking back over to Madoka and Homura, paying Sonomi no further attention. LS: "She doesn't look like she's gonna last too much longer. Just try ta get her under control. I've got an old friend who can't really fight anymore organizing people around the GYM. She's probably got a few seeds to spare." and if I don't have to look after anyone it should be much easier to come to terms with. LS doesn't want to waste anymore time, so with that she'd continue on towards the tree, leaving the others to either follow or go back the way they came from Damon R: "U.. Um.. Yes? That's how we normally get in...." Risako seems a bit confused, but she's just as eager to get out of this situation as Damon is, so once her companion is through Risako follows him through the portal she opened. The pair emerge on the rooftop of a nearby building, a few floors from the ground. There are three others there, each wearing a somewhat strange outfit that had become a common thread among Magical Girls. One girl with long blonde hair wears lengthy, priest-like robes that trail white and gold cords. She wields a staff with a diamond-shaped tip and somewhat resembles Damon's current companion Risako. The second has a wild mane of grey hair that goes down to about her mid back. Their clothes look more like a suit of armor, though its rather loose and doesn't seem great for protection Finally the third has a short, well-kept head of short, brown hair wearing a mixture of brown, leathery armor with blue cloth underneath. They don't really talk much and one could easily mistake them for a guy. The three are watching the bright portal with wide eyes as Damon and Risako emerge Grey: "I thought ya said there wasn't anythin' in there?" Blonde: "I said I couldn't feel anything that doesn't mean there isn't anything." Grey: "Didn't you say you were good at sensing magic?" Blonde: "Yes and I sensed a lot of magic. That's what a labyrinth is idiot." The two continue bickering for a little while as the one with brown hair keeps their eyes trained on Risako and Damon. Whether she's overwhelmed or intimidated Risako seems locked in a staring contest with this third one.

Great more magical girls with issues. Damon has to resist the urge to roll his eyes as he frowns at the girls in front of him. He is still very fatigued. Thus, wanting to cut right to the heart of things he states. Before any of you girls start claiming that you will handle things or you will lead, I will just say. Ya'll are little kids and i'm a college student so i'm leader now. We do as I say since I put a witch to sleep instead of killing it like all of you would have likely done. Is that clear!? He folds his arms and attempts his best withering gaze.
Homura follows after the older woman, Madoka... Pauses for a few moments, staring between her girlfriend and Sonomi with a torn look. H: "If you want to try and look after her, I understand... I don't want to leave you alone though. Just hang onto this at least if you really insist upon staying her with her okay?" The pink-haired girl would shake her head, standing up and begining to walk after Homura while giving Sonomi a worried expression. M: "No I get it, we're stronger together after all... Sonomi just... Please try to hold yourself in place for a bit longer. And thanks for telling us about that friend of yours Miss." The pair both sigh at that point, one holding an assault rifle in her hands and the other a metal bow covered in mystic runes all over it. Both girls eyes darting around not only in search of foes, but exits, cover, any environment that's out of the norm. It's a fairly practiced gaze with which they examine quietly for now.
{The girl's smile doesn't fade as her friends show more concern over her. Sonomi's return to tranquility makes her giggle as she takes the stakes that she put herself in less and less seriously.} "Kufufufufu, why didn't you just say so, sillyy? I wasn't really able to find them anyways soooo I wasn't going to go any further..." {She puts a finger on her chin, looking up at the sky so as to fill her head with more air rather than try to follow along. Sonomi cheers on her friends as she has to "stay put".} "I wish I could come tooooo, but whatever you wish, tee-hee!"
Damon Damon most certainly succeeded in getting everyone's attention, with the three newcomers all looking back at him. There's a brief pause, as if they were shocked to find that he was still there, only for the one with silver hair to speak up first Silver: "Is that even possible? Pretty sure Witches don't take naps." Blonde: "That's really what you're stuck on?" Silver: "You can't blame someone for being curious. Hey you! He serious?" The silver-haired girl barks at Risako. The nervous girl jumps in surprise, beginning to stammer out an affirmation when the brown-haired girl finally interferes Brown: "It doesn't matter. Mother just asked us to make sure the area's evacuated. Its time to head back." Blonde: "We're not gonna wait for Lucky?" Brown: "I'm sure she'll be fine." Silver: "Yeah, Lucky's way older and stronger than we are." Brown: "Then there's nothing to worry about." The trio seemed satisfied talking among themselves for the moment... However further conversation is interrupted by a tremor that ripples through the city. A few cracks appear near the base of the apartment building behind Damon and Risako. Noting this change, the one with brown hair lets out a sigh and turns to Damon Brown: "Right... that. If you really want to talk let us take you back to base where mother can explain everything. There's not much time right now." Sonomi, Madoka, Homura Homura takes a few steps before being met with a golden card bursting into light at their feet. While she was fine letting the girls come in for their friend, there was a point where they had to stop. LS: "In case you weren't listening, I told you to go back. You can leave this place the way you came, and we'll meet up later. This is your last warning." Lucky Streak lets out a sigh as she brandishes three of the red cards between her fingers. She really didn't want or need to waste magic any further. but they also weren't going to put a bunch of kids in actual danger, so she'd rather convince them. LS: "Your friend really doesn't have time for this conversation and there's not much here for you. So just head back before you make things worse ok?"
The card would find itself parried away at blinding speed by Homura, her gun having vanished and been replaced with the black sword. Even so, with that motion done she simply... Shrugs and begins walking away. H: "I suppose that's true, not every problem has to be made ours after all. Good luck then." Madoka stares in confusion while being dragged away by her girlfriend, the black-haired girl's weapons having vanished for the moment as she simply starts walking out and looks over to Sonomi. H: "Change of plans, the first one was stupid. We're all leaving now, come on." M: "Homura what are you even doing? Sh-" As Madoka starts in the older girl would just shake her head, this isn't the time for playing hero. H: "Nah, it's just like that woman said. There really isn't much here for us, if she ends up having things go bad well. That isn't our fault frankly, she knows the risks. Lilith, help me out a little." That last part would be muttered so quietly even Madoka can't quite make it out standing next to her, but a small light flows from the girl's left hand, Aiming at Sonomi's soul gem, drain. Not trying to drain magical power though, but trying to drain despair and sorrow that corrupts one and bring it into Homura's self. If it worked, she'd be left gasping and leaning against the other girl as Sonomi's gem becomes a bit less dark. Otherwise she merely stops the spell before much can happen. M: "... Homura are you sure that's a good idea?" H: "Nope, not in the slightest."
{Off standing at her spot, the gleeful girl picks up her knife, playing with it like it was a toy, disregarding her safety and letting the ribbons fly and the funny little blade do it's thing as it swings about. When she noticed that the voices of her friends were coming closer, she turned around, joy leaving her face and her voice.} "Huh?" {Was all she could say before Homura's light made contact with her once again. Sonomi's gae, once a bit darkened, was now fleeting and replaced hearts that gleamed in her eyes. The girl gets an overwhelming sense of euphoria as the soul gem gets less darkened, though since Homura was taking it out, she'd knew there was a lot of it still there.} {She smiles even wider as she holds her knife close, looking up at the sky as if she could look at heaven itself. In fact, she could laugh with bliss were she not still living. The sensation was so good that her body's nerves direct the knife she held to her heart, wanting to take a closer look for herself to see how lovestruck she was with this feeling of despair departing away.} {A pose reminiscient of trying to stab one self, leaving as soon as it came. Once the feeling was over, her body lumped forwards, but standing in place. Her head looked down to the floor, but her body twitched only a little bit. Since there was no need for her to control herself, the girl stopped moving entirely, dropping the knife out of her hands and falling asleep on the ground.}

Damon nods his head. Sure as long as Risako can come with. Damon is relieved at the lack of additional confrontation. Could you tell your "mother" to have some snacks ready?
Madoka, Homura, and Sonomi. LS:".... Thanks." The older woman nods to the trio before jumping away towards the towering tree. Leaving them to.. Handle themselves. There wasn't really any further need for words, and they could easily leave the barrier the same way they came. Leaving only their suggestion to return to the GYM. It was a pretty well-known location in their community, acting as a bit of a fight club more often than an actual gym. Supposedly there would be someone with plenty of Grief Seeds with them. Damon Silver: "Oh man, someone did bring snacks right?" Blonde: "Mother just said it would come to us...." Silver: "Again with that weird talk? I knew we should have went shopping.." Brown: "You can pick something up on the way back." Risako: "Um... So about." Brown: "Just come on. I'll show the way. You two can stop for snacks" Silver: "Awe-some! Race ya to the store!" Blonde: "Do I really have to join them?" Silver: "Come on its not that bad. Brown: "Buddy system. No one goes alone for any reason." Blonde: "Fine...." after a short exchange, it seemed everyone was finally ready, Silver and Blonde go ahead, splitting off from this group of five and heading to the store. Leaving only the one with brown hair to lead Risako and Damon Brown: "Its only a few blocks out. Might have heard of it actually. A local Magical Girl told us the GYM was a popular hangout spot." Risako: "Um... O.. Ok. I think I've been there before...." Brown: "Then this'll be easy." Unfortunately Damon was stuck with the most uptight member of the trio, they wait a minute for Damon to affirm before heading off for the GYM, keeping a close eye on the two behind to make sure Damon and Risako are following.
As the girl falls down Homura would just sigh, what a pain. Now she's gonna end up carrying a knocked out girl through the streets without any real means of hiding it... Best to stick with the rooftops. A thing the two girls are capable of manging with a combination of trained physical ability and bursts of magic. The fact Homura has to bridal carry Sonomi during all this is mildly annoying to her, really. But nothing that can't be handled and with any luck they won't run across anyone able and willing to call them out for dashing through the city at high speeds leaping from building to building on their way towards GYM.
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