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God Complex: Out of Time
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It would start with silence. A figure would linger high above the city of Shibuya. An empty feeling but an ever present one with a touch of death mixed in. A pale figure would be looking down, a calm smile forever present of their face and eyes that looked to be dead but were still twitching with excitement. "Such a beautiful site. Mortals truly are breathtaking aren't they... To think they've built so much without even a hint of divine power. I'm not here to see such things though. Let's see...Yes, those positions seem to be the most likely." Suddenly, there would be the feeling of twisted divine power being spread throughout the city. It almost felt to be everywhere but in fragments rather than as a wave. It would be overwhelming at first but slowly each fragment seemed to vanish along with a presence disappearing as well from somewhere within the city. The reason would be because these fragments were actually doorways that seemed to serve the purpose of allowing someone entree into Elian's competition. Before anyone could react only 4 more gateways remained. One would be behind a tree at Kosei High School, some may remember this location. One would appear within the establishment known as GYM though what could be noted was that this location was closed at the moment. Between two bookcases at Tokyo's Metropolitan Library there's be another gateway emerging. Finally, one would appear just outside of anyone's view at the Reiko Airlines. The gateways themselves would appear as rifts that would seem to bend time around them, it was as if the pure essence of time itself was slowly pouring out of them, causing anyone who didn't have at least a basic protection against divine power to freeze in place if they were to approach them. "I should be going too. I have plenty of guests to entertain now. How troublesome that most aren't very welcomed company." Elian himself would begin to dissolve bit by bit until nothing but ash being blow in the wind remained. His body for all intent and purpose was gone for now.
Amaya had been absently standing outside the library, reading some book on computing curiously. It's always intresting seeing about the differences between her own world and this one after all, but soon enough she'd feel some twinge of divine power inside the building and wander inside. Placing the book back onto its shelf and spotting the portal with a sigh. Her knuckles crack before wandering into it without a second thought. The freezing effect not even causing her to flinch at all. "Into the lion's den, huh, or that's how it looks from my viewpoint. Nothing to do besides just head in and look forward though." It isn't as if she can get anything done by standing around outside after all, and perhaps the Lich isn't impossible to reason with. Though there's the sense it won't be so simple as merely chatting.
It was retreading old ground, for the hunter. The Grey-haired woman bares her fangs as she watches over the airport, only to feel a disturbance. Of course, this must have been it. “I understand, Granny.” The wolf silently descends from the roof, landing on her feet a short distance away from the gateway, before nodding, and going inside.
[It was during class that Kazuo felt it. There was something strange in this neighborhood all of a sudden. Kazuo would silently, as the teacher had his back to the students, pick up his bag and hurry to the bathroom. There, he would quickly change into comfier clothes: A white, loose dressing shirt, green pants, black boots, a long coat colored green and his favorite green hat. He had to be serious for this, he couldn't exactly ruin his High School uniform like this. Finally, the young man would rush down the stairs with his bag and into the backyard, where most of the trees await.] "So there it is, it really is time. I'm... almost scared of this." [The wind would blow and so would his coat react. He would walk near a bush and retrieve his Rapier, which he smuggled into the school days prior, just in cases he needed it. Taking the blade and hiding the scabbard behind him so the coat can cover it, he would calmly make his way into the gateway.] "I'm probably going to get into trouble for skipping class, but this is more important. Power, I need it...!"
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Kokoro felt the pulse, it was never a good thing, ay least that’s was her idea of it. Yet if what they heard was true... The older woman breathes out a sigh, entering the library. She hurried towards where she felt the pulse, only to see a red-haired woman enter a gateway “Crap, I’d better not be too late.” The woman shouts before following inside herself. OOC: thank you, and sorry for the short notice
[i]The woman sighs heavily to herself while looking back at Kokoro, gazing over her with a worried look. "Alright look lady, I may not seem like much but it's probably for the best if you stay far behind me and let me take care of things. I'm a hell of a lot tougher than I look, and this place is... Not safe I'd guess." She doesn't know if Elian intends to kill the mortals or not, but can't think of any reason why the Lich wouldn't do so really. Maybe he has some fondness for them? But either way, there's little cause not to be protective of those likely far weaker than herself even if it is unearned power. "Oh and if you want a name, it's Amaya Rose. I'm not about to say I can do anything, but I'll do my best to try and keep anything too awful from happening to ya." With that said she'd absently toss her hands into the pockets of her black leather jacket while stomping forward, a glimmer of ice forming along her body and the chill of Winter flowing around her just a bit.
"Ya want us to prove ourselves? Not gonna be a problem." Though the situation was certainly bizarre, Kokoro doesn't seem to mind. Instead the woman punches her open palm with a grin. "Kokoro Fudoji. And don't worry about me. What kinda big sis would I be if I couldn't take care of myself?" Despite the woman's boasting, Kokoro carefully notes the casual formation of ice trailing around as she follows Amaya onward. They didn't seem to be trying to show off, so the other woman very well could just be that strong. Either way, its nice for them to be on her side for now.
[Kazuo had heard the man's words clearly. He needed to move forward, and deities may pay much more dearly than himself. That was good, it means that although he was undoubtedly an underdog, he had some room to act and win. Alone, he couldn't hope to defeat a god through power alone. He would need to trick them, push the limits of his human abilities to succeed.] "But even that may prove not to be enough. I can't think like this." [Needing nothing but to play his cards right, Kazuo would push onwards.]
The bleak wind, the smell of.. No, not right now. Red slowly shakes her head before replying to the voice. Whether or not the girl could really hear or understand, no one could say. Still, the hunter moves forward "Understood..." And strides silently past the rocks, already prepared for the worst that may come.
Apollo had been picking up Asami from the library when the gate appeared. Should it remain for him after the 2 had entered prior, he had casually walk in with his sister. Otherwise, he would rush through it before it closes. He looms behind the duo, holding his sister's hand tightly. Were the problem of two fighting at once to be a problem, Apollo had elected to allow Asami to simply bystand. Otherwise, they would fight as one akin to Zen/Rei. Getting as close to the pair ahead of him as he comfortably could, he clears his throat and speaks up nonchalantly. "Amaya Rose, huh? I'm Apollo Sonnenschein, as you may've heard earlier, and this is my sister Asami. You know, Faye said she wanted me to meet you the other day. I regret that we couldn't have met under better circumstances, but still, I vow to see at least one of us to victory at any costs." He closes his eyes solemnly, a glimmer of serene moonlight reflecting off his face. Sorry i'm late I was busy masturbating
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Apollo The gate in the library would try to close quickly, attempting to bar Apollo's entree but it's influence over the mortal world wasn't quite enough to keep a god from speeding up to make it. For a moment, there seemed to be an air of oppression, as if something was telling Apollo he had done something he shouldn't. Before he could fully reach Amaya and Kokoro Apollo would find his path blocked by what seemed to be solid air. In truth, time itself had frozen in spot and formed a solid barrier. Asami suddenly would find themselves completely surrounded in frozen time as a cold gaze seemed to settle on Apollo. The lich opted to speak again but this time in a disappointed tone. Elian: "Already trying to play by your own rules? That won't do, not here. Maybe I should keep you both restricted here until the end comes...but that wouldn't help me in the least bit. Still maybe one of you needs to be restrained to make the other cooperate..." Amaya and Kokoro The two would no doubt be witness to the sudden outburst but if they tried to get near they would just find a similar barrier in their way. The only path open would be forward. "What do the mortals say? 'Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.' Perhaps a bit generic but I'm sure you understand." If the two were to continue they'd find that their path soon led them leftwards towards one of the short sides of the tube like tunnel where they'd enter a corridor that would be much more human in design. Stone bricks made up the walls and the air would smell more musty than before. Finally the corridor would open up into a more open area. A grassy field within a giant stone room. Something seemed to be lightning the room up from above in a similar manner to the sun but whatever it was was hard to see through all the light. A red-haired man with tanned skin would be standing over at another corridor on the opposite side of the room. He seemed to place a hand on the entrance only to find a barrier covering it. His response though was to simply continue eyeing it down before pulling a serrated blade from seemingly nowhere and slashing at the barrier but to no avail, as his attack seemed to do nothing.
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Kazuo Kazuo's path would be different in nature. His path wouldn't seem to deviate into the wall at all, nor would it lead him anywhere new. It simply remained within the tube like tunnel until finally it seemed to lead into a giant glass dome in the center of the tube like tunnel. For now the dome seemed to be empty, perhaps meaning nobody else had arrived yet. Red Red's path would eventually become a staircase leading downward. As the decent continued the stairs would flatten out more and more, eventually become more like the side of a cliff then like stairs. The frequency on stones would also increase making sure climbing down would be possible. Finally as she approached the bottom the area would open up to seem more like the bottom of a pit with a door at the end. However, standing in front of the door was the image of a girl seeming to phase in and out, as if her image was that of a ghost.
Apollo grits his teeth and swings a fist at his side, present anger straining his voice. Apollo: "Rules? So what, I gotta listen to what you say now? Pretty cringe bro. Nothing less could be expected from some lame serf." He cocks his head slightly and smirks. Apollo: "Fine then, I will ignore everything you have to say so long as it doesn't pertain to these supposed rules of cringery. Just get the ball rolling on your cheap second-rate plot, if there's some cooler epic mastermind villain behind this I want to get to them as soon as possible."
[Kazuo would keep walking forward with no hesitation, up until he reaches the giant glass dome that was empty, no one there other than himself. It made sense to him that this area...it may have to do with a fight. That's what his instincts were telling him, but it may also be a waiting area. He would try to look around the area, even what is beyond the glass if possible.] "Is anyone there? Any exits or something?" [A void vortex would appear in front of him, dropping a single irregular blade on the floor, which Kazuo would take immediately, trying not to rely on the rapier, whatever happened.] "A single Lawful Blades doesn't kill..." [He mutters.]
Once the stairs start distancing themselves, the hunter is forced to start jumping between them, landing gracefully before moving further, ever further down. It was just another mission to her, one with as clear a goal as ever. However, before the hunter reaches the bottom, they catch sight of the ghost-like girl. Target? There's no reason to risk it, yet their appearance also struck Red as off, so they remain a few tiers above the ground and begin to sniff. Red focuses her senses for any other traces her target might be leaving. Be it smell, the slightest disturbance in the air, the hunter seeks to get any information about the target they might be able to discern with their heightened sense of sight, sound, hearing, even feeling the air if needed.
"H.. Hey, is that really necessary?" Kokoro tries to reach for Asami, but finds herself blocked off by something invisible. They were in anothers' realm, it seemed, and thus had to play by their rules. Kokoro gives a resigned sigh before turning to Amaya and saying "We'll just have to keep going. At least, I'm not stopping here." regardless of if she must go alone, Kokoro continues forward, looking as the tunnel becomes more artificial, until finally coming across another person slashing at a door, that would make at least a 5th member of this group, if her count is correct. "I'm guessin' you already tried lookin' for clues?" Kokoro asks the young man, who seemed like they were probably around her age. She didn't really mind, not willing to let the situation put a damper on her mood "Don't worry about it too much, I'm sure the path'll become clear soon enough."
Amaya follows along as well, smiling slightly despite herself. "I wasn't planning to just leave you alone, no. Not really my style to abandon someone who probably needs my help." As they reach the ref haired young man though she'd just stare at him impassively, she knows what he's after of course. But Kokoro doesn't. "Ah, I take it you're after the... Prize he put up then? I guess I should explain a bit for you Kokoro. Simply put that guy over there, I, and a few others could technically be called 'Gods' of a sort. The master of this realm wants us dead, except perhaps one if they can prove their worth. I doubt he wants you dead, but no telling about my... Fellow contestants as it were." She gives the man a pointed look with that remark, clearly not trusting him in the least after their prior meeting at Shibuya. Chances are, Elian may intend them to fight anyways. "I guess we'll see what's up soon though, no doubt this place's owner has something to add himself."
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Apollo Elian: "I see, your the type I'm really trying to get rid of so go ahead. We'll see if you can live through all of what lies ahead. I won't hesitate to erase you first if you seem like you've lost for even a moment." For now the frozen time would begin melting away, aside from the barrier preventing them from following the others. A new path instead would form out of rocks that seemed to float upward into a makeshift path. This path would lead them towards the right side of the wall instead. "I'll give you this one warning. If you lose then I won't erase just you but that girl with you too as long as you take her with you. Otherwise, feel free to do what you want." Kazuo Beyond the glass dome there would in fact be an entrance leading back onto a stone pathway that seemed to extend even further down the tube-like tunnel. However, if Kazuo tried to go this way he'd only find a barrier standing in his way, keeping him from pressing onward. It would be at that moment as well that he'd hear someone walking behind him, following him. They didn't seem to be hiding their presence or perhaps simply couldn't. Red There'd be a clear scent to the ghostly figure suggesting that she was in fact there. As Red got closer she would also notice that the girl's form seemed to become more present. Though oddly, not a noise could be heard from her either. There was no sound to indicate she was breathing. There was no sound to indicate a heartbeat. Not even a sound to suggest any form of living was actually taking place. She'd seem still as if just eternally waiting but then as she noticed Red her eyes would finally move to look at her. It was as if she just knew Red was there, as if she barely even needed to register any sound or vision of them. Ghostly Girl: "Come." Kokoro and Amaya The red-head would turn back to Kokoro. His eyes now in view obviously seemed to posses a certain natural glare to them. They'd also seem far too narrow, like the eyes of someone who's single-minded and cares little for deviation. Red-Head: "Oh, yeah. It became clear now that you guys are hear. Pretty obvious. A big open field and a couple of cattle herded into the same room... They had plenty of practices like this back in the desert." The man would begin laughing in a somewhat broken manner as something already began to stir in his other hand.
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[And there it was. Kazuo would not lose his focus. He would, quite simply, merely turn around and point his blade in the direction of the one following.] "I don't appreciate people sneaking up on me." [Indeed, he had nothing left to say.]
There was no need to wait further, a hunter simply hunts. Red leaps forward, aiming to pounce on her opponent from her perch nearly a story above them, using all of the momentum the hunter gains from this fall and aiming it into a downward strike, hoping to slice through her opponent's head and end the fight immediately. Bleak corpses on the frozen ground, the smell of wolves... To Red, the hunt had begun, and it was like triggering a trance. The Operator was eager to complete her mission. For now, one target, one hunt. That was all that mattered
"Yeah, no Amaya. I'm puttin' a stop to that right now. I'm hardly a damsel in distress here." Kokoro cracks her knuckles and casts Amaya an irritated glance before letting out a sigh "I already know everything. The prize for us mortals is a chance to rewrite history right? Just know that I have my own reasons for being here. And I won't let anyone stop me." Kokoro's casual demeanor becomes a fierce determination. The woman keeps a careful eye on the man with red hair before breathing out a sigh "Yeah, I guess it was too much to hope things weren't goin' that direction. Oh well." In an instant, Four points of light flash around Kokoro, changing the girl's outfit to one.. Somewhat more revealing, accentuated by a fluttering white cape and wolf-like tail. "No reason to wait around." With that, Kokoro dashes forward towards the red-haired man, ending about halfway across the arena where the woman strikes at the air between them with enough force to send a shockwave of wind at her opponent.
Apollo merely frowns and says nothing while Asami merely idly trembles Asami: "Uhh, um, brother?" Apollo: "Yes, Asami?" Asami: "What does he mean he'll 'erase' us?" Apollo: "Mere inane ravings of a lunatic. Don't worry about it." Apollo, not heeding the madman's words, recklessly follows the path ahead of him with his sister in tow. Although possessing innate mortal fear, a great power with nothing divine about it allowed him to proceed with utmost confidence as if his life wasn't on the line. He felt, deep down, like he would live to see another day despite being completely unsure of the fact. However, a protective instinct had compounded this confidence with a sense of precaution. He would attempt to materialize a sword out of thin air consisting of a long, thin, black cross-like hilt attached to a reasonably long steel blade. He would point this in front of him as he walked, staying in front of Asami.
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Kazuo Kazuo would turn around only to see the image of Sen looking back at him. She wouldn't say a word, only merely aproach him and he would begin feeling a sort of pressure on his ability to tell what was and wasn't real. There'd be something trying to push away his ability to doubt and instead trying to make it so he would believe anything he saw. Red Red's prey wouldn't even attempt to move out of the way. Her presence would only become clearer to reveal a rather average looking girl with dark black hair. The most odd thing about her were her eyes that seemed to open widely even as Red came down at her. Suddenly, Red would find her momentum gone. It was as if it had simply been removed all at once. This in turn would mean the injury the girl suffered to her head would come out much more shallow. Another thing of note was that there was no blood that came out from any wound inflicted. Instead, the blood simply stayed within the girl's body, as if it was incapable of leaking. She would simply try and look Red in the eyes as she whispered. Ghostly Girl: "Au. Will you be my friend?" Something would light up in her eyes as if they had just become more twisted than before. If Red were to gaze into them, even for a moment, they'd find their emotions beginning to grow much more extreme than before. The ground would begin freezing. Black corpses beginning to form over the ice. The girl would begin smiling. Kokori and Amaya The shock wave would seem to hit the man dead on resulting in a burst as he was reduced to nothing more than a few grains of sands that would fly across the field. The air would begin to become dry as his body seemed to reform from the scattered sand. His blade from before would fall to the ground as a new set of twin sword took shape in his hands. The grass began to dry out as he stared down the girl who had just blow his body apart. Red-Haired Man: "Really? You're a physical fighter than? What a shame, I've never lost a close combat fight before. Partially because those types of attacks can't even phase my immortal frame. I'm Khnurm but you mongrels probably can't even pronounce it right so just call me your liege or how about even King. I'm more than just a prince of the deserts after all!" Finally the grass would all die out and the dirt beneath them would begin shifting to sand. The dried air around them began to swirl around until forming into the blades in his hands, swords made from dust filled air and heat. Apollo and Asami After entering into the right wall the two would find that they seemed to be within some odd infinite space. The air itself was cold and aside from the path they walked on everything would be pitch black. A never ending void surrounded them. Finally, more area would be lit up to reveal a floor that displayed a checker pattern. There seemed to be an unremarkable table resting in the center with 4 chairs surrounding it. Otherwise, this room would be completely empty.
[Kazuo would almost drop his blade at the very sight of Sen. What was she doing here at all? She wouldn't be the kind of just ditch class like he did, furthermore, he is sure the portal must have been closed as soon as he got in. There is no way this is her, and even if it was, she would've talked to him in the first place. But... what if it actually is her and she had an interest in the weird, and was following along? Maybe she had to use the bathroom or was called in for something when she noticed him.] "S-Sen... why are you following me...?" [He lowers his blade and doesn't break eye contact with her.] "Doesn’t matter, here. Have this, it's dangerous." [He would offer Sen the Lawful Blade he had created for her to use.] "We need to find a way out of this place, I can't let you stay here. And I know what you'll say that you aren't a little girl but even so... it's too much of a risk." [He would shake his head, realizing he was saying too much. He would clear his throat and move to the side with one hand on his hip.] "By the way, why didn't you show up for the Occult Club? We did make an appointment before that through text..."
Apollo: "Dear lord... no!" Asami: "Eep!" Wasting no time, Apollo would throw his sword blade first at the center of the table, tensing up as he takes note of its response, which would be to most likely break apart were it a completely ordinary table. He would take a step forward to retrieve the weapon before stopping and turning to his sister. Apollo: "Asami, can you sense if it's still alive?" Asami: "Uh, brother, I don't think it ever was." Apollo: "What do you mean? Is it some kind of undead?" Asami: "No it's, um... just an ordinary table." Apollo: "Really? It that case, we should exercise caution. It must be a trap meant to ensnare anyone too tired to walk." Asami: "Well... if you say so." Apollo would carefully kneel down at the edge of the table and pick his sword up, staring intensely at the remaining fragments of the piece of furniture.
"Red does not need friends. Red prefers to work alone." Red glances into the girl's eyes for only a moment, and finds her vision becoming a little hazy. Frozen corpses lying on the cold ground, the smell of blood and wolves. Always the wolves. Of course, the wolf hunter and the wolves. It was time for a hunt. There had been a hunt. And it was time for the hunter to join. "The scent..." though her first attack had little effect, it wouldn't discourage Red, who takes a step back before pulling six knives out of her coat, three for each hand, and unleashing a flurry of slashes upon her opponent, aiming to slice at their throat, between their ribs, through their wrist, any seemingly vulnerable spots. At the same time, Red's vision begins to haze over, forcing her to rely on her keen sense of smell to focus on her target.
"Clearly, I just wasn't trying hard enough, Nerd." Khnurm was clearly the cocky type, something the woman would need to take advantage of to win. Confident, and impatient. Kokoro remains defiant, crossing her arms with a grin. "Name's Kokoro Fudoji, or Big Sis Kokoro if ya'd please me." The first step, is simply to annoy her opponent. Kokoro's footing shifts a little among the loosened sands before she makes another dash towards Khnurm in an attempt to strike through his chest. The woman expects him to dissolve into sand again, in which case she's ready to make another blow as soon as Khnurm attempts to reform. Ineffective, perhaps, but likely to be annoying for one such as him.
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Kazuo The Sen look-alike would simply smile before attempting to grab the weapon Kazuo was offering, only instead of grabbing for the weapon they would grab for Kazuo's arm instead. There was something coating their hands but it would be hard to tell what it was exactly. The moment the substance touched him though he would know as a subtle dizziness took hold. The fake Sen would speak, using her familiar voice. Sen?: "Just relax, everything will be alright now." Apollo and Asami The table would break in half unable to handle a heavy sword being driven through it. Before anyone could say anything though a new table would seem to fall from the sky and land promptly in the place of the last without breaking. Whether Apollo was in the way or not seemed to matter not to the new table. Just then, someone would walk onto the platform, not even acting like he had anything to hide. It was the older looking gentleman merchant from before. Gentleman Merchant: "An infinite source of tables? Just think about the business opportunities with that. Oh, I'm sorry, am I interrupting something? I can come back later if you'd prefer." Red The knives would slice through the girl's body but it seemed as though the injuries she suffered simply refused to form for the moment. She seemed to take a heavy breath right after this as if she had been holding her breath. Another thing of note was the her forehead where she had been stabbed was starting to bleed now. However, the girl upon noticing this would begin whispering once more. Au: "I'm not bleeding. Your attacks do nothing. It's pointless." Though this claim was an obvious lie her words seemed to embed themselves into the minds of those who heard them. Red would now find it mentally painful just to think about or acknowledge the facts that the girl had denied. The hallucinations would worsen as well. The corpses began to reach upwards towards Red to try and grab her and just outside of visible range the eyes of wolves began to stare at her, gleaming from the shadows. Kokoro As predicted he would in fact once again break apart into a cloud of sand before trying to reform, beginning to speak as his body was coming back. Khnurm: "Don't you learn, physical attacks mean no-" He'd however be interrupted by the second strike as his body once more dissolved. It would reform a little ways away and a lot faster this time as he now seemed much less happy than before. Khnurm: "Don't you dare interrupt me!" He's swing both swords forward in a reckless manner, as if he wasn't even trying to hit her and it was possible he wasn't as she'd feel a rush of burning wind flow down along with the blades.
"The scent..." Red's attacks seemed to have no affect on her opponent, at least they didn't care to budge. Yet there was nothing else around, no other target. Just the bleak corpses on a frozen ground, the smell of wolves, the sound of screams... "Its invading my senses...." Red's vision hazes over. She doesn't see the bodies anymore, or the wolves. Though she can feel them, watching. She identifies her prey, who so far still remained in front of her, solely by smell. Now Red begins encircling the child as she continues to lash out with her knives. Red's attacks become more barbaric, feral, as the wolf-girl seems to enter a trance. Rather than making precise cuts at the girl's vitals, Red makes long, tearing slashes at their skin, scalp aiming to cause as much bleeding and pain as possible rather than her earlier assassin-like style.
[Kazuo would indeed begin to feel dizzy right after her touch, and he knew it wasn't her being close, this was something else. At the same time, just seeing her there didn't exactly make him want to care whatever happened. Even so.] "Everything's alright, yeah..." [He would quickly go for his rapier. In a quick move, he would release it from the scabbard and quickly go to pierce the fake Sen's chest with it.] "She's too awkward and cold to ever say something like that, let alone touch me." [Even if his...understanding of the girl may be incomplete, he knew for a fact that it made no logical sense that she would be here, let alone this be her if the illogical then becomes something easy to feel in a bad way. The dizziness didn't come out of nowhere.]
The new table would narrowly miss Apollo who was only phased by it until the merchant had shown up. He gets up and approaches the merchant, fixing his hair and smiling. Apollo: "It's alright, you're not interrupting anything. As you may have heard the other day, my name is Apollo... So, profit's important to you, huh? In that case, building up customer relations should be, as well." He courteously extends a hand out towards the unknown merchant. Apollo: "At the very least, it wouldn't hurt to lighten the mood here."
Khnurm's second reformation is too swift for Kokoro to react to, the girl just starting to pull back from her latest blow when he swings at her. However, if Khnurm was ever going to be off-guard, it would be now. The older woman shouts in reply "Diogenes!" and at her word, a spectral, blue figure clad in knight-like armor appears in an instant. Diogenes wears a long, wolf-like pelt covering the top of their armor and flowing down their back, while bearing a pair of gauntlets, each adorned with long, Wolverine-like claws. The instant Diogenes forms, he launches an uppercut at Khnurm, hoping to both interrupt his blow while catching him before he can transform into sand again. If Diogenes is unable to at least interrupt Khnurm, he would find his blade passing straight through Diogenes, allowing the attack on Kokoro to continue unobstructed.
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Red The girl in front of Red seemed calm as she could no longer prevent herself from being cut. For a moment the blood within her wounds seemed to simply refuse to come out and the wounds themselves seemed to occasionally simply fail to cause any damage but the sheer number of strikes would be more than she could keep up with. One by one more injuries began to appear and any that existed before began to bleed. Her blood itself was beginning to leak out as a golden substance. Through all this though she simply seemed to look back at Red calmly as if distanced from herself. Au: "You win. But I won't go yet." Suddenly, her eyes would go dark and something would seem to change. It was more like she simply decided to stop living but at the same time Red would feel something slip in through the back of her mind and stare at her. It was as if the last bit of the girl's will simply chose to latch onto Red's trauma. Despite this though the only condition for winning here seemed to be that her physical body was disposed of. Elian's voice could be heard once more as the barrier blocking the door faded. Elian: "Mental false Gods don't have many options if their opponents have any form of resistance to their power. Though you might want to be careful, madness tends to latch onto the damage it deals meaning there's a chance she left you with a 'gift'. I'll leave the choice to you this time, erase her or leave her?" Kazuo The fake Sen would seem to try and back away as Kazuo attacked but the rapier would still manage to tear through them, just not quite as deep. Despite this though Kazuo wouldn't feel as if he had struck any organs at all, as if they just weren't there. The fake Sen would smile as their form began to began to melt away. For a moment the being seem to become amorphous with no clear shape until it formed into the image of a somewhat older woman. Kazuo might recognize her as the woman from Elian's announcement, Motley. Motley: "Brat, attacking me like that! After I was willing to let you die without any pain. That still might be the case though. I just needed to make contact to guarantee that effect. So now you'll get to die without a struggle." Just as she said that Kazuo would feel the effects of whatever she had touched him with. The colors around him began to become more saturated and started blurring together. His vision would no longer be straight as the dizziness seemed to intensify from the visual effects. Motley: "My Protean abilities allow me to create a number of substances along my skin. If you were average I would be able to do this from a distance but physical skin contact is the only way to be sure it takes effect." Apollo The man seemed relieved that Apollo wasn't outright attacking him. He'd return the handshake before beginning to speak in regards to their situation. Gentleman Merchant: "Yes, I can't deny my own role in this either though. Even if I'm just a merchant I'm also using power that I never thought of the origins of. Perhaps it was always somewhat irresponsible for me to conduct business that way. Oh yes, you can call me Jack Trades. It's one of those made up sort of catchy names but it's the only one I've got now. You're probably already somewhat aware of the rules, yes? Under normal circumstances we'd be trying to spill each others blood as part of some test but... I'm not a fighter honestly. Or...more like I've never actually tried to fight anyone. If I may, can I suggest an alternative to brute violence? I don't believe there were any rules against a contest of another form." Jack would finally move over to the table and take a seat after fixing the chair back into the proper position. He'd also reach down at the scrap for the other table and a subtle glow would begin to take it over before the pieces began floating in the air.
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Kokoro and Amaya At that moment, the desert king would find himself struck with an unpredictable attack, not only interrupting his but as he disappeared into sand once more and began to back away a drop of golden colored blood would land in spot where he once was. Despite that attack not hitting Kokoro though she'd feel as though the water within her body was beginning to drain away. As if the residual wind of the attack had some secondary effect. Khnurm would appear a few more feet away now, having fled towards Kokoro's left side in order to give himself more space. There was now a bloody scratch along his chin one which he felt before looking down at the blood on his hand. Khnurm: "To think that a mere mortal would get this far against the god of the desert. No...You merely caught me off guard. Perhaps that's my punishment for underestimating you. You are no mere mortal. In which case I'll have to try that much harder." Divine yet twisted power coursed through the red head as the ground itself seemed to sway. Large pillars of sand began to rise from the ground, circling around Khnurm. He himself would simply stare at Kokoro as some sort of power seemed to target her. Khnurm: "Wither away!" Sand began to circle around Kokoro in the form of dust clouds. Rather than the secondary effect from before this was a full blow storm. The desert winds would begin drying everything around them, attempting to dehydrate Kokoro completely. This attack wasn't absolute but more of a concentrated form of the desert. It would feel like the equivalent to being trapped in the desert for several days.
Amaya, who'd merely been observing the other woman quietly up to now would speak up with a yawn as she stares at their foe displaying divine might. "Is that the best you can do? Why don't ya try and hurt someone who's got a real defense dumbass." Kokoro would find herself quickly pushed out of the attack's path by a pillar of ice that forms into a barrier for a few moments, this of course leaves the Godbound herself little time to dodge, but... The winds might cause her some discomfort, even a bit of damage if they're strong enough to slice into flesh. The dehydration effect does absolutely nothing to her however, she doesn't even really seem that winded in general while staring the man down and speaking in a mocking tone. Clearly trying to draw his attention. "See what I mean? Not even a serious effort ta soak up damage like that for me. You sure you aren't just a Low Sorcerer with an oversized ego?" She just laughs a bit while smiling at him smugly, with any luck the man's attention will be too much on her to pay Kokoro any mind for a bit.
Apollo heartily laughs at the man's suggestion. Apollo: "Found a loophole to those accursed rules, have you? That's wonderful. Whatever it is, i'm down. After all, a real fight is the last thing I want." He would then set up a chair directly across from Jack, setting down and facing him. He leans in forward, placing a fist on the table and putting his other hand over it. Apollo: "Here's hoping this'll be a game to remember. After all, if this ends up being my last memory, I wanna make it a good one." Asami: "Ooh, what are you playing? Can I watch?" Asami would try and take a seat at the side of the table, scooching towards her brother and staring at the merchant with gleeful anticipation.
"Guh..." Red falls to her knees, breathing heavily as she stares into the floor, calming herself if only for a moment. The blood had fallen, the prey was done, but the hunt had still only begun.. For now, Red gathers herself, just enough to remember where she is, and replies "There is only one ending for the hunted... Slaughter..." With her wish to erase her opponent made, Red would remain silent on the ground, if only for a few moments.
[He had made a mistake. Kazuo would have to take a knee to hold his head with both hands, and even then, the effect was not going away. He had no choice, he would need to keep his eyes closed the entire time, because he would otherwise be in a worse shape. What could he do?] "The girl you summoned, how? We've never met, so how could you do this...?" [Kazou would launch a punch to the air in the general direction of Motley, unleashing two void vortexes on the sides to the woman, and they would summon two massive blades that no human could ever use. Of course, since he could not see her, he would miss, and he knew about this.] "I can't attack properly, crap...!" [Kazuo would shake his head and try to open his eyes. However, his better judgment made it clear, he shouldn't do this.] "...I can't say this is how I wanted it to go like this..." [he would stand up and slowly walk backwards, nervously.] "W-What even are you...!? What’s a Protean, what are your powers…!? I’m confused!!" [If his back felt the glass yet again, he would continue, breathing harder.] “I shouldn’t have been involved with this…demons are so much more simple…!”
"I've been tellin' ya from the start, nothin' from heaven or hell is gonna stop me now." Kokoro spins to her left, readying herself to take the incoming blow, only for Amaya to interfere. She had started to feel more tired parches, and wasn't looking forward to the incoming attack, yet this interference didn't please her either. Kokoro raises a fist to break through the ice, but takes a deep breath. If she didn't actually have to fight this guy, there was no reason to force it. Though it may wound her pride, Kokoro will begrudgingly accept it. So long as it works to her advantage anyways.
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Kokoro and Amaya The man rather than getting upset would begin to laugh along too. His eyes were filled with desire now. Desire that wanted to see blood, desire that wanted to posses everything, desire for power. He just stared Amaya down as the desert wind calmed themselves. Sand was still swirling around him in the form of large pillar like structures but he almost seemed to ignore this phenomenon. "Durable? You're a fool if you think something like that will save you. The way of the desert is to break down everything overtime. The harsh sands will even reduce steel to rubble given enough time. Maybe you'd like to see the full extent to my power? Allow me to show you just how divine the fury of the desert can be! Rage of the Simoom!" With this the winds would begin stirring again, this time they were less focused though, simply spreading around the room and picking up more and more. The heat would be something else as well. The ice pillar from before would not be melted though, rather the wind and sand would simply tear into it to try and break it down piece by piece. The wind combined with the sand would become like a storm of daggers being flung around at random. Anything flammable would also begin to catch fire. However, Khnurm would seem...winded from using his power so frequently in a row, as if he had spent a little more effort than he had been keeping track of. "Now...you both will be...Huff Huff...torn to pieces!" Apollo and Asami Jack would smile as the wooden chair pieces seemed to fuse to the top of the table to make a makeshift battlefield of sorts. Jack Trades: "I've always been somewhat of a magic vendor I suppose. My products are like those you'd see from any scam artist. The difference being what I sell is genuine. So how about we play a game of war with these." The remaining wood would begin changing form, becoming more malleable before falling to the table as a set of 8 clay soldiers split between yellow and red. Jack Trades: "Special dolls made to absorb magic. They also animate when given enough power and can act on their own. A little game of war where we put these dolls up against each other instead. In truth, making small miracles like this is the most I can do and these dolls can't hold that much power anyway." Red There'd be a momentary silence as Elian seems to be getting something ready. Red would actually begin to overhear Elian speaking to someone else. ???: "So, just like that, huh. Why?" Elian: "They lost. This is only natural. Under normal circumstances they'd be dead anyway but they're clinging on like a parasite." ???: "But, isn't there-" Elian: "These are your rules, aren't they? You're the one who suggested this test. A true god wouldn't need to latch on like a bug to live." With that Elian would begin speaking directly to Red again sounding almost too enthusiastic. Elian: "If you wish to complete your hunt then I will gladly discard of the leftovers. I believe I'm almost beginning to grow fond of you for making such a choice. Gate of the Ageless... Erasure."
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Kazuo Motley would just smile looking over proud of herself before replying in a belittling tone. Motley: "You can't hide things from one who rules over deception. Of course, I've never seen the girl before so I could only mimic her physical traits but wearing that lesser beings skin was enough to deceive you. Truth and lies mean nothing before me. Proteans are perfect beings capable of taking any form. When we awaken we shed our previous false bodies like the blight they are and become as gods. If any are worthy of living in this new world of no gods then it is us, the most true of all beings! Not that it matters at all. Soon you will find eternal rest. However, if you submit now then perhaps I'll find it in my heart to allow you to be a lesser servant. Don't bother trying to trick me, I'm only looking for absolute loyalty, anything less would never be enough to deceive me." For now it seemed the woman was more intrested in hearing Kazuo's reply than attempting to fight back in any other way, simply allowing him to do whatever it was he was. Everyone All at once, there'd be a pulse that could be felt by all. Something within time itself had changed. If they hadn't been in this strange place where time seemed to bend in strange ways they might not have noticed anything but something had been erased. Red would obviously know the best as the girl who had latched onto her was now gone. There was no hatred or despair, they simply ceased to be at that moment. Only the most focused wouldn't have noticed the strange feeling, others would find themselves momentarily distracted by the pulse as it became clear that someone had been erased at this moment.
"Now you're just being a sore loser!" Kokoro exclaims from her spot behind the ice pillar. With how the wind was gathering the frost wouldn't protect her for long, so the woman would have to take matters into her own hands. A few sparks of Khnum's fire light near the end of Kokoro's cape as the woman strikes her fists together, a faint-red circle forming under her as she does so. "Stakes of Protection!" at her command, 12 walls made of the woman's energy form around her, 6 forming a hexagonal barrier that reaches only a little higher than Kokoro to guard the woman from the end, and 6 spread further outward to act as a windbreaker and further cover. At this point Kokoro's only goal was to wait it out, crouched near one of her barriers. If Kokoro's actions happened to help Amaya that would be fine in her eyes, but its not a priority. "Just give up before you're seriously hurt."
[Kazuo was about to reply as he felt something being deleted completely from existence. What kind of place was this...? Could it have been one of those gods? It may have been that. Could it be that it was about to happen to him? He would shake his head as the transparent apparition of a woman with a featureless face, yellow eyes, long black hair and wearing serpent-like armor comes out of Kazuo's body.] "If it doesn't matter at all, then let me show you my valor at least, as a servant." [Kazou would throw a punch, unleashing a single void vortex that would shoot out gears and metal pieces out of it at incredible speed, all crashing possibly right in front of the woman. Soon after, Doppel would do the same, and whether it hits or not, it's up in the air. It was aimed a bit further up compared to the last one. Kazuo always needed to aim it, and with a lack of spacial awareness, this was difficult.] "Don't take any ill will, it's not like I can kill you anyways. You said soon, and you did say you may consider it. I'm trying to give you reasons to be sure of it, while I still have the time." [Kazuo would drop to his knees again, still with both eyes closed, and Doppel would follow too.] "So... Proteans are shapeshifters...? Were you human once too, or am I wrong? I don't know anything. I would rather know what I'm getting into. Are your powers a result of some...divine source?"
Apollo would cringe at the sensation, momentarily covering his mouth with one hand as he winces from the sudden realization. In that moment, he felt a sense of empathy for the erased life that had greatly pained him. Asami, meanwhile, did not have the full extent of understanding which her brother had. She had never dealt with the concept of death herself or even thought about it, so she barely recognizes the emotional strain which had delayed her brother in that instant. Instead, she absently stares at the game pieces, awestruck. Apollo: "Tch... that it should happen this soon!? I'm sorry, Jack. This... place is a lot to process. Why don't you make the first move?" Apollo would whisper to himself (Why... Why is this happening???)
“The... Scent..” Red remains breathing heavily on the ground for a few moments as the feeling washes over her. One less threat. One less prey. One less. But the hunt still continues. Without the extra baggage Red did feel better. Well enough to continue anyways, with only a few words for Elian “Thank... You...”
Amaya... Well, she doesn't dodge. And she's not in any way above taking advantage of the other woman's barrier. Despite any differences they may have it ultimately serves to make this a bit easier on her, hopefully that shield combine with her own natural toughness and the unmelting layer of ice that hides below her skin and bursts forth in response to attack trying to blunt them is enough to keep her from being too damaged. Unlike Kokoro however Amaya's not going to spend any more time trying to reason with this lunatic, she knows enough about the history of his region to say the young woman's likely too far gone if he's a royal. "Don't waste your breath, judging by the name I'd guess he's a prince of a hilariously inbreed royal family. Well known for madness even in places far away... Nah, just FREEZE!" That final word is clearly aimed at Khnurm judging by the way a bitter chill bursts forth, it's a horrficly cold wind that even ignoring the supernnatural might backing would cause damage to someone. Considering said might would allow it to freeze someone's body directly though, it'll hopefully cause some decent harm. Even if's a fairly basic use of Winter.
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Kokoro and Amaya Khnurm would mostly be focused on his opponents, enough to even see the attack coming as the barriers his foes had set up seemed to begin holding off his winds. All he could do against the torrent of freezing air was divert his attention to the sand pillars around him. He'd focus the pillars of sand in front of him as the winds would begin dying down. The sand of course would freeze solid in front of him, allowing him to keep from taking damage though something would seem off. The man was already breathing heavily and looked almost completely worn out. Yet, this didn't stop him from moving past his frozen barrier and holding a hand up to where his opponents were. Khnurm: "I-is that all! You who don't even know anything or understand anything about me? Don't you dare mock my resolve by mentioning those damn royals! As if I'd have anything to do with those fake nobles! I...I'm much more powerful then they are and that's why I...!" The sand in the area would seem to begin shifting, the ground itself was shaking, the winds began to build more and more as the man looked more and more determined and then... He'd fall onto his side and the sand and wind would settle once more. Khnurm: "...W-what? No...that can't be all! I...I can't lose here, not when I'm so close! Damn you to hell body! Get back up!" Despite how he struggled though he felt that his efforts were all exhausted. Kazuo The woman would eye kazuo, wondering if she should simply just read him than and there to see if he was telling the truth or not but in the end she decided it didn't matter. To her this mortal had already submitted. The metal pieces would land close to the woman with only stray pieces hitting her mostly but her skin seemed to harden in response to any impact. Motley: "I suppose there's no harm in telling you. Where we come from there's a divine lottery of sorts. Those who win become Gods by being imbued with the Words of Power. Words that can shape reality itself as they govern over the many rules of reality itself. Proteans are especially fortunate though. We achieve not only divine power but absolute freedom of form. The physical world no longer limits us and we can achieve true perfection! In a way of speaking we embody evolution, as the ultimate end goal of all life." The woman almost seemed entranced by her own words. She didn't seem to care much for anything else at this point, so much so it would almost seem she forget she was speaking to someone. Apollo and Asami Jack seemed to sigh heavily as if he too had noticed something. His expression seemed to show a sign of dread as he took four of the dolls and began to mix in some odd form of power into them. It would seem like any other divine power but it was chaotic. There was no rhyme or reason to what the power embodied as if it embodied everything and nothing at once. With that done he'd place one of the dolls down and have it walk into the arena. Jack Trades: "Your move now." Red It was subtle but a light feeling of the Lich smiling at Red would take effect until she could feel that his presence had vanished from the area completely. Further ahead Red would find that the doorway would lead into a room that was taller than it was wide. It's be a few yards across but seem to go upwards forever. Within it as well were strange round lanterns that seemed to just remain idly floating in the air. That would be another odd thing about the room. There was an updraft that seemed to constantly be flowing upwards. It wasn't strong enough to knock anyone off their feet but it would be enough where one would feel their body hover momentarily if they were to jump.
"I see, so "Words" that have power and allow you to control even reality. Which... of course means there are many words that do many different things, and by extension there is a "super" kind of word out there. Pretty interesting." [Kazuo would clap his hands together, but Doppel would not follow along, just watching forward, paying attention to what the enemy right in front of them was doing. Kazuo's body would be covered by scale-like red markings that would quickly escape his body and latch on to the blades and gears he had released previously. He knew she was distracted, and this would not take long.] "However, I don't need to bend the rules to get ahead in life, just skillfully play around them and my own limits." "IMAGINARY 2.0 - DEEP TRANSMIGRATION!!" [A loud roaring noise would escape Kazuo's body as the swords and gears shift around violently, quickly creating a kind of tight dome that would trap and tightly hold his enemy in place as more and more pieces come together, melding and gain a somewhat spiky look. This melted metal would harden and get a proper shape, four limbs and a small pointy tail. To the front, a head with a beak-like mouth would form, taking away all the light the enemy, hopefully trapped within, would have. With a lack of eyes, the red markings would give the creature life as it merely lets out a shriek.] "Manifestation of Punishment, let them shiver!!" "2.13 - Deep Guillotine Tortoise!!" [The floor under it would begin to be covered by ice, and near it the temperature would drop as well, more and more for anyone other than Kazuo that is. Within it, it would not stop dropping. Trapped within, the enemy would find themselves unable to move and have their head and neck forced towards the throat of the Tortoise. The very same one would open its mouth and reveal a sharp, ice cold upper guillotine-like blade, going up more by the second.] "Say hello to Genbu. It's called Guillotine for a reason. Even if the strike doesn't kill you, you won't ever be able to move, or you may actually be able to freeze to death or enough so I can crush your body. Whatever the case, I'm still ready to go. Do Re Might!" [Kazuo's body would be covered by a white aura as it absorb the vibration the mere presence the creature creates, making his body resistant to any blow or physical contact that may come to it. Nothing can get through his shield, but at the same time, he cannot move while it's active.]
Uhhh i'm not exactly sure how to play the game should I just ask in canon or will you explain it to me?
Kokoro breathes out a faint sigh of relief before dropping her barriers. There didn't seem to be much of a need for them anymore, so the woman stands back up and glares at Khnurm "Are you done?" Kokoro asks in a gruff tone before continuing "If so there's really no reason to go any further. I mean this has to count as a win right?" Kokoro asks the area, they were doubtlessly being watched so their observer would have to hear her right? "The sooner we can get going the better."
Red smiles back at the Lich, though she couldn't see him anyways. It meant little, but the hunter did as she felt. Upon reaching the drafty room, the Wolf Hunter sniffs the air momentarily, searching for anything unusual, primarily any other participants. She'd already faced one after all, it seemed likely that another enemy might be around. As the woman searches, she paces across the room, noting the air and the faint bounce in her steps. Soon, Red leaps, the wind helping her go rather high into the air, before landing on a wall and starting to slide down it.
Amaya just raises an eyebrow at their foe, spikes of ice forming near his head but not trying to rush into it quite yet. "What she said, I don't really want to kill you so just give up please? There isn't any sense in this going on further, and you clearly aren't used to dealing with competent threats." The woman would shrug a bit at Kokoro's question though, there's no telling if Elian is listening. But it's not exactly unlikely either... "Guess we'll find out how things go from here... Nothing to do but wait a bit unless our 'friend' tries something else." With that she goes silent for a bit and merely observes the other godbound, ice still posed and ready to strike by her will.
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Kazuo At first it would seem as if the woman had no way to escape the trap that had been set but suddenly, the turtle would be empty as if the woman had simply faded away into nothing. A single small dragonfly would quickly dash out of what little opening there was at the head of the guillotine. It was flying towards Kazuo now at a high speed that could be expected from such a swift insect. It's shape would quickly begin changing though as it increased in size. It became bigger and began growing scales. Two of its six legs would replace its wings as they began to take on a different shape. Claws began to develop at the end of the other legs as well and it grew large teeth. By the time it reached Kazuo it would now be a moderately sized dragon with a look of outrage in its eyes. Motley: "You think you can deceive a master of deception? Just who do you think you are!?!" Kazuo would find a torrent of fire being spewed his way except...It wouldn't be hot at all and the color was off. It looked more orange than normal flames and seemed to linger in the air around him. Apollo and Asumi Jack Trades: "Are you not taking your turn yet? Guess I'll explain the rules more. Basically you're giving one offense and defense to each soldiers based around whatever power you've got. We take turns having them attack one another to see if your defense can withstand each others attack. Whichever soldier gets destroyed first loses that round. If neither is destroyed though then its a draw. Pretty simply, right?" Red Elian's voice would once more echo throughout the room. Elian: "Apologies but it seems you've made it here much faster than anticipated. The others have barely even begun it seems. I promise you'll have your next challenge soon. All I ask for is your patience." Amaya and Kokoro At first there was a silence. All Khnurm could do now was shake slightly as he tried to will his body to move but to no avail. Finally, their undead host would begin speaking, his calm seemed as calm as ever at the moment. Elian: "As long as your opponent lays defeated then the way will be open. Once both of you exit I'll go ahead and finish things here. By that of course, I mean that they'll be erased... Understand, peasant prince? You're going to die here now." Elian would almost sound cheerful when he announced that last bit but Khnurm suddenly looked fearful with realization of what he was being told. Khnurm: "I-I...No...Not here!" Memories were beginning to flow through him. His reasons for struggling to survive all these years were flooding back to him. Khnurm: "I need to pay them back...not here!" Despite any struggles he made though there was nothing he seemingly could do at the moment. Even getting up would only lead to him falling back down unable to move. Yes, all he could do was think. All that was left to do was to think and remember.
Kokoro pauses for a moment, eyes closed in thought with arms crossed, before finally letting out a sigh. Kokoro simply decides to walk forward, as Elian had instructed. "Fine. I'll play by your rules. Just make sure to remember that reward ya promised." Ultimately, Kokoro gives Amaya the cold shoulder, so to speak. They had worked together well for the previous encounter, but they could easily end up fighting each other at the end, if nowhere else. So there wasn't a point in getting attached. The woman will simply let the burden of their actions slide away, so as to keep their eyes focused on the future.
Asami sighs, nervously giggling at Apollo's delayed action Asami: "I'm sorry, my brother can be a bit absent-minded at times." Apollo would blush slightly, reaching for 4 of the game pieces of his own. Apollo: "I'm not absent-minded! I'm just... paying attention to something not entirely relevant." He then unleashes his own divine power onto his soldiers, a vibrant mix of destructive torrents and unyielding stone, backed up by a frightful atmosphere of dim moonlight. Apollo: "Alright, let's see. I guess i'll start simple." He would place one of his own game pieces down and have it walk into the area as well, having it recklessly charge towards the opposing soldier with its sword raised high in the air, slashing down diagonally against its enemy's chest upon drawing near. As a result of the divine power bestowed upon it by Apollo, the game piece's sword would be greatly enhanced. PM me if I need to edit cause this wack
["So that's how it goes, restraining won't do." He thinks as he immediately knows the enemy had escaped quickly. At the same time, Tortoise would allow his mouth to fall, having nothing to execute sadly.] "Guess I can't play normally. Alright then...!" [Doppel would be his eyes at the moment, but he could feel the fire wasn't doing much. He covered himself and prepared himself all the same. Sadly, this kind of impact does not translate into vibrations he could use to fight back.] "Lawful Blades, let's get this going!" [This time Kazuo, although confused, would unleash four total blades. One massive one, two very long ones and a single x-shaped one, all dropping around him with no intent of attack. At the other side of the arena, Doppel would copy the moves and release 2 more, however, their shape was different. 4 long swords in a single line. At this time, Doppel's figure would become a bit hazy, like being corrupted. It could only do one more move before going away.] "I was trying to keep you there and get time in order to properly set my creatures up, but whether this one trap worked or not, it's irrelevant. I've already caught up to speed. I can fight you head on now, dumbass." [He would be unable to move as Tortoise rushes ahead, at a great speed almost impossible for a beast its size. His body would gain spikes similar to those on a Morningstar, looking to impale the enemy. If that fails, it would make impact with Kazuo instead, but even if this happened, Kazuo's body would absorb the blow and merely be pushed back, upping his Vibration Field to Level 2.]
"I see..." Red drops to the floor once more, before she begins tapping her foot. The wolf hunter decides to use this time to get familiar with her surroundings, leaping around the room as a way of experimenting with the air flow in preparation for their next target.
Amaya doesn't really like the idea of just letting this poor bastard die, despite how much she's mocked and belitted him throughout this battle he's still a human being dammit... "So that's it huh? You have a point and all, but don't think that means I beleive your murders are okay. Either way I guess that I'm going on as well..." She doesn't like this, but she's smart enough to realize it's a fight that can't be won in the least bit. As for Kokoro, despite the young woman seeming nice and having been a help here she can see just as clearly. They may not be helping each other in this forever. And thus the Godbound merely walks on ahead with a thankful nod to her temporary ally and nothing more.
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Kokoro Kokoro would have no issues leaving the room but just as they did the barrier behind them would suddenly reappear as their adversary from before began to get back up, a strange new energy surrounding him. It was far too late though, she no longer had access to the room and her only path would lie ahead of her. That path, should she choose to take it, would lead downwards into a dark hallway. The only light would be directly ahead and that light eventually would lead to a room that was was circular but seemed to have no ceiling and was full of strange floating lamps. A powerful updraft seemed to keep them suspended in the air and one felt as though the wind could carry them if they were to jump. Apollo and Asami The soldier that was attacked would be cut right into pieces but those pieces would quickly shake rapidly before coming back together and reattaching themselves. Jack Trades: "My defense was the power of a god of healing. Based on your name I was scared for a moment that you might use fire but perhaps your saving the best for latter. Now for my offense..." For a moment it almost seemed like Jack himself wasn't sure of what his own move was but he'd snap his fingers before announcing his move. Jack Trades: "Ah, yes, the sea. The power of the ocean. That should be interesting!" The arena would seem to begin to flood as water poured from the surface of the doll. Somehow the water didn't spill and instead simply seemed to make a tank of sorts over the battlefield. Bit of the water seemed to suddenly hold odd looking sea creatures that resembled tiny fish with rows of sharp teeth. The fish would swarm Apollo's piece attempting to tear it apart. Jack Trades: "If this attack fails then we tie for this round, by the way." Kazuo Perhaps to Kazuo's surprise the dragon would simply brace for collision and allow the tortoise to impale it head on. It looked down at him with a fierce snarl and despite golden blood leaking from its back it showed no sign of pain. The orange residue the fire left behind wouldn't have burned him but it seemed to contaminate the air. Breathing it in would lead to an overwhelming sense of ease. In reality it was a form of laughing gas that the Motley seemed to simply shrug off. Their body once more began to change, becoming too small for the tortoise to remain attached but the injuries didn't yet fade as she returned to human form leaving large wound in her back. Despite this though she simply glared at Kazuo with a smile. Motley: "You really think you can hurt me with such brute strength? Didn't I already explain to you what I was. The physical world belongs to me, from the most potent of elixers to the most greivous of wounds." And with that said the wounds on her back would rapidly begin closing as flesh seemed to stretch and extend back into place and bones cracked into position. Her arms would also begin to extend into sharpened blades that seemed to be coated in a purple sludge of sorts.
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Amaya Amaya's exit would become blocked being the last person to try and leave. Khnurm would be standing once more but something seemed drastically different now. He almost didn't seem conscious anymore or perhaps it was more as though everything but a certain desire had shutdown for him. Memories had suddenly flooded his mind moments before as if the rules of this place had caused him to recover what was once lost to delusion. Khnurm: "I...can't be erased...I survived this long so...I could claim revenge...I won't let myself be erased now!" Divine power began to pour through his veins as every inch of his being suddenly seemed to ignite. His power began to overflow as any essence of his humanity seemed to fade. Amaya might be aware of what just occurred. The god before her had just used up the last of his power to give himself a second wind of sorts but something would be amiss as well. His eyes didn't shine with the divine energy he once held but with one he didn't previously posses and in that would be the nature of the desire he held. Vengence... That would be what now ignite his being more than anything before. He'd waste no time once more rushing at Amaya but his actions didn't seem to purely be reckless abandon as he would stop short of her before simply shouting out a command. Khnurm: "Die." And with those words Amaya would suddenly find a flurry of energy that seemed to form around Khnurm's body flying at her and attempting to cut her to pieces.
OOC: alright, I think I see why you use multiple accounts now. I can't be switching constantly so just imagine Kokoro throughout this. Kokoro looks back as their former foe reemerges and the barrier comes back up. The older woman watches for a few seconds, before closing her eyes with a frown "We were gonna have to separate sooner or later. This is probably for the best." With that, Kokoro breaths out a sigh and moves forward, taking a cautious glance around as if expecting an attack at any moment, yet there was nothing to see. Not until she emerges into the circular room. It seems almost suspiciously empty as Kokoro looks out into it "So is this where the next god's supposed to be?"
["So the physical world is the real deal, I've got an idea but I need to move, now!" He thinks as he feels at ease more and more by the second. His barrier could protect him from physical pain, but not so something like gas. He learnt this from fighting that one alien chick a while ago. He wouldn't even speak. Instead, he would focus his Vibration Field into one point on the ground, releasing it completely under him, creating something close to a small tremor.] "Release! Imaginary 2.0 - Deep Transmigration!!" [The vibrations would focus then on the blades he had summoned around him this time, making them fly and change form quickly. The long ones would become wider, the single one would shift its form and then the big one would fuse with the smaller one to form a body and a massive tail. Red markings would then come out of Kazuo's body as they focus onto the Chimera that would soon take flight. A powerful gust would form as well.] "Manifestation of Anger, rise to the skies above!" [The fusion of all the materials would slowly make a gigantic bird beatings its wings, creating Minuscule but constant Wind damage to everything around it. Its head in the shape of an X and no eyes, with a beak sharp enough to cut through diamond would open itself letting out a powerful shriek. Kazuo would then jump on the back of the bird as it tries to get away from the enemy. The wind it creates making it impossible far any type of gas to get any closer.] "Hahaha...! 2.43 - Deep Doremi Hawk!!" [Kazuo could still fight, and although he wasn't hurt, he would need to find a way to defeat them. He knew what their power was now, but even still, just throwing attacks won't work. With that in mind, Hawk would begin by calling forth it's Storm Caller, making the beating of its wings more powerful. Although the damage wouldn't be beyond Medium, it should be harsh enough to make anyone on land moving have a hard time at it. Then, considering its weight, Tortoise would stand its ground, within the same area it was after its attack. Instead, it would try to make the ground colder by using its Absolute Zero. From this Chimera, ice would quickly spread and cover the floor, making it cold enough to trap anyone that was still touching it, freezing their body at an almost cartoonish speed. Kazuo didn't want to admit it, as Doppel still flies behind him. But he was getting a bit desperate. Just brute force won’t always be enough, maybe he should’ve started with Serpent after all, the only one capable of psychological effects.] "I can still fight, I will show you what I can d-do...!!!"
"From the Shadows..." Kokoro doesn't have to wait long for Red to emerge from her hiding spot clinging to the wall above Kokoro's doorframe. The Lupus hunter dives to the space directly in front of Kokoro, aiming a slash at their face as she passes before leaping across the room to gain some distance back "The hunt begins..."
Apollo would smirk as a powerful force pushes the water back from around his soldier, a relatively large pocket of air forming. As such, no sea creature would be able to get to it without sufficating or being held back from the force propelling the water. Apollo: "I suppose it wasn't the best idea to name myself after an American space program when I live in Japan" He shrugs. Apollo: "So, uh, when the next round starts how do you determine who goes first?"
Thanks to not having spent overly much of her own power up to now, the woman can afford to spend some real effort upon defending herself at this point... A thing she'd do with a mere smirk and her own single word reply. "Never." It's stated with merely boredom as the energy rushes at her, and hits perfectly. It doesn't do anything though, her body simply shrugs off any ill effects one might expect of the attack while an unshakeable sense of Endurance rushes forth from Amaya. "I told you didn't I? I'm not so easily killed, even for our standards I'm tough as they come." She'd not call upon any more effort in the counter attack, instead merely relying upon the lethal chill of winter that dances to her whims, the winds would rush directly at her foe as the air itself forms into a spike of ice. Flying directly at her enemy's head while the Godbound watches warily, she knows can't afford to simply negate everything he does after all, but in that moment it simply seemed the most workable defense.
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Kokoro and Red Elian would speak as Red had already spotted her next prey. Elian: "Quite a sudden start but it seems two mortals found eachother. How intresting... Well, you should already be aware of the rules. The winner moves on and the loser stays behind. Of course, I have no intention of erasing either of you so what happens next is up to the both of you. Show what power lies in those the false believe themselves to be above." Kazuo At first, the woman seemed to have trouble with the wind but her eyes seemed to gleam just as it seemed the ice would freeze her. Her gaze would set upon the creature Kazuo had just created and her form would begin to change once more. She seemed to be propelled into the air to join Kazuo. An ethereal form that would bend and twist began to mimic that of Kazuo's chimera but it looked more natural as if more focus had been put into making it look more aesthetically pleasing. It would begin creating wind as well to try and counter the chimera's but something else would begin to occure as well. The needle like arms the woman formed before hadn't disappeared and had simply remained as an extra pair of arms located under the wings. The arms would stretch out in an almost cartoonish way to attempt to stab Kazuo or his chimera. It wasn't exactly incredibly fast as the minute it crossed the threshold between the two clashing wind storms it would begin to sway but there was obviously some form of muscle remaining to drive the arms to their target. Apollo and Asami Jack would try chuckling at that but he didn't quite have the cheer in his voice to make it sound convincing. Jack Trades: "Suppose I could use some power to find out what your talking about but I'm already pretty tired just from this game. Since you went first last time it'll be my move first now." Jack would wait for Apollo to send in another doll before sending in his own. Immediately, the doll would form what seemed to be a bow crafted from spectral light. The doll would hold it back for a moment before unleashing a large arrow directly at the other that seemed to be the product of pure power. Jack Trades: "The bow, mastery over ranged combat. Didn't think I'd draw something like that for offense." Amaya Perhaps to Amaya's surprise Khnurm would do the same in response to her attack only he would suffer the brunt of it. The icicles would leave several bloody gashes in his face but his response to this was to simply smile. Khnurm: "And now I'll take revenge upon you as well..." With that said Amaya would suddenly feel something. It would be something they wouldn't be able to shake off even with divine power. It would feel to her as if daggers had been pointed at her from all directions. On top of that the furious god's eyes now seemed to be perfectly fixed on her with no sign of allowing her to escape. He'd once again rush towards her, this time with swords drawn crafted from the sandy wind from before, only now the sand covered wind was blood red. He'd strike her with a simple attack but the daggers seemed to suddenly close in. Amaya would feel as though she couldn't dodge the attack at all and if it inflicted damage to her the injuries would be the worst they could end up being. For now it was a simple attack to her right shoulder as if Khnurm was still testing out what this ability might do.
[Kazuo would glare at the imitation of his own Chimera as his Hawk kept beating its wings to negate the new current. He was thinking what to do at a moment like this. He knew the wind and other elements may work but physical strikes simply won't. With that in mind, he may need Tortoise to help with a ranged attack as Hawk maintains its position. Even so, he could not allow that attack to connect with him, because while Hawk may be fine, he would not be, it was obvious some kind of secondary effect would get to him. There was a safe option, and a risky one. Then again, he also knew he could probably take the risk and leave safely.] "All the pieces are right here...! I need to move them accordingly. Do Re Might!" [Kazuo would take the time wind had given him in order to absorb the vibrations all around the area, creating his Vibration Field at Level 1. Doppel would remain waiting, as the next duplication attack was not going to happen yet. Hawk would open its metallic beak and release an incredibly loud soundwave that would travel through the wind it itself creates while also making the wings beat with more power, now up to the level of Heavy damage, now being able to create cutting injuries on the enemy. The power that Storm Caller has is slow, but it would grow stronger with time, however, it cannot get past Heavy and it forces Hawk to remain in place. Other than the already active move, it would use his War Monger ability, which should normally cloud the mind of those on the receiving end, making them prone to anger and leaving them more vulnerable to attacks, an attack straight to the psyche. If the arms go through regardless of the wind, then Hawk would be pierced but will retain its position, although now obviously damaged and weaker, making the beating of the wings go down to Medium meanwhile Kazuo would stop the impact altogether and would raise his Field to Level 2. At this time, Tortoise would also move ahead to release its own attack of ice. It would open its guillotine-like jaw and charge up a small magical orb, blue in color. The orb itself would compact itself into the shape of a small sharp projectile, more plasma and gas than solid. He would release it directly at woman, Cold Injection. This move does not damage on impact, but if it hits, it's quickly going to freeze the objective, either trapping them forever or making sure they escape with some awful frostbite.]
"The hell?" Kokoro wasn't expecting such a sudden attack, but manages to stumble backwards enough to avoid losing her sight, receiving only a nasty gash across her nose. The woman brings up her fists for a counter, yet her opponent already seems to be gone. But it only takes a moment for Kokoro to find her opponent and let out an irritated sigh "Not one for a fair fight then? Fine, I'll just have to smash through." Kokoro keeps an eye on her opponent's movements, taking a low stance before making a dashing punch forward, ending near the arena's center and sending a wave of force at Projekt Red "No one's going to stop me, most certainly not some overgrown wolf."
Red uses the boost from the wind to leap up and over Kokoro's blast wave, landing against the wall a few stories above her opponent before kicking off. Rather than going directly at Kokoro, Projekt Red leaps across to the other side of the arena, before jumping off to one of the sides, then the other, aiming to encircle their prey and keep them guessing. "Lupus, not wolf. Lupus." It wouldn't be long before Red makes her move, this time diving to land in front of Kokoro, slashing through the girl's exposed stomach and aiming at a kidney before using their momentum to leap back to the other side of the arena
Apollo would, indeed, place a new piece on the table. The turn beginning, he would glare intensely at the gameboard, gasping upon the sudden incoming arrow. He grits his teeth, a large piller of stone forming in front of his soldier. Should it successfully stop the arrow from reaching his soldier, he would sigh with relief and continue. Apollo: "My earth power sure comes in handy. It gives me mastery over, uh..." Asami: "Brother, I don't think you have to explain your powers too (You'd be better off just staying quiet)." Apollo: "...In that case, i'll just get on with my counterattack, Night!" He dramatically thrusts his hand forward, eight tendrils of darkness materializing in a ring shape in front of the soldier. These tendrils would fly forth through the air all in different directions, striking through and evaporating the body of the enemy soldier all at different angles should they connect.
The blade sinking into her shoulder does do... Some damage, it's slowed down by the thick layers of frost around her body though, and the young woman's general toughness being what it is means she doesn't seem too concerned for the moment. "Revenge huh? Yeah sure, you can try man. But how about I go ahead and try... This." She'd point her hand toward the man, eyes gleaming with digital light as his head would start... Burning up, trying to process vast amounts of digital information that it is in no way designed to handle at all. It's a skill Amaya has practiced quite a bit in fact, Divine Wrath of Networks, overloading a victim upon vast amounts of data within moments. "I'm not gonna die to you, and I don't intend to allow anyone to use that little prize if I can help it. Rewriting the world sounds like a less than great thing to me."
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Kazuo The arms would end up blown away as there wasn't much guiding them in the first place. The wind would badly damage them nearly tearing them off in the process but they'd retract atan almost remarkable speed. Only ending up broken and cut but soon these injuries would fade as the bone snapped back into place and skin stretched to cover the cuts. The woman's imitation wouldn't be able to keep up with the increasing winds so rather than face them directly she'd slow back away mid-air. Of course, this meant her attention would be on Kazuo rather than the turtoise from before. She had assumed it simply couldn't reach her leaving her suprised when she was struck with the strange projectiles that would begin freezing her body. Eyes formed all over her body that Kazuo would be able to see the reaction of clearly. Twisted anger beginning to form within her from both the mental influence and the pain of the frostbite. Kazuo would hear a scream before the woman's imitation melted away. A large glowing red creature began to take its place. The creature would appear a phoenix at base but was much larger with a constantly burning body, attempting to melt any ice off it. It would now just attempt to fly up higher and unleash a wave of flames that almost seemed to be more of a liquid than a plasma on top of Kazuo's position. The attack itself wasn't well aimed, just simply seeming like an attempt to rain down an attack on him. Kokoro and Red OOC: You guys can kind of just do your own thing for now. I don't have much to add right now. Apollo and Asami The arrow wouldn't simply collide with the stone rather it would simply seem to curve around the stone though this change in direction would take it a moment to make. Meanwhile, the soldier would protect itself in a similar way. Eight large pillars of stone to attempt to block of each tendril though even Jack seemed unsure how this might work out. Jack Trades: "I drew the same card this time. Though I really don't have much control over that anyway honestly." Amaya At first this overload of data would seem to be effective as the man began reaching for his head but his eyes once again flared up and the hostility within him seemed to form into a barrier eating away at the data but also being dissolved itself in the process. The man would also back away leaving the dagger in place that now seemed to push itself into Amaya's shoulder even more deeply, cutting through any defense she had as if it were non existent. Khnurm would simply gesture one of his hands towards Amaya before she might feel a small piece of her divine power get torn off. Which part wouldn't be something immediately obvious but it would fly into the man's hand before disappearing within his grasp. He didn't even bother responding to Amaya anymore either. Something was starting to seem off about his movements. Not those of someone who was even awake or aware of what was happening. As if his divine power was the only thing left driving him on.
"I don't care what you are freak. Just hold still for a second." Kokoro turns rapidly, keeping her guard up as she attempts to keep track of Red's movements. It was just a matter of waiting for now, standing there until an opportunity arose. As frustrating as this might be, they weren't the quickest member, forcing them to take a defensive position. When Red dives forward, she finds her position being intercepted by Kokoro's fist. "What the hell's a freak like you doing here anyways? Its not like your life's at stake."
In an instant, red twists her body to readjust her position and land just beside Kokoro. Though she could feel the force of the woman's fist passing by her, it doesn't bother Red in the slightest. No, her eyes are that of a stone cold killer, a hunter staring down its prey "Granny asked me." As red passes by, she slashes up Kokoro's arm instead, a sort of punishment for attempting to strike her, before leaping back out of reach again. The wind gave Red a significant andvantage due to her speed, and she was going to take advantage of it. Never giving her opponent a real chance to hit her. "Granny asks me. So I obey. The smell of wolves, the smell of blood. The pulsing in my blood..." as before, Red jumps over Kokoro, keeping well out of the girl's reach as she begins leaping around the arena, only this time the woman throws out three of her daggers from nearly opposing directions, as if to keep her prey busy. "Its overwhelming."
"Slippery little." Kokoro mutters a curse as her right arm is turned a bloody shade of red. Her arm was injured, but not useless, something that creates a mix of rage and frustration in the woman. Yet she can't seem to keep up with her opponent, forcing her to wait once more. For now Kokoro uses the time Red gives while encircling her to formulate a plan. "You're telling me your grandmother asked you to join a fight to the death and you just said yes?" Kokoro wasn't ready for today, as it turns out. Nothing could have prepared her for being on the losing end of a fight with a dog-girl rambling about her grandmother. Yet she also gets the feeling this isn't even the weirdest thing that'll be happening today. "Stakes of Protection." as in the previous fight, Kokoro guards by bringing up three walls, each reaching a little bit over her and leaning in at an angle to block the daggers. Once she hears a satisfying "clink" the woman drops her walls to glare back at Red "Is this just a game to you? I'm here to reclaim a future that was stolen from me, and you're going to stop me because 'Granny' said so?" Kokoro's tail begins to wave furiously as the woman pumps herself up. Though she couldn't keep up with her opponent, she can still try to fight back. Kokoro looks around and quickly takes notice of the lanterns. They were mostly here for light, but she could at least try to take advantage of it. The woman leaps upwards and away from her opponent, snatching the edge of one of the lanterns before turning around and throwing it at Red "Just what the hell do YOU want?"
"A game? Red doesn't play games." she didn't understand why the other person was angry, but it shouldn't matter. They were prey after all. A wolf to be hunted. It didn't matter who they were, or why they were. There was only the hunt. The woman dodges the lantern thrown at her with the same ease as before, but this time she pauses, perched on the wall in thought. "What do... I want?" It was strange, not the question itself, but rather what it entails. Red feels as if she'd heard it before, but she cannot remember where. Did it even matter? She still had a mission after all.. The woman notices Kokoro's own tail, similar to her own. How she missed it earlier was a mystery, but it reminded her of something. Suddenly, the woman leaps across the area again, throwing a single dagger towards Kokoro to keep them busy before kicking off the wall and diving downwards towards her target.
[As a result of the body of fire, the ice would indeed slowly melt, turning into water as it falls slowly but surely creating a puddle under the enemy, constantly growing in size. It's important to note that the ice was slowly trying to retake its previous form once again, but the fire was intense enough to make the regeneration impossible. Kazuo would smile, realizing this being was indeed weak to psychological effects. An idea forms within his mind then, he only needed a few more moves to win. About two or three at most. First, he would be glad they had turned into a form of fire, because Deep Doremi Hawk had indeed a Strong resistance against fire damage. He considered bringing out Tiger, and although it can absorb fire around it, they really can't do much besides overwhelming attacks. At the same time, Tortoise had to remain lowkey. In the end, there was another two perfect beings to bring out, one of the which he had been preparing for a bit. First, Hawk would also fly higher and remain in a vertical position, acting as a shield for Kazuo. The attack would linger on Hawk but it wouldn't do much on its own.] [Kazuo would keep silent as he releases a single blade and onto the ground, meanwhile Doppel does the same, but this one being a long one. Now, Kazuo has 5 other blades within his Stock, and Doppel goes back into him. Hawk would then continue with its Storm Caller to try and send back the fire and repel the attack, while also using its own body to shield Kazuo, who seemed to be unable to fall off the being, no matter the angle or force used. Then comes Tortoise, it would then shoot yet another projectile of plasma at the enemy. If it impacts, then all of the ice everywhere would completely evaporate, instead turning into a mist that would fill those who breath it with the need of being punished for their sins, whichever this one may be. Of course, this was based entirely on the enemy even considering they had done anything wrong in their lives, which would then trigger a need to feel pain and being punished. This was Tortoise's Chilling Finale, and as such, Tortoise would retract its guillotine-like head, four limbs and tails within its shell, unable to attack but vulnerable to all attacks. This would happen regardless of the attack working or not.]
"Are you? How is anyone supposed to speak to you?" Kokoro is momentarily stunned, confused by her opponent who didn't seem to understand anything? Perhaps this was their first bit of human contact. Her opponent doesn't give Kokoro much time to think on it. The woman strikes out to knock away Red's dagger, but only succeeds in blocking it with her arm. Feeling her opponent closing in behind, Kokoro shouts "Diogenes!" bringing out her guardian once more. The armored, pelt-wearing warrior appears immediately behind Kokoro, aiming a brutal strike at Red in order to drive their opponent into the ground. Not that any of her earlier attempts had been successful. Hopefully it would at least force her opponent to retreat.
The round would be close as while Apollo easily had the mastery over his own power necessary to pierce Jack's stone pillars, he wouldn't have anything capable of dealing with the arrow simply moving around his own, so the only thing in his favor would be the time it takes for it to move. Apollo grits his teeth, the dark tendrils striking hard against the stone pillars. All light would be drained from the rocks as the darkness forces itself to the center, pushing outward on them as if they just experienced a billion years of hydraulic action at once. Should even one mass not withstand the preasure, the rock would implode, propelling at lightspeed a violent swarm of all-consuming void surrounding knife-like sediment.
Ultimately, Red was distracted, preoccupied with her own thoughts and her past. It was only a moment, but a moment was all Diogenes needed. Red dives straight into the trap, getting smashed brutally against the ground, coughing up a bit of blood in the process. Still, the wolf girl reaches out, eyes on the tail ahead of her. "So fluffy... I want.. To touch...." however she fails to reach it before blacking out, collapsing on the hard floor of this harsh dimension. It would be some time before the wolf hunters stirred again.
Amaya would groan out while the knife digs in further, this just keeps on getting more and more annoying to her doesn't it... But there is a way to end it, he's losing it after all. And their kind only do that on the verge of death, right now by her guess he can't last much longer. She'd attempt to avoid being harmed even further by stopping the direct attack for now, instead a series of icy chains shoots forth from the woman's divine aura and aims to wrap itself around her foe for a bit, hoping to hold him in place or at least distract. And hopefully, avoid this... Revenge based power of his for a bit. She likewise would spare no more words, not from becoming nothing more than mad under her power, but simply for the fact there's no use in it any longer at all.
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“Alright let’s...” Kokoro spins around only to find... She won? At least her opponent didn’t seem to be moving anymore. In fact, they almost seemed a little pitiful, like a lost puppy now beaten into the ground. But, if they weren’t moving, then the woman would be able to relax a little. “I still have no idea how anyone’s supposed to talk to you. But hey, as long as I’m moving on.” The older woman shrugs. Whatever their issue was wasn’t her problem. All she needed to focus on was the goal, wherever that brought her.
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Kazuo Of course, in their current form flames being repelled back would do little if anything to them. The plasma would strike them next which seemed to cause their form to ripple upon being touched by the mist. For a moment the woman seemed disturbed but after a moment there was a change in her eyes. They would rapidly change color before something seemed to flow through them. Her form would distort once more. Large tendrils that were gray in color began to latch onto the sides of the glass walls surrounding them. A maw formed full of jagged sharp teeth and many more limbs that resembled long gray human limbs began to form from the bottom of the creature. Rationality seemed to leave her mind as a result of whatever she had done when the mist had made contact. The hands began to lash out, 3 of them reaching to grab onto the tortoise who was now in its shell. Without much arming at all all three arms would attempt to throw the tortoise towards Kazuo with an inhuman strength. Apollo and Asami The result would be what one might expect. The arrow would pierce Apollo's doll with a magnificent force, shattering it to pieces but at the same time Jack's doll would be completely decimated by the dark appendages. It was yet another tie. For a moment, Jack seemed to ponder something. His eyes were more solemn then before but he stil chose to wear a smile on his face. He'd look both towards Apollo and Asami at once once before speaking more directly to Apollo. Jack Trades: "Two ties, that doesn't normally happen. Perhaps I'm off my game today, heh. You know, they have a name for me where I'm from. Jack Trades, Master of all but God of none. Apparently there's all kinds of different power contained within my body but none of its focused. It's all geared towards different things with no rhyme or reason. What do you think that's the result of? Maybe it's because I never had one thing I specifically wanted to do or maybe it was just the cosmic lottery that decided that. Sorry, I'm rambling now. Forgive an old man for being sentimental over his work. What do you say we make this next match the last? It's even your turn to go first." With that Jack would simply release his next doll onto the arena. The doll seemed to just stand in place idly, waiting for Apollo's move. Amaya The man would simply begin to struggle against the icy chains, yelling in anger at them and beginning to whip up another sandstorm around him. The sandstorm of course would rage on with razor winds, attempting to cut at Amaya once more but there'd be another noticable thing happening at the same time. Khnurm's body was beginning to change, parts of him beginning to burn out as they shifted to an ashy black. The man had already been out of power for a while and was using what was left of his body instead. Smoke that glimmered with hints of gold began to flow freely out of his moth and eyes. The smoke mixed with the sandstorm making it hard to see him at all. Khnurm: "I...I...don't want to die yet...!" Those were the last words he'd speak as aside from the storm all would fall silent.
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Red and Kokoro The only thing left would be an applause but its origin would be ambiguous at best. Elian: "Well done! I didn't expect things to end so quickly but I suppose that girl was still suffering from the effects of her last fight. God's of Madness are troublesome for that reason, their attacks leave much deeper scars than any physical ones. Well, good thing that god doesn't exist anymore anyway. That girl made sure of that after I gave her the choice... Well, anyway, you can do what you like from here. I have no interest in erasing mortals. It would be a waste." Suddenly the wind would calm down, no longer holding the ability to allow one to float. The lanterns would as a result of this begin forming in a strange spiral pattern as if forming a makeshift staircase upward. Elian: "The exit is up. I look forward to the conclusion. I'm interested in what you're going to wish for."
"What the hell are you...!? Doesn't matter, this is my chance!!" [Tortoise would be unable to respond to enemy's attack, and would indeed be launched back at Kazuo and Hawk. This time around however, it was Kazuo the one that would act as a shield. Considering it is a physical impact, Hawk would turn around as Kazuo braces himself to recive the impact, completely nullifying it and absorbing the vibrations, raising his Field to Level 2 without much of an inconvenience. Tortoise would fall to the ground, still within his shell, moments away from awakening.] "Your mind is weak, and without a strong spirit. Lacking any of that makes you an imperfect being. Allow me to show you what terror truly means. High-Speed Alloy and...!" [This time bigger pieces of machinery and metal would be released into the ground, crashing against the group of 5 blades he had created on the floor. All the pieces would fly up into the sky as Kazuo claps his hands together, red markings leaving his body and shooting themselves at the pieces.] "DEEP TRANSMIGRATION!! I call upon your name, Bearer of the Mark...!!" [All the pieces would start to become one. The metal and machinery would join as one, creating massive and segmented similarly to how a train separates its tracks, all held together by biological tissue that it was clear to be harder than even the strongest alloys. These parts would gain random spikes, and the tail would be a massive rough blade. Finally, the head would at first get the shape of a serpent, slowly corrupting itself until a massive horn pointing to the back appears on top of its head; its jaw would grow and size and become heavier as millions of sharp blades appear on its sides, both up and below inside the mouth.] "Manifestation of Fear, let your heroic will guide it!!" "Deep Alloy Serpent!!" [Finally, its hollow eyes would light up in nothing as the being falls to the ground, letting out a distorted, out of this world roar. Anyone who gazed upon its eyes would feel the terror of death, as if their life was being taken away slowly.] "You can't even speak. Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick... if you allow yourself to lose your mind." [Clearly enjoying this power of his own, finally going all out after so long. He would stay on top of Hawk as it goes back to using its body as a shield for him. Hawk would yet again beat its wings with Heavy force, letting out its War Monger power, in order to make the enemy's mind even more vulnerable to the incoming move. Whether she becomes angrier or not, it would not matter. Serpent would begin to make strange noises, making the blades within it clash against one another before slightly opening its mouth and letting out a black gas that would fuse itself with Tortoise's previous mist. Its hollow eyes would lose all color, only the void remained, not white, and not even black, as it unleashes its Death Experience. This move forces those who are trapped within its black gas to experience their most basic, utter fears in the blink of an eye. However, it doesn't stop at merely feeling such terror, it also forces the one experiencing it to accept those feelings and become submissive, similar to the previous Chilling Finale in regards to accepting punishment and pain, but in this case, it creates an acceptance for death at the hands of their biggest fear, whatever it may be. At its best, they will end up shaking in fear, and at its worst, they will commit suicide. The power is based on how vulnerable their mind has become up until this point, and Serpent would then drop to the ground, almost like a lifeless puppet, needing the same time to rest as Tortoise.]
Kokoro pauses for a moment, arms crossed. She hadn't considered that her opponent had likely passed a fight earlier. Is that why the wolf was muttering nonsense? It didn't matter, of course. She has to keep telling herself that. "You're right. The fight's over, there's no reason to take it any further." Kokoro looks down at the unconscious Red with a sigh. She knew she shouldn't care, after all they were at each others' throats only seconds ago. However, as the woman starts her way up the staircase she has to ask "She's going to be fine right? I don't think I hit hard enough to kill her....." After a few seconds pause, the woman considers the voice's final statement. Of course, to her there was never a question in her mind, but why would she need to explain it "You're some kinda time god right? Can't you just look into the future and see it for yourself or something?"
Asami watches her brother, eagering anticipating his next move. Her brother, meanwhile, sighs with exhaustion and chuckles at Jack. "No worries. Truth be told, this kind of environment is where I shine most. Not to say I'm any stronger for it, but banter and theatrics really do give me a certain kick when it comes to using my power." He stands up, gently placing his soldier on the board and turning away from Jack dramatically "Speaking of my power, it's time I show you its climax." He then quickly turns back and points out to the field, shouting "Oceanus Procellarum! ...mini!" Suddenly, feeble purple lightning shot out towards the ground from the soldier's legs. Several curved, blades like that of a spinning fan would soon protrude from the waist down of the soldier, coming out of faint light portals that were roughly the same sides, lightning bouncing off them as they did. These blades would shine with a silver, radiant glimmer as they rotated around the soldier and tore through the air, the space seeming to contort itself as to make anything that was in the path of motion of the blades no longer exist, attacking indiscriminately at the subatomic level so that it would appear as the area physically was getting smaller the longer the blades spun, everything being pulled towards a single area. Of course this effect would be limited to the playing field which would gradually shrink, pulling the opponent closer to Apollo's direction. The blades would give off an aura of raw turbulence, shaking the ground like a heavy earthquake and disorientating the enemy soldier while completing unaffected Apollo's own. Unceremoniously, the soldier would casually grab one of these blades and throw it towards the enemy. The blade would appear to be spinning in place, although the speed at which the enemy was drawn closer was greatly quickened, causing it to collapse in on itself should Jack not have a reasonable counter. If the doll becomes completely consumed, the attack ends and the surrounding area returns to normal, save the affected doll returning devoid of all its functions. "No easy way of describing this power, considering it doesn't really exist." Lemme know if I should change this because its too op. Tbh I've been planning the pvp fights more than this so I came up with this like just now.
Amaya would do her best to evade the man's final attack, she is pretty fast by any mortal standard and if there's any cover or such left the young woman would rush for it with a sudden burst. Of course even if that failed she wouldn't suffer too horribly given the sandstorm can't ignore the thick layers of ice under and over her flesh which would hopefully deflect some of its worst effects. Either way, as everything finally falls silent she'd sigh in relief to herself before starting to keep moving on. "Geez... Not that I blame him all things considered, in the end I woulda tried just as hard to kill him if I were losing after all..." As she walks forward Amaya can't help pondering that thought, she doesn't really want to die yet either after all. Despite being an enemy there's no helping feeling a bit bad about all this, even as she heads on without the slightest intent to stop.
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Kazuo The beast would begin screaming at the sudden black gas flowing around it. It was unsure what to do as it began to flail for a moment. The limbs attached to the glass would release causing the creature to fall to the ground as the limbs continued swinging at random, cracking the glass in places but not even coming close to Kazuo. As it hit the ground it's form would begin melting away as the women was finally taken in by the effect. Despite her form not being yet fully physical she could suddenly see her body melting and falling apart too due to the effects. She'd be horrified by this experience as she began screaming in panic. Motley: "No! Stop! Not my body! You can't! No more!" The massive creature from before would've completely melted away and the women herself seemed to begin losing whatever she had left of her form. It was like her own power was melting off of her revealing something more human inside. She was wearing the same clothes as before but now she seemed much meeker with more plain black hair. The perfection that once covered her had been unraveled. She simply sat in spot as what seemed to be a spectral sheet that made up her body before surrounding her legs. It tried to lift itself up for a moment but it could no longer move more than an inch at a time. The girl herself didn't even attempt to get up, simply crying and looking down at the strange physical manifestation of her powers shaking. Kokoro Elian: "She'll be fine, I just need to keep her somewhere safe for the time being. I'll be sending her there now until the trials are complete. Speaking of which you'll be reaching the final trial soon and it seems you'll be the first. To be fair though, the one you entered with almost basically had to fight the same person twice. They were a bit stubborn, speaking of which, it's about time...I'll see you when you get here. Maybe then I can answer your other question too." The girl below would seem to be swallowed by darkness as the lanterns began to go out one by one as Kokoro ascended upwards. Finally, at the top of the lanterns as the room seemed to almost completely darken was a archway that light still leaked from. Beyond Kokoro would find herself in a large hall that seemed to be several meters wide and to stretch on far out of view. There'd also be three other shut doors seeming to signify that three had yet to arrive. However, it wouldn't seem to matter anyway as another invisible barrier would keep her from moving more than a few feet from the entrance. It wouldn't take too long for a figure to appear in the distance, seeming to be Elian casually walking towards the entrance area. Anothe figure was behind him but they'd be hard to make out right away. That is until suddenly Elian would seem to dart forward at an astonishing speed, the strange somehow staying with them, turning what would have still taken around 20 more minutes of walking to second. The man behind him was slightly taller and a little older looking than Elian but had green hair and...looked slightly ill. Some would recognize this man as Marcus though only if they had met him before. Marcus: "Really? Didn't I say to warn me before doing that." Elian: "You said you wanted to come with me. Don't you have some business to attend to?" Marcus: "Yeah, yeah. Just don't spy on me, alright? I'd keep what I do to myself."
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The green haired man would walk forward towards Kokoro before moving past her and into the room she had just been in, disappearing into the darkness before anything else could be said. Elian would turn to face her as well just a little outside of the accessible area. Elian: "You had a question right? About what I am? Well, it'd be easier to describe what time exactly is in this context. Though it seems we'll have to wait a while for everyone else to finish so I'll go ahead an answer any question you have now. In short though, I am not a god but merely am one of time's envoys. That was the role that was left for me by the one. As well as leaving me with the duty of maintaining the balance of reality itself which has been suffering quite a bit lately. In that sense when I gaze into the future it can only occur in short bursts or indeterminate premonitions. Exceptions happen but those require significant concentration. Does that answer that question?" There was almost an enthusiasm from how he was explaining things as if he was truly passionate about what he was talking about despite his rather dead look. Red Whether Red woke up yet or not when she did all she would find is darkness around her. The room she was in was almost devoid of all light at the moment. It was eerily silent with no movement in the darkness whatsoever. That was until something flickered on like a lamp. In fact, it was a lamp, a rather ordinary looking lamp anyone might find at a store sitting on top of a small wooden end table with an odd looking ring on it. A voice would suddenly call out from seemingly above where Red was. It was the voice of a man who seemed to be around 30 yet despite the age he seemed to have a rather lax almost joking tone. Marcus: "Hey, Red Riding Wolf or whatever your name was. IF you want things to end here then you can go ahead and let them. If not though I'd recommend that you go and put that ring on. Think of it as a way of earning my trust and believe me, your gonna want it if you want another chance." Apollo and Asami Jack would smile as the clay soldier stood in place. For a moment the soldier he had sent in seemed to suddenly grow heavier. It was as if reality itself was beginning to grow a thick layer of armor around it, one that would deny anything thrown at it. Powerful as it may be for a moment it seemed as if whatever energy was forming around the doll might just choose to simply deny it the chance to even hit but... A golden glow flared subtly in Jack's eyes, he tried to hide it but he seemed to momentarily struggle with something as suddenly the energy around his own soldier disappeared and was replaced by small golden coins that simply rolled off its body and onto the ground of the arena. With no defenses aside from some lose change his own soldier would be completely consumed by the attack, unable to counter in any way. Despite this Jack would just start laughing to himself, a hidden sadness in his eyes. Jack Trades: "Well, look at that, you won. Too bad, the power of wealth, huh. Almost seems fitting to be my end, huh? A man who spent his whole life selling his divine gifts for profit being undone by wealth." He continued smiling though he just kept looking over at Apollo as if still trying to decide on something.
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Amaya As Amaya had predicted the biting sands would soon come to an end with only the strange smoke remaining as proof that the young man's life had been spent. Just as Amaya began leaving though the sounds of somebody picking something off the floor could be heard as the smoke seemed to suddenly clear up by a powerful gust. Elian would be standing there, the body of her former foe in hand. He was calm in his demeanor though something akin to excitement was gleaming in his eyes. Elian: "How rare, to find one of your kind whose soul can't leave their body the way false one's often do to avoid true death. I wonder how such a thing can be possible even." Of course, he'd already know if Amaya had noticed which she no doubt would have. Elian: "You can go ahead. You still have another fight to get over with and I'd rather not keep too many people waiting. Don't mind me."
It was cold, the floor, the distant howling of the wolves. The smell of... There's a light, that stirs Red from her dreams. A dream she'd shared far too often. The Wolf Hunter picks herself up off the ground, before looking up towards the sound of the voice... "that question again....." Red pauses in thought as she stares over to the table... What did she want? Somehow it just kept coming up, but its almost like the question was foreign to her. Or was it? The woman didn't know. After a few seconds of deliberation, she comes to a conclusion "I have to complete the mission." With this as the simple determination guiding her movements, Red walks over to the table and examines the ring before finally putting it on
[Kazuo would watch as Motley falls to the ground, in absolute fear due to what his Serpent had casted. He would stay silent, until he slowly chuckles, trying to keep it together before bursting out laughing, both allowing his tension to leave his body, as it combines with his pure joy of besting this one "perfect being".] "What wrong!? Got nothing to say!? Weren't you perfect!? How come you look so pathetic now then!?" [He would make Hawk fall to the ground as he himself leaps out of the back of the bird. He would slowly walk closer to the fearful Motley. He didn't want to get too close in case it was a trap, or even if him getting too close would force her out of her illusions and terror. At this time, Tortoise would reveal its guillotine head, tail and remaining limbs, making the air colder around it, as Serpent still requires a few moments to recover.] "Lawful Blades." [Knowing he would have to fight soon again, he would release a single and very short blade upon his right hand. This time it should've been 8 swords, but the remaining 7 would add up to the already stocked 5, bringing it to a total of 12. He needed to prepare.] "This... weird spectral thing. It was your power...?" [Looking at the girl's expression, he couldn't help but feel a bit bad, if not actually saddened. He could feel for her more human form. Even so, he would lift his left hand. Tortoise would open its mouth and charge up its next move.] "You are cuter like this, as a human that doesn't attempt to be what they are not. Not even gods can be perfect, nothing will ever be. Think of this if you can hear me, and when your soul returns to this world..." [A small and sharp projectile is finished.] "...remember not to look down on me. Goodbye." [He would lower his arm as Tortoise unleashes its Cold Injection onto Motley; the plasma-like projectile would do as before, impacting within and turning her into a living iceberg that would keep her trapped forever. He didn't feel like trying to kill her, not just because it may turn out to be impossible, but also because he couldn't help but feel sorry for her right at the end.] Blades Stock: 12 Vibration Field: Level 2
Kokoro solemnly nods as she continues along the first corridor. It was nice to know she hadn't had to kill anyone. "Good... That Amaya girl probably would have gotten here with me if it weren't for Khnurm's stubbornness." Kokoro looks down with a sigh. She hopes their encounter ended well too, yet she also somewhat doubts they'd be able to resolve their differences without someone ending up dead. It only took a few minutes for Kokoro to arrive at the main chamber. Four entrances... Which meant she'd have four opponents in the end? It wasn't something the woman was looking forward to, but its always best to be prepared for the worst. Kokoro didn't actually recognize either of the people in front of her, but they seemed to be acquainted. Kokoro steps out of Marcus's way, casting a suspicious glance at the green-haired man, but not even considering stopping him. It was nothing personal, but the woman didn't trust anything about this special space. Once they're gone, Kokoro is able to focus back on Elian, crossing her arms as she listens intently, the girl nods along at a few points until Elian is done. At which point she cracks a grin "I'm gonna be entirely honest with ya. None of that made any sense to me, but I'm just glad ya actually tried to explain what you are. Usually all I get is cryptic bullshit." Kokoro breathes out a sigh and shakes her head. Her expression returns to a somber gaze as the girl thinks for a moment before she finally continues. "I guess its only fair to answer yer question in kind. Three months ago I was just an ordinary college student, had a happy enough life, made some friends, started dating. All that good stuff." The woman's gauntleted hands become clenched as a furious blaze seems to alight in her eyes once more "Until a monster named Anamnesis took it away from me. My only chance to live a happy and normal life." Kokoro uncrosses her arms, punching one open palm with the other before cracking her knuckles, and repeating the motion with the other hand. "If you can actually do that, all i want is to have that happiness back. And even if ya can't. Then I'll use this chance to find them. So I can exact my revenge with my own two hands." Kokoro strikes the air in front of her, though Kokoro herself can't pass the barrier, she hopes the faint breeze from this strike can demonstrate her determination, if only a little.

Apollo: "Huh, that's right, I..." Apollo appears relived for a moment, but quickly frowns with a depressed feeling as he looks back at Jack. Apollo: "Hey, don't say that. You're alive at this very moment, aren't you? There's still a chance that... Maybe Eilan will..." Apollo looks to the side for a second, appearing to be thinking Apollo: "Eilan... what did he say the reward for all this was? I kinda stopped paying attention to him..." His tone may've sounded a bit sarcastic, but Apollo was completely genuine in his ignorance.
Amaya would nod to their... Host. She doesn't exactly like how curious the man looks, not at all. "Tsk, you sound like some crazy science freak, or maybe a mage? Either way, I guess I need to keep moving huh... We shall see how this mess turns out." There isn't much more to be said all things considered, at least for the moment the woman simply keeps on moving and tries to ignore the fact she's just killed someone. It isn't entirely working, but it works well enough that she can press onwards despite everything, and that'll work for now even if it feels less than ideal.
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Red The moment Red put on the ring she'd feel as if something suddenly encased her. It was like...nothing. She for a moment would find the very concept of her form to be nonexistant, as if the world simply forgot she was there. The man would clap twice as light filled the area and the lamp went out. She'd now find herself in a large crevice within the ground. If she were to look up she'd see the platforms from the beginning floating in the air. There were four...and they were close together yet before when standing atop them the others seemed as if they weren't capable of being observed. Marcus: "Didn't expect such a fast decision on your part. Honestly, I'm impressed." Marcus was now there as if he had always been, standing northwards. Behind him was a road within the crevice that seemed to stretch on like the tube above. Marcus: "Don't worry about the ring. It's effects are temporary. Should wear off in a week or so but for now you're basically invisible according to most methods of tracking or clairvoyance. Pretty neat, huh? Think of it as a way to make sure the big man in charge can't hear what I'm about to say. First things first though, mind telling me exactly what your after? Don't really care what it is myself but knowing will make this easier...well maybe. That gate of time business is easy enough but if your here to kill the Lich then that's what makes things tricky." Kazuo There was nothing more she could do at this point. Her power still struggled to return to her so she just stared at Kazuo, at first with fear but soon with a spite as if she was trying to throw off what he did to her but could only glare at him. There was only one thing left to say. Motley: "I-I'll never forgive you..." After that she would be frozen in place, unable to move or do anything at all. For all intent and purpose she was beaten. It wasn't long that Elian's voice chimed in to announce what events had transpired. Elian: "A mortal besting a 'perfect' being? How amusing you seem to be. Kazuo...correct? You've impressed me quite a bit. I can see now why your spoken so highly of. I have a promise to keep it seems. You'll be heading over to the fina-" For a moment Elian had stopped as if his attention was suddenly taken up by something. Elian: "Well...It seems there's some business to take care of. I better finish up here and let you be on your way." Before anything else could be added a sudden energy spike could be felt. The girl who was once frozen in ice would vanish without a trace as her existence simply faded without so much as a warning. Even her name would become a distant memory as Kazuo would find the effects of her drugs from before completely gone as well.
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Kokoro Despite her seemingly not understanding Elian wouldn't look displeased in the least bit. Elian I harbor not intent to mislead humans. Perhaps that's on account of once being one. Aside from being direct can sometimes lead to more interesting results than cryptic messages. As for your wish. It's possible to simply remove such a monster as long as it is not something that either exists wholly out of time or as an envoy of time itself. If that were the case then the best I could do is find it's current location and even open a gateway there." Apollo and Asami Another pulse of energy, another life had been removed at that very moment. Jack's smile faded at that moment knowing his time would soon come as well. Elian's voice would chime in but he seemed rather passive with his answer. "Well, you have two choices. I'll explain in more detail when everyone arrives but you can choose to either compete for a chance to use the gateway of time or... If you kill me I'll undo this all. The ones who have died here will have their bodies and souls returned and you won't have to even act as if you've ever met me. Of course, that would mean my plans to wipe out all the false ones would be ruined as well. Oh, speaking of which. Jack, anything left to say? I am slightly more fond of you than the others." The man had been silent through Elian's speech but now seeing this as his last chance he seemed to speak more so to Apollo than anyone. Jack Trades: "Well, you heard him... Honestly, I don't care if I live or die. It's been a good run so far anyway. Apollo, maybe I have no right to do this... I'm placing all my bets on you...to save any of my customers who simply wanted to live peaceful lives. Not all who have been gifted the power of a god are evil but I'm sure you already know that. I've rambled enough though. Perhaps even if my body has remained unchanged these past 3,000 or so years my mind has anyway. Time to go...Thanks for choosing to shop with Jack's Trade Shop..." Another energy spike would begin rising and soon nothing would remain in the place the man once stood. His life had simply ended there, vanishing into non-existence. Elian: "Wasn't sure if he'd ever stop talking. Now hurry and get to your next trail. Observing you is starting to disinterest me." A doorway would open, letting a natural feeling light leak in...before it seemed to dim in a few minutes time and then come back again. Amaya Finally outside...It seemed this time it was real. Amaya would find herself standing atop a large peice of rubble simply floating in a sky that seemed to go on forever. She had arrived here after the path ahead seemed to somehow eventual turn into a staircase leading to a hatch. In the distant a stream of something could be seen flowing through the top of a large castle sitting higher up on the floating rubble. The most noticeable of feature here though would be the flow of time as night and day seemed to rapidly switch every few minutes.
[Kazuo would wink at Motley as she says her last words, not losing his smile. At the same time, Serpent would return to its senses and Hawk would fully calm down. All three Chimera remain on stand-by as Elian makes his voice obvious.] "Spoken highly of...? What is that supposed to- Hey, what promise!?" [He was gone before he could properly ask these questions. He figured he could worry about all that later. With his Vibration Field still up, forcing him to merely walk from place to place and a few blades in stock, he was ready for some fight right away, not to mention his Chimera were ready to go.] "He was about to say final. So, either it wasn't that many people, or it'll be a free-for-all. This is dangerous. Let's go, everyone." [Kazuo would fully unsheathe his rapier and walk forward towards the place he would need to go to. Assuming it was large enough, then he would walk forward while covered by a white aura, followed by his Chimera in line following from behind. Otherwise, Serpent would unhinge its jaw and make a way for itself and everyone going forward, essentially trying to dig a path. If possible, Kazuo wanted to move ahead with all three Chimera.] Blades Stock: 12 Vibration Field: Level 2
It only takes a moment for Red's eyes to adjust to the light once more, gazing over to Marcus with seemingly blank eyes. Red pauses a moment, as if listening intently before replying "Granny asked me to. That's the only reason I'm here." Red's ears perk up, paying attention to something that doesn't seem to echo either to Marcus or anyone except for her, but its good enough. Of course, she was the messenger, the only one who ever heard Granny. "Granny doesn't care about the Lich. But they don't want to say more."

Asami would appear terrified at the man's death while Apollo appeared more pensive. She and Apollo would hold hands again as they prepared to walk through the door. Before walking through, however, Apollo looks back at Eilan and shouts out to him in a more calm but slightly condescending tone. Apollo: "You know, Eilan, maybe I haven't reacted like I should have at all this. I'd at least like to understand your motives for wanting false ones gone." He simply turns away after saying that and proceeds forward.
"You were once human huh? That sounds... Interesting. So I guess you were just... Doing your thing when this 'one' chose ya for... This. Apparently." Kokoro sort of tries to keep a conversation going, but it was obvious she's out of her element, her voice lacking much of its usual confidence. Instead the girl simply crosses her arms with a sigh as she continues to wait "As long as I can get back to my life as if nothing ever happened its good by me. Guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get there, huh?"
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Kazuo Though the path itself wasn't quite big enough for all three the glass would easily shatter given it's already damaged state. Ahead Kazuo would find that he was beginning to somehow near the end of the larger tunnel like cylinder. The walls of the tunnel had all come together to form what seemed to be a dome of sorts with an old yet otherworldly seeming door. A figure seemed to wait by the door, a familiar one at that. It was none other than the host of this odd tournament of sorts smiling with a calm expression and speaking as Kazuo got closer. Elian: "There you are. I was wondering where you were. The end is close. Once you get past the next room you'll be at the location of the final trial. However, I won't be observing what happens in the next room. I've completely closed it off from my senses. It was a sudden request but I saw no reason to refuse. That being said what's waiting inside isn't part of the trails at all so act as you wish. It has no baring on anything in my eyes." Red Marcus wasn't exactly sure how to react to that. He was more confused by the girl's demeanor than anything. Marcus: "The gate then I guess. Be helpful if 'Granny' had a little more trust in me but whatever. Guess I'll just have to guide you there and see for myself. It'll probably be the place where all this is gonna end anyway, one way or another." With that the man would simply continue down the large crevice, seeming to move towards the end of the tunnel. He'd look back to see if Red was following or not but that was it. He seemed intent on heading in that direction regardless. Apollo and Asami The pair upon reaching the next room would find that they were now outside standing on some floating rubble along with a castle floating a little ways away, seemingly fused with the rubble itself. Night and day seemed to shift rapidly by the minute and an ever stretching sky could be seen in every direction. There was somebody else there too... Apollo, Asami, and Amaya The three were now in the same area. Elian would suddenly begin chiming in as it now seemed all three of them were in place. Elian: "All of you are here now. Good. I'll be honest in saying only 4 spots remain for the final trial and well...there's 2 teams of you here. So, the rule are simple. All exits are sealed off and this entire area has a barrier around it if anyone were to fly too far from the castle. You have two options, give yourself up for erasure or beat the other side and have them be erased. When at least one person is erased then the way forward will be unlocked. That is all." And indeed that was all as Elian would go completely silent following that statement. There were two islands at the moment. The one Amaya was on and the one Apollo and Asami were on. Grass seemed to be growing on Amaya's island while Apollo's was made more to resemble a balcony. The islands were only a simple hop away from one another as well.
[Kazuo would be glad his Chimera could follow him without much of an issue, and all of them together would face Elian. The teenager would shrug and walk slowly towards his next destination.] "If you say so, I'll just finish all that quickly and go get my prize from however is trying to all idiotic about it." [With not much else to say, he would walk into the new door, hopefully followed by his Chimera as well.]
"Did I.... Say something wrong?" Red asks, blinking a few times before following Marcus. She wasn't entirely comfortable on the ground, so the woman simply makes a short hop to get onto the wall before following Marcus from there.
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Apollo grits his teeth anxiously. "Four spots huh? And would my sister take up a slot of her own?" He crosses his arms and frowns at Eilan. "She is only here to observe. Can't you make a separate location for her to watch from?"
Amaya stares forward at the two, they haven't struck yet after all. So she guesses she can leave it alone for a moment... Gives her some time to think, and hack maybe but she's not sure if they've got phones or anything else with data on it. If Apollo or Asami did have a networked device though, then the Godbound would use her Word of Network to not only find out but dig through it and pull off any information about the pair which might help her in battle. "Only here to observe huh? That doesn't sound like something our lovely host will accept but what do I know. Maybe I've totally misjudged things here." She says in a fairly sarcastic tone, easily able to speak up even while scanning for anything useful.

Amaya's scan of Asami's smartphone would bring up mostly mundane information, such that she was born on June 21st 2011. The only thing that might be of interest would be the brief video she had of her showing off some her powers against a shadow. Apollo turns towards Amaya and shrugs Apollo: "Ah, I didn't even notice you there. Maybe I am a bit absent-minded, after all." His eyes then go up and down Amaya's body, as if assessing her. Apollo: "You seem pretty trustworthy... There are some things I want to discuss after this ends. Why don't you give me your email in case we don't run into each other again?" Asami: "Brother, you can't be so direct! Are you forgetting why you're here?" Apollo: "Of course not. I wrote it down. Anyways, after the riveting game I played with Jack normal fights just seem so cliche now. I'm down if anyone has any other games to play, but otherwise i'll just let you make the first move!" Apollo cheerfully smiles with his teeth, watching Amaya patiently.
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Kazuo The room ahead would mostly be dark. It seemed as though the interior matched more closely to that of a castle now but the stone that made up the walls was odd in nature. Every now and again there'd be the odd brick that seemed to randomly change color with no real rhyme or reason. The only thing to keep the room lit would be torches that were fitted into slots on the wall every couple of meters. It wouldn't be hard to see the doorway leading to the area beyond this room and what could be assumed to be the location of the final trail Elian had spoke of. Someone Kazuo would find familiar was waiting by a torch next to the exit as well. They were a boy around the same age with blonde hair and a coin in hand they were flipping to pass the time. It was too dark to see what expression they were making but they seemed to be silently staring at them. Red As Marcus moved froward...and Red followed in her own way the tunnel itself would seem to change. It wasn't a sudden change but more simply put it would seem as though reality itself wasn't sure of where they were talking. The tunnel would begin fading out as something new took shape. The air would have an earthy smell to it as if filled with dust but simultaneously clear. There was a deep violet light illuminating everything. The tunnel was more enclosed now to with the area above no longer being visible. Marcus mostly seemed unworried about this sudden shift. The most he'd do is say a few words on the matter. Marcus: "Realities a bit less stable here. Guess I should have figured. Apparently this little pocket domain is surrounded by an even bigger...dimension I guess would be the word. It's all messed up from what I've heard too. They say human's with aspirations to become god's often loot that dimension in order to steal its power. Not like you probably understand all that well, right? Doesn't matter too much anyway. Worst that happens is this area gets a little more dangerous." A, A, and A Inc. Elian's voice answered with indifference at this question. Elian: "She doesn't have to worry about anything unless you get erased. Don't you recall. If you lose than I'll erase her as well. That's the condition I set at the very start. I'll say it once more. One person here needs to be erased. That's the only rule." For a moment it didn't seem like he'd say anything but the silence was broken by a simple comment. OOC: Sorry, work killed me for a while. Right now I'm just trying to get everyone here onto the last part.
Red nods along silently as she continues following Marcus. As he had guessed she wouldn't really understand all this talk about dimensions, and it didn't really matter for her. After all, Red was a member of a pack under orders. Personal curiosity was irrelevant. She wasn't much of a talker anyways, so for the time being Red doesn't pay the area much mind. The woman simply remains vigilant for any sign of danger.
[Kazuo would have to take some time to adjust his eyes to the new and darker area. He wasn't a fan of this sort of scenery. Too old, too dark, too opressive. Bein forced to walk through that kind of corridors felt like a nightmare coming back to haunt him. Behind him the Chimera would follow closely and in line, trying not to move around and risk it all falling on them. Hawk especially had to keep its massive wings folded. Kazuo would feel the need to stop right before the end though.] "What...? Gad, is that you?" [He would signal his Chimera to hold it as he approached him, pointing his rapier to the ground.] "Elian already told me someone wanted something to do with me. If it's you, get to the point right away and explain."
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OOC: Yeah, I work retail so I'm still working as usual. Ish, things are really fucking busy so I'm stressed out a lot more than I'd generally be too. But gonna update now! The woman would sigh and absently place her email on the girl's phone, smiling a bit while staring over at the pair. "Honestly, I don't have any better idea than a fight. As for my email, it's on your sister's phone now. Truth be told I'd really prefer if we just didn't have to fight at all, but that doesn't seem like an option anymore huh Apollo?" She'd just shake her head while pulling hands out from her pockets, giving the young man a bitter smile and performing her opening move. Network once again, but not a simple brutal attack, Apollo and Asami would instead find themselves being barraged with a long term flow of far too much information, random data running in their eyes and brains which they can't look away from. It won't hurt them, but it will absolutely make planning very hard and likely hurt their ability to actually hit the Godbound as well.

Asami places a hand on her head, appearing to be somewhat dizzy from the effect. Apollo, meanwhile, simply chuckles and strokes his chin. "This is your attack, yes? Heh, you really underestimate just how much empty space really is in my mind. Now, as long you don't close, I believe this battle is mine." He then snaps frustratingly and looks to the side, glaring at nothing as he grits his teeth. He then looks back at Amaya and shakes his head. "Guess I better repay the favor. Dark Mirror!" Apollo held out his hand and... created something which could not he sensed by any means save a gift with such an ability. Even so, it would simply appear as a transparent glass wall in the gap between the two platforms. After performimg such a confusing and unknown skill, he unexpectedly sighs. "...It seems i've forgotten the most important part. Battle transformation!" In truth, he did have to overclock his brain as of sorts to counter Amaya's attack. It did serve to make him overthink a few things, ironically counteracting Apollo's absent-mindedness. However, a thought had come to him at last, he had performed a series of casual-dramatic poses (a style of his own) to magically manifest a regal armor partially covered by a dark abyssal cloak over his generic teenager outfit of a red tee and jeans
The boy who had been silent would stop flipping the coin in his hand. It seemed to glimmer for a moment as he slid it into his pocket. His face was still hard to read but a certain glimmer could be seen in his eyes. "Yeah, it is me. As for why I'm here... Honestly, I want to ask you the same. Not like I didn't know you'd eventually make it this far, that's just my luck or maybe it's not fair to call it that. It was only because I came up with these stupid trials as a way to distract Elian that I was able to meet with you like this so I guess I'll just be outright. Why are you here? You know that your presence here is going to make things that much more dangerous, right? As long as you exist in this game it means Elian is going to make things harder. He's addicted to watching non-gods overcome impossible odds."
[Kazuo was glad to meet his friend here of all places, even felt nice to know he had gone through all this issue to meet up here. Just his luck, right? Now the issue becomes... how honest should he really be? To reveal his actual objective, or to merely tell him what he needs to know. He knew better.] "I'm glad you thought so highly of me to outright assume I would get this far. Fought this girl, Motley. No idea if you know her but she was my one opponent. Beat her down." [He would decide to return his Rapier back inside its sheath and take off his hat, moving around his hair as a way to let the tension leave his body.] "Truth is I knew other non-divine people would get involved here with the promise of changing the timeline, and I can't have that happen, you know? I think it's a huge mistake to try and play with that. I'm here to make sure nobody abuses that power. Other than that..." [He would look at the palm of his left hand for a second.] "...I have one more slot to fill. Figured this would be the perfect place to get something I can manipulate."
Gad wanted to simply take his word for it but...He knew better than that. He had experience simply entrusted everything to someone else and following along blindly, he knew the consequences of such things. His eyes would glimmer subtly. A divine power would simply attempt to decipher Kazuo's intent, to determine whether he was saying everything he had to or even if he was simply lying outright. "Is that so? You shouldn't need to stay then. Only one other person without divine power is left and from what I've heard they don't plan on actually changing anything to extreme. Just removing some event that ruined their life." Gad would take a black ring out of his other pocket and put it on. He'd turn towards the wall and simply extend his grasp. A hole would suddenly form within the wall leading into pitch blackness and a small light that could be seen in the distance. "That'll take you back to where you were. Took a lot of convincing to get the owner of this thing to lend it out. If you don't have any other reason to be here then it should be fine for you to leave, right?"
[Gad's attempt would make it clear to him that, although Kazuo was not lying about anything he said, he wasn't telling him the full extent of his intentions. There was something locked within him that he was refusing to share, or it could also be that he was, for the moment, unaware of these intentions. Whatever was the case, Gad would be able to tell there was some sort of powerful block acting as a protection from these kinds of readings, demonic in nature. Kazuo would shake his head.] "No can do. Changing history even to the smallest degree could have some serious ramifications, like unforeseen consequences. Imagine they change such event, other people could die in turn, triggering even worse events. Too many risks." [He would look at the path Gad had opened and would shake his head, putting on his hat yet again.] "I appreciate your concern, but I have to do this. We can talk about this back at school." [He would bow at his friend before looking back at remaining of the road and decide to keep going, also followed by his Chimera.] "By the way, my Chimera are quite big, you should use that way you created so you don't get crushed."
"Really? You shouldn't worry about me being crushed." Something about the room itself had changed suddenly. It was a feeling of invisible cracks forming in the air as if whatever rule was keeping things in check in the area had begun to fall apart. The glow in Gad's eyes was more clear now, a powerful golden light leaking out of them and suddenly the world itself seemed to be listening. "If you can't even fully be honest with a friend then I should insist that you leave now. This time I'm ordering you to." The air itself seemed to suddenly grow heavy as if the word was actually starting to act on Gad's words. Kazuo would find a sort of invisible force grabbing onto him and his chimera as well, trying to forcefully drag him back towards the dark hole that had been opened before. "Sorry if this seems forceful but I don't want to take risks. I've had friends before turn out to be...overly ambitious."
"...So, you have those powers as well. I said I appreciate your concern but I won’t turn back now." [The Chimera would actually put up a fight, now all three of them glaring at Gad, Kazuo seemingly being the only one holding them back from lashing out for trying to pull what he was right now. Kazuo on the other hand wouldn't put as much effort, the Vibration Field now acting up and keeping him locked in place.] "Whatever it is you are trying to do it won't work on me. But if you want a bit more honesty, I'm also here because humans should never have the powers of a god. They have the tendency to abuse it when things won't go their way." [Kazuo would turn to face Gad for once and would look straight at his friends eyes, for once actually glaring daggers, incredibly annoyed by all this.] "Nobody decides anything for me, nobody! I may think of you as a friend, but I won't stand for you getting in my way, forcing your own way on me and won't doubt to push you out of it either! If you really respect me at all, face me as a human or let. me. be."
Gad would actually reel back for a moment. He thought about things in the past that had constantly made him question himself, there was a certain irony to how Kazuo spoke to him now as it had always been the way he felt deep inside. There had been cases when he felt using his powers was excessive but if it was to help a friend he would never have thought twice. He just wanted to a peaceful life after all. The force on Kazuo and his Chimera had vanished. In truth, I could fight like a human too but I don't want to fight you on this. If you're putting up that much resistance the no command I give would really be able to stop you without abusing far worse things. I'd rather not become like..." He'd shudder suddenly as if remembering someone else. "Fine, here." He'd pull out the coin from before and throw it to Kazuo. It seemed to glow lightly despite even a lack of light. One side of the coin portrayed a benevolent looking demonic figure and the other a wicked seeming angel. "It's not exactly like that sword from before. I made it myself so the only thing within is my own power. It's only because of that, that flipping it once will bring you good luck. More than once a day will still give you luck but then you'll end up with twice as much bad luck. In other words, only use it if thing really come down to the wire. Honestly, I don't care too much who comes out on top of this. I guess that's only because I'm lucky enough for it not to be my problem though." He'd sigh before beginning to walk towards the hole himself, only turning around to say one last thing. "See you at school, I guess."
[Kazuo would catch the coin and inspect it. He would find it interesting, the specific choice for design. The Chimera would relax and so would his own expression. He was still taken aback by all this but he understood what he was trying to do. Even so, he could not stop at all.] "Thanks Gad. It'll be fine, I promise." [He would look again at the coin before putting it back inside his pocket. He'll have some use of it later, he's sure, just like the other artifact he had found.] "School's going to suck after all this..." [He would shake his head and look back at his three Chimera before finally moving towards the end of the area, all together now.]
Amaya sighs slightly while staring over at the young man, fighting is... Maybe not the best choice but she doesn't see another way, of course there is one thing to consider she may have forgotten to mention... "You know, he did only say that your sister will be erased too if you lose... Didn't mention anything bout getting you too if she were erased." The young woman glances at Asami rather pointedly while making that remark, if only because she's not sure the girl would have been paying enough attention to get it before. Of course, she'll fight if she's gotta. And Apollo would find spears of ice rushing through the air at him, hoping to impale the young man or at least slam into him and cause some blunt impact, given that armor looks a bit tough getting through it with stabs might be tricky. "Anyway, I can't say my heart's in this one or anything but I'll give it the best I can."

Apollo solemnly gazes at Amaya upon mention of his sister. "That's why I can't afford to lose. You could say she's my..." He snorts and shakes his head slightly "...sol reason for fighting." Asami blushes for a moment but remains silent as she casually looks back at Apollo, eagerly watching his next move. As soon as Amaya's spears cross the Dark Mirror they would be replicated as spears of darkness, matching the spears' shape exactly although with an entirely different energy trace and a trajectory reverse of the spears headed towards Apollo, striking the appropriate position on Amaya's platform. Apollo, meanwhile, determinately stares down the projectiles heading towards him. Thinking quickly, he materializes a battle axe and holds it in front of him horizontally, blocking the icicles but knocking him back slightly. He takes a short breath. "This situation is... less than ideal. Nevertheless, this would be the worst time to get careless (like I was in the last fight. Damn, if I don't end this soon the seal may not last... what are her weaknesses?)" Apollo finishes muttering under his breath and merely looks over at Amaya, taking a defensive stance as he continues to analyse her actions carefully rather than directly attacking or divinely scanning her.
The young woman would stare at those spears curiously, trying to evade them and... Well she manages to dodge a few, but some slam into her chest and get partly stopped by the impossibly thick and tough layers of ice hiding below her skin. It does some damage, but not a whole lot. "Heh... I can't say I wanna die either, even if I might come back later. So alright, guess I'm doing this. Divine Wrath, Endurance!!" There's no chance to dodge, it isn't an attack which takes time to travel. It's just pain shooting through Apollo's body instantly as divine might is projected in rage, Endurance is a word mostly known for defense of course, but tuned towards trying to harm someone... It breaks down what it represents in this case, trying to damage Apollo's body directly and tear away at the endurance of the young man itself. It'd make bones brittle or shatter, it'd tear up his inner toughness. "I don't really use that one often honestly, but given that more light weight attacks didn't seem to work out so well... Eh, thought I'd try something a bit heavier yeah?"

As Amaya's attack had no physical form, it would not be reflected in the mirror. As it happens, however, Apollo is caught off guard and jolts back, kneeling forward from pain. Asami runs up to him and shouts to him. Asami: "Brother!" She then gently places a hand on his left shoulder, looking at him with concern. Apollo: "I wasn't expecting such an effective attack. Tch, looks like it's time to push the offensive." Being altogether more serious now, Apollo brushed aside Asami's hands and repaired his bones with earthen matter. Now electing to pursue a more aggressive strategy, he holds his hand forward, staggering from the assault on his endurance. He knew he could take a few more hits, but didn't want to try anything risky. Just beneath Amaya's position, a drill crafted out of stone materialized. Dark energy seeped into this drill, much like the pillars Jack used in his defense, as it began tearing through the ground at Amaya's feet. Combined with this, the dark energy expunged itself from the drill and attempted to force itself into the ground as well, putting more pressure on it to break apart. As this happens, Apollo barely manages to stand. "It should suffice to destroy everything around you, right?"
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The man would manage to destroy everything around her... Save for the ground immediately below her feet, and the woman herself. As she pants a bit from the Effort that she's been expending here she'd stare over at the young man with a slight smirk. Looking entirely uninjured while cracking her knuckles. "You know? If I were most people you'd be right, but in this case? Nahhhhhhh not even close! I'm way too tough to go and die from something like the entire area around me being blown to bits man." She can't afford to spend a ton of power on attacking after pulling that off though, in an effort to once again try and get around the mirror she tries something. Rather than ice forming near her and shooting towards Apollo with amazing speed, the air around him rushes downwards in temperature to such absurdly cold levels even a supernaturally tough being would hurt unless they have special defense against chills. It's not nearly as potent as her last attack, but it might do some damage. "I will admit though, I'm kinda on the backfoot here. Gotta conserve my energy if I'm gonna keep fighting more..."

Apollo's mastery over sea gives him complete immunity to cold somehow. Asami steps back, amazed at the ferocity of the attack and the endurance of Amaya. Asami: "W-wow, you guys are both so strong! I... feel kinda weak in comparison." Asami blushes slightly and touches her pointer fingers together. Apollo: "Come on now, sis, that's ridiculous! Little girls like you shouldn't worry about how strong they are. Now then..." Apollo turns so that his right shoulder faces Amaya as he cranes his head at her Apollo: "Are you truly indestructable? I suppose i'll give it 3 or 4 more tries and simply concede defeat if nothing happens... assuming you're not willing to just bet on a coin flip." He then thrusts his right hand forward, a dozen spears of dark energy forming in a circle around it. These spears fly forward, homing directly in on Amaya as opposed to the simple ones which mirrored the position of her's. One with great speed may be able to throw them off and knock something else into them, but any lesser effort would simply not happen sooner than the spears colliding with their target. Upon impact, they would pierce completely through the body without leaving a wound. Instead, their skin would completely darken at the point of impact like the pillars Jack used to defend himself and, just recently, the ground around Amaya. The affected nerve cells would begin to feel lethargic and relatively "non-existant". Regardless of this feeling, they would still exist, albeit with reduced function. The darkening would stop spreading just a few inches from its point of impact, leaving moderately large dark blots. The matter making up these blots would be more parasitic as opposed to simply being damaged cells. It wouldn't exactly directly harm Amaya, but it would basically render anywhere she was hit without function. Afterwards, Apollo watches closely and takes a step back, gritting his teeth and preparing himself for whatever Amaya's next action may be.
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OOC: Well this has taken longer than it probs should have, but here I am. The woman sighs as she realizes this attack actually mostly worked... It won't stop her in the long run, but it's annoying for the moment and that's all there is to say about things. "Great, guess that actually worked then. Good for you, try this on for size." Ice forms all around Apollo, but it isn't try to freeze him solid. Instead the young man would find himself being beset upon by a barrage of icy chains which are incredibly tough that aim to entrap the god for a brief moment. "Maybe this'll keep ya in place for a little bit... Because damn, my offense really could be better. I..." She ponders for a moment, needing a bit to breath after performing that move. And thinking about something. What is is though doesn't seem clear while she stares over at Apollo.

Apollo wouldn't be able to free himself from the chains on strength alone. Rather then try excessively, he would simply sigh. "Alright, I think I see an opportunity for a checkmate. This battle was regrettable, but I think i've learned something from it." He appears solemn for a moment, disappearing into thin air and reappearing in Amaya's shadow. He would stand with his back facing her a few feet away for a moment, his right hand gripping his left wrist and breathing slowly. He would attempt to recover as quickly as he could, materializing his battleaxe once more, which now shone with a purple energetic glow. He would attempt to drive his weapon horizontally into Amaya's side, aiming for the affected areas which would be devoid of any defense if nothing was done. Right before the blade would make impact, he would shout. "Check!"
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OOC: Yeah, I am still reeling from not having work anymore. but here goes. Also this match goes to Apollo so, not gonna be more posting here for a bit. "Well then... Guess that I'm done, good job there man..." Amaya knows this isn't gonna end well for her, she bursts forth with more divine might and lets loose a horrible mix of both the same raw lifeforce slaying power that was sent at Apolloy before Along with a wide barage of icy spikes aiming to imaple the young man in sheer will to survive. The first part hits, no chance to evade. The second is possible to evade or block, if he can find a way despite being weaker and more drained yet again... Either way Amaya is dead because of the blade sinking into her, despite her impressive powers the Godbound has finally run out of Effort and blood seaps from her body wildly onto the ground without a second moment. There's no fancy last words, no more attacks for the enemy, just a woman being slain as a blade plunges into her heart.

Apollo... didn't know what to expect. He knew his attacks would eradocate any demon, but the limits of the woman's endurance was a total mystery to him. By his own hand a life was taken, causing him to simply give an empty wide stare as his weapon dissipates and his hands begin to tremble. He made no attempts to dodge the last ditch effort from Amaya as it didn't compare to the guilt he felt inside. He couldn't blame himself for Jack's erasure, but this was inherently his fault anyway he looked at it. A couple icicles drive into his sides, stopping just before the bones. Apollo: "I... I..." He then falls to his knees, breaking into tears and gritting his teeth. Apollo: "I can't... how do I go on with blood on my hands!?" Asami then goes over to Apollo's side, carefully crossing the two platforms. As she approaches, the icicles melt more quickly as a result of her heat energy. She first places a hand on the man's left shoulder, pulling him in to hug him as she gently closes her eyes. Asami: "It's okay. You did good. Just go on... everyone's counting on you!" He then shakes his head and wipes his tears on his arm, his armor then disappearing. What Amaya might not have known was that it was purely cosmetic and provided no additional defense. Knowing that might not have changed, anything though. Apollo simply gets up, looks around, and takes and empty gaze behind himself. Asami, for her part, attempts to heal his wounds. Apollo: "You're right. It's not over, not while there's still a chance of saving everyone." Apollo, while slightly drained both physically and emotionally, still had enough energy to keep going.
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"Well done, but things aren't over here yet. You're the one who won so you get the choice of whose erased. Those who are imbued with the words of power don't simply die, afterall. That girl may have stopped moving but her soul still lingers. A soul too powerful to be dragged down to hell but also too divine to be accepted into heaven. Given time she may even one day come back to life. Tell you what though. I won't even make you give an answer. Simply walk back the way you came and I'll make sure your path leads you to the final trial, however, when you leave this area your opponent will be erased as well." Elian's tone was uncaring and seemed to be trying to hurry things along. It almost was closer to some bored office worker than to someone seemingly holding a contest of some sort.

Apollo would blankly stare at Elian, seeming somewhat surprised but hardly relieved. Apollo: "That's... I didn't know that. Is she... am I truly immortal? But, then, why was I even made in the first place? What's the point of being born with such raw power!? I don't get it..." Asami remained silent out of respect as she walked with her brother back the way they came, fully cognizant of the result of the action.
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Final Trial Apollo and Asami would find themselves in the same chamber as the others. There wasn't much delay between them entering back the way they came and appearing in this chamber. The others already would have found themselves in this place as well. It seemed to be where the tube like tunnel they had been traveling through and around finally ended, however the end would look to be around a mile away. A barrier barred them from moving more than a few meters from where they entered and Elian was already waiting just past this space. "It seems everyone finally arrived. I won't waste any time with pleasantries. This will be your final trial. The rules will be very simple. You have two objectives but you can choose one over the other if it suits you more. This will be a race to the end of the tunnel where I along with the entrance to where the artifact will be waiting. Either kill me to undo all that has happened or enter the room with the artifact. Those are the only two win conditions. Any questions?" Somewhere Within the Night Marcus and Red would have been moving forward through the hazy space for a while. It almost seemed like things were only growing more distant by the second. For a moment it seemed like sections of the floor had simply disappeared and reappeared in mid-air. The feeling of being watched increased at a steady rate as well. Despite this Marcus seemed undisturbed by this. "Can't tell if this was really a shortcut or a longcut but we should almost be there no-" He'd suddenly stop speaking. For the first time he seemed alarmed as he stared on ahead. His tone would become more muffled as if trying not to alert something. "Just what we needed...One of them." There was in fact something lurking in the darkness. It's form was hard to determine but it seemed massive in scale and to roughly hold the shape of a rhinoceros but much larger.
Red wouldn’t really say much on the trip. She was always the quiet type, but her constant attentiveness makes her a good listener at least. The woman easily maneuvers around the shifting floor, hardly needing to focus on keeping her footing anymore. That is, until Marcus stops her. Though she can’t “see” the creature, not really, the woman senses it on an almost instinctual level, able to approximate its size and distance from her without any real clues to it. Rather than attempt to maneuver around the creature, Red seems almost entranced by its mere presence. “Smells like Granny.” Red comments, relating her senses the best way she knew how before silently walking towards the creature, fully prepared to evade with even the slightest notice.
“Oh, hey there cutie. You come here often?” Kokoro crosses her arms and grins at Kazuo. Truth is she’d’ve rather not found someone she knows. Especially not while Kokoro is looking like this, but there’s nothing for it now. Maybe it’ll work out better this way. Though her eyes skin over Kazuo’s chimera, she doesn’t seem worried or intimidated at all. Kokoro vaguely recognizes Apollo too, but not enough to pay him special attention. For that she looks back at Elian “I’ve only got one question. Since we’re all kinda friends mind letting us talk things out for a bit?”
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[Kazuo would finally reach the Final Trial area, after walking for a long, long time and being followed by his three giant and metallic Chimera, Serpent, Hawk and Tortoise. He would quickly notice the oddly familiar blue haired woman, but he couldn't exactly put two and two together, so he just made sure his hat would obscure his eyes, if only by giving them a shadow. He would also notice that none other than Apollo and Asami had made it. He didn't want to reveal his own relation to them too suddenly to the familiar one. Then, Elian would appear. He would patiently listen to him, thinking of ways to quickly get to the last area without the rest getting in the way. He had a few ideas.] "I have a question, mind telling us how to kill-" [Then it hit him. This was Kokoro. He didn't really recognize her at first considering the...weird clothes she was wearing, but there she was. She obviously knew who he was so there was no point in acting anymore. He would sigh and take off his hat, holding it in his right hand. His cheeks had turned slightly red, trying not to look at her too much.] "Right... hey everyone. Glad to see you're okay. Don't call me cutie. Moving on." [He would shake his head and stare back at Elian.] "If we can kill you to undo everything and that's an option, what was the entire point of this? I thought you hated these divine beings. But back to my original question... how do we kill you?" [The reality of the situation was that he didn't care if he had to be defeated or not. He just wanted to stop anyone else to use the artifact. He knew one other person wanted to use it, and he guessed it had to be her.] "...Miss Kokoro, why are you here?"

Apollo takes a glance at Kazuo, appearing surprised by his question. Asami, meanwhile, ignores everything and runs up to hug him, remaining silent. Apollo: "Takahara-san... I had presumed your reason for entering this was to obtain more power. So what makes you want to undo everything all of a sudden as opposed to using the artifact for yourself?" He then glares at Kokoro intimidatingly. Apollo: "At any rate, I understand the situation well enough. Elian... I plan to kill you as well, but first I'd like to know... I'd like to know a lot of things, really. But first, could you tell me what you enjoy most in this world? If it's not too much to ask."
“Wow straight to the point huh?” Kokoro lets out a sigh and shakes her head. It wasn’t a story she liked recounting. Even once was a bit much. But she didn’t want to have to fight then either. It was her only real choice. So, the woman’s usual cheery demeanor becomes as somber as the grave “Same reason I’m wearing this stupid outfit. A few months ago I was just an ordinary college student. I went to school, went to parties, dated guys. Stuff like that.” Kokoro takes a deep breath as she clenches her fists, her rage bubbling upwards into her voice. “But then my only chance at happiness was stolen away from me by this monster, Anamnesis. This is my only chance to take back what was stolen from me!” The woman narrows her eyes to glare back at Apollo, totally unfazed by the younger god despite the trials they obviously had to go through “So if you two plan on killing him and undoing all my hard work I’ll have no choice but to stop you.” The woman closes her eyes for a few seconds, taking the chance to calm down before looking Kazuo in the eyes “So please just stand down. I’m not sure if Sen’d ever look me in the eyes again if she found out I killed you.”

Apollo looks down on Kokoro, tired and annoyed. He snickers and smiles, responding to her conviction in a sarcastic mocking tone. "Well, personally, I think your reason for fighting is not a ridiculous overreaction motivated by your ignorant narcissism and would gladly give up my own life and several others for it. However, I can't say the same for Kazuo. And, seeing how he is the leader of my club, i'm kinda inclined to support him. So, hey, don't blame me for what happens." He then takes a concerned glance towards Kazuo. "If you'd like, I could just slow her down and let you win."
[He would turn to Apollo, considering for a moment if he should be fully honest with this. It's true that he needs more power, he feels like he needs it, as a strange, powerful urge he could not understand. However, this current case was different.] "Honestly, I have a certain distaste for all-powerful beings, but more so for humans that have incredible powers that wasn’t part of their nature to begin with. Power corrupts easily, and most humans abuse it, including this power of "Words". It shouldn’t exist. Despite that... three friends of mine may end up caught up in whatever happens here. I can't have them erased." [His eyes would show easily he was being genuine. The three people in question would be beyond obvious. After this, he would turn to Kokoro, staring right back at her, straight to the eyes. He had only met her once before and was Sen’s friend. He didn’t like doing this, but he wasn’t going to turn his back.] "That's how it is then. The kind of person I came here to stop." [He would cross his arms as Serpent stands by his right, Tortoise by his left and Hawk behind him, waiting.] "I won't pretend I know enough about you, but you cannot and should not change the past. Think of what you're doing, it's selfish! You have no way of knowing how this change will affect the present and beyond, not to mention you would be sacrificing who knows how many lives for what, a chance at being happy? Who is to say something else won't come and take it all from you again? You may be even allowing a bigger calamity should you change things. The risks are too many!" [He returns the hat to his head, being determined about what he needs to do. Even so, it was clear, despite his current looks, that there was a slight sense of doubt.] "Bringing up Sen like that, and outright saying you'll kill me just proves how selfish you are being. Someone like you should not change anything. I won't kill you. But if you don't stand down, I will not hesitate, and I will not hold back. I will make you submit." [He would then momentarily turn to Apollo before looking back at Kokoro.] "With my Chimera I cannot lose the race, let's see what she has to say first."
“Hehehehe. Spare me your self-righteous bullshit.” Kokoro lets out a sound that’s somewhere between a laugh and a cry before looking back at Apollo. “Maybe it is just vanity. And I’m definitely being selfish. So what?” Kokoro takes a deep breath, beginning with a hint of calm fury in her voice “So what if it’s selfish, or desperate.” Kokoro’s voice grows louder, showing a hint of her full fury that’s built up over the months “YOU try watching as your ONLY child’s life is ripped away in front of your eyes and then tell me to stop being selfish.” Kokoro looks over to Apollo, briefly glancing at his sister as she does “Or your sister. How would you feel if she was taken away with you powerless to stop it?” Kokoro lets out a sigh before looking over the three Chimeras. The odds were obviously stacked against her, but she couldn’t let that bother her either “NEITHER of you have ANYTHING to lose here, but instead of giving me a chance you’re going to rip away my child right in front of my eyes again!” Kokoro casts a glare at both Kazuo and Apollo, desperately trying to think of a way to best them both as she adds “I can’t blame you for trying to stop me. But don’t EVER pretend you’re better than me when all you’re doing is stroking your own egos.”
[It was never like words were going to be enough here, and he wasn't a fan of Apollo's choice of words. Then again, he himself was a massive block in her path. What would happen here, he wasn't sure, but at the very least, he now had an opening. She had left herself fully open. Beyond compassion and trying to understand, he had to focus on her.] "Yell all you want, the outcome won't be any different. I told you I was going to stop you, and I will fight even Apollo if he's somehow bullshitting me with all this." [As the most basic of things, anyone who saw Serpent's hollow eyes would feel an incredible Fear, sudden and primal, like the feeling of being moments away from death, a passive psychological effect. Tortoise would slowly move now in front of Kazuo to act as a shield, and at the same time, it's body would get colder by the second, freezing the immediate surrounding area, making those who get near it more likely to get Frozen. Hawk would beat its wings once to raise above and keep at it, generating strong winds around the area for the equivalent of constant Minuscule Wind damage. Currently, Kazuo himself had 12 Stocked Blades for future use, and his Vibration Field, which would absorb at least one more physical impact, was up to Level 2, both from the previous fight.] "Apollo, the opponent is human, so I should be the one to deal with this. Gods have no say in what we do. You get out and kill Elian, your ass and your sister's is on the line, not mine." [He would say that before raising his voice.] "So, Miss Kokoro! You sure you don't want to give up? I assure you, you'll have to get through me first, and these pals of mine are nothing but the tip of the iceberg." [Despite his previous words, Kazuo had started to feel the sudden adrenaline, like fighting was not something he just had to do, but deeply needed to. He had to try hard just not to smile or sound too excited.]

Apollo glances at Kazuo with a look of disapproval, crossing his arms. "Language, young man." He goes in front of the barrier barring them and gestures for Asami to follow him, who releases Kazuo and goes to stand by her brother. "Asami, stay here and heal Kazuo if he looks like he's about to die. I'm gonna go finish things." He then stares ahead, waiting until Elian removes the barrier to proceed while looking back at Kazuo. Apollo: "After this is all said and done, I'd like to meet up someplace to discuss. I'll make sure to send you details on Asami's phone."
"Don't even ask. Backing down was never an option." As usual, Kokoro opens by dashing forward, quickly closing the distance between her and the tortoise as she focuses all her attention on the creature. Rather than simply strikig it, Kokoro shouts. "Stakes of Protection!" Kokoro is close enough for frost to begin to form around her, but it was also as close as she'd need to be for this. A wall of force emerges from the ground beneath the tortoise, flinging it upward regardless of the creature's weight. Once the tortoise is in the air, Kokoro follows up with a shout "Diogenes!" The woman's guardian materializes in the air above her before striking the now airborne turtle with force that can even be felt by the Hawk far off into the air and turning what was to be Kazuo's shield, into a massive projectile aimed directly at him. "So just try to withstand the full force of my rage." OOC: So... Is it alright for us to continue from here like my fight with Projekt Red, or should we wait between rounds?
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Final Trial "Honestly, I didn't expect such a finale but it seems rather interesting to me." Elian would first address Kazuo, almost seeming to show a hint of excitment at the questions aimed his way. "If someone could manage to defeat me then I would have to acknowledge them. Essentially, the one who proves themselves stronger than I, who was left behind by the One, would be allowed to determine whether the false live or die. As for how to kill me, it seems you've caught on. Permanently destroying me would be too hefty a task for most, divine power or not. So simply destroying my body would be enough for me." He'd look over at Apollo as well but now seemed confused resulting in him taking on a less enthusiastic tone. "Asking a corpse what they enjoy most in the world? Are you looking for an answer as to what the nameless human I once was enjoyed or did you really believe a Lich King would be able to tell you anything about such long lost emotions? I was revived to carry out the remaining will of the one. That is all that's left of me. That human from centuries ago is dead." The barrier would begin to fall as Elian's form began to grow more and more distant at an alarming rate. "I've stated the rules simply, fight among yourselves or come and claim your prize at the end if you can..." Somewhere Within the Night The most that could be noticed about it upon a closer view was the its skin seemed mostly to be made out of something dark in color and clumpy. The beast would suddenly turn towards Red, ironically with red eyes of its own. It would begin beating the ground with its front paws like an animal but it's face made it clear that it was more than just a simple animal. The thing before them had many sets of horns on its face and sharp jagged teeth. As if that wasn't enough there was also a set of tusks at the sides of its face. A spiky spine also seemed to cover its back. The whole creature simply looked jagged in nature. An otherworldly squeal could be heard as it charged forward towards Red. Marcus had already backed off and was readying his mirror but noticing the beast go for Red he seemed to feel the need to shout. "Dammit, don't let that thing touch your skin directly! The night wasn't meant to interact with the day!"
["Why is that I always ending up fighting women? Why is it that they are all always crazy!? I already miss Sen!" Kazuo grits his teeth as he covers his face with both arms as Kokoro begins her assault. With the first attack, Tortoise is indeed forced onto the air before being thrown directly at the young man. He doesn't move an inch as Tortoise connects, but nothing happens. Tortoise, despite the power of the strike, seemed to instantly stop in place the moment it crashed with his body, dropping to the ground with a few cracks on its shell, clearly hurt. Kazuo's body would reveal a kind of translucent white light around it. His Vibration Field had absorbed the full force of the impact and upped itself to Level 3, its limit.] "Apollo, you heard the man! Take Asami with you too, I already told you this is between humans only! Not to mention Elian could be too much for you without her healing!" [His piece said, he would focus on Kokoro. He knew he had to keep her busy for as long as he could if not outright defeat her.] "Is that all you have? If that's the full extent of your rage, then let me help you up it just a bit! Hawk!!" [Hawk had only lost its balance on the air for a moment before focusing on beatings its wings yet again, now however, it would open its beak and quickly unleash a soundwave that would quickly move through the same wind the bird was creating. With its "War Monger" ability, it would augment her own feelings of Rage, and if this happens, then both her body and mind would become more susceptible to being affected; she may be able to hit harder, however. Soon after, Serpent itself would begin its own attack, it would quickly slither towards Kokoro and circle her; it was trying to close in on her and would try to constrict her with its gigantic metal body, with enough force to probably make her suffer quite a bit; this was "Eternal Constrict", which at most should keep her in place for a bit. Finally, Tortoise would focus itself on covering the arena with Ice by using "Absolute Zero". All this move does is covering the floor on ice, but would not freeze anything or hurt at all.] "What is this power of yours? It doesn't look like a Persona. How did you get it? What is its name and what does it allow you to do?" [He had gotten the sudden curiosity, as an idea goes through his mind. Kazuo would walk to his right, leaving Tortoise and Hawk behind, leaving himself open. His attempts at stopping himself from smirking were awful at best. It was like he was taunting her to get closer.] "Which reminds me, I haven't done anything yet. Asking questions is never okay unless I give something in return, right?" [He would point his right arm straight up as a a vortex appears behind him, shooting pieces of gears and metal at high speeds all over the place. He used his own "High-speed Alloy". The pieces would then rain around him.] "I'll tell you what this is later."

Apollo shouts at Kazuo in a rushed tone. Apollo: "Her powers aren't developed enough to help me yet! It's safer if she stays here. Besides, it's too late to argue!" Apollo then runs at breakneck speed forward through the now opened path, too fast for Asami to follow even if she tried. Rather then give chase, she would simply get on her knees and watch the battle between Kazuo and Kokoro unfold before her eyes.
"hmm?" Hearing Marcus's warning almost seems to snap Red out of her trance, though the creature had already begun charging her, it was a simple matter to flip over the advancing creature, leaving a couple of knives in its hide as she goes. She felt as if it wasn't likely to do much damage, but her reflexes had been honed to a point that countering was almost an instinct. "Should we... Run?"
"I'm not an idiot y'know. Its obvious you're trying to play me." Its obvious what Kazuo is trying to do, but that doesn't make his prodding any less annoying. So Kokoro channels into her anger twoards Anamnesis, telling herself that Kazuo really isn't much better. It wasn't true of course, but if she let her fury falter for a second she might not be able to do this. Kokoro's forced to deal with the metallic serpent first, as its directed its attack at her. Though the woman glimpses into the serpent's eyes, she doesn't seem bothered by the fear effect, keeping her focus on the creature. Once the Serpent begins to coil around her, Kokoro makes for the obvious solution of leaping upwards, using the creature's rapidly approaching coils as a pushing point to get up and punch it in the face, more specifically aiming for one of its eyes. Finally, as Kazuo begins spreading gears throughout the arena, Diogenes materializes once more, this time without command, to deflect the few pieces that go directly at Kokoro, sending a few of the gears flying at the hawk instead. "Never heard of a Persona and don't care. Can you give me one good reason to tell you anything? We're fighting, remember." There's a hint of disdain in Kokoro's voice, a clear amount of impatience that may or may not be influenced by her rage effect.
[Kazuo could barely hold back his own excitement, his smile now perpetual. At this time, right now, he had to wonder where his nervousness and doubt had gone, it was almost as if each fight filled him with the deepest need to prove his own power and grow stronger.] "It is obvious, but it's never what it seems." [Kazuo keeps walking around the area, looking at the entire scene as it plays out. First, she seems to be able to resist the dreadful Fear effect Serpent has and goes on to try to punch right on the creature's eyes. The only issue with it is that the void eyes were just that, void like a skull, like the remaining insides of the creature, and as such, she is unable to make contact with anything. Then, some of the gears are sent back towards Hawk, feeling the impact but nothing too bad. Even so, it seemed like this particular Chimera had an issue with projectile-based moves.] "I can't tell if the Rage is working, but I can always double down. It makes no difference. You keep leaving yourself open, Kokoro." [He had to think quick, he couldn't waste a single chance to screw with her. There were ways beyond physical harm that can help with beating her. He would close his eyes and from his body a female figure would emerge, with a featureless face and serpent-like armor.] "Doppel!! Better be on the ready." [Taking the chance, since the enemy was right in front of it, Serpent would almost seem to be smirking. It would unhinge its jaw and let out a powerful, beastly roar at the woman. Releasing its "Abyssal Terror", Kokoro may find that whatever Fear effect the eyes could cause before would feel like child's play compared to the actual psychological attack this move was. If it worked, then she would become far more mentally vulnerable. Then would come Hawk, once again releasing its own "War Monger" soundwaves to force Kokoro's Rage to worsen, also aiming for making her mind more vulnerable. Finally, Tortoise would open its mouth and focus strong magic and its own incredible cold into a single point, into a single needle. The Chimera would shoot it straight at Kokoro, a "Cold Injection". If it does hit, then it would not hurt on impact. Instead, it would force her body to quickly become covered in Ice that would slow her down. If she were to move too much with the ice on her, then it would break and leave her body with a severe case of frostbite.] "Fighting is a bit of a big word, so I don't see why you couldn't tell me. These beings I call Chimera, demons materialized by the mean of my "Imaginary Numbers". If that makes sense to you." [Doppel would copy his every move.]
“Even better.” Finding out that not only are the serpent’s eyes empty, so is it’s entire body, brings a faint smile to Kokoro’s face. Rather than just strike, she takes a hold of the edge of the Serpent’s eye docket effectively grappling the creature, and giving her the leverage she needs to push the creature to the ground. “Diogenes.” Since the serpent can no longer escape, Kokoro summons her guardian to strike it against the ground, before unleashing another shattering blow to the joint between the creature’s skull and throat. Unless the serpent is vastly more durable than the turtle, something that seems unlikely given it’s hollow nature and the several attack increases Kokoro has been given, it would find its cry strangled in its now crushed throat, assuming it hasn’t shattered altogether. Regardless of the Serpent’s durability, it’s now doubtlessly on the ground with Kokoro in an excellent position to rip off part of its eye socket, and throw the serpent’s part to intercept the turtle’s ice beam. “You know, the impressive thing is that you’re still not even the second biggest asshole I know.”
"I see, so Fear won't do anything. I'll give you that, you're impressive. Looks like I'll need to change tactics." [Indeed, Tortoise's attack was intercepted by Serpent's body. Luckily, Serpent had the upper hand in this. Not only was it resistant to physical impact, it also was to Ice based attacks. While the joint would not be crushed, it was certainly damaged, and the attack was at the very least stopped. Serpent's upper side would have a few cracks and parts of its body would be covered in some ice, but it was still ready to keep going regardless. Were it not for the attack buffs, it would have done next to nothing.] "I take offense to that, I'm just enjoying this a lot! Your physical strength is monstrous, my attacks are having a hard time getting to you. High-speed Alloy." [Kazuo would point to the ground in front of him and a vortex would appear, releasing another wave of gears and metal pieces, all a bit larger than before. At the same time, another wave of those would appear, these created by Doppel.] "I wasn't the one attacking, by the way! I meant them!" [A sudden rush once again took hold of him as the tactics change indeed. First would come Hawk, making its large wings beat with more power, raising the perpetual Wind damage to Light, certainly making it harder for the girl to move around, not counting the already frozen floor, so it would be the first use of "Storm Caller". Then would come Serpent, looking for revenge. It would quickly unhinge its jaw yet again to release a sudden but powerful flash of light, followed by a few sparks. Releasing some of its electricity, it flashed the entire area with "Horror Flash", which would only make her movements and precision more sluggish if she was looking at Serpent for even a mere moment. Finally, Tortoise would make a large amount of spines to appear all over its shell and body, as it rushes at a speed impossible for a being of its size towards Kokoro with it "Morningstar Rush", looking to at least cut her up all over.] "Before this, we beat a God that could nullify all types of damage before, all we could do was psychological attacks! Some "Perfect being" she was. You are already more exciting, y'know? Last time I felt this way was with this loud alien chick." [He would take off his hat and throw it to the side.] "Come here often, cutie?"
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OOC: I was under the impression these were supposed to be happening around the same time, but alright. "Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely terrified. I have no fucking clue what's going on or where all these monsters are coming from, and they seem pretty much immune to everything." Kokoro takes a deep breath to stop the faint trembling in her arms. "But you don't last long in Purgatory if you let something stupid like that stand in the way. For me..." Kokoro looks up, glaring directly at Kazuo as she starts walking forward. The woman slaps aside some of the gears coming her way, but the few that do strike don't seem to make her falter. "My Rage crushes my fears." Kokoro gradually pushes forward through the wind. The ice was obviously intended to give her a hard time keeping her footing, but as long as she didn't try running too quickly it would be fine. "I guess you wouldn't understand any of that though. After all you've never actually had to fight with your life on the line. You're standing back while those things do all the work. Diogenes!" As the tortoise approaches, Kokoro brings forth her guardian once again to intercept its charge with a vicious punch. The two clash for a moment, with the tortoise's spikes slashing through Diogenes's largely ethereal form. But with the icy floor, it would now be easier to affect the tortoise's momentum. Diogenes's blow once again turns the tortoise into a projectile, this time aimed to crash into the Serpent. Though Diogenes receives a similar blow, the Guardian is able to fade away, hiding within Kokoro once more "You're just some delusional kid using everyone's accomplishments to fuel your ego."
[Kazuo had figured she was used to the fear. She must be extremely used to it, which made him curious. But then again, she would not answer anything he asks. However, his mind was focusing on something else.] "... Your situation, it sounds like... like what?" [He seemed like he wanted to say something, but didn’t even he know what it was. As this happen, he looks onwards to see Kokoro struggle with all her might. His thrill for battle still had him on a kind of high, but slowly the doubt began to come to him by the woman's words alone.] "Fight with my life on the line... to survive...? I wouldn't understand... but, I should... would I...?" [Kazuo has to hold his head with his left hand, an intense migraine taking its toll on him, and for a moment looking beyond horrified. After that, he would shake his head and glare back at the woman, his previous expression making a full return.] "They are my power all the same, demons who will only listen to those stronger than them! Not unlike your Diogenes!" [Tortoise's body would be shot straight at Serpent, who would not resist the strike the same way it did before with direct impacts. This time around, Serpent's metal parts began to bend and crack more so than before, revealing some of the hollow interior of its skull, and within the main body, growing all around the metal, something more akin to flesh. For all intents and purposes, Serpent itself would need a moment to recover.] "You are strong, really strong. But these three are not all I have. The abyss is far deeper than that, I'll show you just what I mean right now...! This one is above Deep Alloy Serpent and Deep Doremi Hawk!!" "7th Number - INFERNO TRANSMUTATION!!!" [Red markings would appear all over the damaged Serpent and the currently flying Hawk. They would shoot out of their body and connect, turning the original patterns into a combination of both and turning into crimson chains that would force both Chimera to clash against one another, the metal of their bodies slowly merging together, including the parts of Serpent that had fallen off before.] "Your wrath will strike fear into their hearts; reveal your true form!" [Kazuo's eyes turn into a bright yellow as he claps his hands together, making the chains fuse with their bodies, now gaining a new shape. The wings would be reduced in size slightly, but its ends would sharpen. Hawk's and Serpent's blade tails would combine into a larger one to the back, fully flexible. Hawks talons would become larger, its claws easily breaking the floor under them. The main body would become bulkier, and finally their heads would become one. Serpent's lower, large jaw would shrink to fit Hawk's arrow-like beak with the back end of its head in the shape of an X.] "Avatar of Destruction, Deep Inferno Wyvern!!!" [It's empty eye sockets would light up in intense yellow orbs as it opens its beak, the interior full of razor sharp fangs, making it look more like a shredder. Letting out an ear-piercing roar, it would focus entirely on Kokoro. Kazuo's eyes would then turn back to grey.] "It was getting too cold in here, don't you think?" [Knowing what this would do, Tortoise would keep its distance and this time around, focus on controlling all the ice it had released previously. With its "Frozen Tomb", it would make the ice rise from the floor and reach high up and try to close in on itself on top of Kokoro, almost like a massive wave wanting to crush her under it. It wouldn't kill, but the frostbite may be unescapable. Almost grinning, Wyvern itself would beat its wings with great force, more so than Hawk ever did. It would fully control the currents of powerful wind and focus it around Kokoro to make her lose balance while on the ice with "Inferno Hurricane".] "Purgatory doesn't compare to the Abyss!!"
"Guess their standards aren't very high. I mean you've already admitted I'm stronger than you." Kokoro takes the chance she's given with Kazuo's pokemon fusing to continue her advance without the wind's interruption. Once the creature's fully formed, Kokoro stops in place to cross her arms with a sigh, a hint of regret in her voice "Lets both hope you never learn." Kokoro takes one long step forward to change her stance to one much lower to the ground to await the wave of ice. "Idea, Release!" A bluish glow bursts out from around Kokoro as Diogenes bursts forth, taking the exact same stance right behind its master. From here, Kokoro dashes forward, Diogenes mirroring her punch as she bursts forth from the ice, ending her dash only a few feet away from Kazuo Though Kokoro doesn't hit anyone directly, the force of her and Diogenes's punch sends out a wave of force that can be felt resonating throughout the tunnel, far enough that it could likely be felt from Elian's side of the field. This wave of force threatens to knock Kazuo against the nearest wall while briefly disturbing the Wyvern's command of the currents. All without the pair actually having to hit him. Unlike the previous attacks, Diogenes doesn't fade away, the armored figure remaining fully visible in the space behind Kokoro.
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[Although the ice was broken, it was all going to disappear anyway, Kazuo thought. What he did not expect at all, however, was that she would just go right through it and have enough physical power to make the entire area tremble. It was true, had he not fought Motley previously and allowed himself to summon at least a few of his Chimera, then he would've most likely lost without landing a single hit. Kokoro could destroy him in a single move. At the other end, Tortoise is barely moved, and Wyvern seems to lose its balance for a moment before acting like nothing. The attack, however, was stopped. Kazuo being sent flying towards the wall, quite possible being almost buried in it, would merely laugh as the white aura intensifies.] "Vibration Field Level 4. I have no control over it anymore." [He would remain without injury as the total accumulation of the impacts he was dealt accumulates in a single point in front of him before all the vibrations are released automatically in a straight line directly towards Kokoro, who was not too far away. He had no shield now, and the aura was gone, but he wasn't going to use the accumulation of power to just go for a single hit. His body would be covered in red markings as he claps his hands together.] "Deep Transmigration!!" [The markings would be shot out of his body and grab on to the three sets of gears scattered all around the arena before they are all conglomerated right in front of Kokoro.] "Manifestation of War, scorch the land! Deep Gear Tiger!!" [A gigantic metal and skeletal Tiger would stop right in front of Kokoro with its mouth open, revealing a kind cannon that continued all the way into the lowers ends of its body. Gripping its claws on the floor, crushing it as a flash comes from within it. Taking the appearance of his Tiger as an initial distraction, Kazuo would quickly make his way towards Tortoise, and then from there jump on the back of Wyvern, who was still on the ground.] "Star Scorcher Barrage! Red Flare!" [At what could possibly be point blank, the Chimera would unleash up to 6 burning projectiles that could easily make the floor catch on an fire, besides making the floor itself crack under the pressure of the move. Following up on this, Wyvern would take upon itself to quickly load up a massive ball of intense fire in front of it before releasing it straight towards her back, with enough power to fully melt any normal metal like it was nothing, and the mere proximity of it will burn badly enough to feel pain with any kind of movement. Finally, Tortoise would quickly load up a small plasma projectile that it would shoot straight at Kokoro. Its "Chilling Finale" would be a psychological attack that would affect any sense of guilt, failure, and pain she may have for anything, and force it to become even worse. Even if it hits, it depends on how much the previous psychological moves influenced her. After this, Tortoise would hide itself within its shell.] "Need to keep my distance for a bit now, but my moves are running low. I may need to use another Inferno Chimera just to be on equal grounds..."
OOC: So hey, did you have any idea for how much worse Chilling Finale makes guilt or am I free to make it as large as I want?

OOC: Up to you, it depends on if the previous Fear and Rage attacks were successful. The more "vulnerable" Kokoro has become the worse the effect, so also consider that factor
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Final Trial Regardless of how fast Apollo moved it could be noted that Elian seemed to always somehow stay ahead. It wouldn't even appear as though they were trying as the laws of physics just simply were ignored as they nonchalantly moved through the air. Finally the end would be in sight after a while. The large tunnel they had been in simply ended at a flat wall near the end with a large door standing in place. This was where Elian would finally stop, seeming to just admire the doorway as Apollo caught up. "Beautiful isn't it? Beyond this place is where the flow of time itself connects to the artifact. Though this place pales in comparison to the flow itself. There is nothing more sacred than time's flow..." He wouldn't make any threatening gestures yet. He almost seemed to not even acknowledge Apollo at the moment aside from his statement, which almost didn't seem necessarily directed at him anyway. "You can start whenever you want. I am a little disappointing though..." Somewhere Within the Night Black blood would leak from the creature falling onto the ground before bubbling and corroding away the floor. Marcus was slowly trying to get by the thing without drawing its attention. Marcus: "That might be ideal. It's possible for us to kill it but humans really weren't ment to fight something like that..." The creature would suddenly plunge its face into the ground before beginning to moves the floor itself out of the way. It almost appeared to have simply dropped itself into the void below but the ground would occasionally shake to signal otherwise.
OOC: Kokoro will remember this. Kokoro stands back up from her previously low stance, taking a deep breath as she recovers from that last attack. The woman brings up her arms in front of her to provide some amount of protection from Kazuo's backlash. There wasn't anything to say anymore. Kokoro is forced to take a step back from the tiger, her guardian striking the area in front of her to prevent a direct hit from the Tiger's flames, but she'd still feel the sweltering heat replacing the previous chill. Kokoro brings herself low to the ground again, preparing for her next blow. Though Kokoro had lost track of Kazuo, she wouldn't need to block the Wyvern's flames, as they harmlessly spill off of her guardian Diogenes, who was forced to remain manifested behind her. Finally, there's the Chilling Finale. Once the thin bit of plasma strikes Kokoro, all the rage, fear, sorrow, and guilt she'd built up over her life, particularly these last few months as an Executor, surface again, far more intense than ever before. Some might even call it immeasurable. However, the effect might not have been what Kazuo was expecting. Y'see, Guardians like Diogenes manifest from the will of the Executors they are a part of, and are drawn forth from the Executor's pain. Both Guardians and Executors grow and develop in accordance with the suffering they've been through. In other words, all these guilt, fear, and sorrow-based effects that have accumulated over this fight weren't useless. They were making Kokoro stronger. "Manifest, my Golden Will." Diogenes begins glowing more brightly, with enough force gathering in its and Kokoro's fist that the air begins rapidly circulating around them, fanning the tiger's flames into an inferno as Kokoro prepares for her final attack. "APATHEIA." In one swift motion, Kokoro and Diogenes turn in unison to face the Deep Inferno Wyvern, and unleash a single blow into the air. There's a certain point where it becomes impossible to actually describe the amount of force that goes into an attack as the pair's attack contains more than enough force for a series of explosions to ripple outward in a line from where they struck the air. A blow strong enough for even the tortoise and tiger, now behind Kokoro, to likely be forced to their knees or even against the opposite wall. As for Kokoro's target, at this point the shockwave contains enough force that even dodging it Kazuo would likely be getting crushed against the far wall by the Wyvern he was riding. And a direct hit would be almost certain death. Whatever the result, Diogenes would fade away once more, leaving Kokoro to watch and see if there was yet another sin to burden her.
OOC: This is too perfect, holy shit "Crap!!" [Was all he could say as everything happened at once, having to quickly think of a way to answer, but it was impossible to do in time. In the end, all he had was luck to see what would happen. The display of raw, absolute power coming from Kokoro and her Guardian may prove to be too much for him and Wyvern. Luck. He had to get lucky. That was it. He would quickly reach out for the coin Gad had given him before and would flip it quickly, catching it the moment the attack lands on Wyvern, sending both back with great force. Unless he wills it, he cannot lose balance or fall off of Wyvern, like he was a part of the very being. As such, in the short amount of time he had to act, he would allow Wyvern to receive the initial strike, Kazuo launching himself out of the way only to be carried back again. He would reach out both arms and connect once again with the Chimera as it impacts against the wall. Kazuo would then be released and hit one of the wings of the beast, then falling hard on the ground, not moving at all for a few, long moments. Wyvern would show cracks all over, but it seemed mostly fine, almost made for similar attacks, but it would still stumble around before letting out a roar. Kazuo on the other hand, well, both arms were bent in an unnatural way, a single coin on one of the palms of his right hand. After a while, he would start moving again, the young man trying to get up only using his legs.] "Still... alive, was lucky. Gad gave me a- coin. I'm..." [As he manages to get up on both his feet, the coin falls to the ground in front of him. Kazuo was panting hard, doing his best to keep on breathing. His coat was full of holes and ripped, showing the indestructible rapier still in its sheath behind him. His arms were twitching, bleeding and getting swollen. He was unable to move them at all anymore, and they were pointing down. He had to stay hunched back, for even his shoulder had gotten seriously injured. He would look up, the top of his head bleeding, all of it covering the right side of his head.] "I didn't notice. Was... a bad decision on my part. To think... you got stronger by the negative feelings... Miss Kokoro..." [Although Kazuo was beyond beaten down, he remained on his feet, and his eyes seemed to have a spark to them. His joy from fighting was not gone. At this point, he realized this lust for it was not natural to a human.] "I've... never felt this way before... you... it's like something deep, deep within me... craves more of you, more of this. But I think... I'm at my limit...!" [He laughs, still in incredible pain. Apparently back to his senses, at least to some degree. Not even he was sure. He drops to his knees, without enough energy to keep himself up.] "Fighting... I hate it... but why does it always feel good...? What would Sen think of me if she saw this...? I hate to think of it...! I don't feel okay hurting others... I'm sorry for..." [His eyes flash with yellow as red chains appear around both Tiger and Tortoise. Being forced together, quickly forcing their shape to change together, forcefully pulled right in front of the gate Elian had opened before and Apollo had gone through way before. Tiger would stand upright as Tortoise's bulky self grows to cover the wicked mammal, transforming into a headless humanoid armor with giant shields as gauntlets and an incredibly wide breastplate.] "Ava... Protection... -ferno... Champio..." [It would position itself, using both arms to fully cover the way, as one last blockade.] "-ave people that...gone... I want back..." [Kazuo used the last bits of his own energy to try and communicate, for whatever that was worth. He ends up passing out on his knees right next to the wall, still bleeding. The last two Chimera would remain static, waiting. Wyvern more interested in protecting the defeated Kazuo, and Champion merely blocking the way.]
"Then go." Red remains in place and waits for a moment, willing to act as bait for the creature. Marcus obviously wasn't used to hiding and the like, given how slowly he was trying to creep by. It would probably be fairly easy for Red to make an escape on her own, even in unfamiliar territory, but she can't really do that if it means leaving her guide. "I'll follow."

Apollo catches up, merely observing the scenary for a moment before facing Elian and smirking. "So a lich king like you can appreciate beauty? I see..." He then summons a broadsword, swinging it through the air with his right hand and then casually holding it behind his neck, raising his left hand forward in a preaching manner. "I see what you mean. This isn't quite the climax I hoped for... I must admit, I have my qualms about killing you. Maybe not as much now knowing just what you are. Still, I don't like thinking of my opponent as a mere obstacle to cut down. But, I suppose words just won't do here." Apollo gives a lamentful sigh as a tide of water revolves around his ankles, slowly rising up. As this happen, he lowers his left hand and points his sword up towards Elian. "You've witnessed all my battles prior, yes? Guess I better shake things up then." The water then gathers at the hilt of the sword, building up into a high-pressure pool before traveling along the blade. It then fires full force towards Elian, a trace of darkness going straight through the center of the gusher and causing it the explode at the end, splitting into two beams of water with twice as much pressure as before. About three-forths of the way, it repeats the process and creates four insanely high pressures beams of water barreling straight towards Elian.
"Yeah. All these sins are just something I have to live with. So, guess that's it then?" Kokoro takes a moment to rest, going down on one knee and observing the situation. Once she's ready again, she starts by looking over to and yelling at Asami. "Hey! Your brother said you could heal right? You might wanna make sure that guy doesn't bleed out." But that was pretty much all she could do for him. Kokoro was just happy to learn he wasn't dead yet. After a few seconds, the woman breathes out a sigh and walks towards the now-guarded doorway, unimpressed by the new chimera's appearance "Demons are supposed to respect strength right? And you do realize I just floored your master with a single hit? I'd suggest you move out of the way."
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Final Trial Elian simply smiles calmly at the oncoming attack. He'd raise a hand and simply seem to swipe at the air. "You, kill me? You seem to misunderstand..." The water itself wouldn't disperse but in two of the pressurized blasts the force behind them seemed to simply fizzle away leaving the water to simply come to a halt and fall to the floor. The other two blasts heading towards him would simply miss as Elian had moved several feet to Apollo's right, almost seemingly instantaneously. "Your first mistake was assuming that just because its divine your power can't still be undone. It offers some resistance under those circumstances but half the time you'll still end up failing with attacks like that. Your second mistake should have been obvious from before. Space and time are under my command. You'll have to be smarter to hit me with such an forward attack in the first place. And that brings us to your final mistake..." Elian wouldn't even seem to be attempting to approach Apollo but something strange would light up in his dead eyes. Apollo would feel as if the air was now heavier. Elian's gaze was bringing something to him that he likely had never felt before. Suddenly, a large and invisible hand would quickly reach out towards him from seemingly everywhere but not all at once. It would be something truly unprecedented, something that simply broke all the rules at once or perhaps more accurate would be to say that it was made up from the rules in the first place. It would simply attempt to grab him with its massive grip but he wouldn't feel it actually touch him even if he did...instead, whatever it latched onto would begin to change. Corrosion that never normally would have effected an immortal frame over time would begin to fray to pieces. "You assume I haven't killed immortals before. It goes further than that though. I was created to kill beings like you. To take away what you rely on so much. To that extent I'll erase you with my own power if need be. I am a vassal of time itself. One who can extend its reach even to those who normally escape it. In other words, you both actually made the worst choice in terms of match-ups. Kazuo is unfortunately probably lying broken on the floor somewhere now and you'll most likely simply be erased here. You won't even have the benefit of a quick death since I'm not utilizing the artifact to do so." Somewhere Within the Night Marcus: "Really? Uh, whatever...Just don't get dissolved by...whatever that things doing." He wasn't about to let that chance to get away go. He'd quickly try to move ahead, crossing the area where the monster had first been spotted. The ground would stop shaking as from the platform beneath Red the monster would come upward attempting to strike her with its horn as it rose out of the floor.
Red notices the instant the shaking finally stops, waiting only a fraction of a second before jumping up and back, well out of the way of the horn. The woman watches Marcus out the corner of her eye as she continues distracting the creature. Red throws one of her knives into the creature, more to keep its attention than anything, as she waits for Marcus to get a safe distance away. She'd simply have to find a way to break away from the creature once her guide is out of there.
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Asami The little girl would walk towards Kazuo, reaching towards him with her right hand but hesitating. She clenches it into a fist and in a sudden outburst, begins to tear up slightly. Her eyes closed, she thinks to herself outloud talking slowly and cynically. "What makes you... any more human..." Apollo Apollo would merely smile casually as Elian spoke, secretly planning his next move as the conversation went on. As soon as Elian recounted his mistakes, the immortal bravely interjected his own take. "It's only human to make mistakes. In fact, you've made a few of your own. First, you assume there's anything divine about me. Hubris ain't my style, i'm just a guy looking to live his life the best I can, no different from any human. Second, you think that because no immortal has outmatched you that no one can. And, your third mistake? That's were you should feel most embarrassed, because both my opponents made the same mistake before, and that's exactly what allowed me to win. Let me show you what I mean!" After saying all this, Apollo would materialize one of the same silver-colored arcs he had created for his soldier prior. Rather than attack Elian or the thin air with it, he would merely slash it across his chest. Reality then folds inward, making it so that Apollo would no longer exist and thereby evading the invisible hands on the condition that they were not agile enough to attack before Apollo performed the trick. This would grant the young man temporarily immunity to any attack relating to space and/or time as well as anything else in general. However, he truly didn't exist at this point in time, so there was no apparent offensive attribute to the maneuver.
[Champion does not move an inch, nor does it reply in any way. It was almost as it had become part of the wall, standing between their arena and the other side of the tunnel. At this time too, Kazuo continues to bleed out while on his knees, slowly dropping more until the rest of his body crashes against the floor. Despite the life of the young man dimming, the Chimera would not be affected at all, seemingly fully independent of their master.]
"Guess I should've figured that was a load of crap." Kokoro crosses her arms with a sigh before looking back up at the creature. It didn't seem to be making any threatening movements, so she had plenty of time to experiment. First idea was easy. Kokoro casually approaches the Champion before striking her fists together and shouting "If you won't move on your own then..... Stakes of Protection!" as with the turtle before, a wall of force would emerge from the space below the Champion, sideways this time, aiming to either force it against the top of the doorway, or out of it entirely, just to get the chimera out of the way so Kokoro can move past..

Asami frowns, feeling slightly overwhelmed by the situation but healing Kazuo's wounds anyways, although refraining from restoring his stamina. She then stands to just as casually face the guardian, looking at it with a cynical gaze. "It's only a matter of time before Apollo ends this. It's weird, none of this really feels significant in the here and now. I know i'm not really supposed to feel like that, and yet..." She then cranes her head upward, her eyes blank and lost in thought.
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Final Trial The grasp of time wouldn't be so slow as to not be able to reach its intented target when they didn't even seem to try and dodge aside from escaping through such a strange method. Yet they'd still be able to reach Apollo in time to have their fingers grasp at his chest. Of course, whatever the hands touched would be frayed apart, resulting in flesh being broken down into a golden colored dust. "Quite the hypocritical statement yet it's exactly because you claim to be human yet hold that type of power that you need to be erased. Perhaps now...No, there's no need to rush things. Take your time." Elian would simply remain calm regardless. He'd hold up a single arm and suddenly a body would form over it that he'd then throw to the ground. It was the dead body of the red-haired man Amaya had fought before. "Rise...and while I'm at it I suppose it's time for a prediction. When Apollo reappears he'll attack immediately to catch me off guard. That's the most logical choice." The dead body would suddenly have its eyes light up as the man's heart would begin beating once more. However, it was clear that he seemed to lose all sense of self that he once had as even upon getting up his expression was an empty one. Somewhere Within the Night The knife would hit its mark as per usual. The creature's size made for an easy target but the wound would also allow for more of its black corrosive blood to drip onto the floor below. Marcus would have already traveled a good distance but would finally turn around to notice Red still fighting the thing. "Damn, your still over there. Guess I should try a bit more to help...This is kinda going to suck though..." He'd open his mirror and seemed to begin selecting something. "Kazfiel! Fly over there and knock that thing down! Don't touch it...Not so easy to clean that stuff up..." The mirror would shatter, the shards reforming into the image of a blue skinned torso covered in several golden wings. It carried a thing long sword in one hand and seemed to have a calm demeanor. It would fly forward, a stream of wind carrying it until it got closer to where Red and the beast stood. The monster seemed to try and threaten the new foe with an otherworldly roar but Kazfiel simply unleashed a flurry of wind against it, pushing it back and seeming to keep it preoccupied.
[Despite Kokoro's power, and the attack connecting, it doesn't do anything at all. The gigantic, and incredibly heavy set of armor covering the whole entrance to the tunnel would merely move an inch to the side, quickly readjusting itself to remain in its original position. Wyvern almost seemed like it wanted to laugh.] "Ngh..." [Kazuo would slowly open his eyes thanks to Asami's healing. Although he still felt incredibly tired, his arms and torso were burning with pain and he was dizzy, he felt like he was capable of communicating. He would take a few moments to put himself back together, remember what had happened just moments prior and what was currently happening. Not wanting to make his wounds any worse, he would take a deep breath. It would sting.] "Asami... thank you. I almost died... I owe you one..." [His face was still bloody, and he wondered if the wounds would become scars. Eventually, he would use what little strength he had to lift his torso off the ground and sit instead. His arms were limp to his sides and he could barely cross his legs, unable to fully lift his head to look up at the woman.] "It's true... that demons only listen to those stronger than themselves. But what I didn't say is… they only obey their master for as long as they remain bound by a contract. No matter what you do, Deep Inferno Champion will not move, because, even if you are stronger than me, I still own them." [Kazuo chuckles.] "Remember when I left myself open? Yeah, it was a trap. I had to keep the Vibration Field intact as I released Alloy... the gears... around the arena, so I could then summon Deep Gear Tiger with the Vibrations and Alloy, and then combine it with Deep Guillotine Tortoise to create this guy. By making it “obvious” I wanted you to get close, I was making sure you would not get to me. I was actually scared for a second there. All I could’ve done was return your power back at you." [He nods with his head, trying to make it clear he was speaking about Champion specifically.] "I was going to use Tortoise's ice to cover the way, but noticing you were strong enough to go through it... wasn't a good idea. However, did you notice that, no matter how much you struck Tortoise, it was never hurt, in stark contrast with Serpent? That's because it completely nullifies physical damage, and this guy inherits that. Slower, but with even higher defenses." [He laughs more loudly now.] "The Avatar of Protection indeed. Even if I died, these demons would not disappear. Champion can only move by my command. In short... it was checkmate. Your mistake was not going after me from the get-go, but also engaging at all. Had you just ignored me... well, I would have had no way of stopping you as experience shows."
"I wouldn't thank her yet." After hearing all this, Kokoro seems... Unusually calm. Her recent bitter scowl having been replaced with an almost cheerful smile. "You should probably get out of the way Asami. Maybe close your eyes. Its not gonna be pretty." Kokoro lets out a sigh, her arms dropping to her side as she starts calmly walking towards Kazuo "Y'know, the only reason you're still breathing is because it would have been a waste. A waste of my time and this opportunity for Sen to learn. But really. If you're willing to go this far just to spite someone, she's probably better off thinking you just disappeared." Kazuo clearly wasn't going anywhere any time soon, and his wyvern was only barely in better condition. "If I can't get my happiness back, then the least I can do is avenge it. And right now, you're one of the ones looking to take it from me." By now the woman remains only a few feet away, with an almost cheerful looking grin as she looks down at Kazuo's mostly broken form. "Any last words?"

Asami The little girl would have a callous look in her eyes, her light dimmed down like it has down before occasionally as she answers Kazuo coldly, glancing at him out of the corner of her eyes. "Don't thank me yet." She then takes a step in Kazuo's dirrection before turning away, closing her eyes, facing the ground and covering her face with her right hand while blushing slightly. She then adds to her remark, speaking like a tsundere. "Idiot." She then witnesses Kokoro's desperate display, quickly moving to her side and smiling, with an unnerving confidence. "Hurt him as much as you want, but you can't kill him as long as i'm here. You're free to try, of course. It's between you humans, and all that." Apollo Apollo would rematerialize right in front of Elian at once, with his arm pierced right down the center of the corpse lord's chest and sticking out the back, emanating the same corrupting darkness which plagued Amaya. He was in the process of pulling out his fist as soon as he came back to baseline reality, shattering the affected area like brittle and leaving a massive gap in Elian's chest. Meanwhile, while Apollo had no easy way to recover from Elian's offensive time powers, the dimension he was in seemed to replaced the dissolved matter with functionally similar matter of darkness, impossible matter now surrounding the area around him. He then takes a long backstep, opening up the distance once again. "Immediately? Naw, that's too slow for me. I must say though, for a guy that claims to have been dead for thousands of years you sure do have a lot of life left in you. As for whether I need to be erased? My right to exist is proven right here, right now... Wait a second! I just thought of a pun I could've responded with earlier... Would you mind redoing our turn 1 attacks? Like, just dodge my water trick the exact same way and all?" If Elian looked at Apollo's face, he would have the look of one who thought they just came up with a truly hilarious joke and any hint of deception would not be evident.
Red only really needed to know her guide was safe, but a momentary distraction would be more than helpful enough. While the creature is busy, Red effortlessly and soundlessly manuevers around it, taking a few long, silent strides around its left side before coming to meet u with Marcus in a matter of seconds. "lets go." The woman whispers before nodding in the direction they'd been going. After all, if they waited here long enough the creature would find them again, and that would make her brief distraction pointless.
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The Final Trial Apollo's attack would seem to strike straight through Elian's body. But something was off, what he hit didn't break apart or even seem to have any sensation to it at all. What he struck seemed to be a projection of sort. The real Elian would've moved back as if seeing the attack coming before it even occurred. Elian: "Just because you claim it isn't an immediate attack doesn't mean it isn't one. You attempted to inflict damage right as you reappeared so my prediction came true. Meaning that you've made the worst possible choice. As for your games...It's obvious you don't even have the slightest clue of what it is your really fighting against. You wouldn't remember anything even if I did reset. Time isn't my only domain either. Space bends to my will as well. When time and space meet is when my control reaches it's peak. Allow me to show you." The projection simply gazed at Apollo with the same light that Elian had used before. The invisible hand of time once more Would seemingly appear from no where. It showed more ferocity than before. Quickly extending outwards to try and grasp Apollo once more. The projection would fade away but the hand would continue its attack on Apollo. Elian: "I'll be honest in saying that prediction trick only really works that way once. Not that it matters. I'll make a different kind of prediction just for you. The next time you use your disappearing act I'll obtain the power to make sure you stay gone. Your basically doing half the work for me anyway. I also don't feel I'll have any choice but to consider you as having lost since you don't seem to exist during that time." Elian would quickly snap his fingers and the corpse he had raised before began heading towards the door. It would slowly begin to open the door revealing more strange blinding lights beyond. Somewhere Outside the Night The strange dark space they had been in before would begin to fade as the familiar color of the fortress would once again take hold. However, they'd both quickly find themselves facing the opposite direction of where they had been running. Moving in the opposite direction before encountering a large door. Marcus: "Oh, perfect actually. Well, running through that strange place put us in the best position possible. That's a night road for you though." Marcus would open the door without much hesitation. A blinding light would flow from the doors cracks before it was fully open. The room within would be large and round in shape with a large hold in its roof where a large flow of shimmering energy seemed to trail in and out of. The very nature of the energy seemed to change and shift constantly in a way that made it difficult to comprehend. The important thing though was what it seemed to be flowing in and out of though. A large gate in the middle of the room that seemed to almost completely obscure the other side of the room. It was filled with the energy but seemed to stabilize it more allowing clear images to be displayed. The images seemed to show almost what seemed to be many slide shows at once of things happening throughout the world. Images of children playing, plant life growing, and bustling cities could be seen. But an equal number of images also showed of war and murders taking place at all times. Marcus: "This is it. The back entrance that is. Not sure if this is really where you wanted to go but if you were to go around that big gate thing then there'd be another door on the other side. I assume Elian would already be fighting someone but honestly its hard to tell what's happening with this group. Could all be trying to kill each other. That's life I guess."
"Last words...?" [He thinks with that last statement as Asami herself gets in the middle. Now he had enough energy, to stand up and barely move body, enough to make simple moves and walk slowly, almost like a zombie. But most importantly, he he could escape this situation and potentially turn it into a win. At the very least, for himself.] "...Remember when I asked about your power? It's clearly not a Persona, and based on what you told me way before, it gave you powers while also potentially changing your appearance into..." [He clears his throat after looking at her, trying not to push his luck.] "Right. What I want to know is... what are you, and what do you call it?" [He would take a single step forward to make sure he was right in front of her, and would accidently touch her arm with his still weak arms. It was obvious he was in a very frail state.] "If you can tell me that, I'll tell Champion move and you can go ahead and do what you will... for as long as you don't do anything to Asami or Apollo." [Wyvern moves closer to Asami in particular with no violent intent, and Champion would remain static, except for a sudden movement of a single leg, showing it was willing to move at its master's command.]
Kokoro takes a step away from Asami, muttering under her breath and reconsidering her earlier view of the girl "that was... Not the reaction I was looking for." Kokoro lets out a sigh and watches Kazuya struggle to get up. It wasn't something she'd ever actually seen before, but the woman's gaze remains as hardened as ever. Or perhaps that was only an appearance. After all, she doesn't shrug off Kazuo's hand despite having every reason to. "Sen mentioned you were obsessed, but doesn't this seem like a bit much?" Kokoro closes her eyes for a few moments, arms crossed as she considers her options. Truth is, if she won then Kokoro would never have to deal with this information, so there really wasn't much of a downside to it. "Yeah, I know. It looks ridiculous. Kinda got the short end of outfits honestly. At least the others were cute. Anyways, the term's Executor. Someone who made a pact with the managers of Purgatory for the right to explore their realm in exchange for fighting in their place. And Diogenes here" As Kokoro speaks, her thoughtless Guardian appears behind her, his berserker-like armor glowing a faint blue "Is called a Guardian. He's part of the protection the managers gave me so I could face the Revenants that plague Purgatory. And before you even try it, the managers don't interact with the human world. And I am NOT taking anyone to that... Place." Kokoro shudders thinking of Purgatory again, it was a certainly a hard realm to be in, a place whose air could rob one of their very existence. And often did. "And don't worry. I was never going to hurt her. Apollo on the other hand...." Kokoro finally shakes off Kazuo's hand as she strikes one fist into the other "If he's anything like you I'm probably gonna punch him in the face."

Apollo Apollo would frown, giving a stare of disaproval at the display in front of him. "Heh, you're more arrogant than I first thought. Gee, you have mastery over both time and space? Nigga, that ain't mean shit." Apollo's usage of his transdimensional arc on himself had given him a precise awareness of the space around him, allowing him the pinpoint the invisible hand and create a wall of impossibly lightless, immaleable and impassable matter. "I'll admit, you did manage to deceive me. Which, i'll also admit, isn't all that hard. However, this only works just as well as if I had actually hit you. But, my plan does depend on one thing." He would then stare straight through towards Elian's eyes, withstraining any assault until the latter stares into his general vicinity, enough to trigger his analyzing gaze. Asami "You know, he asked me nearly the same thing when we first met. Which makes me wonder..." Asami shoots Kazuo an inquisitive gaze, uncharacteristic cynicism shining in her eyes. "Say, Kazzie, just how exactly does your own power work?" She would then yawn slightly, a gimmer of her remaining innocence shown in her childlike mannerisms as she rubs her eyes, tilting her head as she stares at Kaz with intrique.
Red finds it.. Strange. Her sense of direction had never failed her before, yet this strange place almost seemed to be bending in on itself. It was somewhat unnerving, but Red didn't feel a need to comment on it, trusting her guide to have some experience in the matter... At least until they reached the door. "You.... Didn't know?" Red's ears perk up in alarm, initially worried they'd ended up in the wrong location after all. The blinding light forces the young Lupo to close her eyes for a moment to save her sensitive eyes, until she can finally look in. The entire area almost seemed alive to her, in a strange way, but not in the sense that she needed to change it. The young woman's eyes look over the scenes, all things that seemed familiar to her, from the children playing around a massive metallic structure, to the cities devastated by natural disasters. Red stares for a moment, before looking back to Marcus "Thank... You." With that, Red makes her way around the edge of the area, looking to get around the gate and through the door, as swiftly and silently as ever.
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Apollo Apollo's eyes would meet Elian's and at first he'd feel something preventing him from gauging much of anything but Elian seemed to smile and the resistance disappeared. Apollo would see before him both the past, future, and present but displayed in a way that overlapped too much to possibly make any sense. Elian seemed to be staring back at Apollo along with someone else standing behind him but his form would quickly fade as finally a glimpse of something could be seen. Elian was standing in a spot he'd stood in for several hundreds of years. It was the room beyond the door but at this time the flow of time seemed to have been missing. There was less light in his eyes as if he was even more emotionless as he is now. An obscured figure appeared with their image heavily distorted. The only thing that was discernible was his green hair, as if only Elian's memory of the man even showed anything at all. He seemed to say something to the Lich that quickly lit up his eyes before holding something up to him and Elian for once acting surprised over what it was. The figure would then hold the object up to the gateway. The same energy that had been seen flowing into the machine then flowed from the object. The gateway seemed to begin turning on once more before finally Apollo could no longer witness anymore. He seemed to be forced out of that vision at that moment. "Are you satisfied with such juvenile games yet? What were you hoping to see? My weakness would be way further back then that. Way further back then you have the fortitude to last. Though you only got that glimpse because I was curious. Even I don't have a clear memory of everything but if you only go so far back then its boring." The hand would clash with the barrier, time beginning to distort around it but otherwise being unphased as it seemed to begin and try and fray the barrier as well. Indestructible as it may be the fraying effect of the hands of time eventually gnawed at all they touched as if the idea of eternity was being frayed away as well. "Let's see, you can handle one hand of time. Lets see how you deal with two." Another hand would be brought forth as well, coming from the opposite side of Apollo as the first. It reached out as well, seeming to be even faster than the first. Red The corpse from before would open the door right as Red walked past the gate. Even with her speed there was no way it wouldn't have seen her, yet, it didn't even seem to react to her presence as if it didn't even have any notion of reacting to her. This would also leave the room with the gate completely open to both Apollo and Ellian.
"...wait, what do you mean obsessed!? Am I a weird guy or something!? I-I mean I know I... don’t particularly talk to people and all but...!! Does Sen think of me like that…!?" [At the mere mention of that Kazuo was blushing hard, almost fully interrupting Kokoro from speaking had he not bitten his lips, letting it go, now is not the time. He would close his eyes and keep it all in as a colorless aura surrounds his body.] "Executor. A kind of transformation that gives you new abilities and protection... obviously also changing your appearance to fit in better, and the ability to create a Guardian. But I already have that. Which means..." [Kazuo would open his eyes again as the colorless aura becomes white and dissipates, as if dispelled by the young man's very spirit. Of course, it was all visual, no actual effect on them.] "Imaginary 6.0 - Purgatorio!" [His eyes would shine with a bright yellow as Doppel appears once again behind him but joins his body like an invisible armor, changing enough so it fits him enough. For a moment, it does nothing, until his right hand would become covered by the lean invisible armor. His fingers would become closer to claws and his wrist would have single heavy manacle with a long, sharp blade coming out of it, pointing up and covering up the rest of his arm, all the way to the shoulder. As soon as it appears, he lets go, and Doppel escapes from his body, making the armor disappear and his eyes go back to grey.] "My power is called... Imaginary Numbers. It does nothing on its own, but what it does is allow my to turn my cognition into reality for as long as I follow a few steps." [He would show them his right hand and lift three fingers.] "One, I must have direct contact with another person. Two, they must understand their power as unique to some extent, which means that I could not be able to use the healing powers of a god if they don't know how to use it and just do it, but if another god gave it a name, I could. Basically, the power itself must be identified within the mind of the user. Finally, three. I must understand to some degree what it does, be it by seeing it or having it explained to me." [He would drop his hand and walk up to Wyvern, standing right under it and pressing his left hand against the being. The ground would grumble as Champion slowly moves from the tunnel by walking forward.] "If all three are fulfilled... I can copy said ability, even if that ability is a variation of the real thing. Though...I can only do that with 6, and as you can already tell, I was only missing the 6th number." [He would smile, almost glad.] "So... thank you, Miss Kokoro. I was looking for something like yours. Though... it seems like either my body can’t take it to full power, or I'm too tired to get it to work. Who knows what it'll actually do when I use it." [Champion would be fully out of the way, and would then turn around to face the tunnel, getting on its knees and pressing both gigantic hands against the floor, its headless body pointing the neck directly at it. At this time, Wyvern would also open its wings and roar, showing it had a just a few cracks on its body.] "You can go ahead, but don't think I'll just abandon Apollo. I'm going too, and I'll do my final move. I'll go all out. If that doesn't work... then you are free to do as you please. I won't even try to get in your way." [Wyvern would roar again and beats its wings once to lifts itself up and impulse Kazuo on its back. Now on top of his Chimera, he would close his eyes and let it do as it must... by using its powerful wings to fly straight into the tunnel and rush towards the end, faster than a beast its size should be realistically capable of doing so.] "Apollo...! Please tell me you've done at least something to him...!!"
The young Lupo's ear perks up when she finds herself staring at a corpse. She'd seen plenty of corpses before, made quite a few of them, so it didn't really bother her that much, except for the part where she was spotted. Even worse, beyond the door was two of her rivals, at least she was pretty sure she was supposed to be avoiding Elian. She didn't really know Apollo well, but anyone here was likely a rival Realizing her mistake, Red leaps back in an instant, back towards the gate. The Lupo slips back around to the other side..... And attempts to open it.
"You're seriously still trying to mess me up? Gotta admit you're at least persistent." Kokoro speaks with a sigh and her arms crossed. She'd already crushed him before, so she wasn't really worried about Kazuo. Kokoro calmly walks towards the now doorway during the last part of Kazuo's speech. But as soon as the Wyvern tries to fly past her, Kokoro's able to leap up in an instant, grabbing the beast's tail before swinging it back around to slam its back against the ground, likely with Kazuo still on it. "But you've lost. Get over it. Honestly just how privileged are you to keep throwing a tantrum like this? I mean I obviously wasn't just gonna stand here and let you do it." With her piece said, Kokoro turns back around to calmly walk down the tunnel. She wasn't in a particular rush, and although the woman seemed relaxed, she was more than ready for Kazuo to try something for the... What? Fourth time? There's absolutely no trust left at any rate.

Apollo "What the?" Apollo would briefly perceive Red, being caught offguard and getting struck in the shoulder by one of the hands as he turned, however he seemed to have built up a sort of resistence to them after witnessing the vision Elian showed him. In addition, he was able to quickly roll along the ground after realizing his mistake, his speed greatly enhanced and leaving behind a vivid trail. He uses this speed to close the distance between him and Elian while avoiding the hands, his right arm drooping from the affected shoulder. "I'll admit, things were a little rocky for a moment there. But, now that you've given me a taste of your shadow, i've got all the tools I need to end this." Apollo then throws a summoned longsword at Elian, suspending it right in front of his chest. He then uses his recently enhanced speed to appear with it in his left hand, spinning around and plunging into Elian's chest from an upper-right angle. Strangely enough, the wounds would begin to form a few seconds before the weapon struck, typically at the time right when Elian would be expected to dodge or destroy the attack. Of course, if he acted before then, he would still be unaffected. Apollo would then take a leap back, relinquishing the sword if it managed to get stuck in his opponent. "For everything that is, there is that which is not. Even space & time have a reflection I can utilize." Asami Asami shrugs, shaking her head as she looks over at Kazuo as he leaves. Asami gives an apologetic look at Kokoro "Sorry, i'll try my best to make this up to you one day." She then act based on how the Kazuo's response goes. If Kokoro should fail to impede Kaz as he makes his way down the tunnel, she would catch up to the other rider after summoning and subsequently mounting Horus and bellow out to him. Otherwise, she would approach him on the ground and look down at the beaten young man. At any rate, she would stick by him and tell him something. "Hey, Kaz, let's talk later, okay?"
"Ah." [It's like he didn't actually expect it, or rather, he knew it was a possibility but he was too high on his own ego to actually think about that. It wasn't like Kokoro was any weaker. "Ah" is all he can say before Wyvern is forced to the ground and Kazuo falls to the side, just looking open with his mouth half open. After a few moments, he would clench his teeth and lift himself enough to glare at the tunnel.] "Hoy! What the hell was that!? That was a cheap shot! It wasn't supposed to be like this, damn it! Can't you read the atmosphere!? It was supposed to be the moment I show I actually care about my friends by doing one last stupid move right after getting my ass kicked!! I swear!!" [Wyvern doesn't even bother to move anymore. It could still fight, not questions about it, but... it figures it was better to just let go for now, it's not like there was any intention to use deadly force on her, and that's all they were good at. You could also feel Champion being... a bit embarrassed?] "...She was so strong though. I can't even be mad." [They couldn't see it, but Kazuo was turning his back to the tunnel with both arms crossed, blushing and pouting. For a moment, he was more embarrassed his showy side didn't pay off than feeling bad he definitely lost.]
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Elian: "All the tools you need?" Elian surprisingly, did nothing to avoid the attack. He'd let the sword strike at him, cracking his skin and leaving a hole in him. There would be no blood, just a small amount of dust seeming to leak out of the wound. Elian actually looked a little annoyed now. Elian: "You act as if I still don't have any tricks left up my sle-" Suddenly there was a reaction. The corpse that had barely acted on its own before opened its palm and Apollo suddenly felt something get ripped away from without even the smallest chance of retaliation. it was the power that he had just received being sucked away into the corpse. The corpse had been smiling as its eyes filled with life once more. Khnurm: "Better...Much better. I feel...awake... Elian for a moment seemed to contemplate this before realizing what was happening. Elian: "See what you've done now Apollo. You waived a bag of gold in front of a thieves face. Though in this case our thief is capable of stealing concepts. I thought I had better control over them but I suppose that's what happens when you try to turn a godbound into a greater undead." Khnurm: "Shut up...You pile of rotting flesh...I... All of you! Die!" Suddenly, the word die seemed to create a flurry of red energy that seemed to be the physical manifestation of the ire behind his words. There was no proper rhyme or reason to who the attack was aimed at. Elian seemed thrown off from this too as he didn't even try to dodge once more. As if he believed the attack would fade away before hitting him. Both his arm and leg on his left side would be blasted clean off as if the power of the attack had increased in order to represent his particular hatred for the one who had used him as puppet. Elian would lose his balance and fall to the ground, some distance away from where he once was. He didn't seem very troubled by this but also seemed to remain on the ground with a annoyed but complacent expression. Elian: "How did they hit me? What kind of word power is that? Wait, how do I not know something?" Three more of these hate filled projectiles were aimed at Apollo as well. They lacked the power to knock off limbs this time but just their approach would be enough for anyone to feel the pure rage infused within them. It wouldn't take long for Kokoro to at least be able to see what was going on. Elian had been knocked to the ground and the man with the red hair from before seemed to be back. As Red circled back around suddenly something strange would occur. The dark feeling from the area they had crossed to get here was starting to come back, leaking into the room even, though it seemed to completely keep away from the gateway. Marcus had already picked up on the hint and was standing by the gate now. Marcus: "That thing seems to have found us. You trying to access the gate. It's really simple really..." Of course, Marcus wouldn't speak quickly enough to avoid Red from merely touching the gate. There was an immediate feeling of being pulled along with the pure temporal energies flowing through it. She'd feel as if it was trying to completely drag her with it. Like being washed away by a strong river current. Marcus: "If you can control the current of time that is. Otherwise it'll try to pull you along with it but you probably already figured that out right?"

Apollo "What?" Apollo would be struck by the projectiles, drained and now bleeding. Using what energy he had left, he would move inbetween Elian and Khnurm and erect a pillar of pure stone. "Hey, Elian, I think it's in your best interest to forget about me for now. If you still can, i'd like your help in stoping this man." He would then helpfully extend a hand to the fallen lich, staring back at Khnurm in anticipation. "Well?" Asami Asami would walk up to Kazuo, waiting until Kokoro was entirely out of sight before raising her right fist and striking the young man's chest with her child-godlike strength, albeit not so hard as to fracture his bones entirely. Her expression bore that of scorn. "Do you know you could've been dead by now? What were you even thinking!?" She appeared greatly concerned and on the verge of crying
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For a moment Red feels as if she'd been washed away, everything she is and was gone in a moment. Yet it wasn't a strange feeling, no she was certain she'd felt it before. Perhaps multiple times. Yet, as always, something, some piece of her past she'd never forget stirs once more. Red draws her hand away from the gate, deeply disturbed. Though it was only a few seconds, to her it felt like an eternity. Red takes a moment to sort herself out, shaking her head before looking back at Marcus "Thanks... For warning.... What now?" Red readies her daggers in anticipation of the coming darkness, but she wasn't exactly a defender. And even if she were fighting that monster they met earlier head-on seemed like a terrible idea in the first place.

{Kazuo would hear a familiar voice in his head as he proceeds to get embarassed by two girls.} "Ha ha, that's what you get you dumb bitch. I've seen enough, I'm leaving your ass. Again!"
[Kazuo just laid there, thinking about what he could possibly do after all this, until Asami hits him on the chest. He would hold the place that was hit for a moment, trying to ignore the pain.] "I was thinking about winning, isn't it obvious? The risks don't matter, I had to try!" [He would shake his head.] "If he can do the impossible, then I should be able to do it too!" [He looks confused for a moment, not even sure about who or what's he's even talking about. He clears his throat before taking a deep breath to let go.] "Whatever... sad thing is... my hat is gone, and my coat is ruined so I’ll have to throw it away, and I'm not sure Apollo will win. All this because I made a critical mistake. But…even so…" [Champion would open up its torso and allow its neck to extend towards the tunnel as a slim cannon prepares itself, pointing at the end of the tunnel. Using its fingers to claw into the ground, it would begin charging up energy, its body glowing brighter by the second.] "I'm... still not strong enough, so I need to trick and set up victory, and attempt every single plan and course of action. Whatever this is, it's something! Brahmastra: Midnight Expanse!" [After charging enough energy, it would shoot a small projectile so fast it leaves a single straight line of white light as it moves, like someone was using a pencil in the middle of space to draw a single white line. It would keep going straight and make no noise. If it were to impact with anything, it should be the wall at the end. The attack itself is impossible to hear, but the moment in clashes with anything, it creates a small black orb that would do nothing for a moment before the air begins to distort around it, and then finally begin to pull everything around it within a single point in front of it, a small scale singularity that would completely crush anything that was caught by it until not even the atoms remain, biological or not. It is strong enough to make even light twist into a vortex as it pulls more and more into it. It would remain there for 1 minute, and only 1 minute. Whatever is the case, Champion would completely fall apart right after.] "I'm done, there's nothing more I... can do." [At the same time, he felt the strange fear he gets from time to time, of being watched.] "...Sana didn't follow us, did she." [He would ask himself.]

Asami would let out a sigh of defeat, looking down. "Jeez, what am I gonna do with you?" She then looks up at Kazuo's face, her frustration somewhat subsiding as she speaks both bluntly and calmly. "I hope you know i'm never leaving your side after this." She then looks away, casually pacing around the room. "All we can do now is wait, right? You got any ideas to pass the time?"
"That's... Wow I missed a lot." Kokoro blinks for a moment to take in the new situation, with Apollo and Elian both in bad shape and... So Khnurm won their earlier fight after all? It didn't really matter, at the very least it looked like the others were setting aside their feud. "Don't leave me out of the fun!" Kokoro makes her big entrance with the same dash punch she'd opened every fight with so far, running to the left side of Apollo's pillar and striking the air, sending a wave of force at Khnurm. If Kaz's singularity goes through, the woman would be forced to grab onto Apollo's pillar for an anchor to remain safe from the force.
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Elian would look back slightly confused. Before smiling albeit slightly. Elian: "This was a good chance to finish me off, you know. Even against my defenses I can barely do anything against such relentless emotion. It's beyond me... You should also exercise more caution when extending a hand to a Lich like me. Physical touch would be all that's required for me to chip away at your soul. Though I'd ask you give me a moment anyway. These vile emotions seem to be giving me a headache...Plus, I can feel the night approaching. I need a moment to predict how things will change." Meanwhile, Khnurm wouldn't even seem to care to dodge such an attack. They'd take the impact but only seem to stagger from it, as if the pain was being ignored for the sake of revenge. Kokoro would feel Khnurm's attention divert to her as his rage filled eyes looked in her direction. However, his only response was to continue speaking in a half-aware tone, the same words over and over again. Khnurm: "Just die...just die...just die!" It couldn't be seen but it could be felt. The venom in his words seemed to cluster around his body as if making a field around him of sorts. However, the wall at the end of the tunnel just above the opening point of the door would begin collapsing. It would begin crumbling to pieces as everything around it began to be sucked into a single space. Khnurm who had been closest to the door since he had been the one to open it would begin feeling himself get sucked towards it as well. A sword made from a strange looking metal would appear in his hand before he would use it to cling to the ground, stabbing through the floor. On the other side of the wall, Marcus and Red would be able to feel the pull as well. Marcus would simply grab onto the side of the gate to keep himself from getting pulled towards it. He'd also pull out his mirror before pointing it towards Red and the gate as a similar looking energy to the one flowing through the gate streamed out of it. it would collide with the part of the gate Red was still standing in front of. Seeming to make the flow from before come to a halt. This would effectively make the once free flowing energy into a solid state. Marcus: "It's not usable in that state but that should keep you from being sucked through the gate. Geeze, did Elian leave a vacuum on or something. I could make this gate easier to use for someone not used to time manipulation but now doesn't seem like the best time to talk about that..." Just as Marcus said that a large and familiar looking creature would slowly walk into the room from the door they had originally entered. It seemed to hesitate in its approach to the gate but it was clear it was slowly getting over its apprehension from the look in its eyes. All at the same time something would begin creaking as if being torn out of its foundations.
[The singularity's reach and force would increase, becoming twice as powerful as it was before, trying to reduce all around it back to absolutely nothing, no matter what or who it was. Despite this increasingly powerful pull, it would not stay there for much longer, reaching three times its power at its peak.] So it only affects until you update, big guy. Will be gone at the end of it "Nothing more to do than to wait. Right." [Kazuo wouldn't move an inch, still looking up, not even knowing what was happening at the end of the tunnel.] "I have nothing but... this is starting to hurt more than it should." [The young man would carefully stand up and try to move his body around, stretching it before realizing that alone made him feel pain. Now knowing he cannot make any sudden moves, he decides to look around until he finds his hat laying there just a few feet away. He would hesitate for a moment before going to get it.] "Did I seem... different to you while I was fighting Kokoro? I have this feeling like... I was in and out. I cannot remember the fight but instead, I feel it in my heart. No idea if that makes sense." [He asks Asami and then would look down at this hat, now full of cuts and slightly burnt. His coat would even be in an even worse state, half of it ripped apart, drenched in blood around the arms from his previous injuries and outright scorched in areas. Even the right side of his head still had blood from before.] "I wonder if I'll have scars after this..." [He mutters.]
"T.. Thanks." Red comments again as she is pulled towards the gate. Now that she can touch it without being pulled aside, Red steps up onto it, letting the gate act as her floor for as long as the pull is going. The woman looks up at the monster, her heightened senses back on full alert... But it wasn't like there was anything she could really do about it. She wasn't much of one for standing her ground, but there also wasn't anywhere to run to at the moment. So... Red takes another look at the creature, before looking back at Marcus as if awaiting orders. "Now?"

Apollo Apollo would quickly move to the end of his pillar opposite the gravitational pull, standing up on its side as if it was the ground. "Finish you off? What are you talking about? I'm not going to let some coincidence decide the outcome of something as heavy as this. Besides, if I let someone with this much malice escape, the results would be cataclysmic. Call it a knight's honor." He would then attempt to offset Khnurm's balance by barreling a large dark spear in the direction of his sword, attempting to inject itself into the metal and apply rapid outward force from the inside until it explodes. He then turns to notice Kokoro, sighing with disappointment. "Damnit, kinda pressed for time here." Asami Asami curiously tilts her head at Kazuo, blinking a few times before saying anything. "It is not possible for your body to form scars as it stands, so no. As for your fight? I was thinking about something else at the time." She then smiles, crosses her arms and nods slightly. "Come to think of it, you shouldn't have any real injuries. The reason you're hurt right now may have something to do with your nervous system failing to keep up with my healing. You'll be fine, given some rest."
"Don't worry, I'm not supposed to punch you." Kokoro Looks back at Apollo and speaks with a grin. Hopefully this little cease-fire would be able to last, but for now... She has another problem to deal with. Khnurm is apparently perfectly fine now, but just looking at him... Its clear this wouldn't be the case for long. And that hatred.... It almost felt familiar.... Kokoro stares at Khnurm, a mixture of annoyance and something like pity in her eyes "We'll put you out of your misery for good this time." Is what she'd like to follow through with, but as long as that singularity is around she'll have a difficult time making any aggressive moves. So for now she remains by Apollo's pillar, waiting for the black hole to peter out. A faint giggling seems to echo throughout time. ???: "Looks like things are getting interesting... hehehe..." Another voice lets out a sigh, carrying a more mature, refined tone compared to the other ???: "Indeed, it seems the climax of the show is upon us. we shouldn't have to lift a finger."
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Khnurm's sword would be unable to do anything about the sudden explosive force coming from within it as the blade had been made in haste and had was crafted without any immunity to other magical attacks. The blade would break apart leaving the man helpless as he fell towards the singularity. There was a look of absolute desperation in his eyes as the power from before that had allowed him to regain his senses seemed to surge. Suddenly, his momentum was able to stop completely just before he would've been able to be reduced to nothing by the singularity. However, seemingly as the price for this the life that had filled his eyes began to diminish once more. His hatred would begin to subside. The singularity would at this point run it's course as well. Khnurm: "You...how dare you make me...use it up...I..." He'd barely be able to stand up straight while Elian on the other hand seemed to now be doing marginally better. His limbs seemed to already be reforming though the process wasn't exactly speedy. He'd still somehow manage to stand though. Seemingly he was simply ignoring any normally sense of balance someone would normally require to do so. Elian: "I was wondering when they'd be forced to use it. The power they took can only be used once before being used up completely. Such is the nature of a thief. They might be able to take what they want but they only have what they steal at the end of the day." The pressure pinning them against the gate would end for both Red and Marcus but the creature in front of them was beginning to grow impatient. Marcus would give off a sigh before allowing the strange energy flowing from his mirror to take shape once more. This time it seemed to flow much more harshly. Marcus: "Now...we'll have to go somewhere that thing can't follow us. I Din't want to do this but I'll try to open a path in the gate myself. Problem is I'm not too good at navigating through this space time stuff." A section of the energy flowing through the gate would seem to part to create a path of some kind as the energy Marcus created seemed to open it up. Regardless of what Red did Marcus would begin to step through only taking a moment to look back and see if she was coming. Marcus: "Can't make any promises towards ending up anywhere you want to go but this route will at least us some...time...Damn, didn't even mean for that play on words." The creature, not caring one way or another about their plans would lunge at them, however, with the gates massive side the creature's horns would collide with it whether or not anyone was there. Spark would fly off of the gate's metal frame before hanging in the air on the other side...next to where Khnurm was now standing. The sparks in question seemed to just hang in the air. Something about them would clearly be...wrong in nature. There very existence seemed out of place even to the casual observer. The sparks began homing in on whatever was closest...in this case Khnurm. A couple would begin flying into him and with each one he'd react with a noticeably pained expression. Khnurm: "This...Why does it hurt? It's so much but...No, not enough...I...it hurts!" For once, there was something close to fear in Elian's eyes as the truth of the sparks dawned on him. He was left in something akin to shock as his own memories seemed to preoccupy him.
"Good to know, I'll have to figure stuff out on my own. That said..." [Kazuo would look at his hat one last time before throwing it elsewhere.] "If I have nothing on my face then there's no point in hiding anymore. Despite that, I'm a bit curious about what's up at the end of the tunnel. For all we know, the exit may be already open... but I feel like we won't get so lucky." [With not much else to do, the young man would take off his coat and throw it over his shoulder, turning around to face the tunnel and walk towards it.] "This has been the worst day in a long time, but I can rest later. Let's go." [Wyvern would stand up with its talons and shake itself as it follows, slightly hurt but not enough to stay behind or be returned. Kazuo would then clap his hands together as red chains leave Champion's body and join back with his own. Summoner and Chimera will try to reach the end of the tunnel.]
"better than here." Red only gives a brief reply before leaping into the new path with Marcus. She couldn't really use the gate, and it was better to end up anywhere than end up dead after all.

Apollo The youth grits his teeth, taking a glance at Elian before paying close attention to the door as if he just noticed it. "Well, Elian, this change anything? Cause I don't see us continuing our fight anytime soon." He then takes a step towards Khnurm, giving him a condescending gaze. "As for you, Thief." He points at Khnurm aggressively. "You can't just lash out at random like that and expect me to do nothing. Think things through next time." In an impusive move, Apollo dashes towards the gate, spontaneously forming masses of darkness in an unplanned manner around his arms. The masses would then materialize into unbreakable defensive giant violet gauntlets with sharp points extending to his elbows. "Aegis... SOMETHING!!!" He then crosses his arms in front of him, warding off any sparks or other attacks from the front as he stops near the foot of the gate. "I'll come up with something later. Now then, judging by the look on Elian's face this is something I should be worried about. Thief, I suggest you stay back and recover if you can." Asami Asami sighs, staring at Kazuo with a sense of impatience. "Kinda makes me wonder what you even accomplished by staying here. Horus!" She then mounts the majestic bird, effortlessly flying past Kazuo and then matching his pace slightly in front of him. "Hey, it's not like you're invincible! I can't wake you if you fall unconscious, so you really shouldn't push yourself anymore than usual just cause i'm here."
"Hey, don't forget about me!" Kokoro lets out an indignant shout as she follows behind Apollo. However, before she passes the threshold, Kokoro looks back to Elian. The lich was clearly struggling, but he wasn't dead... Or he was, but not in a way that was going to stop him. "So are we going through with this wish thing or what? I dunno what's going on honestly, but Apollo and I can at least buy some time right?" With her piece for Elian spoken, Kokoro looks over at Khnurm too. "You gonna be ok or do we have to start fighting again? It sounds like we might wanna put aside our differences for a bit so... Y'know. We don't die."
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OOC: Just tired most days from work. Everything going on tends to make my line of work even busier. I'm trying to post at least every 2 days but sometimes I just fall asleep without meaning to. IC: Elian's fearful look wouldn't fade, in fact it would grow stronger as the two rushed forward. Elian: "Are you trying to become infected?!? Don't just recklessly approach those...things! They're the result of a misaligned divine engine! If they collide with you at all you'll become nothing but a parasite!" As he said that a golden ichor would begin leaking from Khnurm's eyes as their skin seemed to begin shifting on its own. The once pained man would begin laughing to himself seemingly uncontrollably. Suddenly the atmosphere within the room would change. The space around the hing that Khnurm now was no longer felt real. Apollo and Kokoro wouldn't have any need to worry about the sparks as they'd begin being pulled into whatever Khnurm now was. Each one seemed to distort his form more and more. His whole body suddenly began to glow as the power within seemed to burn him from within. Khnurm?: "I understand now. I was the one all along! The only one who all mortal kind must worship. N-no, not just must they will! T-they have to! I..." He almost looked desperate in a way, like a drug addict looking for his next fix as he stared at both Apollo and Kokoro. Khnurm?: "Worship me..." The creature from before who had been sitting on the opposite side of the gate would suddenly jump up, clawing its way over and beginning to try and lunge down to try and pin Apollo and Kokoro. However, the desperate creature who was now demanding there worship would just merely gesture towards the beast without even taking their eyes away from the two. The monster would be held in mid-air, unable to move and decidedly surprised by its sudden loss in momentum. The man's eyes twitched as he stared at them. Khnurm?: "Worship me!" Elian seemed to grow conflicted. He stared down at his in tact hand, not yet approaching but slowly drifting, almost as if he was hoping to not be noticed. Kaz and Asumi would soon be able to see the Lich idly looking over the situation, however, not being within the room directly would cause them some disorientation from looking at it directly. Meanwhile, within the gateway Red and Marcus would continue walking. Marcus seemed to try and focus on where he was going but was clearly confused by this place as much as anyone might expect a human to be. Marcus: "Ok...yeah...we're close to something. I think. Trying really hard to not send us into the future or too far into the past. A day should be fine right? Because I think we might end up a day in the past. Maybe..." The energy from before the had been keeping the walkway open would seem to begin splitting a section of the strange flowing wall open. Within this crack was an intense amount of light and what seemed to be a strange but modern looking city full of lights and activity. Marcus: "Forget the name of this place but maybe..." Another rift would open revealing a large desert and a city full of pyramids as well. Marcus: "Uh...not a great draw..." A final rift would appear showing what seemed to be a small village with a large temple in its center. The buildings seemed to mix together modern construction with religious architecture in a way that almost seemed unnatural. Marcus: "Thousand Gods? Easy to remember at least. Continuing to wonder here probably isn't the best option. Gotta pick a place where we can find another night road I guess."
[Kazuo glares at Asami at her own comment.] "I accomplished as much as Apollo did if Elian's body is still alive. I swear, if he forgot the entire point of me staying behind, I'll punch him! And besides, I won't stop until I'm dead. I don't like quitting... not that I don't appreciate the fact you saved my life back there." [He and Wyvern proceed until they reach... whatever it was that was happening in front of them at the moment. Kazuo needed time to think as he stared. The image however, it was somehow... hard to take in. He had to look down with both eyes closed.] "I don't think I should get too close, but what should I do here...? I have at least two moves I can use right away, but I don't want to waste them." [That... distorted thing is trying to do something, but what exactly!? The young man could not figure it out, but by the looks of it, it was dire enough to have Elian all worried an anxious. Then there was Apollo and Kokoro being pulled, and an unsightly creature being suspended in the air.] "I don't know what the hell is going! Elian! If I destroy your body right here, right now, can we end this before it gets any worse!? And if that won't do then tell me already what to do! Don't just sit there and do nothing like a corpse!! Tell me what to cremate, no matter what it is, I can erase it!" [Kazuo glares at Elian from where he's standing, Wyvern's own body starting to heat up. However, the young man is forced to close his eyes, not being able to take space being distorted for long, although keeping the scowl.] "You better answer; I will not hesitate."
"How can I beat the shit out of him without getting closer?" Kokoro responds with a smirk. Though she honestly has no idea what's happening anymore, Kokoro faintly shudders. His behavior reminding her of something. The woman solemnly shakes her head with a sigh "Just hold still a moment. I'll make sure to free your soul." After giving Apollo a brief glance, looking between him and the now-frozen monster, Kokoro makes her move. The woman runs forward shouting. "Diogenes!" Her guardian materializes as she approaches the creature from the night and delivers a fierce uppercut, a blow largely intended to ensure the creature is knocked further up, rather than getting a chance to land on Kokoro as she goes after its master. Kokoro's assault begins as it always does, a fierce straight aimed for Khnurm's chest while her guardian has the monster busy.

Asami Asami frowns, looking at Kazuo with scorn. "What an unruly boy you are." She then crosses her arms, an intimidating air about her comically emitting a potentially dreadful atmosphere as her eyes are devoured by fierce flames. "I'll just have to teach you some serious discipline... later." she then pays close attention to Apollo, noting the others present. Apollo Apollo first backs away from the sitaution, releasing his defensive gauntlets which would then propel forward extremely slowly for a minute before dissipating. He keeps his eye on the transformed Khnurm, keeping his distance as he briefly tunes his ears to hear Kazuo and Asami. "I had made light of a grim situation, and for that I apologize. But now, more than ever, is the time to remain calm and think. It's not possible for me to just run away, is it? This may be more than I can take." Asami The little girl stands behind Kazuo, tugging back his right arm hard. "Don't be an idiot, you'll only complicate matters even more by acting rash. Take a look around you, Elian isn't the immediate cause of this situation. Even if he was, he certainly doesn't seem to be in control of it. Just attacking him outright clearly wouldn't solve anything. Focus on the immediate danger." Asami would shake her head slightly, glancing at the monster formally known as Khnurm and analysing the room. She then plans out the quickest and safest route to quickly get to Apollo, while being wary of everyone else's actions. "At the very least, try not to get someone else hurt with your thoughtless antics."
Red follows Marcus along silently for a little while, her eyes darting around rapidly in an attempt to catch every minute detail the pair passes by. "I operate best in urban environments." Is all she says at first, letting that statement stand for itself. After watching Marcus expectantly for a few seconds Red adds "So I'd rather go to one of those."
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Elian looks down towards Kazuo. He'd have a serious glance on his face, he almost looked frustrated but it didn't seem to be directed towards the one he was looking towards. Elian: "Killing me actually wouldn't do much right now. Without having direct access to the gates power I wouldn't be able to rewind time with that...thing present. I guess there's no choice then. I suppose this is my mistake. Alright, I'll end this all at once but first Apollo will have to allow a prediction I made to come true. Time is quite fickle and it's flow can only be influenced in a precise way. So Apollo...has to disappear. If he does then I'll be able to access the gate's power without interference and then from there I can rewind back to before those sparks became fused with the thief. From there I'll ensure that this mess is prevented." The monster would end up being struck but no amount of force seemed to be able to move it. That is until Kokoro strike's Khnurm's body. Something could be heard cracking and suddenly the force keeping the monster frozen would be released, causing it to fly upwards uncontrollably. Despite taking the blow the corrupted god doesn't change expression, their desperation doesn't fade. Rather, a set of fangs seem to form out of their chest with the intent to bite down on Kokoro's fist with an excessive amount of force. Khnurm?: "Those who don't offer their praise will be consumed...I'll take everything else you have to offer until I'm full." His words are oddly calm as the golden liquid leaking from his eyes seemed to flood out more rapidly. The liquid would begin spreading across the floor, hands seeming to reach out from within. Several of them would begin stretching outward, reaching towards her guardian and attempting to latch on and restrain them. Meanwhile, Marcus would simply gesture towards the first portal that seemed to lead to the more modern looking city. Marcus: "What was it? Light Empire? Illuminate Kingdom? I'm sure the name will come to me. Heard this place is almost just like a city from our previous world so that's probably where we should go. I know the guy there anyway...that's good at moving between places. Bit of a weirdo but not in the malicious way..." Without stopping to speak anymore Marcus would walk through the portal, not seeming to want to stay where they currently are much longer. Beyond the portal would simply lead to a street in a rather clean looking part of a more or less normal looking city. The only thing that would really stand out were bits and pieces of odd architecture and the fact that the streetlights seemed to glow with a blueish hue.
"A prediction...? Whatever! APOLLO! YOU HEARD THE MAN!! YOU NEED TO DISAPPEAR, HE SAID SOMETHING A PREVIOUS PREDICTION SO WHATEVER THAT MEANS, DO IT NOW!!" [One of the only things Kazuo could do right about now was make sure the message got through. That done, he had at least one more thing to do. He would look back at Wyvern and then at Asami, and finally at the area Kokoro was at, as well as her Guardian. Still unable to look forward for too long, he would look down and point with his index finger towards the Guardian and then Kokoro.] "Change of plans, Hurricane Inferno!!" [Wyvern would beat its wings, releasing a gust around the area which then transforms into a visible spiral that would raise the temperature of the entire area, shot straight towards Diogenes' and Kokoro's surrounding area. Letting out a roar, the powerful burning winds created would then gain life as they do their best to keep all the golden liquid away from the group, while also forcing themselves towards Khnurm's new set of fangs, with the intent to give the woman at least a few extra moments to keep the attack going or outright stop without risk. The very same winds are strong enough to make that which is being attacked to be heavily burnt, and if possible, be set on fire in an instant.] "You're Sen's friend, I can't just stand back while you all do your thing." [He says, not caring who actually hears him.]

Apollo began to display signs of fatigue, sweat dripping down his face as Elian began to mention what he needed to do. Apollo: "Seriously? You know, that was the first time I used that move on myself, let alone twice in a row. Guess I just have to hope for the best." Asami then sighs, cocking her head and looking at Apollo with slight unease. Asami: "He's really willing to risk something like that? Same Onii-chan as always..." She then pouts, unamused at the turn of events and her current childish vocabulary. Apollo, however, merely lightly chuckles as he summons the trans arc, slashing it across his chest once more and disappearing from baseline reality. Asami would still stare directly at his position as if he was still there.
Kokoro's eyes open wide in surprise. During their earlier fight Khnurm had been blown around by everything, but now he seemed entirely unaffected... Something about "becoming a Parasite" that Elian had mentioned? These thoughts distract the woman until she feels her hand being crushed. Though she had protection in the form of her gauntlets, its still more than enough pain to snap her out of her daze. "Ok, that's new." Kokoro takes a step back, tearing her hand out of the fang's grasp, leaving some bits and pieces of her gauntlet behind. That was her right hand broken, main one too. But that wasn't reason to stop. "You're not the first to try to devour me. I think you'll find I'm a little hard to swallow." Kokoro leans back to throw a left hook at Khnurm's face, before following up. If Khnurm continues to shrug off her attacks like he had earlier, she'd take the chance to unleash a barrage, wincing in pain as she switches between her left and right to keep the strikes coming. As for her Guardian, once its strike was done Diogenes disappears, fading away into the air until it was time to be called forth once more. Of course, this would leave Kokoro herself defenseless against the hands, but hopefully Kazuo's blaze would be enough to stop it. "Screw you!" the woman yells back at Kazuo. Though she's fully aware he's helping her now that doesn't make her animosity less. Rather they'll keep going as long as its needed.
Red silently follows Marcus into the city, looking around at the influx of bright lights and buildings. Something she was used to at least. The woman follows him for a moment, looking up and around nervously. She'd been in cities many times before, yet couldn't shake the feeling that they might be ambushed at any second. As far as Red could recall she'd never liked being on the ground. Red looks for a relatively clear side of a building before whispering to Marcus "I'll be your shadow." before running off to scale one of the lower buildings and get to rooftop level. She'd still follow Marcus silently of course, but she wasn't comfortable being on the ground. If following from a distance like this was impossible, then the woman simply follows behind, stilling her breath and making deliberate, graceful movements to be as difficult to notice as she could. All the while looking upwards, nerves on edge and ready for any sudden movements.
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The fire would in fact disrupt the golden liquid but only enough to cause the hands forming from it to melt before splashing onto the ground. The fangs on Khnurm's body however simply seemed to retract back inside. As soon as they did however his skin would begin unnaturally shifting once more. Kokoro's punches would once again seem to connect but Khnurm seemed to almost be letting them do so without even flinching. Each strike on him though seemed to cause a change in the environment though. The area around them seemed to begin falling apart as the air itself seemed to be cracking around Khnurm. Suddenly the air itself seemed to be becoming thinner, too thin for even flames to continue burning. Even the wind would find trouble continuing to flow as there was nothing left to be pushes. Despite this Khnurm seemed to not have any trouble with this change. The only thing of note were the cracks appearing on his face from being struck so many times. More golden fluid was rushing out of the cracks but it didn't seem to drip to the floor as it did before. Khnurm?: "Still you would defy a god who devours others. Allow me to show you the true power of uncreation." Suddenly, a blade appeared in his hand. One not made of anything physical as he had created before bu it seemed to be made from the cracks in the air that had been forming. Just the sight of the weapon was enough to make anyone feel even more suffocated than they most likely felt already. Khnurm would begin swinging the blade, the very fabric of creation coming undone as he moved it. Regardless of one's defenses it was obvious that if this attack hit it would completely destroy whatever it touched. However, before he could even use the weapon his yes would light up as if he was noticing something else occurring. The slightly crooked gate that had been behind them all as they were fighting was whirring with power. The energy from within was beginning to flow into a stream, a stream heading outside of the room and to the one who had been waiting there. Elian would stand to receive the energy as it slowly trickled into the Lich's body. He'd just look back into the room with a confidant but calm smile, fear no longer present in his eyes. Elian: "A little more and I'll be the one to unmake you monster. Don't even think about interfering either. This is as good as fate now." Despite his words though Khnurm would still head for the stream, jumping into the air and trying to grasp a hold of it himself as it flowed above everyone's heads. His eyes were desperate once more, as if he knew what would happen if the Lich acquired the power he needed. Marcus: "Right...we'll be looking for a lonely looking shack at the edge of the city. There should be someone there that can give us what we need to cross between the dimensions. Bit of a mad old coot but he's the only one I've seen use it before." Marcus was still not very used to Red's behaviors but he wouldn't actively protest it. There were plenty of...interesting people in the world and learning to put up with their behaviors was somewhat vital to getting anything done. The city would have plenty of tall buildings and hiding spaces. Some of them almost seemed to be intentional in design. Despite this from higher up the location of a strange looking small building could be seen with some distance between it and other buildings. There was even some plant life around the building that seemed to be the result of lack of maintenance. The strangest of the plant life though would seem to take the form of oddly shaped trees that were red in color. Deformed red fruits also would be growing on their branches. They almost resembled apples in some ways but aside from their imperfect shape each fruit almost seemed to posses some quality about it that was inherently wrong. This building was what Marcus seemed to be heading for.
Kokoro's strikes slow down as it becomes harder and harder to breathe, but if nothing else one must admire the tenacity of one whose first second and third instincts are to punch the newly ascended deity. Still, the air seems to deprive her of her energy. The woman blinks momentarily, pausing her barrage at the glint of a new blade. She begins to leap back just a moment too late... But it didn't seem to matter, as the blow she'd dreaded never seemed to come. Instead the exhausted woman waits to see how this last part turns out.
"You would love that, wouldn't you!? But now let me show you what I can do." [He replies to Kokoro, somewhat annoyed. Kazuo's eyes then change from the ambiguous grey into an intense golden. He would point towards the general area where Khnurm was going to be.] "I have no idea if this will do much against you, but as long as I can at least give Elian the time to do his thing, that's all fine." [Wyvern rushes at full speed, taking less than a moment to position itself right under Khnurm; its eyes shining with the same exact color and intensity.] "I was going to use this on top of the previous singularity on you, Elian. Unless you want your body destroyed too, be careful with what follows. This isn't the Avatar of Destruction for nothing." [Wyvern's body heats up in the blink of an eye, turning into nothing but a hot red silhouette, letting out a horrible roar. At this moment, any normal human being just standing a bit too near it would feel like they had been set on fire. They feel the pain, but no actual injury. That only happens to whatever the Chimera is focusing on. It would rotate and let the back of its body hit the floor while the rest of its lower body, now facing up, glows to such an extent it was like staring at the sun.] "FULL METAL SUPERNOVA!!" [Wyvern would release the energy of a literal Supernova focused exclusively on the general area around Khnurm through a beam of blinding white light. With the ability to annihilate anything it touches, not leaving a single molecule of any type, Kazuo would hope all of Khnurm would disappear, and if not, at least give Elian some extra time. Hopefully, Elian would die too, trapped in the middle of it all. Regardless of the outcome, Wyvern's body would fully fall apart into empty metal parts on the ground after having used its most powerful skill, and Kazuo would just wait for the beautiful multicolored lights his Chimera had created to disappear, standing there as the aftermath of the affected area.] "Haha...now I truly have no more aces up my sleeves." [Kazuo's eyes would go back to grey as Wyvern's spirit separates into Serpent and Hawk, which would then return to his own spirit.]
As promised, Red follows Marcus via the rooftops. She doesn’t think much of the myriad hiding spots, having practiced so long it almost seemed natural for her to find them. At least, that’s what they told themselves. Soon Marcus begins to approach the strange hermit’s house. She hadn’t seen any of the plants around the place before, but she figured they were probably native to this region. Still, something about them, how wrong and artificial they felt, keeps Red on edge. Since she’d be forced to leave the cover of the buildings behind, Red leaps onto one of the nearest branches instead, knife out and ready for some kind of attack as she continues following Marcus until he reaches the cabin.

Apollo's re-appearance would be slightly delayed, materializing in the area behind Elian kneeling down and out of breath. He mutters between breath "Well... that took... the rest of my energy." He then falls backwards, passing out face-up on the floor Asami, meanwhile, appears more stressed after Kazuo's attack. She looks away from it but doesn't appear to be physically bothered by it, merely covering her eyes with one hand. "Kazzie... you do know what a 'supernova' is, right?"
[He blinks twice as he stares at Asami.] "...The explosion of a red supergiant, the best part of a star's life cycle. Why?"

Asami looks at Kazuo with disgust, taking slight offense at his ignorance. "And just how do you think a star would feel about that?"
[He blinks four times.] "...No idea, not interested."

She pouts with renewed frustration with Kazuo "So you just don't care about my feelings at all?"

{Kazuo's mind has been penetrated once again} "Wow you really do suck at socializing, l.m.a.o."
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Khnurm who had been reaching for the energy would suddenly be assaulted by the impending destruction heading in his direction. As predicted, he'd have nothing to counter such power with, his body becoming nothing more than ashes as the area heated up into a supernova. Elian would look on the energy he had collected would finally complete it's travel to him but now he was unsure if he even needed to use it any longer. However, soon he realized that it wasn't over yet. Elian: "That definitely bought enough time. But like a parasite their existence cling to the broken reality they've created." The ashes would fall into the golden pools below, mixing with them until they became blackened. The liquid would begin flowing towards the center of the room after Kazuo's attack ended. It was slow but an underdeveloped arm would reach out from the ooze, burns seemed to cover it, slowly fading but obviously the entity dragging itself from nothing once more was shaking with both pain and rage. Elian: "If you won't die normally than it seems I have no choice but to undo this. Apollo, I'm putting my faith in the past you. Forgive me for what I'll be asking from you. But this way you'll end up the winner regardless." Elian would focus the energy he had just received around him. For a moment it would seem to do nothing but slowly everything would begin to freeze in place as time had halted itself, Elian included. For a moment the figure trying to pull itself back into reality seemed to struggle against this but the frozen time seemed to restrain them almost completely. Time would grind backwards. It was slow, having to drag the stubborn resistor back with it but the power behind it was far greater than the parasite's. Slowly events would reverse. Kazuo's final attack would be undone. Kokoro's arm would be unbroken. The spark from before would fly out of Khnurm's body and back into the device engine from when they came. The singularity consuming the wall would be put back in place and Kokoro would've just arrived. Elian was on the floor behind Apollo. Finally rewinding time was no longer possible. All of the energy required to even rewind this far had been used up. It was difficult enough for it to override the will of the one who was resisting. Elian would look back slightly confused. Before smiling albeit slightly. Elian: "This was a good chance to finish me off, you know. Even against my defenses I can barely do anything against such relentless emotion. It's beyond me... You should also exercise more caution when extending a hand to a Lich like me. Physical touch would be all that's required for me to chip away at your sou- Oh, I see, so that's what happens... Apollo, you may not remember anymore but the events about to unfold will lead to that man becoming an invincible monster that eats reality itself. Next your planning to destroy his weapon to send him into the singularity but it won't work. Apollo, if we're going to avoid a bad ending I'm going to require your help." This time Elian would actually use his good hand to grab Apollo's. Elian: "Use me as a projectile instead. I'll make sure they're crushed by the singularity this time." Marcus would walk up to the doorway of the building and gently knock before speaking. Marcus: "Hey, old man. I have another of what you seek if you let me in. It's Marcus." There'd be a brief moment of silence before the door creaked open. ???: "Yes, bring it to me...but...what do you want... Come inside. Same with the other with you. I may be old but I can tell when I'm being watched. Stay out there if you really want but don't try to spy on my work." The voice would sound highly aged and disgruntled and a hint of green could be seen on the man's skin. Marcus didn't seem bugged by this in the slightest, following the man into a dark room full of many plant samples and red looking fruits.

Asami would repeat the same actions at this moment, faintly feeling a sense of deja vu as a result of her deep connection with Apollo and his own heightened sense of space-time movement. Apollo, meanwhile, didn't feel like looking into it at all and merely took Elian at his word, whom he holds his other hand up to like the guy does to the butterfly. "Is this the power of the Monado?" He then pulls the lich towards him with his raw, titan strength and lifts them up to his shoulder, turning towards Khnurm and tossing his former enemy at them like a football, blasting at Elian with a waterspout if extra momentum becomes necessary. "I'd say I was pressed for time, but i'm sure this will be handled somehow."
[The singularity's reach and force would increase, becoming twice as powerful as it was before, trying to reduce all around it back to absolutely nothing, no matter what or who it was. Despite this increasingly powerful pull, it would not stay there for much longer, reaching three times its power at its peak.] "Nothing more to do than to wait. Right." [Kazuo wouldn't move an inch, still looking up, not even knowing what was happening at the end of the tunnel. However, at this time he almost felt like he just felt a deja vu.] "That's weird, just had a deja vu. Probably because I've been sitting for too long." [The young man would stand up and try to move his body around, stretching it before realizing that he was still feeling pain, but could somewhat move. It was probably okay. He would go get this hat, now full of cuts and slightly burnt. His coat would even be in an even worse state, half of it ripped apart, drenched in blood around the arms.] "I'm worried about what's happening at the end of the tunnel. We should probably move, maybe there's an exit already." [He would hop on Wyvern; Champion's spirit would separate into Tiger and Tortoise which would then join with himself. The powerful Chimera would then rush towards the end of the tunnel. Asami can either hop on it or just get there by their own means. If it matters.]

"But you just said to wait!" Asami would respond differently due to Kazuo's inexplicably altered course of action, being caught off guard by Kazuo's sudden movement. She quickly summons Horus and catches up to the young man. "Honestly, couldn't you at least give your body the slightest moment of rest? There'll be no point to this if you just end up passing out."
Red is taken aback for a moment, but recalling how the trees seemed off... It must have something to do with the old man’s arts. She was quite, but her hiding ability was still only human. As requested, Red leaps down from her place in the trees, silently landing beside Marcus. The woman looks at the old man for a few seconds before remembering to introduce herself “Projekt Red... Wolf Hunter.....” Is all she adds before following Marcus inside. The young Lupo follows from about half a foot behind Marcus. Although there didn’t seem to be a threat at the moment she’d be noticeably antsy even at a time like this.
Kokoro arrives just in time to find Elian being tossed into the void. The woman desperately runs in in an attempt to grab him “No you don’t! I need you.” But she’s far too late, only succeeding in getting closer to the singularity than she probably should, and with nothing to anchor herself she’d find herself slowly slipping towards the crushing void.
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Elian wouldn't waste a moment with the chance he had been given all he needed to do was grab hold of Khnurm and given their current predicament that would be hard. He'd latch onto the arm Khnurm was using to keep himself from falling into the singularity. Slowly but surely Elian's limb regrowth would seem to hasten as he began to drain Khnurm of his lifeforce. Khnurm: "The hell do you think your doing?!? You're going to-!" Elian: "I know. I've weighed all possibilities and this one is for the best." Elian would briefly look over to Kokoro. He looked somewhat apologetic but in the end he knew it couldn't be helped. Elian: "Apologies, but I'll have to grant your wish some other time." It would only be a mere blink of an eye but both Elian and Khnurm would suddenly be moved right next to the point of their demise. Kokoro would also find that her feet would suddenly be grabbed from beneath by hands crafted from simple bone. They wouldn't be hard to break but their purpose simply seemed to stop her from being too reckless. As they were fully within the singularities their forms would both equally begin to break down, being compressed into nothingness. Khnurm would try to quickly escape, activating his stolen power but Elian would simply just seem to flash his own eyes in response. Elian: "That won't work anymore. We're both going down so that the future can be done over..." Finally the singularity would pass and nothing would remain of either combatant. All that would left is a giant hole where the wall and door that led into the next room had been and the gateway that was now seemingly pulsing with power. It seemed that it's power was increasing in response to Elian no longer being present, as if it had been set to react in such a way.
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The old man would stand in the middle of the room and look at Marcus. In the light of what seemed like his lab the green spots on his body were clearer. They almost seeming like the fiber of a plant with how glossy they were as well. Marcus: "Right, so, here's the deal. I'll let you study the thing again for a while but in exchange I'd also like one of those prototype version of what I asked for before." The old man seemed to have a certain hunger in his eyes as he nodded. He didn't even seem intend on refusing Marcus' offer. ???: "No clue why you also want a prototype but if I can see it again then I have no reason to refuse..." The old man would walk over to a seemingly random drawer and pull out a heavy ring made from a dark colored metal along with a ring of a lighter color that also seemed to weigh less. He'd hand them both to Marcus before seeming to wait for something in return. Marcus would hesitate with the dark ring before simply putting it away. He almost looked nervous about it before he'd turn and hand Red the other ring. ???: "Wasn't easy to recreate you know. The original is considered a powerful artifact that humans shouldn't be using in the first place. The prototypes were my attempt at making them usable without the side effects but they still break after being used 3 times. Of course that's only when used normally, trying to just open portal anymore will break it instantly. Now...my price." Marcus would open his mirror as an image seemed to be crafted from a shattered fragments. The image would swirl into the old man's hand before what took shape would be...a simple apple. ???: "Ah, so beautiful...Yes, I must study this at once." The man would rush into a door that had previously been hidden behind a bookshelf, taking the apple with him. Marcus: "Alright, now that that's done we can get back. That ring I gave you can open the roads of the uncreated night to cross dimensions but as you heard it will only be usable 3 times. If you use it somewhere a road hasn't been established then it'll break right away. Lucky for us, the road I used to come here the first time is nearby. That should lead back to our normal world."
"I don't like quitting, not when I may still be able to act." [As he makes his way down the tunnel and is nearing the end, he can catch a glimpse of a weird thing he cannot easily make out being absorbed into the Singularity his Champion had previously created. On top of that, he notices Kokoro being restrained so she isn't sucked in and Apollo on the other side. Wyvern would land right next to the woman as the Singularity itself goes away and see the wall and door change into nothing but a giant hole. By her expression and Apollo still being alive, it was obvious what just happened.] "You did get the message. Nice one Apollo, I was worried you wouldn't use the attack to finish off Elian. Then again... I was unsure if it would work at all." [He would smile and give his friend a thumbs up, glad everything worked on their favor in the end. He would then turn towards Kokoro and decide to keep his mouth shut. He wasn't sure of what he said while fighting, but he knew better than to even express he feels a bit sorry. He would finally look at Wyvern and would clap his hands together. Wyvern's body would fall apart as its spirit separates into Serpent and Hawk, which would then rush into Kazuo's body. He would then slowly walk towards the hole, not exactly knowing what's going to happen.] "I... don't know what I'll do when I get back to school. I'll probably have to rush to the bathroom and clean the blood and change back into my uniform...whatever, let's get this over with. We still need to help them return."

"Ah, well, it was really more of a coincidence then anything." Apollo nervously rubs the back of his head with his right hand, smiling at Kazuo. "Got a little roughed up did you? Well, I can do the cleaning part." The humidity in the air would begin to swirl into a vortex right above where Kazuo was standing and instantaneously form into a wide torrent of water encompassing a moderate distance around Kazuo and pouring down at him all at once, pressure low enough that it would not harm him at all but only serve to drench him and wash off the blood, which would mix with the water and become a pool of slight red at the ground. He snickers, speaking in a playful tone. "Feeling better?" The two siblings then rejoin each other, Apollo looking down at his sister as he places his hands in his pockets. Apollo: "So, Asami, what did you think of all the opponents we've faced in this realm?" Asami: "The redhead was cute." Apollo: "That's..." Apollo blushes and looks to the side Apollo: "...not what I meant. Hadn't you learned anything from observing the battles?" Asami: "Ah, well, I guess I learned not to use too much abilities that take a lot of energy? Maybe I could practice using techniques that take less out of me?" Apollo: "Ah, so you were thinking about that after all. In that case, I think you'll be able to take on more concentrated training regimes." He then gives her a pat on the head before walking away again, taking a look in the direction of the gateway.
Kokoro is nearly tripped by the sudden hand reaching out to grab her, but by the time she’s able to turn around and break it Elian and Khnurm are already gone. The woman remains silent for a moment before falling to her knees. There’s another silence as a few teardrops sprinkle the floor in front of her. “Dammit!” Kokoro shouts, striking the ground in front of her hard enough to make it crack. But there wasn’t really any anger left at this point. Not now that her only chance had slipped away.
Red watches the pair’s conversation silently, staring at the ring she’s offered for a few seconds before taking it and slipping it on. The girl looks at it closely for a few seconds, “feeling” what little power was stored within before she notices she’s being talked to again. “Understood. So we’ll finish the mission.” As before Red would begin following Marcus, remaining hidden as well as possible until they arrive at the location of this new Night Road. All the while the woman takes the time to focus, relying on her enhanced senses for some trace of something like the Night Road the pair had been in earlier.
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The power from the gate would pulse once more before time seemed to freeze in place. All present would however notice that they were still fully aware of what was happening around them. Enough so for them even to witness as events began to undo themselves. Their journeys to this point would be played back in reverse piece by piece with all of their actions to this point being completely undone and yet they would still bare witness to the entire process. Finally they'd find themselves leaving this strange place back through the way they came. Time once more would be resumed with them standing in the place where their respective portal originally was. The difference being that they would be able to remember ever detail that had transpired. There'd be another odd thing of note, a small crack in place of each portal. It wasn't very easy to notice nor did it seem to be possible to touch it or interact with it. Marcus would lead Red to an alley across from where they'd just been. There they'd find a small glimmer of light that seemed to be coming from a crack in mid-air. The light would obviously feel similar to the night road they had encountered before but this time it seemed to be sealed within. Marcus would hesitate in front of the crack. He Almost seemed to be intent on trying to open it himself with the strange ring from before but something seemed to stop him. Marcus: "Yeah...Not doing that yet. Think you can use yours to open this one. I'll be sure to close it after." If she hadn't noticed by now Red would already have gained a natural sense of how to use the ring just from having put it on. The energy within the ring seemed to natural resonate with the crack making it easy to open as picking a loose lock.
[Kazuo would find himself back at the group of trees in the backyard of Kosei between the main building and the practice building, where Gad, Sen and himself found the weird artifacts a while ago. After seeing it all happen again, he would drop to his knees and would try to breath, having felt dizzy after all of it.] "What... the hell was that all about...!? But my clothes aren't ruined." [He touches the right side of his face and then checks his pockets. He pulls out a coin.] "Gad's coin, and no blood is left either. Huh..." [Finally, he would look at his right hand as it becomes covered by an armor glove, with metallic claws for fingers and a single heavy manacle around his wrist, which would then create a blade from the side pointing up and as long as his arm.] "And I kept Purgatorio..." [Kazuo shakes his head as he puts the coin away and cancels the 6th number. Right there and taking the chance, he would change back into his uniform, hiding the rapier inside the sports bag as well as the rest of his clothes.] "Had it not been for Asami, I would've died from my wounds. If not for Apollo I don't think Elian could've been defeated, not all by myself. Were it not for Gad giving me that coin, Kokoro would've killed me with that attack..." [Now ready to go back, he takes notice of the crack but... decides to leave it there. He cannot do anything and hopefully nothing will occur.] "If this is what having friends is like... I'm glad to have made some." [He smiles and hurries back to class, trying not to be caught yet again. As he does so, Kokoro lingers inside his head. From now on, he may need to be careful on who he meets.]
OOC: Just a quick question, is Amiya supposed to be here too or are they still gone?
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OOC: They'd be back alive now as would everyone who ended up dead before. Though, Khnurm would've actually been the only one to permanently die anyway given the nature of Godbounds anyway.
OOC: Alright, didn't know how the whole erasure thing worked. good to know. IC: Kokoro returns to the library, the whole world shifting as if nothing had ever happened. She'd already been crying for some time, but that was in a time that never existed. So the only odd thing that Amiya might notice is a haunted, forlorn look in her companion's eyes. Kokoro doesn't seem to pay Amiya any attention, putting one hand over her heart and staring at the space the portal used to be. As far as she knows, Elian just died and she very well might never see him again. Along with her chance at a happy ending. "See you in Purgatory." the woman mutters to herself. An old habit repurposed for a new situation.
"Understood." As before, the moment she's needed Red descends to Marcus's side in a flash. She was more attuned to these paths now, and though she had little talent for arts like this the ring would make it easy for Red to open the path. "Thank you..." Red looks back over at Marcus, somewhat expectantly. As if she's not even sure if that's what she's supposed to say here. But whatever the result she'd head into the newly opened night road.

Apollo would greet Amaya with a fatigue smile, casually waving to her while Asami merely brushes off recent events and grabs some paper and crayons to start drawing with. "Ah, you're back." He then slumps forward slightly, sighing with relief. "So, i've got a question. Just how common are people like us anyways?"
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