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I finally get it
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The reason why we won't get p5 arena is because dogs don't live that long and seeing adult Ken and adult you means that dogo probably won't be alive. He was really old for a dog in p4 arena and I wouldn't be surprised if atlas went for the realistic opinion as sad as it is.
That would be nice but remember this is atlas we're talking about. They made 3 dancing games. I don't think that they would use this as an excuse not to make it. Koromaru was what, 9 in p4a (I think he was 6 in P3. P4A is 3 years after P3 so he was around nine in P4A. Some dogs can live to be 16 so it wouldn't really be a stretch)
koromaru becomes immortal through sheer force of will. best doggy will never die
Local Dog Too Cute to Die
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