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Shibuya: Kosei High School [2]
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You know the drill, be it as a student of first, second or third year, a teacher or any other part of the staff, feel free to use it. This one is supposed to stay open until it eventually blocks itself. Hidden among the many skyscrapers, streets and parks, maybe even the convenience stores, there is a beautiful building of three floors and painted in white. The front yard is ample and surrounded by giant trees with benches underneath, as well as neat paths taking the rest of the park-like area around the main building, popular spots for students who want to relax in the school ground when the weather is on their side. From here, it is easy to reach the main entrance into the main building, where all the classrooms are placed. The first floor is about what one would expect from a traditional high school; leading to the backyard and having at least three different classrooms on each side of the building, all belonging to first years; the walls looking to the backyard all with windows that allow for a better view back. There’s also a single Store offering snacks, drinks and lunch for those who can afford it, and get there in time for it. Finally, the Nurse’s Office is in this floor, as well as the Principal’s Office. The second floor is more of the same, this time for second year students. Besides that, the Teacher’s Lounge is located here, right in front of the Student Council Room. Then, the third floor, belonging to those going through their third and final year of high school. The library is located in this floor, being quite massive for all those students that would rather read, study, or keep a low profile in silence. Finally, the rooftop. Not many go there, but those who would rather be alone with no one else looking. It’s popular with lovers and close friends. The backyard is quite spacious, similar to the front yard leading to two places: The Gym Building and the Practice Building. The first one is merely a gym, meanwhile the second one is centered around the activities and school clubs students themselves form. There are many different clubs in it, so much so anyone could probably make one up if they wanted to.
Soviet Kitagawa enters one of the second year classrooms and writes on the whiteboard "Futaba Sakura is a bitchass motherfucker". He then turns to face the rest of the class. "The instructor is 15 minutes late. Is our classroom now."
Fucidin stares at the board at bewilderment as he reads the whiteboard, transferring to a normal school after going to that bird school was making him day dream a little about his time there but he quickly snaps back into reality, speaking up from his seat in his desk Er, I'm sorry, who are you again? And whos this Sakura?
The school day had just begun, and so Nanaka Tokiwa, one of the older students known for starting her own flower-arrangement class after school, heads inside and immediately walks to her locker. Nanaka was a third year, and caught quite some attention, whether it be for her good looks, or her overall high test results, she always seemed like a student who was going places. Still, today was just an ordinary day. So the girl begins preparing for her next class as soon as she arrives, standing in the hallway alone while many of the other students chatted and relaxed.
Trotting into the school building came Emi Sumeragi, the famous history teacher who'd joined the school staff only just this year. Her appearance was quite striking for a school staff member, with long silver hair and a very faint scar over her left eye that, while hidden most of the time, was the fuel of dozens of rumors since her arrival on campus. On her way to the faculty office, she'd clumsily trip over herself, dropping dozens of papers and a bunch of books all over the floor. Despite her sharp gaze and somewhat intimidating appearance, Miss Sumeragi was far from scary, her ditsy tendencies getting the better of her quite often.
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He was passing by when the teacher suddenly dropped all her things. First year student, Tadano Kubo could not possibly let this one pass. He quickly approached her and kneeled. "Sensei, you have to be more careful. People may get the wrong idea and start thinking you are not coolest of the teachers!" He reached out the nearest papers and started putting one over the other, making sure Emi was going to be alright. Luckily, Tadano was the first one to move and help, it was the perfect excuse to chat. "I still don't see how you could possibly drop it all, the floor is even."
"Oh you're a lifesaver, thank you so much!" She scrambled to pick up the many papers, most of them seeming to be graded homework, each with a big cartoonish stamp on the top right of the page. Once she was able to regain a semblance of composure, she offered a bright smile to the first year, her voice squeaky and jovial. "I'm hardly one of the coolest teachers anyways, but I appreciate your concern! Hey, I haven't seen your face around very much! Not that I see first years very often. What's your name?"
"Me? Tadano Kubo." He said while point at himself, standing up along with the teacher, Emi. Tadano would smile without a single care in the world while also offering the woman a thumbs up. "If you don't see me around much it's because I just joined. Last High School I was in was Shujin, but they were all too wild and noisy! Totally not my style!" He points at himself again for emphasis before dropping both arms and pressing his hands against his waist. He stayed like that while looking up, remembering a single thing inside his head. He remembers, snapping his fingers the name comebacks to him. "Ah! Right! You just implied you know more about the older students! Do you know of any...Nana...Nanaka, by any chance?"
"Oh, you transferred? I guess that'd do it. Well, it's nice to meet you, Kubo-kun! You know truth be told, I was going to apply to work at Shujin, but this place called first! A bit of a coincidence huh? She giggled briefly before tilting her head at the mention of another student, tapping her chin and pacing around in thought. "Nanaka... Third year? The one who does all the flower stuff? I only know of her tangentially, she's not in any of my classes. I'm only really familiar with my second years. After all, I haven't been here much longer than you have. What do you need to see her for?"
"Whatever rumor you heard about Shujin, it's actually right! Not sure about the... Thieves' Heart one or whatever that one was all about..." In truth, he only had vague memories of whatever had happened a few years back with that entire supposed gang that was all the rage in Tokyo. It was funny to him how something so massive just went away like nothing. "Sensei, I don't believe in coincidences. If anything, it was probably fate, or that's what I like to think." He crossed his arms while keeping a sly grin on his face, almost like he had just said the coolest thing he had thought all week. "Yes, from the third year! I heard from my class about Flower Girl! I'm just curious to meet her, that's all, honest!" Tadano kept his left arm pressed against his chest while lifting his right one with his index finger pointed up. "All I know is...! She's cute, she likes flowers, she gets near top scores and isn't even from the student council! What guy wouldn't want to meet someone like her? Err... I mean, to say hi from time to time...!" He rubbed the back of his head, fully focusing on the teacher rather than moving from one place to another.
She couldn't help but laugh at that sly grin, waving her hand dismissively. "Fate? I wonder what fate would have in store for us if this was its master plan all along." With a mischievous smile she leaned forward, speaking rather quietly to make sure only Tadano could hear her. "That's all? You know, it's a little odd to have a crush on a girl you haven't even met." She let out a hearty cackle before stepping forward through the halls, beckoning Tadano to follow her. "Well she's a third year, so with luck she's going to be in the halls by their classrooms. Come on, let's go together! Classes don't start for a little while, now's as good a time as any!"
Tadano was taken aback at first, blushing just slightly before mimicking her own hand motion. "I'm thinking class, Sumeragi-sensei! No offense but you are... how do I put it...?" He wanted to say "Old", his eyes were honest like that. He shrugged, she didn't need to hear something as rude as that. "Forget it!" Now, he didn't know if he could call it a crush, because he hadn't really met her or even seen her, but he was curious all the same. Without much to add for the moment, he follows the teacher up to the third floor. "Sensei, for a teacher you are awfully nice! Could've fooled me with that scar and the hair."
The two would find Nanaka finishing up at her locker, putting the last of her books in her bag as she begins to head out. She waves politely to a few of the other students before noticing one of the school's newest professors coming down the halls. The girl quickly, yet fluidly stands at attention before bowing to her professor "Good morning Sumeragi-sensei. I trust you've been able to make it alright." Nanaka's smile is bright and carefree. The girl stands up straight once more, brushing aside a few stray hairs that may have fallen in her face as she takes notice of the new student. "Are you taking this young student on a tour? I'd be happy to show him around if you're busy."
"That just goes to show that appearances are almost always surface level, Kubo-kun! Hell, even the principal was surprised, he told me I look like a Yakuza. Oop! I don't think I was supposed to say that!" She lets out another chuckle before Nanaka approached her, offering her a friendly and an informal wave. "Alright might be a bit generous, but I had this young man with me! In fact, I was looking for you. This is Kubo-kun, he said he wanted to meet you!"
"Yakuza? What are you even-" [Tadano would stop dead on his tracks when the cute girl appeared in front of him. He wasn't scared at all, merely surprised. It wasn't like he was paying much attention to where it was he was going, at all. This was Nanaka Tokiwa. Before speaking, he would take a deep breath.] "I'm a first-year student, my name is Tadano Kubo, it's a pleasure to meet you!" He points at himself with his right thumb while holding a side grin before bowing. He would stand straight right after, maintaining his carefree smile. He wanted to tell the teacher she was being too direct about things, but it couldn’t be helped. "I recently transferred here, and I wanted to say... hey! I couldn't stop myself. Most of my classmates would name drop you from time to time and say a lot of things, so I got curious!"
"A student looking for me? That's... Rare." Nanaka's smile drops a bit when she finds out this first-year boy was looking for her. She'd dealt with a few interested guys before and it wasn't an experience she was particularly interested in repeating. Still, it was always best to give them the benefit of the doubt. "The pleasure is mine Kubo-kun. My name is Nanaka Tokiwa, but I suppose you already knew that." Nanaka's smile returns to its regular gentle demeanor. The girl lets out a light chuckle, covering her mouth briefly before she responds "I'm glad to hear them speaking well of me. Am I quite what you imagined?" Nanaka asks curiously as she brushes a few strands of hair away.
"I'm surprised it's rare. Even the teachers talk about you a lot. But that might because of your grades." She nod-nods, opening her arms out in a boisterous manner. "I'm happy to meet you myself! It's not every day that I get to socialize with any students outside of my class. Let alone with my own students!" She clapped her hands together, looking more like a giddy schoolgirl than a teacher.
Tadano would focus his yes on Nanaka, both on her face and then on the rest of her. Personally, he imagined something more... regular. Cold stare, long, black hair, pale as the moon and an equally icy attitude. Instead, he was in front of who was more like a flower in human form. "Not exactly, but I'm not complaining. That flower-arrangement class... it fits you a lot! I may consider joining it, but I still need to look through all the other clubs there are to pick." The first-year would shrug. "Sensei, do you know where I could get a list with that? I don't ever have anything to do after class and everyone seems to be in a club already!" He was up for trying out anything, even learning about flowers. Most of all, he wanted to meet people around the school.
"You flatter me sensei. I assure you I'm nothing that special. At least not compared to some of your work." Fake modesty of course, but there was something to be said for keeping up appearances. Nanaka tilts her head downwards in a show of humility as she looks back over to Tadano "Typically whenever a student looks for me they have some ulterior motive." Nanaka brings her head up once more. Though she didn't say it directly, it was clear she thought the same of him. Maybe it was in her nature to be cautious, that or she'd seen it many times before. Whatever her concerns, they don't stop Nanaka from smiling "I'd be glad to accept another student into one of my classes, but I ought to warn you." Nanaka's gentle and calm demeanor swiftly changes to an icy glare "I have little patience for those who don't take my art seriously." it was only a moment, and as sonn as its over her regular cheerful grin is back as if nothing had ever happened "So be sure to look over your options carefully. You might find something of greater interest."
Seeing Nanaka's icy glare practically caused her to shiver in place. Muttering a soft "Scaaary" under her breath. "Perhaps that's the source of your admirable work! You seem incredibly passionate about your flowers. Such passion can only lead to commendable masterpieces, right?" As she spoke, she raised her right hand, her other resting on her chest and striking a dramatic pose, even speaking in singsong to further dramatize her words. "As for a list of clubs, I'm sure there's a brochure by the student council office or something. I'm sure I've seen them before! But Nanaka's right! You should choose your club carefully. If you pick something you're not passionate about, it'll be nothing short of miserable!" Contrary to most of the rumors, Miss Sumeragi proved to be quite emotive, quite the far cry from the grizzled 'war veteran' or the brutal 'former detective' all the students had been starting rumors about.
Tadano was not at all scared by the girl's sudden change. Instead, he was closer to pleasantly surprised, because it didn't seem like she was the fragile, gentle girl type. With a slight blush on his cheeks after being looked at with such an intense gaze, he only had one thing to say. "Noted!" [He lowkey pouts as he kept his voice down for the moment before returning to his ample smile and joyful tone.] "The Student Council office...? Wasn't that in front of the Teacher's... alright, I know where to go to now! But, even then... is there anything you two would recommend? Besides flowers, I mean. I would rather have an idea now before class starts!"
Nanaka looks back at her teacher with a smile as she takes a deep breath, readying herself for an unusually passionate explanation "The kashinryu style of flower arrangement is an art that's been passed down through my family for generations. You can consider it a culmination of everything the Tokiwas have studied for hundreds of years. To claim it as my own talent would be rather presumptuous. I consider it an extension of my familiy's honor, rather than my own." with her piece said, Nanaka adjusts her glasses before looking back over to Tadano "If you don't think you're ready for the responsibility associated with that heritage, then perhaps you'd like to try the recently established 'occult club'. My understanding is that they spend their time chasing after urban legends. Not very productive but perhaps you'd find it interesting?"
"Kashinryu! So regal! But I'm amazed to see you bearing such a heavy responsibility with such enthusiasm! That's the kind of stuff all the big colleges are looking for, you know." At the mention of the occult club, she seemingly jumped in place, her already strong enthusiasm seeming to skyrocket. "Ah yes, the occult club! It's easy to assume that a club based around such seemingly childish things would be filled with freeloaders who aren't serious about it at all, but I assure you there's a lot of lovely students who are very passionate about the subjects involved! Besides, you're all such hard-working students who are on the cusp of being released into the busy world of adults. A little distraction from it all in the form of chasing the supernatural can be a wonderful way to spend your time!" After her dramatic speech, she looks at her wrist watch and shrugs. "Yes the faculty office is right by the student council room, so if you were planning on heading there you'll have to bear with this sorry woman's presence for just a tad longer. Oh the humanity!! I'm supposed to be going to the faculty office now but who doesn't love being a little fashionably late, hm?"
"Tokiwa-san, you speak of that style like it was Kendo... but I get it! I don't think I can fully understand how important it must be for you! So, if I join, I'll keep that in mind." Tadano winks at Nanaka before resting his hands on both sides of his hip, quietly listening to what Emi had to say. He would look down and shake his head with disappointment having them both talk about the same club. "Boy oh boy, Occult huh? Not to be rude but that one sounds a bit lame, what do you even do there? I can't imagine it being different from something like a... videogame club or anime club. I probably... just don't get it, not my thing at all." Finally, Tadano would let his arms drop, reaching into his pocket and taking out a candy. Strawberry flavored. "I'm more of a practical kind of guy. Unless I get to actually do something, I don't really enjoy myself!" He would then unwrap it and eat it. After that, he would reach into his pocket again and bring out two similar looking candies, one orange flavored and the other apple "Ah, do you guys want any? I always carry sweets with me."
Nanaka's enthusiasm drops a little, she had been hoping the teacher would take her side on the occult matter, but it wasn't her place to question them anyways. Fortunately it seemed the new kid wasn't going off on it. The student thinks for a bit before ocming up with a few more "If you wish to develop actually practical skills, we do have the usual baking club. Or the debate club to meet new people... Perhaps you're better off just checking the list." Nanaka takes note of the younger boy's offer of candy, and politely shakes her head "I'm afraid I must respectfully decline. Eating excessive sweets would be a bad habit to develope, and one's not supposed to have them during class anyways. Too much of a distraction." Nanaka looks back up to the clock with a sigh before waving farewell "It was a pleasure meeting the two of you, but our first classes are going to begin soon and I'm always on time. You two have further to go so you may wish to depart as well."
"I assure you it is not just a video game and anime club! But... admittedly, a baking or debate club would have more practical skills for your everyday life. Assuming you have interest in either of those two things." Her face was almost pouty, but her expression very quickly shifted back to her usual cheeriness. At the offer of candy, she stares at it, the sweets clearly tantalizing her. "Ah... I would but I can't. Even if it's small, I'm not supposed to accept any sort of gifts from students. Oh! The time! We'd best head to the student council room if you want to get that list before classes begin. Come on, come on!" She beckons Tadano to follow her towards the student council room, jogging lightly in place as she did. "Good luck with your class Tokiwa-chan!"
"A debate club? Now that sounds nice, very nice! See you later, Tokiwa-san!" He didn't have much else to say besides goodbye. It's true, time was running out and he wanted to get this over with. Then again... maybe the teacher was scarier than she showed to be, watching an adult be so happy was a sight to behold. That said, he would put back the candy inside his pocket, following the teacher. "Say, do you know anyone that's from the student council? I heard that one of the members was from first year but I'm not so sure. Actually, I don't think I've heard anything about them!"
"Well, not in detail, I've spoken to a few of them once or twice, but given we're not too far into the year I haven't had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. For all I know the student council is just a nameless bunch of background silhouettes." She paused for a moment, staring into seemingly nothing as she contemplated her existential reality before shrugging it off and continuing to the office. "Have you ever thought about joining the student council? You certainly carry yourself with enough charisma to do so!"
"Eh...? Something wrong...?" The first-year student would ask the teacher as he notices she starts acting weird. Then though, he thinks of what she said. It is strange he hadn't seen most people, and he has talk to a lot of them but couldn't remember their names. Tadano thinks this is just because he just met everyone. It has to be, right? "What!? I just got here, I could never be involved with any of that! Besides, I don't know a single member but... I could consider it." He says, now near the area they first met at. As expected, the Student Council room would be right in front of the Teacher's Lounge. Right by the door, there's brochure after brochure. The eyes of the kid would light up as he quickens his pace to grab it. "There are too many clubs and extra classes here... I'll need some time to consider this all... by the way, Sensei. Are you in charge of any of these clubs?"
"W-Well if you must know... I signed off to be the teacher who supervises the occult club! I've always had a bit of an interest in such things. Kind of weird for someone who's supposed to be teaching historical facts to be involved with things that have no grounding in reality huh?" With a chuckle, she rubbed the back of her neck, her face a little red with embarrassment. "But don't let that influence your decision! It's best to pick a club that suits your interests the best, whatever that may be."
Tadano couldn't help himself at the teacher's confession, not wanting to laugh, but doing it anyways. "Ah! That's why you were so excited about it before! I thought that was weird!" He calms down, holding his stomach even though he wasn't laughing too hard, he was just being loud about it. "No... No offense, Sumeragi-sensei! I'll have to meet any of the members of either that club or the student council. Then I'll make a choice!"
"No offense taken! But you have the right idea. Any students who would be part of an occult club are sure to be quite the oddballs. I'm sure you'll be able to tell immediately when you meet them!" She grabs her own copy of the list of clubs, raising a brow and taking considerable interest. "Whoah woodworking? I wish I had a club like that at my high school... To think schools have changed so much in a decade. Kind of amazing when you think about it."
One of the last students to leave the council room before class is a girl in uniform with long, black hair. They've finished putting the last few papers together, and are about to leave when they overhear the sound of laughter. Sen lets out a sigh and steps out, to find Tadano and one of the new teachers. Sen smiles and waves at the teacher "Good morning Sumeragi-sensei. I hope you're adjusting well." After greeting her teacher, Sen lets out a sigh and looks back at Tadano, much less amused. "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Sen Megumiba, daughter of Seshiro Megumiba and the first-year's class representative for the student council. Is there anything I can help you with?"
"Woodworking doesn't sound too useful, unless I decided to move to the countryside or something like that, buuuuut I'm not for that life! The nightlife of the city calls-" He would look over, interrupting himself the moment Sen leaves the council room and directs her gaze to the teacher. He would keep both eyes widen open without blinking, noticing her black hair, and then the outright cold shoulder she was giving him. It made his cheeks go red for a second there. "I uuh..." "Did she just say first year!? Okay, let's get showy." He would smile and point at himself with his right thumb. "Name's Tadano Kubo, a first-year transfer student straight outta Shujin! Nice to meet you! He bows at Sen. "I was looking over the clubs to join and... I was looking for something practical, like debate or even sports! But Sumeragi-sensei here was telling me about this... occult club she supervises." He laughs quietly, pressing his hands against his hip, dropping his head and shaking his head. "Still don't know what's up with that, it's a weird idea. Whoever came up with that one has to be a weirdo... and woodworking too for that matter! The only thing that could beat that is… something like a roleplay club!"
"Shujin's a pretty prestigious school. Surprised you'd transfer out. Just as high school's beginning too." Sen casually remarks. She'd considered going to Shujin herself but with her own issues coming up the studying and applications hadn't felt like the best use of time. "Unfortunately I happen to know that weirdo." Sen speaks with a sigh, solemnly shaking her head as she maintains a monotonous tone "I recommended forming it to a third year who was obsessed with supernatural stuff. Thought it would help him make friends." Sen looks at the sheet for a few more moments before checking back with Tadano "Anyways, if you're looking for something more practical I am a member of the debate club. Public speaking skills are always useful, and argumentation is particularly important if you're hoping to be a lawyer."
"Shujin's student were... a bit too loud and were too into doing whatever they wanted. Serious, you could hear them being scolded by teachers frequently!" He laughs loudly like he did before. "What matters is that you helped this person out, as weird as they may be. At the very least, they have Sumeragi-sensei to keep an eye on them! Still... a third year...? I somehow expected more, kind of like with Tokiwa-san..." He speaks the last part in a hushed tone. "That said...! If you are part of the debate club then I would love to become a part of it! I like talking with people and reaching out. I won't be a lawyer, but I hope to one day be able to help many others my way! So... I suppose that's being... a politician...? I prefer thinking I will be a hero!"
"A roleplay club? What, like a game club? Playing Snakes and Ladders or whatever?" She turned to Sen, muttering another "Scaaaary" under her breath. 'All the girls in this school could kill me with their gaze!' she thought. "The debate club here is renowned for their ferocity. Kosei is a school of many talents, but the debate club is like a talent among talents! Or so I've heard at least! Almost every teacher seems to tell me that about their respective clubs, I just kind of believe all of them. At the mention of heroics, she tilted her head. "A hero? I wouldn't take you for the sort, Kubo-kun. Do you want to be a police officer someday? A detective? I can see it now! The grizzled detective Kubo, off to solve the mysterious case of a coup forming against the prime minister!!"
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[It had been a while since that meeting with Elian and everyone else, and since then not much happened beyond class. Not much...besides reading. He remembered seeing a lot of old books back the library back when he met Gad, so with him on his mind a lot nowadays, he had to go back and have a look. It was an experience, what he read about.] "Maybe I should bring it up for them soon. This is way too good." [The last class had just finished and all the students were free to go at any time; all that was left was the club activities. Kazuo would remain with his back pressed against a tree in the backyard of the school. He sighs, looking up to the sky, now thinking about Kokoro, seriously wondering if he was going to get killed soon.] "If it's her... maybe... I should go for all that sooner than later. That woman was out of it, who knows what'll..."
Fushi's stomach rumbles and he places a hand over it with a lax expression. Peering at a nearby tree he can see that someone is sitting there alone. He approaches the person only to quietly ask. Do you have any food?
A young woman would wander through the hallways absently, heading towards the back of the school with a slightly bored look on her face before walking out and seeing Kazuo. Upon spoting the young man she simply shrugs and decides to head up to his tree with a wave of her wrists, catching some of his words and raising an eyebrow curiously. How exactly she heard from across the yard is something she herself questions, but her senses are rather sharp now. As for the kid asking for food, Hikari would absently pull out an apple and hand it over to him. "There ya go, and mind if I talk to this nerd alone for a moment? We're... Friends." She isn't sure that's the right word for it, but whatever. She'd lean in a bit closer to Kazuo and speak somewhat quietly. "So, who's this lady you're wondering about man? Anything I need to concern myself, or are you just trying to score a date or something cuz that ain't my problem." Her voice is a bit teasing while looking to him curiously, clearly wondering if Kazuo needs help under the mocking tone and gleam in her eyes.
Fushi slowly takes the apple adjusting to the cool sensation of its skin. He then attempts to eat the apple but finds it annoyingly tough against his teeth. He mouths the apple a few more times like an animal before leaving it alone in his palms. Sure. He answers to the new person yet he does not leave the premises. Instead blankly staring at the two people in front of him.
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"Ah." [Kazuo would look down with his mouth slightly open and wide eyes. He was not expecting such a sudden question.] "N... No, I don't think so, I don't have any food...? Who are you anyways?" [Kazuo would catch Hikari approach and give the new person an apple, which then they try to eat until... they fail at it. Kazuo keeps staring at them, still unsure of what to say.] "...who are you...?" [At that point Hikari's proximity would make him jump for a second, his nervousness made worse by the girl's teasing.] "Eh!? Ah! No no, it's nothing of the sort, I just had an... argument a while ago with someone from uh, college." [He rubs the back of his head, blushing and as he looks elsewhere.] "I-I'm not really dating anyone right now, so…"
Apollo would jump out of seemingly nowhere, clutching Kazuo's right shoulder with his left hand casually, speaking up immediately after he says his last line as if finishing the sentence for him. "So he's available." He then snickers for a brief moment before releasing his grip and taking a look at Hikari. "Hikari, was it? Nice to see you again. Especially since i'm not dead."
Fushi. He quietly answers as he takes in the energy of all the people now in his vicnity. The noise was a bother to his ears. Yet the reactions of the others was pleasant and he tries to mimick the blush reaction he just witnessed. As a hint of red creeps up his pale skin her mumurs. This is strange. The blush immediately recedes and he returns to the apple in front of him. Copying the mouth movements of the others he manages to poke into the skin of the apple enough to taste a hint of juice. Good food. He happily states.
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[By all means, he was available, but it wasn't like he wanted to go and openly say it. It was embarrassing.] "Hey Apollo, thought you would just go back home after class." [He once again turns to face Fushi. And once again, he was a bit weirded out by it.] "Y-Yeah, good to know, nice to meet you Fushi, I'm Kazuo Takahara. Are you a uh... student here too? I don't think I've seen you around." [Not that this meant much, he hadn't seen too many people roaming around anyways.]
Fushi looks up to the sky for a moment and then looks through Kazuo. I am new. He motions to his seal skin coat as well as his boots and other unsuitable clothing for the school enviroment. Are you a uh ... student here too? He repeats what Kazuo previously asked with the same tone and words.
Peaking her head around the corner at the sound of conversation behind the school, Miss Sumeragi decided to investigate, expecting to find a group of delinquents loitering behind the school. Instead, she finds Kazua and some other student she didn't recognize. "Takahara-kun? What're you doing out here? And who's this? A friend of yours?"
Apollo tilts his head up slightly, closing his eyes and smiling. "Yeah, I figured I'd just hang out for awhile today." He then glares at Fushi, seemingly off put by their presence "What a strange person. I'm going to assume they're some sort of dog transformed into a human for the time being."
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"Ah! Sumeragi-sensei!" [He waves at the teacher, which got him thinking about something he hadn't really considered with all the stuff happening to him recently. The fact that 1, he made a club and 2, he found something that may or may not prove to be complicated.] "Right, I don't think I told you Apollo, but Sumeragi-sensei here is the teacher in charge of the club. Nobody was really open so... got lucky with her on that." [He would look a the book to his side before deciding to stand up and stretch his body.] "So whatever happens and goes wrong, she's answering for us."
"Ah, I see." Apollo nods, giving the teacher a look of admiration and respect. "Sumeragi-sensei, I am Apollo Sonnenschein, the human. Let me ask you something, how much do you know about this occult stuff?"
Fushi frowns with displeasure. I'm a human like you. He raises his hands and wiggles his fingers to prove his point. By doing this he accidentally drops the apple he had in his palms and it rolls away. My food!? Fushi utters buts doesn't give chase to it. His curiosity at the conversation in front of him outweighs the need to recover his food.
Sumeragi offers an enthusiastic waggle of her fingers in greeting towards Apollo and gives a wide grin. "Apollo huh? Like the god? Quite the extravagant name!" At the mention of the occult, she tilted her head, her bright amber eyes settling on the young man. "Me? Well admittedly not a whole lot. It's a passive interest really. I just decided to take up club supervision because it sounded more fun than any of the other options. Speaking of which, is that relevant to why you three are here in the back of the school making so much noise?"
The young, silver-haired man seems rather annoyed at Fushi's response. "Yes, I see you're a human at this current moment. You can just as well be a shapeshifting creature like Doopliss." Apollo then sighs at the teacher, answering bluntly. "Huh? No, I had no idea who that was when I chose the name." He then shakes his head at her next question, responding in a dismisive tone. "If it had anything to do with that, I would be much more discrete. Rather, I just came to see what Kaz was up to."
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"F-Fushi, what's your class? Not that I doubt your words but..." [He interrupts himself at the guy's weird behavior.] "...Why can't we have normal students? The most normal person I know is Sen and even she's ridiculously serious." [Kazuo thinks this out loud as he watches Fushi act around with a blank expression on his face. This only changes after Apollo implies he himself is also not entirely "normal". He didn't exactly want to weird out their own supervisor too soon and as such, he laughs loudly and puts an arm around Apollo's neck.] "Hahaha man! C'mon, you have to be more honest about yourself. Sumeragi-sensei, Apollo's family is from Greece and he was born there, though he has a younger sister that was born here! It's only natural his name would stand out as much like this, you know?" [He momentarily glares at his friend.] "You couldn't have picked your name, that's not the right phrase, you must've meant "My parents named me Apollo". Don't feel bad though, your japanese is really good." [He goes back to laughing before addressing the teacher's question.] "Well- I was just resting here; this place is so much like an actual park that I just couldn't help it. Besides, most students have to go through here to get to the practice building. Since classes are over already, most are moving to their club activities."
Hikari would shrug at Kazuo's response, smiling a little while sniping at him slightly. "Damn, I woulda thought you and that Sen girl or something... Ah well, as long as it isn't anything you need my help with I guess that's fine then." There's a cheery wink as she backs away and turns to the other elephant in the room, what a strange story. It obviously isn't true given what she senses in Apollo but oh well. The Solar isn't here to call out every silly lie she hears, just to bash skulls mostly. "Meh, not everyone gets a name from their parents, I mean I never met mine honestly, but yeah that would be the correct phrase I guess Apollo. And hey what do ya mean Kaz, I'm totally normal. Just your average harmless school girl~" That's such a fucking lie, she almost sounds like she believes it though with an innocent-seeming smile on her face. No need to freak out the supervisor just yet. "And yea, didn't come out for any crazy occult study today. Unless there's something none of us know about out here anyway I doubt we'll find any even if we looked."
"Yes, that's... quite right." Apollo, feeling slightly overwhelmed by the crowd, takes a step away and stares off in the direction of the gym building. "Hmm..." He then closes his eyes momentarily as his head drifts off to the side, holding his right fist up to his chin as he taps the fingers on his left hand against his thigh.
At the odd exchange between Apollo and Kazuo she couldn't help but chuckle. "You know, I know you're not lying when you say you're just hanging out here to kill some time, but you all are so suspicious even when you're idle! But who am I kidding? You're high schoolers! I doubt there's much you'd have to hide." Despite the naivety of her statement, it was clear she just didn't want to press the conversation rather than being oblivious to it. Her tone changes abruptly when she suddenly shifts behind Hikari, waggling her fingers in a comical attempt to be menacing, resembling a cartoon villain more than anything scary. "But what you don't know is that this place is haunted by a spirit who's been gathering power for a thousand years! Ready to snatch the souls of foolish and naive children who dare disturb its eternal slumber!" With another enthusiastic giggle, she steps toward the Kazuo tree and leans against it, almost mimicking him. "Apollo-kun, are you okay? You seem like you're in your own little world over there. Oh, I know! How about I buy us some drinks, hm? A soda or two to lift the mood up!"
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"Oh uh... actually, Sensei." [Kazuo would take a deep breath and would turn again to the book he had on him. It was really old and worn down, like it almost wasn't supposed to be in their library, but it was anyways. He would open it and quickly move through the many pages it had.] "You joke, but there might be some truth to that statement... according to this book, this area was notorious in decades past because of supernatural events. This book just collects a bunch of stories from across many years, between the 60's and 90's, all memories of people long gone... Bust most regarding the neighboring area of the school have mentions of spirits or tragedy happening." [He stops at one very short story and points his finger at it.] "Like this one from '73 during the school festival of that year. It says here a young boy was bullied by a group of his classmates horribly, to such extent he hanged himself from a tree. Later on, the very same tree, which was very young and sturdy, fell on them at the same time, taking their lives. It must have been impossible for that to happen, at yet it did." [He closes the book and tries to mimic the teacher's previous expression, by making a silly face and waggling his fingers.] "Those who were present said that first, they heard a very loud crack, like that of a neck breaking, and then they saw the tree fall on the abusers!"
"Oh?" Apollo turns back to Emi, confused by her demeanor. "Yeah, i'm alright. I'm concerned about said spirit, at present. I should like to deal with it immediately, however if it were as simple as that it wouldn't go untouched for a whole millennium." He merely shakes his head and sighs, relaxing a little. "So be it, I have no choice but to push that aside for now. Either way, i'm afraid i'll have to pass on the drinks. My sister's birthday is coming up soon and i'd like to get preparations out of the way sooner rather than later, so I was thinking i'd stop by the shopping building. Besides, I don't drink soda."
Sumeragi's hair practically raised up like a startled cat at Kazuo's story, hopping away from the tree and looking at it as if she were staring at a serial murderer. "T-That was a joke, I wasn't prepared for it to be real!! That's messed up!! M-Maybe we should calm the spirit before the tree swallows Takahara-kun before our very eyes!!" She quickly regains her composure before turning to Apollo and tilting her head. "Oh yeah? That sounds pretty important! Does your sister have a cool name too? I can see it now, a whole family named after the glorious pantheon of olde! Elegant! Distinguished! Proud!" With a hand to her heart and her other arm raised dramatically she spoke in a deep, sing-song voice, as if performing a spontaneous opera.
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[Kazuo keeps a sly smile on his face, making it hard to make out if he was actually telling the truth or if he was adding to the story.] "How much of this stuff is real or not is for us to figure out. There always many legends and rumors running around stuff happening, but people are always on the fence or would rather think the supernatural isn't happening. That's why the Occult Club is perfect." [He returns the book inside his bag.] "I decided to go ahead with it with the purpose of figuring out how much truth there is to these stories." [His ears perk up at the mention of Asami's birthday coming soon. He didn't even know about it, but it was nice to know now. He's never heard of a divine being celebrating a birthday, but then again, those live so much they probably don't care for the most part.] "Ah, his sister's name is Asami. Guess their parents wanted her to have an easier time living here." [He shakes his head with a smile before continuing] "Actually Sensei, do you have any plans for tonight? I was wondering if you could help me with something when you're free. I don't think anyone else will do."
Apollo smiles upon seeing Sumeragi-san's excited reaction, adding to Kazuo's comments after the fact. "Well, there is actually a more personal meaning to the name. I'll have to tell you the story about that sometime." He then puts his hands in his pockets taking a relaxed stance. "Speaking of which, did your parents have any special reason for picking your own name, Kazuo-chan?"
Hikari would burst out laughing for a moment, a spirit huh... She'd look over the tree as a small golden glow forms in her eyes, revealing to the young woman the presence of such immaterial beings if any were indeed there. "Wild Kazuo, now you went and made me all curious... Hmm, wonder if these eyes of mine can spot anything out of place..." There's a wild look on her face at the thought of something actually appearing before her, but chances are that it's just a silly rumor and nothing of note will be seen even with the magic coursing through her eyes right now. "If there were some crazy spirit out here though, I guess I'd consider it something to deal with. Can't just leave a thing like that for any random people to get attacked by, right?"
"Asami? That's a very cute name! Though a bit surprising! I'm sure it's easier for her to fit in but there's beauty in having an unusual name! Maybe I care just a little too much." She perked up when Kazuo spoke, tilting her head even further than it had been tilted before. "Free? Well, an educator is never truly free, but I always have time to dedicate to helping a student! What do you need?" She donned her 'teacher' persona, leaning forward with a giddy grin and a jovial clap of her hands, much like she would commonly be seen doing in class.
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"My name...?" [For a moment, it almost seemed like Apollo had struck something inside the young man, like triggering a sudden wave of nostalgia.] "M-My name is made out of two kanji, "和" and "雄". The first one means... harmony, or peace, even calm, while the second one means male, or man. According to... my mom, the reason I was given that name was in the hopes that I would have a peaceful life, also having found my own kind of peace as I walk along..." [He blushes after saying all this, trying to look away for a moment. That is, up until the moment Hikari and Emi speak. He clears his throat in order to recover his composure.] "Sensei, in order to check how much truth there is to this rumor, I wanted to ask for your permission to let me stay here until everyone else is gone. The best moment to make an investigation is when everyone else is gone!" [He looks at his phone for a moment before continuing.] "…See, we could ask a member of the student council but... I-I don't think I'm ready to face her right now. That said, I want you to watch over and stay here tonight with me! If Apollo and Hikari choose to stay, then... watch over us all!" [He holds both her hands with his own, pleading so she allows them to do this.]
Fushi still does not have any idea whom any of the people around him are. But he was given food. Therefore he already set his mind to following the one guy he gave his name to. I follow.
The girl would shrug slightly at Kazuo's idea, sure she can do that. Not like she had any better ideas. "Fine with me Kazuo, I'm not doing anything tonight. Cept maybe looking for... Someone, tch. That guy was a real pain but I won't bore you with the details or anything." She'd clench her fists while making that remark and lean back against the tree casually, eyes still gleaming and peering behind the veil of mundane reality a bit. "Anyway, that isn't exactly going anywhere fast right now so I can hang around. Not as if I live with anyone else, so no big deal for me."
"I guess I can stay here after hours. After all, I'm supposed to supervise any club activities. How do we know if it's a dud though? Ghosts don't usually do anything until night, right? We'd have to wait here for a really long time!" She checked her wristwatch with a puffed cheek, tapping her foot against the floor. "I know! I'll order some food and we can have something to eat here. That way we're not starving by the time the ghost shows up!" She pulled out her phone and started scrolling rapidly before she started staring off into space. "Wait... what're we gonna do if there's actually a ghost? Put it in a soup canister and call it a day? Bah! Whatever. Any preferences? If not I'm just gonna grab some beef bowls. I'll have to know who's staying to order though. I'm hearing three so far?" She points to Kazuo, Fushi, and Hikari before looking at Apollo.
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You know, all things considered, Lowe probably shouldn't have been here. His own school was a far cry from this place, evidenced by the pretty lackluster uniform he wore. Still, being a dropout, partially by choice and partially by circumstance, he found himself with a wealth of free time. Wandering around a pretty swanky-looking highschool certainly wasn't the worst way to spend his time. He could've been getting into fights, which wasn't exactly an uncommon thing for him. "Damn. Not a bad setup." The young man whistled as he looked around the place. His ears perked up as he heard people conversing, particularly at the word "ghost". Ghosts were scary, nobody would really deny that. Plus, he'd seen weirder things than ghosts, who was he to just brush them off as a hoax? "...?" Compared to most people, he wasn't a very sneaky kid. In fact, clumsy probably described him better than anything. Still, he did his best to creep a little closer to those conversing. His interest had been piqued, against his better judgement.
"Ah, well, if you're all doing it then I suppose I can help too." He then looks off, thinking for a second. "They use salt on Supernatural so maybe we should bring some too." He then starts walking away for a few seconds before looking back to the group. "I'm gonna go home and let Asami know what i'm up to, then come back here. See ya!" With that, turns back around again and starts walking til he's out of sight.
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[He waves at Apollo before turning to their teacher.] "I don't really mind what we get, uhm... thank you very much." [He bows at the teacher before looking up at the sky, noticing it was already full of orange. It wouldn't be long before the sun goes away and is replaced by the moon.] "If the ghost is real then... well, we either deal with it with what we have or run. People have been dealing with demons and spirits in all kinds of ways since the beginning of time, I'm sure we'll be okay!"
Fushi mimicks the earlier pointing done to him. I stay. Any food good. He only knows that he didn't like the apple yet doesn't have a name for it. That doesn't bother him at all. As the people talk to each other he tries to memorize some words and gestures but soon gets distracted by the switch from day to night. The sky is really pretty to him.
Hikari would wave to Apollo with a smile, and then turn back to the teacher while grinning a bit. "Eh... I think I can handle it if I gotta, maybe. I've been doing some practice that might help..." What kind of practice one does to learn how to hit things which aren't physical she frankly won't be explaining. But the girl seems sure of herself nevertheless while absently calling out to Lowe, who she can frankly spot without really trying much. "I can see you're over there man, it isn't hard. And I'm told I have good senses. You new around here, or have I just not met ya before somehow? Oh and I'll take whatever too sensei, I'm not exactly picky about food. Couldn't ever afford to be even if I wanted." She speaks out in an absent distracted tone clearly pondering something else.
Taking notice of Lowe's approach, she turned around and pointed at him. "Do I hear a fifth beef bowl? Hey wait... I don't recognize that uniform. Is this a friend of yours, Takahara-kun? I'll be happy to get some food for him too!" She quickly taps her phone, not even checking who she's dialing before answering the phone and muttering 'Six of the usual' into the phone. With that, she hops in place, clapping her hands together once again. "It'll probably be here in about thirty minutes! Can't fight ghosts on an empty stomach! And besides, even if we don't have the right tools, I'm sure I can figure something out. She winked quickly before finding a spot on the grass to sit on, patting the ground beside her. "Come, come! Let's gather around while we wait! Pass the time!"
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"Eh? Who?" [He finally takes notice of Lowe, a man that was too hard to ignore. Kazuo keeps a blank stare as he tries to put things in order. "I met him at GYM when I first got here, the 1st number, I got it from him..." he thinks, remembering their connection.] "I know him, his name is Lowe. But I can't say we are friends, just that we've met in the past." [He tries to smile anyways and waves at him.] "Yo, what are you doing here? Don't know if you remember but I'm Kazuo!" [He says before going to sit beside their teacher, waiting for what was soon to come.]
Apollo returns about an hour later, carrying an industrial size bag of salt around his right arm. He also carried an iron candelabra in his left hand. "Aight, i'm back." He then pulls out a gameboy advance and starts playing Tetris on it, casually talking while focusing on the game. "So, anything happen while I was gone?"
Lowe felt his heart sink a bit. He never thought of himself of the sneaky type, but that was just sad. Hell, they even ordered food for him. He sighed, stepping forward. "Uhh, yeah, hey there Kazuo. I remember your face, at least." He bowed slightly to the strangers, scratching his cheek in embarrassment. "Yeah uh... the name's Lowe, good to meet you guys. Sure you can tell, but I'm not really from around here. Sorry to butt in like this. I overheard something about... ghosts? Guess you could say it piqued my interest, or something."
Seeing Lowe approach the group, she offered a wide and welcoming grin while patting the empty grass beside her. "Come sit with us! I've got a couple beef bowls waiting up front, you can stay here while I go get them!" The teacher hopped up in place and started sprinting towards the front of the school, and within what was easily half a minute she'd come back with a huge tray of beef bowls, the poor woman blinded by what was effectively a food-based fog machine of steam. "Uhh... K-Kids? A little help? I'm not sure I can carry all this blind!"
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"Okay, on it!" [Kazuo would rush towards the teacher and would take half of what she brought, quickly moving it to towards the rest of the group, immediately sitting on the same spot on the grass as before. He would realize Apollo was back and Lowe was joining them.] "Well, I most of us here are part of a club I made. It's the Occult Club, and we investigate anything that may or may not be supernatural. Recently I found a book on old stories and... I have reasons to believe the school has some spirit roaming around it! So, we are going to here stay till night so we check how much truth there is to that." [He looks up at the sky; sunset already in full effect.] "Actually, we are missing two members right about now, Malloryn and Gad." [He would grab one of the bowls and then would wait for everyone else to grab their own. Only then would he eat.]
Fushi happily grabs a beef bowl and tilts it from side to side. He also sniffs at it. Testing its contents. Satisfied with the beef bowl he begins to wolf it down not minding the heat of it. With a slight full mouth he looks at the teacher and mumbles. Tfanks You.
Apollo takes a look at Lowe, sizing him up. "Well, Lowe, nice to meet you too. Word of advice, this kind of stuff isn't something normal humans should jump into haphazzardly, so if you do join us I at least suggest you keep it on the... downlowe!" He then gies the newcomer a wide grin, smirking as he crosses his arms with pride before looking at Kazuo. "Well, Kaz, with any luck your telepathic attraction of anyone you meet will cause one of them to coincidentally be in the area. Let's hope we just don't mistake them for the ghost." He then grabs one of the beef bowls before sitting on some grass near the wall.
The young woman is already devouring her food at a fairly rapid pace, she's never been one to waste a chance to eat whatever food she's given. As for Apollo's pun she just sighs and gives Lowe a look that clearly says "my god, I deal with this often." "Pff, nice meeting you Lowe. And eh, don't worry too much. You can probably take care of yourself yeah? Most of who end up here can after all, me for sure among that number..." It's pretty weird how all the Occult members besides maybe Mal seem to have some powers of their own. But she won't complain about it, makes things fairly simple for them if nothing else. "Anyway, if there really is a ghost that'll be cool. I wanna see if my training has paid off after all!"
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"Hey, we don't need to go around beating spirits up like it was nothing! It's a basic principle of respect towards all that lives in some way! Even demons can be gentle, and angels could be sadistic. Spirits may be vengeful, but some may just be playful!" [He says, trying to calm Hikari down or try to break her expectations. He is almost pouting as he speaks with a comically annoyed expression.] "We are Ghost Watchers, not Demon Busters, nor Ghost Busters!" ["Unless we have to be", he thinks, finally digging in on his food after clapping his hands together, grateful.] "Apollo, I take offense to that. The fact that I kept meeting up with Sen was all at random. Besides her, I don't really run into anyone else." [But weird people, that is. The sky now gains a bit of a dark blue tone, the orange turning more into red, at certain times it all looks pink. If the city wasn't so vibrant in lights as it gets dark, they may even be able to tell there are a few stars right above. It was almost time. Most students and staff members were probably gone by now.] "Fushi, Lowe... what's up with you guys? We don't really know each other so... this could be a chance to build trust. After all, a really awful demon could appear out of nowhere." [He smiles at them, though he adds the last bit of what he said as a way to mess around. Still, even if he's messing around, it wouldn't be out of place for any of them.]
"But, Kazuo..." Apollo places his beef bowl and the other stuff he brought with him to the side, standing up and grinning at Kazuo. "...If we don't shoot the thing, then how can we do the shoot dance?" Apollo then cocks his head to the side in a cheerful manner
Having thoroughly emptied her beef bowl to the point where not even a single speck of meat remained, she rested the dish on the tray and sighed with satisfaction. Picking up on the conversation, she pointed at Kazuo and nod-nodded at the group. "Takahara-kun is right. Every ghost was a living creature just like you and I at one point, and usually a person! I doubt most of them want to hurt anyone, they probably just get antsy because they get disturbed. Wouldn't you?" She looked at her wrist watch, letting a loud yawn loose into her hand. "Geez... it's so late! Truth be told I'm more worried about getting mugged on the way home than being pounced on by a ghost. Ah... that makes me think. How do you all plan to get home safely anyways? I can't let a bunch of minors loose in the middle of the night in good conscience!"
Hikari would shrug slightly at that, sure. They were people once and all but meh... "Eh, I like fighting people too so it ain't that different for me. Still if someone isn't a problem I'm not about to beat them senseless or anything, so I suppose you've got a point." Even if them not being a problem would be intensely disappointing from her viewpoint. But these things happen sometimes, not everything in life needs to be solved by smacking it around till it stops moving. As for getting home, eh. "And I can't speak for anyone else Sensei, but I just plan to... Walk. If anyone wants to try and mug me for the very little I have they can try, it isn't a smart idea for most people but they can try." There's a casual ease in her voice while finishing off the meal, as though that's a fact she speaks from experience rather than merely posturing. Which is of course, the case.
Fushi finishes food and wipes his face with his heavy sleeves. He then curiously peeks his head up when he hears his name. I'm from away. Was told this is place of learning. Fushi blankly looks at everyone. He didn't know if he was learning yet from these people. They were nice though. They also gave him food twice so now he had to stay. You are all different animals.
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"I... didn't say spirits were "living" like us previous to their appearance..." [He mutters in between him eating his food quickly, having been a while since he had something this good. Once he finishes, he looks up to the sky, now it fully dark with no light on the school other than the light of the moon and the one from the street.] "I can give my mother a call. She works until really late at Shinjuku with her bar and all. I could go there and then we drive back to Kichijouji. That is, if the subway closes before we are finished, but it shouldn't take long." [He places his bowl to the side while thinking.] "When I leave for school, she's usually asleep, and when I'm back I spend most of my day alone. Sometimes I catch her on her way out." [He shrugs, not that he minds. It gives him plenty of freedom to do as he pleases. That said, he would stand up and look around. It wasn't so dark all things considered but just the light of a phone may be enough to move around without stumbling too much.] "I think it's time we get to it." [Kazuo would check back the book he had and look closely.] "According to the story, the kid who committed suicide was a first-year student, meanwhile the bullies were from the second year. The spirits of those who died in terrible accidents or with some strong, negative emotion find themselves unable to pass on, and when they remain, they frequent the places they were most connected to. It's safe to assume that... since it all happened in this area, there must be some activity in some of the classrooms." [He rubs the back of his head and then clears his throat. He would look all around; the school building was behind them, meanwhile the practice building was on the opposite end of the area, looking almost like an actual park with how many trees it had and how ample it really was] "T-That said, we should split up to check the first and second floor quickly. I'll take care of the first floor. Hikari, you go to the second floor. Fushi, Lowe, Apollo, Sensei, you guys choose who to go with!" [Kazuo would turn around and pull out his phone, choosing the camera and deciding to record everything he sees with its own night vision.] "Try not to break things! We don't need to get in trouble!"
Apollo gives Sumeragi-san a curious look. "In that case, you shouldn't worry. I'm not a minor." He then finishes his food, paying close attention to Kazuo. "Ah, so whoever we go with we'll be alone, in the school... at night... potential danger..." Apollo goes on, his speech gradually becoming incomprehensible mumbling. Making a sudden movement, he goes to Hikari's side, crossing his arms and smirking. "Hey, Hikari, why don't we go together?" He then takes a few steps towards the building, nodding his head slightly towards her.
"Eh? Well, I guess I'll just stick with you, Takahara, but I'll have to visit the teacher's lounge before I do! Though, I should probably visit my classroom before I go anywhere else. I have something to grab there!" She starts trotting towards the building, twirling a small band with the key to the teacher's lounge on it. "We should probably stick into groups of three just to even it out. And if you break anything I'm not taking the hit for you!"
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Fushi curiously cocks his head and stares at everyone. He doesn't really get what is going on. But the hand that helped fed him is leaving so he walks over to Kazuo. Fushi hugs Kazuo's right arm and makes it clear with how firm he is grasping that he is determined to stick with Kazuo. I follow. Fushi determinedly looks at Kazuo.
[The inside of the school remains eerily silent and dark, with nothing but moonlight illuminating the interior through the windows to the open area they were just in. Nothing much to do, and nothing else to see.] [First floor, being empty of students and staff, would have nothing of interest beyond the four sets of classrooms, the Nurse's Office and the Principal's Office. In the distance, a melody is playing, somewhere within this floor.] [Second floor; Apollo (Possibly alongside Hikari) and Emi should have an easy time making their way to the second floor. It wasn't much different from the first floor in that it was dark and as silent as a graveyard. Wherever they chose to go to, nothing should get in the way. They can feel like there's subtle current of wind running through.]
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[Kazuo would look at Fushi grabbing on to him and would blush for the sudden action; because he isn’t used to people getting up close to him; because he didn’t even know this person well enough; because he actually got a bit scared; and because for all he knew, this could be an actual spirit. Despite this, he would look to his right, not particularly sure from where the sound was coming from.] “I wonder if there’s a party somewhere nearby… I guess there’s nothing else to do but to keep moving, eh?” [He would nod at Fushi and move towards his right side; the West Wing of the school, where classrooms 1-A, 1-B and the Principal’s Office was. Their left, the East Wing, would have the remaining 1-C and 1-D classrooms, as well as a small, empty snacks stand and the Nurse’s Office. Right in front is the lockers and entrance, now closed.]
A faint cry comes from a locker “Anyone? Please help I got shoved in here and they locked it on me. If anyone can let me out that would be nice. I do not have my phone on me, the guys that shoved me in here took it with them”
Having now visited the teacher's lounge, Sumeragi carried a quite conspicuous yet mysterious case over her shoulder. The bag looked much like a shinai bag, but despite the resemblance was almost twice as big as any bag of that sort should ever be, the design decorated with flowers and even a small rabbit charm at the top. "Well, if you were curious, the lounge has nothing. It's a ghost town in there, but not the kind we're looking for." Hearing the faint crying from the locker, she jumped in place, letting out a frightened squeak unbecoming of a woman her age. She cleared her throat and adjusted her long red scarf, trying way to hard to look professional despite her blunder. "Ahem! I do believe I heard something suspicious coming from the lockers. Do we care to check it out?"
You hear the same voice talk again “Please do let me out! I’ve been stuck in here since the morning. And I can guess you are a teacher because you are here and it’s late, my parents have to be worried sick. I think there might be a key in one of the teacher only rooms” The voice starts to cry

"Heh." Apollo grins mischieviously upon perceiving the presence in the locker, walking up to it and cracking his knuckles. "This seems like the perfect opportunity to senselessly destroy property. Stand back, kid, I will aid you in the most efficient way possible." Wasting no time, Apollo drives his fist straight through the center of the locker door, creating a hole which he then grabs onto and pulls the door off its hinges. "Hehe I am hilarious. Now give me your prayer before I make a vague threat, nerd."
Horrified he says T-Thank you so much. My n-name is Yuto Akari an- Yuto passes out from fear
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{On the first floor, a girl opens the doors that lead to the entrance of the school, holding a hair clip in her hands. Closing the door behind her, she uses her phone as a flashlight as she adjusts her hair clip.} "I can't believe I forgot something at school today...Ah well, if I meet any faculty maybe I can just say I'm early for tomorrow." {The girl clutches her purse as she holds out her makeshift flashlight in front of her, trying to backtrack to exactly what room she left her item in while also yelling at the nothing that awaits ahead.} "Oh random stack of cash, where art thou? I hope you weren't abducted by an unfortunate soul!"
Hikari would glare at Apollo's actions, quickly placing herself between him and the boy who'd been in the locker. There's a slight golden aura forming around the young woman as a baseball bat covered in runes and pulsing with energy appears in her hands. "What the fuck was that!? You can't just go around doing that shit to random people who've done nothing to deserve it! Are you insane, or merely utterly immoral!?" Her eyes still gleam too, staring into the world beyond normal sight in case there are actually any ghosts or spirits or such wandering about. She does want to be able to view those after all, but for now shock and outrage are the Solar's chief emotions.
Yuto wakes up and starts shaking “W-What happened j-just now?” He see’s a young woman glowing with a baseball bat with marks on it “Am I hallucinating?, not agai- He falls unconscious again

Fushi nods at Kazuo's suggestion and strains his ears to try to pick up the sources of the melody. It doesn't work. His body is too limited for it so without much though Fushi allows himself to shift into a diffierent form. To any spectator it would seem like Fushi's body suddenly broke apart into white smoke and then reformed into a knee-height, white wolf. To fushi it would be like blinking and afterward being able to smell and hear more. He would then try to pinpoint the melody again using his better hearing.

Apollo sighs, looking at Hikari's eyes with confusion. "I'm a male high schooler. Doing stupid shit is my nature." He then faces Sumeragi, placing his hands in his pockets. "Back me up here, sensei. Don't you know what it was like to be young?" He then notices Yuto fainting out of the corner of his eye, gradually fading out the student's presence in his mind. "Oh, yeah, I guess we kinda went past normal human behavior. Maybe we should get that Gad guy to get him to forget all that? Or maybe I could try reverse engineering my mind reading powers?" He would pause for a few seconds before noticing the weapon in Hikari's hands. "Are we in a fight? What were you intending to do with that? Here, let me get you a better weapon." The god uses his powers to materialize a steel longsword, plunging it into the ground between himself and the solar. Instead of making any immediate action, he merely looks at the blade for a moment before snorting humorously.
Yuto wakes up again and spots the god like stuff going on in front of him pushing himself against the back of the locker he was stuffed in he says “W-Who are you guys? Why do you have all these weapons and shit? Did y-you pick the door lock? Or did a teacher let you in? Or are you superhumans? You remind me of that anime, what was it called again, never mind. Again, Who are you?” Yuto seems to be in shock
[First floor, the entrance's lockers; with all the people in this area; Mal, Yuto, Apollo, Hikari, Emi, the whole atmosphere had suddenly turned heavy. This isn't because they were all currently acting like the kids they are, but also because the light from the outside was becoming dim. Although the streetlights were still functioning, it seemed like the light was being eaten away; the sound of their voices was being mimicked too in the distance in mockery. It was easy to hear, but hard to pinpoint its origin.] "wHo ArE YoU?" "LeT mE gEt YoU 2-A bEtTeR wEaPoN" "tHe LiBrArOunGe hAs NoThInG. iT's A gHoSt ToWn" [The voices would go on and on. At the same time this is happening, Fushi hears the singing and is able to know exactly from where it is that it's coming from; the Principal's Office. If they were to go there, then they would have no issues beyond the singing getting louder, but also with a slight distortion, like a faulty turntable.]
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[Kazuo's jaw drops as he watches Fushi change.] "I knew it! You aren't normal! Why do I attract this kind of people to me all the time!?" [In this small moment of his mind melting, Kazuo ruffles the hair on his head, desperate for an answer to appear in his mind. However, nothing comes. In the end...] "Weird attracts weird. I don't care, let's go." [For now, he would only follow Fushi to wherever it is he goes.]
At Apollo's comment she shrugged, looking away for a moment as she pondered her own youth. "I dunno, I grew up in pretty different circumstances to kids today. But I guess I did stupid stuff, so sure! I'd say that's pretty normal!" Seeing both her students seemingly armed to the teeth, she couldn't help but stare with wide, quite confused eyes, rubbing the back of her neck. "D-Do you always all have this much weaponry? I realize we're probably gonna fight a ghost and all but I figured we would have a bit more salt and a bit less medieval weaponry..." Hearing the sound of her voice being mocked she slowly turned around, her teeth chattering in fear. "S-Shit! Was that it?! Please tell me that's not it and we can just go home without a worry!!"
“I don’t know what to do now? Should I stay with you guys?, not like if I even told anyone they would believe me” Yuto starts to softly cry “No one ever does, no one cares about me, I don’t deserve to be here”
{Malloryn almost skips through the dark hallways, not bothering to look back as the lighting of the atmosphere starts to flicker. Maybe the budget of the school isn’t holding up? All the more reason to retrieve the 50,000 yen she lost.} “Wow, so there are unfortunate souls nearby! Many, in fact. I guess this would be appropriate in Japan’s culture? My older brother did say I’d fit in...maybe I should start going to Kosei more.” {She continues walking, keeping her phone close to her as her only light source. Wearing dark clothing and having black hair might help with stealth purposes, but that’s a stretch since ghastly beings probably don’t care about that type of stuff. The girl just shrugs to herself, hoping that whatever’s near her is stupid enough to stay away.} “Hmm, this must mean that there is faculty nearby. Well, I’m heading to the Principal’s Office. Hopefully they can lead me to the lost and found station. Wherever it is. And whoever the principal is...”
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