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I saw one Introduction thread, but the last post was three years ago, and I know it's bad juju to revive old threads. If this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete this thread. Anyway, my name is Ringtail. I'm a lowly gas station employee by morning, streamer by afternoon! Iv3 always been a fan of debonair thieves; Arsene Lupin, Arsene Lupin III, Sly Cooper, Kaito Kid, and of course, the Phantom Thieves! It's nice to meet you all!
Pretty sure most people make their own little intros and leave it there if they're gonna. So y'know. Nice seein' ya.

Then allow me to give you the good old fashioned Phansite welcome. Just gotta dust off the old youtube link. Here we go. Ahem... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXnH5Ou3wHU
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Well I don't have any proper introduction for myself, but I'm Ruby, don't got anything special to say bout myself besides be patient with me because good god I'm not bright
Nice to meet ya, I'm clearly Not_Joker, but it's easier to refer to me as Akira or Ren (Whatever you prefer).
imagine all the people
Korudo and welcome to the phan-site.
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