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GYM: Ultimate Combat
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A perpetually pithy dark hedgehog walks through the door into the familiar building, noting its casual atmosphere and current vacancy "No one here? How disapointing..." He then crosses his arms and scoffs
"You're disappointing!" The young woman wearing a black coat and shorts that're way too short remarks. The woman constantly wears a mischevious grin, aiming a little prod at Shadow as she enters. "Took me a bit to find this place and all I'm met with is an overgrown gerbil."

My. Oh my. What an interestin world we live. *Kai breaks down the door of the GYM and walks inside, smokes rising from a toothpick in his mouth and holding an axe in his left hand. He chuckles.* GYM door wasn't broken yet. It's like y'all we're giving me the honours. Hope ya don't mind, but it has to be done. Club policy and all. Heh.
"Hmmm?" The lupine woman turns around, her small, unkempt tail waving in excitement "Ya really don't hold back much do ya old man?" Lappland narrows her eyes and lets out an unstable laugh, like that of a hyena before she's able to calm down again "Ya look like you've seen a thing or two. Know how to use that thing right?"

Ah! Old! *Kai's mouth hangs open. Then he growls, blowing smoke from his nose.* Whatever. Like you're the picture of youthful innocence ya self? What are ya supposed to be anyway? Couldn't afford a fursuit so you just bought wolf ears at a carnival and called it a day? Still, if those things are as sharp as ya tongue, you could be an interesting opponent.
"Ooooh, did I make this little relic mad?" Lappland giggles to herself, playful as a child as she takes a second to take in Kai's features "Lupo of course. And you look Ægerian. I've never gotten to fight one of those monsters before, but you hear plenty of rumors hehehe." The woman's eyes light up just imagining the kind of strength they might have, her foot taps against the floor impatiently for a few seconds before they finally can't take it anymore. "I've decided, we're gonna have some fun!" Is the last warning given before Lappland runs towards Kai, drawing her katana aimed at a horizontal slash across his chest.

Not a clue what yer talkin about. But ya know what they say. Ladies fir- *Kai is cut off by Lappland's sudden attacks. He counters it by bringing his axe down in order to block the blow.* Well. Looks like someone doesn't wanna wait around. At least let the elderly get there speeches done before ya try to run 'em through, aye? *Kai chuckles mockingly.*
"awww come on don't be like that." Lappland lets the force of Kai's swing bring her arm down with her weapon. The young woman uses har arm like a lever to redirect the force, upwards through her arm and uses it to perform a front flip ending with a heel drop with most of her weight aimed at Kai's shoulder. "You're the one who got me all riled up after all. This is a once in a lifetime chance. Like hell I'll let it get away."

*At Lappland strikes Kai's shoulder, the man who be pushed down an inch. Around where she impacted, small cracks would appear and the air would warp, as if exposed to high amounts of heat. Lappland might even feel the heat through her footwear. Kai would crack his neck.* Fiesty girl, ain't we? Ha. This might be fun after all. *Kai would strike forwards with his right fist at Lappland, his fist igniting the air around it as it catches fire, adding to the power behind the blow. If it impacted, it would likely catch Lappland's clothes (or fur?) on fire.*
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Shadow gazes at Lappland disapprovingly. "Tch, your wit serves you none here. This is a place of strength." He then teleports onto the spectator stands using Chaos Snap, witnessing the battle unfold with vague interest. "Let me know when someone worth my time arrives."
With her attack done, Lappland flips back off of Kai, his fist missing the girl's main body, but igniting her long, flowing hair instead. "OOooh close one.. Hehe... Something burning?" it only takes the woman a moment to realize her hair was alight as the heat begins to spread to her tail. IN one swift motion she slices off a good chunk of her now-burning mane, bringing the fire to a halt instantly "Flame-based Arts then? Pretty weird for an Ærgian. Interesting..." Lappland lets out a cackle before rushing Kai again, this time aiming her slash vertically as she keeps a close eye on her opponent.

*Kai grins. He draws his halberd back as he sees Lappland charging in again before throwing it at her in an attempt to strike her before she can strike him.*
"ooh close one." Lappland cancels her charge by pivoting on her foot to the left. In doing so the halberd just grazes by her, cutting into the arm of her shirt as the woman spins around. Though she's still a few feet away, Lappland continues her spin with a slash, sending a sharp blade of air at Kai instead.

*With a smirk, Kai rushes low, dodging under the blow and striking upwards with an uppercut, using the same powerful flaming fist technique as before.*
"Seen it." Lappland jeers at the old man as she bends back to avoid the blow and aims a kick at Kai's chest. "Lupo are very observant."

*Kai grits his teeth as he is struck in the chest, grunting lightly. However, he barely moves back. The air around where he was struck heats up again. As it does, Kai brings his hands from both sides to Lappland's leg. If he can grab it before she gets away, he goes t throw her to the nearest wall, likely burning her leg in the proccess from the heat his arms give off.*
"seen that too." When Kai tries to heat the air around him, he'd likely notice a sort of disruptance spreading through his body from where Lappland struck him. It doesn't really hurt, but it does seem to block his fire from emerging. Of course, this doesn't stop him from being able to grab and throw the fairly light woman, but without the fire Lappland's able to take it in stride, catching herself against the wall and jumping back onto the floor. "Ya like it? I'm pretty good at destroying arts for a bit. Feel free to try again."

Eh? *Kai moves his hand about a bit, humming lightly.* So. What's it do? Knock tech out of commision for a bit?
"Kinda. I mean ya know how Arts work right?" Lappland raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms. The old dude's silence had seemed kinda weird to her, but she's always been considerably more excited than her opponents so it wasn't that weird. "Just putting a bit of my Arts in to disrupt the connection for a bit. Its a little unstable though so it'll probably decay in a few seconds." Just as Lappland said, he'd find the disruption clearing up in a matter of seconds, leaving him fully capable again "'course, a few seconds is all ya really need."

Heh. Yeah, I guess you're right. Neat trick. I guess I should exchange ya one of mine. * Kai takes the wooden splint out of his mouth, flicking it away as he breathes in. He then exhales, sending a large plume of fire towards Lappland at high speeds. The fire grows as it travels from Kai to Lappland, spreading out as it exits Kai's mouth, in a cone shape.*
"Looks pretty." Lappland chuckles as the fire approaches. She swiftly brings her sword up, letting the resulting dark-tinged blade of air fly through the flames. As it does, the previously beauitful cone of fire rapidly decays into nothingness, leaving only the blade of air sent at Kai "Pretty easy to destroy that is."

*Kai coughs some smoke as his attack vanishes* You know, I don't think that's how science works. *Kai jokes. He walks over to where his halberd buried itself and pulls it free. He then points it at Lappland.* So powers don't work on ya. How about specialised equipment? *Without waiting for an answer, a smale flame ignites at the end of the pole the axe is attached too. A second later, another stream of fire erupts towards Lappland.*
"Of course that's how science works. I'm not a doctor but everyone knows its based on Arts. Old man must be crazier than me." Lappland laughs aloud. Just.. Letting Kai go for it so she can show him. The old man brings out his flamethrower, a tool the likes of which Lappland'd seen several times before, and slashes through the air as soon as its active, just like before. "You're gonna have to try harder than..." Though the wind cuts through the fire momentarily, it doesn't react with Kai's equipment, allowing the gear to function as normal to burn his opponent. Despite the clear injuries, Lappland seems more surprised than angry "Alrighty then what's going on? It should've reacted with your own arts to turn the fire back into whatever the hell's fueling that thing."

*Kai rests the Halberd over his shoulder, chuckling.* Sorry, kid. Not sure what these "arts" ya keeo rambling on about are, but I can tell ya that my axe don't use 'em. It don't use my Inferno to run. Pure gas and flames, baby. *Kai grins.* Looks like that little trick a yours don't work against good old fashion grit and steel, eh?
"How could you not possibly know what Arts are? You've been usin' em this whole time like your fire breathing trick." Lappland crosses her arms, now calmed down at the very least. The woman sheathes her weapon with a sigh "Should have been the trigger behind your flamethrower too."

Leit Malagnaria: Inferno. That's the power I possess. Allows me to create and control fire. Dunno what an Art is, but if ya call that an Art form, then I'm a kick ass artist. *Kai levels his axe towards Lappland.* Though, I guess if ya can cancel it out, I suppose I'll have to rely on old faithful here to kick your ass instead. So. Done talkin?
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"Yeah, the mood's totally killed." Lappland lets out a sigh and sheathes her weapon again. She doesn't bother waiting anymore, just giving Kai a casual wave as she steps out. "I'm gonna find somewhere that makes sense. Later gramps."

Tch. Kids these days... *Kai muttered before collapsing on a seat in the stands.*
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