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If you were to awaken your Persona tomorrow what elements and skills would you think your Persona would have and what kind of melee weapon would you receive? As for me, mine would definitely have curse and physical abilities. Curse skills because of my very solid hatred towards abusive, toxic, and pretty much just very hateable individuals and physical skills because beating the shit out of monsters with physical objects would probably be pretty satisfying I would imagine. Oh and as for other skills, I would also definitely have stat increasing skills those being attack raising ones. As for my melee weapon, I would love to have a lightweight weapon like gauntlets or a lightweight sword and shield. Tell me what yours would be. I think this is a fun topic
i am purse owner an i wil throw my car keys at ur eyes lolol
- - - Hmmm... It is a mystery what my Persona could possibly be..... perhaps we shall never know the answer. - - -
I'm not sure. I'm more of a "behind the scenes" kind of rebellious spirit... I have a character whose Persona stems from years of repressed anger towards others, but mine would be different. I'd probably have a Persona who works in the shadows and deals in lies.
I imagine my persona would specialize in bufu and garu skills. It's name would be Hecate (Hecate is not Ann's canon persona lol). It would look sorta like a royal blue mannequin with the joints replaced with glowing magenta thread. the persona would also have glowing orbs on a Hermes style helm on the head. On it's chest it would have a white gem encrusted in it's torso, with golden wing decals emitting from the two sides. it would have inky, long black hair. it would also have 1 wing, connected by the magenta translucent thread like the other body parts. Two white slender eyes would be on the head, with a black line emitting from the bottom of the right eye. The persona would be like Mitsuru's, in that it can work in both support and battle. when in support, it would connect with my mask, in which the part I pull out is a reflective visor. From there, the persona would "weave" the gap's space with a magenta screen when doing support.
Also, I would use twin daggers for melee. probably twin pistols for ranged. My codename would be reaper
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