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Generic somewhat sappy birthday post
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Well, another year passes for me. And as tradition at this point, i guess its time for another retrospective about this past year for me, and stuff with the phansite. This year has been.. interesting, thats for sure. Lots of ups and down, and its ending in quarantine. I cant believe i actually WANT to go to school again. But whatever. It almost feels liek my life is getting back on track, and i can really attribute a lot of my emotional and mental growth to all of you, so thanks a lot, really. I appreciate it. The past year ive been slowly coming back to the phansite and after being gone for a while i still feel welcome, and the fact that i can still have friends here makes me happy. So thanks, phansite, for sticking with me for a while. And thanks for hearing me ramble about stuff.
hap birf
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Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday dude, hopefully it’s all uphill from here
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