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sorry, what's a peon?
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What's a peon?
Asking what Peon is, is best way to be named Peon.
ha ha peon get peed on
I don't have time to waste with a peon like yourself
everybody who uses this site is a peon so i don't know why you guys are calling them out when you're all in the same boat
Mmm, we will see. We must contact master of peon calling. @Bonafied-Monafied
(edited by Joker_Reborn)
https://i.imgur.com/qeBYwN0.jpg This is what he said I believe
even bona is a peon
Hmmm, I have been awoken from my slumber. You dare use our word against us, Elm? How dare you... You officially are banned from the cool kids club, peon.
What is going on
Just another normal day here, carry on
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