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Oportunist politicians
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I live in Spain, and uff it's awful how oportunist and egoistic are some political groups, I'm Talking about Vox and PP (partido popular, popular party in English), they are talking shit and organizing manifestations about the coronavirus management of the government, but, would anyone else be able to do it better? We have no experience in this cases and taking the good decisions is not always possible. So, that proves that those are sick of trying to scratch more acceptance from the people
As a lead moderator of this site, I am going to have to lock this thread for being cringe. Give me a second while I log onto my Hifumi alt first.
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Yeah, for once Mona has a point. Religion and Political discussions never go well, so they’re not really for here. If you are going to discuss politiciams at least compare them to Shido so that it’s technically P5 related
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