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Happy birthday
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It's Akechi's birthday! Please praise him for this day atleast
Happy Birthday Akechi-kun! One more year of life! Hope you got a lot of gifts. Well, now it is your day, what shall you eat today? Maybe something sweet like a chocolate cake or you are more a P A N C A K E ...person? Hm? :D
Mmmmmm, Akechi is peon. I will not be praising him as he is enemy of me, Persona 5 Jokhar.
That seems like a job for his parents
Normally I'd say "one year closer to death" but we can't even get anywhere near that joyous event.
Happy Birthday Akechi-san! Hope you have a good day today.
- - - Oh? It is pancake boy's birthday? I can only guess what sort of gifts he will receive. - - -
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