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Jim Humble RP
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Drinks bleach
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puts bleach in eyes
*Stares blankly at hat sitting upon Jim Humble's head* Woah hey there guy, that's a pretty cute hat you got on, mind if I gaze upon it, mind if I gaze upon that succulent juicy hat? Gimme a slight taste of the bleach stain on that hat? Sir I would humbly request to do so. It would mean a lot, as I am such a fan of bleach, and yours of course. You see, I have been a drinker of bleach since the age of fetus, and now that I am in your presence I would like to show you the gifts I have gained from doing such a task. But of course only if you'd like to see my great Jim Humble. And may I ask I wear your hat for just a sec, no, not even a sec, just a milisecond if it would mean I got to touch your hat. Please sir, please. I know you are a busy man, but please spare your gracious time to fulfill my requests, Jim Humble you are my god, Jim Humble you are my life. Jim Humble you are the best.
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