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I'm calling out for you! Please come home and lay in me - your lovely bed
First of all I am Persona 5 Jokhar, not Persona 5 Joker. Please respect wishes of name calling. Second, I do not need bed as I am not peon. I will sleep on floor like real gamer. Third, I am wise to your tricks deceitful one. I know the truth of what you are and you should know the Persona 5 Jokhar does not take prisoners. You will be held up and I will point gun at you, at which point you will say "Oh no, please do not shoot me!" and I will laugh and say "I will not shoot you but you will be sent back to wear you belong". Following this we will send you back to China where you were created, commie.
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Preposterous! Morgana, put this man to sleep!

Scene does not include a lap dance. *Ding*
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