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What happens when you enter Mementos?
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Would time accelerate faster, or would people forget you existed in the time you are in Mementos?
I think time stands still given what ive seen in game but idk
Its weird tbh, during the beginning of the game you can clearly see time passing in Kamoshida's palace, and whenever you exit a palace or mementos, it goes from after school/daytime to night immediatley, so time has to pass (i wanna say at least 4 hours? Which means on weekends joker either takes forever to get ready or wakes up at 2 pm which is a mood), but even if you take a whole day just to do mementos missions, or do stuff in a palace, it'll always just be evening.

It's a separation of story telling and game mechanics. As far as the story is concerned, the crew only head in for a few hours at a time, and believes they are taking breaks periodically. They expect palaces to take days.
Your dick shrinks 3 centimeters every time you enter unless you're me.
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Thanks, pussy.
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