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Daily Haru
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Daily Haru #1 Was this a good idea? Guess I'll find out in like, a week. Sauce: u/auniquenameischosen on reddit. https://i.imgur.com/Q34pfCd.jpg
i bet you’ll forget by monday
oh look at that. you fixed her forehead. she is now easily best girl.
Thread Creator

Daily Haru #4 I should probably prepare these beforehand. Sauce: @BrinkOfMemories on Twitter https://i.imgur.com/iBeEV6E.png
this is some good haru, i approve
Bless whoever posts daily haru

I support this thread
I also like this thread very much
wow, its kinda surprising u havent forgot about this yet. i know i would lol. anyway keep up the good work! (aka finding nice art of haru)
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