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Dataverse: Your own World
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--It is recommended to read the whole posts and replies if you miss what will go on--- *beep beep* *beep beep beep* A mysterious colourless yet colourful sphere is flying around to the camera in a place where it has no ground but many, many, data are floating around like writings, words, codes, pictures of every place like a village, a city, a school, even an apartment it seems. "why hello there! I'm a data sphere! You wonder what is this world, right?" a voice, it felt like a voice you hear on a TV--- no, a voice you hear on a phone call, a very high pitched voice, and a cute voice too. It suddenly started to glow, some 2 blue dots glowing on it, it started to become a hyphen, then it goes back to a dot, then a w letter starts to glow under the 2 dots as if it has started to make a face "in case you are wondering… what are these pictures? Well, those pictures are from many, many universes, including the ones you are in too!" This sphere made cat ears "and… meow meow~! To answer your first question, this is the Dataverse! Dataverse is a world from someone's computer that programmed it, from the multiverse project team that scientists failed to proof that multiverse truly exists to a person doing this project all alone, doesn't that feel a bit a sad?" the cat ears turned down until it lifted up to turn into dog ears "but hey! Don't be ruff! That person successfully made this project happen too!... Now then let me show you something!"
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As 6 cubes appear before you, the first one is a cafe looking picture, the second picture is a mall looking picture, the third picture has a school picture and written as 'governor high school' ' in it, the fourth has a park picture in it, the fifth picture has the word 'their/myWORLD' and the sixth has a '?' mark on it. "now then, where we start…?" ears turned to cat ears. "the first one is a cafe, you go and order many dewecious drinks, and not only that! You eat the same food that your world, you can even imagine a chef cooking you a food too!" the 2 dots were cut to half and the w became an upside down to become a sad face " man… i wish I can eat… " the face turned to normal then " the Second picture has a shopping mall, yes, you buy everything here, things for your house too! for what purpose, I'll tell you later…!" "the third one is a 3 floor school that the person used to go! If you have any questions about anything, more information, or what the heck is all about, the helper shpere will be there for you in the library on the second floor!" "the fourth one is a park! If you want a walk with your dog or you want to enjoy the peaceful day, go there to enjoy the beautiful day out there!" "the fifth one is as this said, wait, hold on~~~" another colourless sphere appeared "this will be your own sphere~~ it will ask you for a name too! And you have to decide to which ear and colour should your sphere have, this will also help you to make those cubes appear if you hold it too! Now let me explain the ‘their/myWORLD’ cube" The sphere headed towards the cube that the cube mentioned as a list appeared, though the only one has one person, 'Katty' the only name written on it, under this is the plus symbol. "This is a list of people's universe, unfortunately, they are not real, but hey!" "you can create your world that you were, but your world isn't real and it is a data too!" the dots turn into the red "oh did I scare you? Sorry" it turned into blue. "hm…? The sixth one??" the sixth cube disappeared as the sphere turned then it turned back. "Silly, silly, this will be recorded in a video and it will make interest to those people's memory too… Geez…" "that's the creator's world, you'll never see them cause they can't visit it anyway… As For that… this concludes my welcome VIDEO-O-O WE- WE- CO-MY-OO" it started to become glitchy as if the whole world became black as a screen turning off like a tv. Here… You just remember this whole thing. Your world starts here. their/myWORLD list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvDP1pRd0sKVeV79zKMOHRAXkCJTDOchmnJDhNyb02Y/edit?usp=sharing people’s sphere list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F393WSuwzfJg6o0iQ9CrHWefaj5-haIIAcCgruURnNA/edit?usp=sharing
Ooc: I'll start since no one here is starting here for and by myself I just hope someone could reply first but okay I'll do it :( As Katty remembers this memory as a video, she wakes up on the cafe table, she noticed she has been actually sleeping on her tablet too, she has been in this world for day 0, as the first visitor to get locked in this 'dataverse', she looked through herself through the tablet's mirror, her bright purple eyes seemed a little tired and her strawberry red hair seems messy too, she graps her pink headphones with those cat ears. "Katty, play Beneath the Mask on my headphones" she shouted in a low voice trying to call her own data sphere to play music as she stands besides the chair she was sitting in, she adjusts her long dress that reaches under the knees, and her blue shirt too. "maybe I should go to the school to know more information about this world..." she remembered what has the data sphere said in this video, but as she was about the take her tablet, she started to feel asleep, she remembered that her eyes are really tired because she didn't sleep well, so she thought of drinking cold coffee as she reached to the vending machine on the cafe's front building.
*Hunter Has shown up in his house that he has slept in the last night beforehand.* “What was that dream that I had had?” *Hunter Shakes his head and puts his hand to his head as well.” That sphere has said to create my own data verse? I have also gotten my own to if I am remembering correctly from my sleep.” Hunter thinks for a moment as he turns on the sphere. “My name is HunterDestuny2, I wish to create a dataverse to have fun in. My dataverse would have many things. It is a tower in big city that I lived in for many years, that it also got attacked as well and raided by Caball, who have tried to get into vault. Luckily the machine Tr3vr had protected it because he is friend to Tower people. So my world would be that and fun to explore with many people around and many games to play like a hot lava dont touch the floor game, and a ball game where a ball that is purple can spawn in and people can have fun with it.” Hunter would then press buttons on his Datasphere hoping it would work and turn his dataverse into reality. “Hopefully this is will work. I really hope it does...” *He theb remembers that he had heard from the sphere before he woke up that he can have animal ears and a smile came on his face underneath his mask that he has been wearing for days.” “For my animal ears I would like to have ears from my favorite animal. I love Penguins and would like penguin ears.” *He would then start to shake the spehere hoping that it has heard him say what type of animal ears he would like to have on his head.* “I do sure this will work I would like to visit the Tower soon...” *He would then wait for a response from his really cool data sphere* OOC: I really like this concep it is ver cool Idea :3 I hope it go somewhere!!! I never seen anything like this before on this site so I hope it continues!
After waking up in his futon in traditional japanes garb he would to think of very cool place to have in dataverse so he would take sphere into hands and try with all his brain power of many iq to decipher what it was if it was similar to his ghost or other mechanical being but he gives up because that seems very not nice and a bit disrespectful to the person of to create this beautiful machine of many and no colors. 'This is pretty crazy I think and I guess I would like to have a big library full of books to read and it would be very similar to the hall of warlocks in my own tower bulding and that would be cool I think. My name is Walog the Warlock and I want to learn all the secrets and hidden knowledge that could be hidden in the multiverse and I think that this dataverse would be an ideal place to find all hiden secrits.' Walog guesses that he should obey the rules and come up with cool animal ears but that would be difficult topic to discuss as there are many rare and exotique animals that would show any one who saw his epic datasphere would know how knowledgable walog was. "' I guess you should have really cool komodo dragon ears because that is super unique and cool., He would wait patiently for response and would read 'The Heart of Darkness' by joseph conradThis book is really hard to understand but I had to read it for school and it was really unique and intelligent! Walog dress up in his cool duster and is prepare to go into future space! I agree!!! This is a super cool idea and I would love to see it expanded on! I hope many more people can join in and enjoy this great and unique idea.
Titon wakes up and see datasphere. "yes" He calls out to data sphere. "give crayon to eat" Tutin punch datasphere to decide on animal ears of doplin. He is not very smart but he his decision was his own. Yes, very interesting idea. I agree with above posts
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kitty - katty
"alright~~~! Gonna play beneath the mask" the track 'beneath the mask started to play on katty' s headphones.
"here's your penguin ears~~!" the colorless sphere has both penguin ears "now decide me on a name and a color before we create your own world!" the colorless penguin ears sphere flies around HunterDedtiny2
??? - Walog
"alrighty-- here's dragon ears, I think I'm going to rage myself all out, rawr~~~!" the colorless sphere has dragon ears now "haha, I'm really bad at jokes~~" "anyway, decide a color and a name on me too!" the colorless dragon eyes sphere flies around Walog "and it is to complete your expanded library!"
??? - Titon
"w-w-wait, eat me???, but you can't eat me though, too bad!" the colorless sphere has dolphin ears now, but it is A little scared of titon so it decided to get far away. "be-before you eat me, decide me on a name and colors too!" the colorless dolphin ears sphere was shouting far away, even if tatlon would be fast to eat it, it'll flash away.
*Hunter would stare at the sphere as it would talk to him.* “Oh my goodness you can talk?? This has blown my mind, I thought that was part of dream. But I am so happy to soeak with you! And you have the penguin ears as well! I like it. Now for name and color. I would have to think...” *Hunter thinks as he scratches his top of his helmet as he would if his helmet was off. What would he name the sphere... at that moment he knew the most perefct of names to puck.” “I will give then name to you Tr3vr Tower! And i would like your color to be black but with a red eye in the middle glowing like a raging fire.” *Hew would then pat the sphere on top of his head I think we can become best friends you an I! I cannot wait to explore my world as well as the many others in the data verse! *Hunter would have had smiled at the penguin sphere with a warm smile like he had have given his friends back on the tower “Hopefullu I can visit my old friends at my old world through the dataverse...I mis them a lot. But I am glad to have had made friends with you Tr3vr Tower!!” OOC: I really hope you like my ideas for my world and sphere! :3 I can’t wait to start going through the data vesre!
Walog ponders this and of to does his very good to think of a very intelligent name for the sphere because of the many books of whiche he reads. "Very well I think I have a name, you will be named 'Phaethon Prime Rhadamanth Humodified (augment) Uncomposed, Indepconsciousness, Base Neuroformed, Silver-Gray Manorial Schola, Era 7043' but I might assume this is to be very complicated and hard to say so it will be 'PP Humor' for short.'"' on to The topic of color Walog has to think a bit harder because there are so many to chose from for a very well read and smart and high iq individual person such as to be himself. "Hmmm this is a very peculiar conundrom I think. What if I wanted yhou to be the color coquelicot which is a very nice color in my opinion I think." Walog folds his arms and is very much pleased with his final product of a very good color and very educated name such as Phaethon Prime Rhadamanth Humodified (augment) Uncomposed, Indepconsciousness, Base Neuroformed, Silver-Gray Manorial Schola, Era 7043. '"Welcome to the world of having a name Phaethon Prime Rhadamanth Humodified (augment) Uncomposed, Indepconsciousness, Base Neuroformed, Silver-Gray Manorial Schola, Era 7043, am I correct or am I right." I hope you find the name Phaethon Prime Rhadamanth Humodified (augment) Uncomposed, Indepconsciousness, Base Neuroformed, Silver-Gray Manorial Schola, Era 7043 to be suitable because it is my favorite character from The Golden Age.
"Your name shall be Binney" Titon would consider a color. they would choose theyre favorite cryola crayon color "I will choose favorite crayola crayon color, bleutiful" he was hunrgy but he decided to not eat sphere he instead took out box of crayons and begin eating them
Her song starts to play on her headphones, the jazzy beats made her calm down as she used some coins where she doesn't remember where she got from and injected into the vending machine, the cold coffee can fell into the order basket as she opened the lid to grap it with her right hand, she opened it up and went to the same table she woke up from and drank it, while drinking it she opened her tablet to surf the Internet, as it seems she can still access the Internet but she tried to look about every single profile at social media and tried to use her programming skills weather if they are bots or not, as it turns, they are all bots, every single profile, she didn't even bother checking the others too because she now knows that this is a hollow world if so. "then, I'll try to gather information" she finishes her coffee and closes the tablet while holding it, all she has to do is now one thing. "kitty, take me to governor high school" she shouted with a low voice, recalling that memory she had, waiting for its response first.
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kitty - katty
"NOW WAIT FOR ONE MOMENT HERE!" katty's sphere stopped Katty refusing her to warp her to the school. "you paid your cold coffee with 10 pts and now you have 5pts left!" the sphere with cat ears turned the two dots to red implying that it is angry.
Tr3vr- HunterDestuny2
*beep beep* "welcome Hunter Destuny 2, I'm Tr3vr and at you service!" the sphere has now a very dark color and a black sphere yet the dots are still blue. "unfortunately you can't turn my eyes into red cause you have to go to school and ask helper for more information or so!" then it continues "however your own world is now complete, you can now access through that world!" then it shows up the list of their/yourWORLD where it has three names on it Katty HunterDestuny2 Walog
PP Humor- Walog
"CAN NOT COMPUTE--- NAME IS MORE THAN 10 LETTERS" the voice became muffuled until Walog called it PP humor "Oh, will take PP humor then!" it tuned into a coquelicot letter "by the way! your own world is now complete, you can now access through that world!" then it shows up the list of their/yourWORLD where it has three names on it Katty HunterDestuny2 Walog
Binney - Titon
"alright~~y, my... Name will be.... Binney... wait is that some sort of fish food? but yay BINNEY--" still away and scared from Titon it turned into more crayon color "now... What will you do Titon...? Call my name for any commands, more commands information is at the school too y'know" Binney is flying around Titon suggesting to go to school for any information since it is confused it seems.
*Hunter sighs and thinks for a moment as he has now learned that he cannot turn his sphere’s, which name is now Tr3vr, eyes red.* I have to go to a school? I have gone to a school once before in my past life in the tower I lived on years ago. So for this school they will teach me how to use the data sohere more correctly? *Hunter would think more as a moment more and think. From the lost of places on the data sphere he has seen the school called Governor School. This put a smile on Hunters face as this was the school he has had to go to to lear how to make Tr3vr’s eye red.” *Tr3vr I would like to go to this school! I think it would be very impor For us to go to it! You said I can learn how to make your eyes red if I go there so I am wondering how many more I can learn from this school! And since it is in data verse I wonder how many other people I can meet there! Hopefully I can make more and new friends because I have lost a lot of mine on my home which was the tower that got destroyed...” *Hunter looks down sadly as he remembers all of his friends on the tower that was destroyed. A tear falls down his cheek under his helmet no one can see, as his helmet covers his face.* “I really hope it will be dun there! Maybe it will be like those japanese anime I have heard about where they hve many festivals! Lets’s go Tr3vr! To the Governor High School we go!” *Hunter would pat the data sphere named Tr3vr on the head as a sign he was is ready to go to the school.*
"well that's annoying, can't beileve they use points there" Katty shaked her head "Alright then, already send me to the school, please."
Walog has to contemplate the fact that he cannot use his super cool and very awesome name for his very cool and creative datasphere but honestly having it be PP Humor might clue in the intellectuals as to his very clevr intent. "'""Wow this is very unfortunate that I cannot find a way to resolve the error with the 10 character limit how freaking unfortunate if you would pardon my adult language. I suppose that in order for a cool individual such as myself to grow more in the ways of being very cool and smart and social I must go to a different world instead of the library that I designed for myself because I pretty freaking much know everything there is to know about the world I know and at this point there isn't much in terms of things for me to learn and to be frank I might be better at learning from other individuals and I suppose that the user names that are present there are indiciatve of other individuals and one of the mlookes pretty freaking cool. Wow, how can it be that one of my very cool friends from the tower named HunterDestuny2. Holy poop, this is really amazing. I want to join this man on his very cool journey take me to him PP Humor I really really want to see him again now that I recognize his name and honestly this would be a very good thing for me since he was always a good friend and not be scared when I had to face the impossible task of going through Tr3vr town because this was a very terrifying thing for me to deal with alone so I was very proud and grateful when my good friend hunterDestuny2 joined me and saved me from having to face the beast that lay within because it was really scary.' Walog attempts to push the very cool datasphere in the section that says HunterDestuny2 because that is his friend from a the old world he was being from.
"I will go to school" he would say this before deciding to go to the school as he beleived there might be crayons to be eaten there "Take me to school please, Binney. I want to learn!"
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kitty-Katty,Tr3vr - HunterDedtiny2, Binney-Titon
*beep beep* "alrighty, the portal is ready!" each of the spheres that everyone had opened a portal, all they had to do is to move forward to the portal, as they all went to the portal, they found themselves at the school's gate, a big fog is covering itthe surrounding, you can hear the birds voices and people noises, the fog started to fade a little to show the school, and the people in it. Here, the three saw each other, a little girl with cat headphones and a strawberry red hair, an armored guy and another armored guy with the red scarf.
PP humor - Walog
"Transporting now!" as the sphere opened the portal, warlog entered the portal and then to find himself he is in a big hall in which a big door behind him, half of the floor turned into lava as fast and then it came back, luckily Walog wasn't Standing on any of these spaces that turned into lava.
Walog jumps into air when he is to see of the lava which does in fact of course for sure remind him of his very cool tow er of which he was live in because he was of coures required by law to be there and althou gh hew as very use to of see his lava while jumpin he look for the beacon so he oculd get super cool speed when he jumps and runs really fast beacuse of the very cool thing that he did because of his really nifty skill of knowing where to go because of his highlight vision so important things could be seen from afar and ujp lcose of course too because of his very big brain which could see many things and process them at once. 'WOW THIS IS JUST LIKE HOME OF WALROCKS TITNS A AND HUMIDIFIERS BECAUSE WE ALL ARE OF SAME TYPE BUT RELLY DIFFERENT IF YOU TO TH OK THINK IT. where is my friend hunterdedtiny2 of who m is friend." Walog shake the dattosphere and ask pp humor. "Where is friends????"
"ah... This place....!" as Katty got teleported to the school, the buildings, the surroundings, the students are familiar to her, however the fog made her confused if this is that thing is 'that' school, when she realized that... Something is definitely fishy is going on... This 'dataverse' has more familiar places that she went to, and that could be because either those spheres took the data of her world or someone from her world created this world. "but... Why would they choose this school of all places...?" she whispered herself this, the girl remembers her memories from the world she came from, all of it, all of the moments she remembers too, "it doesn't matter... I need to know a way out..." As she turns around to look at everything else, she found 2 armored men standing behind her, she is kind of wanting to get alone without taller people around so she is annoyed. "are they... From another world too?" she asked herself this
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kitty-Katty,Tr3vr - HunterDedtiny2, Binney-Titon
"Silly, Silly, Yea! they are from another world, you see, we still need to determine where are they from, but they sure seem interesting!" Kitty's Happy face is pressing Katty's nose then it flies around katty too much. "but I see one of them not getting along...hm...??" Katty's data sphere sees HunterDedtiny2's sphere getting along with HunterDedtiny2, and Titon's... is still far away from him... "Yeah! they are going along!" Kitty said that despite the commotion between Titton and Binney.
PP Humor - Walog
"huhhh.... huhhhhh??? w-w-w-whwawt frieEeEndssz???" PP humor is confused with Walog's grammar, has his face is confused after the shake that Walog caused, he float back as he is angry at him. "Look, I don't know why friends, but seriously I don't get what are you saying AND PLEASE REPHRASE THAT!" the data sphere got frowned at Walog.
(edited by Data_sphere)
Hunter looks around aroun at the school that he has now appeared at, he knows that this is a school, but he has not seen a school like this before. It was very interesting to say the least. Hunter was ready to explore this new land school that he has come to. "Hmm, I wonder if I am having to enrol into the school to be able to attend its classes, I must learn many things about how to chanfge the color of Tr3vr's eyes to the color of red This is very important to me as it will remind me of my home at the tower. This will be a fun place to explore! But wowwie wow i sthis schoo big! Like big. Not as big as Tower home, buyt is big enough to please me! I like! I wonder what I do first?" Hunter would then have noticed the other people at the school with many spherical objects like his own. This would Have peaked his interest as this was the first time he has seen any one with another sphere Tr3vr.* "Wow! Other peple have Tr3vrs of their own? This is most impressive! I like! I wonder if they are students here at this school ? Maybe i should go and talk to them..." *Hunter would think a moment as he considered going to those othe rpeople. One who looked somewhat familliar and another that was a completley new person to them. Hunter would contimplate a lot on would he would have to do next. Talk to new people or chaneg Tr3vr eye color. Make a possible new friend to help move on from his past at the tower or change the color of Tr3vr's eye. Maybe thispeople could help him over come his trauma of his past. But he could also now find way to change color of Tr3vr's eye. This decision wayed heavily down on Hunter as he thought.* Hmm, Tr3vr I do not know what am I should be doing? Myabe I think longer. *hunter would sigh as memories of his past would flood into his mind. These were sad thoughts he had, many sad thoughts of his past and friends. More tear roll on his cheek under his helmet." "Tr3vr, I am thinking that I may not meet new people yet because I am nervous and shy" *Hunter blushes a bit from his shyness "Maybe I am going to find a teacher of Dataverse and teach me how to change your eye color. I think that would be the best as of now for me to do. If one of those people will have approach me I will not back down in talking to them and possible make new friend, but as of right now I cannot approach them. So let us find a Teacher my friend Tr3vr and change your eye color to the color of red!"
As Katty looks to the armoured person who has the kind of weird spelling and the bad grammar too. "do these people from other world speak the same language but with different vocabulary" she asked herself "yeah, Kingdom of aura is better than world of world craft..." she muttered for a moment and turned her face back, thinking how cirngy it sounds, she would anyway have that toxic behaviours like always when she plays video games. "the... Second floor, where the library is... Alright..." Katty headed there inside the school.
Walog is confused because of his very simple and easy to understand questions because wanting to know where are the friends of mine who are from here his friends and people he knows is very important him. "I suppose that it is to be considered difficult to understand my high level of eloquence. Let me speak in a simple manner that lesser creatures would of to find agreeable. I would like to know where my friends Hunterdedtiny2 and Titon are. It's a basic notion that even in a multiverse setting such as this it's impossible that I would see evidence of people who I know transcending the design of the worlds below them. You have a creator, as do all things that abide by simple rules of even a character limit, your existence is by no means as paracausal as mine and my friends. Is this more understandable to you? Or do I have to go even lower in terms of language to get an answer."
Titom is now at school. Being here he'd turn to Binney. "I need to find more explanations for this all or more crayon. Can you help me find one of these things?" Titon would pull out a box of crayons that he had been saving but would find it empty. He was sad about this as a result.
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