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Thoughts on the old Persona games.
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The old Persona games aren't talked about that much and i want to know your thoughts on Persona 1 , 2 Innocent Sin and 2 Eternal Punishment Thoughts on the old Persona games.
My knowledge is limited to watching playthroughs, but I think I know enough to give my two cents. -While still sticking to SMT roots in some aspects, it feels like they got to experiment a lot gameplay-wise and plot-wise here, especially with a modern setting (granted, mainline SMT has a modern setting too but this is less apocalyptic) -My boi Philemon actually exists -P2 is underrated -Character development, not tied to social links, gets a chance to shine always -Negotiation system is a bit weird, but we get *motorcycle noises* so it’s automatically amazing -I’m in at least one of the games so im happy
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The most annoying thing is that its hard to play these games. I know that Persona 1, 2 Innocent sin and 2 Eternal Punishment were ported over to the psp but the Eternal Punishment port is the only game that hasn't been localized. Even though Eternal Punishment was localized on the ps1, I still want to play it in English and I dont want to buy a copy of the game and a ps1 to play one game. I also find it weird that they localized half of Persona 2's storyline but not the other half.
People who've actually played them like them. I've played Persona 1 but only done a bit of 2 myself. Persona 1 is an intresting experience. Leans heavily into the more surrealist side of psychology and is in essence more of an smt game then what people would consider a Persona game. Makes sense considering that Persona 1 was made when Persona was considered by Atlus to almost purely be a spin-off. As for Persona 2, I've heard it has the best story in the series. The real issue with these games and why more people don't talk about or play them is mostly that they're pretty old and have a very complicated combat system compared to modern games. Persona 1 actually had sub categories for diffrent elements and a damage type for every weapon in the game.
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