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Favorite Dungeon (P4/P5)
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What's your fav Persona 4/5 dungeon? Mines Yukiko's castle and Kaneshiros palace
My favorite dungeon from Persona 5/Persona 5: The Royal would probably have to be Maruki's Labortory of Sorrow. I haven't played enough of Persona 4 to have a specific favorite yet but I'm working on it.
Ah yes, as the resident Persona 4 expert, either Heaven or Magatsu Inaba. Heaven mostly because of the music. Magatsu Inaba I just like because of the symbolism behind it.
if I had to choose I'd say the Hollow Forest. Though Marie as a whole was kinda forced, their dungeon does a decent job of providing an atmosphere of hopeless acceptance that reflects her character arc at that point.
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