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Recruiting for a Persona fangame!
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Hello! I'm MajorTom125 and I'm looking for programmers, UI designers, audio engineers, sound designers, and more for a Persona fangame! We've already got a skeleton team together and I'm looking to fill the slots our team is missing. If this sounds interesting you can reach me on Discord at Bill#7840 for more info!
i would love to voice act but i don't have discord and my mic isn't the best.
will it be some sort of space oddity
Mind throwing out more details? Engine it’s on, basic concept, what you’ve got so far, scope, et cetera? Just wanna get a handle on that first.
Just got a CCC account, so count me as ready for whenever you're ready for VAs.
That's so far removed from a Persona plot you may as well make it something you can actually profit from and make solely original persona designs while changing the name of every copied mechanic.
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