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(: Normal Academy Life :)
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{Like most normal people do, you close your eyes in bed and sleep soundly. If you aren't, that's too bad. Either way, whether you wake up by someone nagging you or an incessant alarm clock, the sun shines through your window to break the dawn of day...if you have a window at least.} {Nevertheless, as soon as the last minute is around the corner, you don't wake up to either of those things. When you open your eyes, you find yourself seated on a chair in the middle of the room, facing a desk. A spotlight gleams on you and the other person that you are facing towards.} ???: "So...what do I start with again? Ugh, maybe I should've let HIM stay a little while longer. He could have breezed through these interviews easily. Now I have to do it instead. Phooey!..." {The girlish voice says to herself in the dark. Your suspiciously dim office environment feels spacious, yet crowded despite no one else seemingly being near your chair. All that matters is your own self, and the girl that you are with in the silent room.} {Once she speaks again, a radio is turned on from above, and you get to hear the wonderous noises of an upbeat pop song that is slowed down, has reverb, and is veiled by static.} ???: "Erm...what shall I start with...oh, right! Hello, please state your purpose. What is your name, specialty, and why do you want to attend the..." {The nervous, echoing tone becomes slightly more evident as the girlish figure shuffles through some documents. Now the sound of shifting papers and a sudden ceiling fan appear in the office space. The girlish voice sighs in relief before turning her head upwards, facing you. As the only light source available was a spotlight, the girl's facial features were not present, leaving you only with her brightly colored purple hair styled in pigtails. On the ends of her hair were tassels that had hearts chained at the bottom.} ???: "The Valentris Halls Conservatory...yep, what a prestigious academy we are." {As soon as the name of the school is uttered from the girl, the spotlight is slightly brighter, though the only thing you are able to see now that the lighting improved was the carpeted floor and the velvet chair you're seated on. Otherwise, everything is the same, but all background noises had become completely mute.} {A feeling in the back of your mind starts to wash over your system, one that implores you to tell this person you can't see all you know about you. Yet all that was asked was your name, talents, and why you want to enroll. The feeling fades away as soon as you state these things, but whether or not you want to indulge in it is up to you.} Ooc: Note that this is merely done in regards to see who will be attending. When everyone available joins after a certain period, I'll post again to start the thread. After that post and onwards, joining time will be locked.
"Wasn't I back home...? Why am I here...?" [Kazuo thinks outloud, slightly confused and annoyed by his current situation. He was being asked something, correct? Then he should answer soon. After all, it's what he needs to do.] "My name is Kazuo Ya...ah, right, I meant to say, I'm Kazuo Takahara. I'm not sure about talents but... I suppose... I learn quickly and like... occult subjects, especially demons and myths. As to why I want to, it's because..." [He wasn't sure as to why he was interested in this... Conservatory? He had to make up some reason, at least. It's not like he didn't lie already.] "...because of the prestiege. Who wouldn't try for it, right?" [That reason was as good as any, he thought.]
Fushi was very confused. He slept in the woods last night. But this room didn't resemble the woods at all. He raises his nose to sniff his surroundings yet no foresty scent comes. Hi. He pauses to build a coherent answer in his mind. I am Fushi. What was a talent again? Fushi had trouble remembering that. He guessed at its meaning for the sake of pleasing the girl in the room. I like eating. I sometimes am a person or animal. I was a rock before. Fushi was as confused with the meaning of enroll. He wanted to answer but nothing came to him. He just stared.
Silence, at first that was my response. My head lowering as my thoughts gathered, a sigh left my lips,[/center "This feels like... A trap..." The thought stood in my head, distracting my mind for about a minute. [center]My eyes examine the area, so dark... Damnit... I can't see... An irritated growl comes and goes, as I begin to glare viciously towards the one who brought me here, then a jolt of fear shook my heart. As I had my briefcase near me when I drifted to sleep the night before. My... Tools were in it. This was bad. I felt like if I didn't play along, something bad would happen. So, I'll do some of the things I'm best at- lie and trick my way out of this. A simple start. A fake name, then, one of my talents, but none of my greatest. Finally, a false motivation
"Black... My name is Rose Black. I play piano, and I write books, ons of my greatest talents. While my ability to bond with animals, especially cats is extreme. As for why I wish to attend... I came here so that I could improve my future." I said simply.
Asami takes some time to adjust to her new environment, holding the side of her head in a lethargic manner as she subtly dispels any possible illusions in the room. "Ah, my name? It's..." Asami hesitates, appearing conflicted for a very brief moment. "Jill. Jill Turner." As a result of constant isolation from humanity, Asami's manerisms would make her guise as a foreigner more believable. "As for my talents, i'm a prodigy at firearms expertise. Of course, this doesn't extend to actual handling of firearms. However, my knowledge of the models themselves leaves nothing to be desired. The reason I want to join is see how well I can apply my knowledge." She smirks confidently while crossing her arms in triumph.
"Eh?! Where am I? Is this a dream? No, I'm in school... this is a nightmare!" Considering she was the one staring at the desk, there was definitely something off about the current situation. Despite the odd circumstances however, she saw no reason to avoid cooperating. "I-I'm Emi Sumeragi! Talents? I'm a history teacher at Kosei High School, so I guess that's one. As for why I'm here uh... I dunno! I seem a little old for this kind of setting, don't you think? I mean it's prestigious, so let's go with that! Fancy school and all!" With an enthusiastic nod-nod she tried to at least take a look at her surroundings. Considering there wasn't much to see, she simply slumped over on the desk and tapped the surface while she waited patiently for things to play out.
“Ow f$&k my head should’ve taken a Tylenol befo- can’t you not feel pain in a dream he starts mumbling incoherently Seems I’m in a school.. neat” “Hello? My name is Yuto Akari uhh I’m pretty ok at playing guitar and a hobby of mine is studying cryptozoology. My reason for attending is why the hell not?” He starts talking to himself “The hell is going on is this a dream might be a lucid dream but if that’s the case...”
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Mayuki Neko is confused to what's going on, she was sleeping on her own desk in which she was in a process to make a video game while is seeing and hearing this strange thing going. "am.. I going back to school again, crap, I haven't done with my homework... Or are the teachers going to punish me for never completing my homework in my dream" she seemed troubled, neko smuged on her face but for inside she knows she is done for, maybe she should answer it... "my name is Mayuki Neko, well, it is neko because I and my parents love cats, I'm a learning video game developer at an Unknown name called Katty, an anonymous Hacker who only hacks old websites to download old and forgotten games, and above all that, I'm just a normal student, in which if you are asking me for homework I... Uh.... Almost done with my homework, so no need to punish me" she continues "my purpose is... I dunno maybe develop a video game where everyone have fun with it??" she never knows what is her purpose yet "ah! Maybe it is to become a Hacker that can only look for upcoming games and leak them privately maybe" no.. She doesn't have any idea about her purpose yet... "also... Valentris Halls Conservatory??? What is that, is it part of our history subject??? Who names this anyway?" she asked, even though she said that, she was interested for whatever the heck is this.
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Ooc: In case you didn’t know, this was a dream sequence in order to scout who’s joining. Even so, the previous posts are all legible for attendance.
I see! Also I use bold for ooc, to clear any confusion as to why I'm using bold right now.
Akia would stare over at... Whoever the hell this is with a confused look on her face, why would she want... The merc just groans while answering these weirdo questions and staring with a blank expression. "I'm Akia Sato, I kill things with booze magic, and I'm a little old for attending school so uh... I wasn't planning on joining one in fact." As for her purpose, that first bit would be answered last in a casual bored manner. Clearly not really having ever given it much thought. "And my purpose isn't really important or anything, I just do what I want and try to have fun with life. Hell if I know why my dreams are asking me nonsense like this though..." She can only hope it's merely a dream, and not something far stranger and more dangerous. That would be annoying to say the least.
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Kazuo: "Ah, Kazuo "Takahara". I've heard many great things about you. Now that I get to see you in person, I'm convinced you'll fit in...probably. Well, while our school has more than just prestige, I won't spill all the details just yet! Go and see for yourself. Bye bye." {Though you couldn't see her face, you could almost tell of the sarcasm that came from her words. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school. An intuition flows through you.} Fushi: "Oh, cool. Well, some uneducated people need to be in the crowd at least. Don't worry, my primitive little neanderthal/student. It'll all be easier to understand once you come to school! Bye bye." {In order to do her best not to insult Fushi's intelligence, she instead focuses on their good behavior. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school.} Rose: "Oh, relax, you're just getting ready to attend for a good school. There's no need to worry! Though if you do, at least be more civil about your worries. Nevertheless, I hope you make it to tell the tale for the very bright future ahead of you...yeah, that's all I could come up with. Bye bye." {Instead of sounding like an authority, she almost sounds concerned for the tensed up girl. Almost. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school.} Sunna: {Instead of dispelling what were "illusions", you've dispelled almost everything that gave the room an atmosphere. Though you could not see it before, now you know everything is gone. The only thing left, is the chair you're seated in, and the desk you're seated across with the girl still there. No lights, no music, no air, no hope.} "Yes, I very much believe you and your very American name, Jill Turner. Hope you won't lie again lose your way mid-semester. It's better to see all the students in check, you know? I hope you do, because either way, you'll have a good time there. Bye." {In the dark, somehow you could only see the girl's purple eyes. They stared with a dull gaze. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school...with a basket of muffins. Say Apollo gave these to you or something.} Anghel: "No no, you don't have to stand up, I know how determined you are! If that much wasn't obvious at least... Well in any case, I really hope that goal of yours will be completed very soon. We'll be sure to help with it at this school. Don't worry. Bye bye." {Despite being slightly flustered by a person that's openly chuuni, her voice doesn't seem to show that much emotion behind her feelings. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school.}
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Quintus: "I can tell that you're a very smart boy. Yes, everything you've said was true. It's refreshing to see someone smart enough to play along as well. I really do hope you'll flourish in this school environment. Bye bye." {Though the environment was dark, you could feel the girl's smile and her eyes on you. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school.} Emi: "A teacher huh? So that's what she's been thinking about these past few days other than just him?...Don't worry Miss Emi, now that I know this, you've got a special role to play at this school. Take care. Bye now." {Her interest sparked, almost at a peak. You could see a glimpse of the atmosphere, and a clearer glimpse of the girl with pigtails speaking to you. She was younger than what most would think of for anyone managing in a school environment. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself in an unfamiliar place, yet still reminiscient of something. You were leaning against a wall next to a vending machine. The atmosphere was almost similar to the office were it not for the pretty pastel colors of everything in the room except for the vending machine. The only thing you have in your hands is a half-empty soda-can when you hear the door open slowly.} Yuto: "It's always nice to have druggies at our school. Someone has to be unique at least. Have fun. Bye." {Though she spoke few words to you, her voice read off like an ad-lib so it was unnaturally quick. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school if you still exist.} Katty: "Oh, my dead grandfather named the place. If it's really that much of a problem to you, miss, I'll change what my dead grandfather had come up with. Otherwise, please enjoy your stay. Bye." {Just for you, she mentions how her grandfather is dead. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school.} Akia: "Interesting powers. Hope those don't go anywhere near the students though. They need to be alive to learn how to succeed, you know! But like I always say, don't worry. Nobody is old enough to not be able to learn new things...in other words, good luck. Bye bye." {With you in particular, she acts like she cares for the students theoretically involved. The girl wouldn't make any motion as she spoke other than a slight tilt to the head, the sound of a jingling keychain piercing the silence of the atmosphere. After a few seconds of her farewell, a sound similar to a gaval hitting a ballot.} {You wake up to see yourself at the school.}
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Everyone except Emi: {All of you would already arrive at the school with no warning. In fact, you were all placed in another environment completely different from the one you were in previously. Unlike the dark atmosphere of the previous room with a girl questioning you by your lonesome, you all were placed in the same quad. This quad was a bit loud, as any place for social gathering is. All the students around you were talking to each other and only to each other. They all wore monochrome uniforms that clash with the vibe, yet none of them seemed to care. You all were seperated but at least in the same vicinity of the conservatory that looked to be more of a college than a traditional school.} {Each miniature building that circled around this quad were unnaturally colored a faded pastel, and resembled a largescale fence more than it did a building. The grass that was The only natural thing coming from the environment was the sun that shined down upon everyone. Yet even so, the faces of the students would never be revealed to you. Off to the sides of the quad would be a table that doesn't have anyone sitting next to it. Brochures and newspapers were scattered across the surface. Sitting next to it would be a map that told you about the exit, which was right in front of you.} Emi: ???: "Gee, I hope he'll be okay without me there. Then again, I don't actually have a class...he's probably asleep...yeaahhh..." {As the door opened, a woman with dirty blonde hair appeared. The lady wore a blue and white argyle sweater with a dark blue skirt and yellow heels. She walked into the room with a pack of cup ramen, not noticing your presence at the moment as she made her way towards the sink. After filling her cup with water, the lady opens the microwave to insert her ramen. She taps on a few buttons that make a beeping noise before staring right at the microwave to entertain herself instead of using the phone in her pocket, which was ringing.} For the Bonus Unwritten Student, you know who you are: (I'm sorry if I'm being annoying Haz pls) {You wake up in a classroom sitting in a desk with no one else around you. The sun shined through the windows. Your desk felt more like a personal couch, and your legs were fast asleep. Birds chirped outside as you had the clearest way to view the quadrilateral patio from above, if you chose to look out the windows. There was a phone that was probably yours on the desk you were sleeping on playing a random children's video that they playlist automatically sent you to. Off to the side opposite of the windows were two doors obviously meant for entering and leaving the classroom. The whiteboard at the end of the room farthest from you said the following:} "Please don't mess anything up!"
[Kazuo had to close his eyes and shake his head in order to fully take in what just had happened. Intuition? And furthermore, why did this person know about him? He always figured he was rather obscure, compared to... all the others who didn't seem to care who saw them do their shenanigans.] "Is this that place they mentioned...? This is a weird dream..." [He asked himself if this could possibly be the work of a demon. Without much else to do, he decides it would be better to ignore most students for now, unless spoken to. This figured out, Kazuo would approach the table and would go ahead to check the newspaper and brochures.] "I could try to leave right away, but... I'm all curious now."
As the woman walked in, she perked right up, hoping that they'd tell her where she is or what she's doing here, but instead she's met with total indifference. She patiently waited for the woman to finish cooking her ramen before clearing her throat. "Ah, excuse me! Sorry for bothering you but where am I?" Her fingers idly tapped on the desk, trying to get a sense for her surroundings. A teacher's lounge maybe? It's certainly unusual for a school room to have a microwave otherwise. She also couldn't help but notice the blonde woman's unusually colored clothing, but she seemed charmed by the odd fashion sense.
Asami's brilliant light would once again wash away all deceptive imagery. Once that's through with, she would survey the area around her, her eyes lighting up upon spotting Kazuo. She would casually approach him from behind, pouncing on him and wrapping her arms around his lower torso, loosely gripping the handle of the basket of muffins in her right hand by his waist. "Hi, Kazzie!"
He was here. Whether he wanted to be or not this is where he was now. Quintus would immediately survey the area. Nobody he recognized, at least not anyone worth mentioning. There was a certain brown haired kid that shared some resemblance with someone he knew but looks weren't always enough to make a judgment based on. In other words he couldn't rely on anyone here. He'd mumble to himself quickly so no one else could hear. "Hopefully that girl wasn't being sarcastic. It'd be a mistake to underestimate me." After that he wouldn't particular care who was listening. "Born, born again. Once again I end up in a new place with no idea why. Almost seems common cutesy at this point. Wonder if the hobby shop is going to start selling kidnapping kits." Quintus would be immediately drawn in by any clues he could find[. In this case the newspaper though he'd avoid the familiar one. It'd be too much of a hassle to get involved.
“Oho, so the true journey begins...“ Anghel approaches the map and table then takes a brochure. He must know this kingdom’s boasts! He starts reading it, but halfway through stops and grips his chest. “Oh, how could I not forsee this? My crimson breast’s beating has blinded me to the path I must take! Where, then, is the sage that knows all?” He looks at the map for a place he could ask about his school schedule.
Fushi yawns and looks around. What the girl said earlier confused him. Yet that wouldn't be enough to damper his spirits now that he was near familiar sights. Birds ...? Fushi brushes his hands through the grass as he tries to spot a few birds around. However, he gets bored quickly switching to general observations of the area. He quickly spots two that are familiar to him and approaches them. Food and sun. He states approaching Kazuo and Asami. That is how he rememberss them.
Neko wakes up making weird sounds that help her wake up... Something like "nnnnNNNNNNNNAAAAAH..!" a weird strong sound she made just like that helped her to wake up after stretching out her body violently. "what a strange dream... Is it all because I haven't done my homework and worked around my game instead?" she looked up, what is she seeing right now is blurry, but as soon as she woke up and fixed her vision, she noticed that she is in... A SCHOOL?? wait, hold up... First she had that weird dream for some strange girl asking who she is and then mentions her dead grandpa in which they mentioned that this is the one who named this school and blah blah blah, and then saying enjoying my stay... Well, she remembered her dream at least... What an aspiring way to write a new story for her game---wait this isn't it. Now she is in a school... "well... That sums up everything??" nope... The girl is still confused. As she looked next to her is a map, she picked it up and looked through it. "Hmmm... It says the exit is right there...?" she looked through the map... Then she looked around the the front of her in which this is what the map said... "well... That's easier than I thought..." she heads there to what the map said anyways, only thinking she is at risk if she does it but she does anyway.
Light breaks through the darkness keeping me at peace, a light growl left me as I sat up. That dark room would be much more... Preferable. Noticing my uniform, I simply shrug. Black would've been better... Least it's not pink. I stand up and examine my surroundings, then start making sure I have access to my stuff still. The noise was annoying... I pull earplugs from my pockets and slide them into my slightly pointy ears, then look around. An obvious target for examination would be the table with brochures and map. But I suspect they're all fake, pulling out my own paper, I would make my own map. Deception. Trickery. And if necessary, execution. These were my top skills. Plus my ability to get around, especially in darkness, which is why I'm such a deadly assassin. I wield all that I can to eliminate my target. Precise with a gun, and with a dagger. First things first though... Get away from people, I grip a grappling hook and aim for any trim on the building I could find, then fire if I find one that gives me access to a place I can stand, or at least kneel down. I would get to the bottom of this!
Akia... Doesn't have any idea what's going on. Is that some fool with a grappling hook? Hmm, that brown-haired young man... Right she spoke to him once briefly, not enough to rely on him in a place like this though. Ugh, nobody else she can count on besides herself really, so that's fine. The woman would just open up a magically created bottle of whiskey and take a few swigs without even thinking. She's a bit curious about that weirdo who's trying to get into buildings with some kind of fucken batman gadget, but that's more of a casual observing for now rather than anything being done actively. Ah, and some girl testing the exit too! How kind of that one, Akia wasn't about to go and try someing like that herself. So instead she merely watches that and the grappler absently while sipping her drink with a smile.
A chill runs up my spine, I was being watched... My eyes lock onto Akia. My response for now would be simple- don't show my skills. I aimed for the trim and fired, making sure my aim was lower. Making it seem as if I were merely an amateur. Deception, it's a skill you learn to use, it can either save your life- or end it. I tend to know how to use it, but if I mess up- my other skill deals with that. I'll keep playing amateur. And if someone finds me out, well... They will likely die soon. A trained killer VS... Whatever I'll go against here, I don't imagine there will be other assassins wandering this school. But if the teacher has a big smiley face head or is a black and white teddies bear, I'm gonna use those Assassin skills deep down in me. For now though, my mission is slipping into the background. "Man! I won't ever be any good at this..." I whined. My voice spoke to truly being annoyed. Glad that this trick should hopefully work.
A young figure's eyes snapped open, and they shot upward from the desk they slept at. They shook their head, trying to wake themselves up a bit. Glancing downwards, they saw a cellphone on the desk. Curious, they took the phone in hand and minimized whatever video was playing. They opened their contact page, and scrolled up and down idly. After a moment, they stopped on one specific name. "Alliester, yes." Alliester, a thin young man with a head of white hair tied back into a semi-long ponytail. He had a blue streak in his hair, a sentimental reminder of something or other. The boy glanced upwards, his sense of self reaffirmed. His glance let him catch sight of something, or perhaps someone... scaling the building? That observation was enough to clue Alliester into the fact he was in a school building, and before long his memories began to return. Yes, he had been here for a little while, enough time to get decently acclimated, anyway. "What in the world?" Alliester stepped towards the large window, staring downwards and laying eyes on a group gathered below, conversing with each other. He smiled faintly as he stared downwards for a moment, before turning his attention upwards to spy a certain someone climbing higher and higher with a rappel of some kind. Alliester's curiosity spiked, and whether the figure saw him as well or not, he'd dash out of the room, hoping to make his way to the next floor and catch up with this climber.
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Rose: {You've successfully used the grappling hook that came from who knows where to latch onto the building. Though it felt short, your express from the ground to the rooftop of one of the buildings felt like a slog. As you make it to the top, you hear a voice behind you.} ???: "...nevermind." {A faceless male student said from behind with a mop and a bucket. He was right next to the open door before he saw you. Then he closed it. Afterwards, the door locked. Every student looked at you for a quick second, and silence filled the quad before it went back to normal. Oddly enough, there were no fences around the rooftops despite said rooftops being very high quality.} {Due to your current actions you've taken, all of your classmates felt something in their hearts, as if they were trying to communicate with them. As a result, all of your classmates felt this, except for you.} (Trust Meter: Everyone vs. Rose. -1. Trust is raised or lowered depending on your actions. You are on a route of DISTRUST.) Katty: {As Katty went through the exit, she was greeted with students with cleaning supplies in their hands. They conversed with each other as they walked through the hallway, effectively creating roadblock of human traffic that required an intense amount of walking past people to get through another door. Other than that, the atmosphere seemed to be similar to a connecting hallway, with basic pastel colors and fancy carpeting that made this specific environment more similar to a place in a house rather than that of a school. At the same time, a blue haired girl wearing a painter's smock runs right past you, making sure not to hit you on the way in.} Asami: {Due to your obsession with trying to dispell illusions, only one thing is clear now that you've done this. Every faceless student that was previously on the pateo has been reduced by a significant amount. Only two were left, a boy and a girl, both faceless and sitting on a bench together, staring off into nothing.} {However when not counting generics, the ones that were left of the crowd of students were a boy with side-shaved hair and a boy with glasses talking to each other. There was also a yellow haired girl with a ponytail and a girl with purple hair talking to each other. When the quad became more silent than it was before, they all looked around.} Boy with Side-Shaved Hair: "Is it me, or did this place just get quieter?" {As he asked the question, the boy with glasses shrugged indifferently. He mumbled uttered something to him, and the boy with side-shaved hair nodded as they both waved to each other, going in different directions. The boy with glasses headed towards the table with the papers scattered over it while the boy with side-shaved hair made his way towards the exit Katty went through.} Akia: Girl with Yellow Ponytail: "Wow, I didn't know alcohol was allowed on school grounds. Nice job, Miss. Though I don't think anyone cares about school policies anymore. But why are you here? To chaperone or something?" Girl with Purple Hair: "Ah, a transfer student perhaps? Though, maybe they're a new teacher since they look like an adult...Whichever's the case, it's nice to meet you miss! I hope you like the school thus far!" {The two girls try to strike conversation with you, the first one smiling as the second one giggles to herself. The girl with the yellow ponytail has a casual air around her while the girl with purple hair carries herself with grace. You can't tell why yet, but these two girls feel familiar to you. As the purple haired girl laughs, the image of a plane crashing into a mall building fills your mind.}
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Everyone else at the table: {As Anghel ventured through the brochure, he would be met with information about the wonderful facilities utilized, such as a greenhouse and a dining hall. He also noticed that on the back of the page would tell of the schedules the students go through. Most of it was that of a traditional high school schedule, however, he would also notice that the schedule stretches for longer than expected. This was because every student would have a dorm room to themselves, which they had to live in since going back home was currently not an option.} {As Quintus surveryed the newspaper, he would be met with academic achievements of students in the school. Most of which are faceless students wearing glasses that make these achievements possible. The achievements in the sports department are no slouch either, and the article tells you vividly about the one who made it possible. Another faceless student. Other than that, there are advertisements of things such as greek life and school clubs.} {As Kazuo surveyed his own newspaper, he would be met with one that wasn't owned by the Valentris Halls Conservatory at all. This was one of what was presumably the outside world. Yet all of the things there could only be described as an unidentifiable blur, as most of the words were smudged, and the picture was extremely out of focus. The only thing visible on this newspaper was a headline and the cartoon comic on the back.} ???: "OH GOD, I FORGOT I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MANAGING THAT!!!" {A blue haired girl wearing a painter's smock excalaimed to no one in particular, rushing to get to the empty chair where the table is. She seated herself with haste, trying to calm herself and breath slowly. She looks at everyone at the table with a smile.} Girl in Painter's Attire: "I'm so sorry, I was just leaving my art class! Erm, are you all doing well this afternoon? What can I help you with?" {The boy with glasses made his way behind everyone else, standing next to the table to talk with his other friend. He silently noted the two girls that are trying to talk to Kazuo before glancing at Quintus who was by his lonesome. Instead of mulling on the fact, he decided to talk casually with the girl.} Boy With Glasses: "You can relax Sonomi-Chan, I made sure the table wasn't that busy before you came. " Sonomi: "Thanks, Asena-Kun! But I still felt a bit bad for leaving it around with no one to help. Especially since there's so many people here now! What if they came sooner? Then I would be slacking with the task the vice-principal gave me..." {As Asena said the girl's name out loud, Fushi and Asami both saw a glimpse of the girl for a quick second. A form of her that's matured a bit, or at least looks drastically different to how she is now. Kazuo on the other hand, could see it for more than a second, therefore he was able to make a clear picture of how she looked. That of a girl with messy, long hair, a cold smile that doesn't reach her dead eyes, and an oversized jacket. If he wasn't being a dense ass bitch for the moment, he would be able to connect the dots easier than everyone else.}
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Emi: {As Emi patiently waited for the lady, she noticed her phone ringing mid-microwaving session. She picks it up, not caring to try and quiet down the ringtone of a teenage pop song as she thinks she's alone. The other voice on the line is eerily similar to the girl that Emi had talked to earlier.} Lady with Unusual Fashion: "Hello? Oh, don't worry about it, I was on my way to talk with my co-worker. Yeah, I think I'll do it...right now actually. Call me back if you need anything else." {When she turns around, she finally noticed Emi's presence. Now that Emi could see her face, she could see that the lady had on red glasses and a red headband. As she immediately feels embarassed for having to end the call early and be put on the spot in front of her own coworker, she bows her head to Emi.} Lady with Unusual Fashion: "Oh wow, I didn't actually expect you to come this early! My name is Eiko Magarabi, and you're in the teacher's lounge! There's a sign saying so near the door. So, what's your name? I'm looking forward to working with you!" Alliester: {As your teacher's class was close to the high point of the school, it would not take long before you would make your way to the rooftop that Rose is currently located. However, just as the first route the faceless boy went to the roof, so was yours. A door was located right next to you that had a lodged key in the keyhole. Perhaps it's the same one used to open the roof?}
Anghel stuffs the brochure into his pocket and smiles. His panic is gone now that he knows what the day will be like. “Do not worry, I had no trouble overcoming any challenges this assortment of information may have presented. You must be students as well. I have joined this place very recently. I am Anghel Higure, the fallen angel of Judecca.” He poses with one hand covering his eye as he greets everyone at the table. “I look forward to my time here, ohoho...”
[He didn't know in what way he could use the information he just got, but he felt as if it was at least important to make a mental note of it, that things are being... fairly weird, right about now. He was about to check the headline and cartoon, until he feels someone hugging him from behind, small with an annoying voice.] "...Asami, glad to know you're here too." [He would force the girl out of this hug and turn around, only to be met with Fushi of all people, calling him "Food". The young man would sigh and take a deep breath.] "Kazuo, my name is Kazuo. Ka-zu-o, Fushi, it's easy to say." [It was easy to tell now the important people were all supposed to have a face, including the gloomy-looking guy right next to him, also checking the newspaper. It was clear already, they were all probably here by the same means, but he wouldn't know unless he asked.] "Hey, you. This may sound weird, but did you get interviewed out of nowhere just a bit ago?" [He quickly directs his attention to Quintus with this question, and was about to ask more, that was, until this girl suddenly appeared too. It was like people loved interrupting stuff. He was going to try and ignore her as most faceless people until he got his answer from the... teen? Adult? He couldn't quite tell... but she changed. This "Sonomi" became a woman that was sadly all too familiar to him.] "SANA, YOU TOO!? Ugh! Give me a...!" [At this point, he kept glaring at Sonomi, only to find it she was looking like she was supposed to. He clears his throat and tries to keep his gaze elsewhere.] "...break. Uh, sorry, I think I confused you with someone else."
"Nice to meet you Magarabi-san! I'm Emi Sumeragi. Erm... what exactly are we gonna be working together on? I teach somewhere else, so this is a bit confusing to me." She stood up from the desk and bowed to her new coworker, offering her a wide and friendly smile. "I'm sure things will become much clearer as we continue. I'd hate to be nosy, but you seem busy. Is there anything I can help you with?"
Quintus would mostly ignore the random dialogue from the students. He was listening, it just didn't seem too important to get involved with them. Of course, what he wouldn't ignore was the one asking him something of direct interest. "Obviously, I don't look like a normal student here, do I? What would be worthwhile would be asking why we're here or for what reason. Of course, answers like that won't come cheap. I'd suggest just playing along for now. When necessary that is. No telling whether this place has some ridiculous rules or something. That girl in the interview didn't exactly provide much information." Of course, the guy talking to him had a look that agitated him but if they were really stuck here it was better to not immediately start any confrontation.
With Neko being on the hallway now, she is still dreaming, right? She hit both of her cheeks and darn that hurts, but even when she felt pain just now, this is may be a dream that she hits the cheeks to feel pain just now, for now she'll assume that this is just a half dream, but this place is really filled with people that she might get a little awkward since people are around, but for now she'll just walk and look around with the crowd, she is still acting cool, and so she takes a breath, "alright then... This is harder than I thought" with the cool face she made... She is still nervous. With the blue haired girl on her way, she opened her path to make her walk, she seems to be an artist so so doesn't want her to waste any time because she seems to be artistic. "go ahead" she moved aside for her, but when she said, she said that with a cold voice that might scare her, her cool face turned to a toxic face like how toxic people complain to people, yet she kindly opened a path for her to go. With that said, it seems it never occurred to her asking about this place first, she totally forgot about that.
Alliester thought to himself for a moment as he gripped the doorknob. In all likelihood, anyone scaling the building like that could be dangerous. For what reason was he pursuing them? Something in the back of his mind told him it was important, no, mandatory that he uncover this secret. His head hurt. The young man shook it off, and would attempt to open the door without the key, resorting to using it if necessary. If at all possible, he'd also palm the key for later use, he could always return it later and it was better to have a "backup plan" in a situation like this one.
*Silently points at my response to Akia where I specifically say that I aimed a little lower than needed to appear like an amateur so as to not make Akia suspicious, in other words I would still be on the ground*
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Ka-zu-o ... Fushi juggles the syllables on his tongue. He repeats the name a few more times until it feels comfortable to say. Kazuo! He smiles upon being able to say it all in one go. Now that one challenge is overcome he is drawn to something else. His location. Where are we? He spots all the students. Is this the creepy building place again?
Asami releases Kazuo and stares at Fushi, confused. "Ah, is this one of your friends, Kazzie?" She then faces him and smiles, bending forward slightly. "Hello, Fushi, my name's Asami! I'm, uh... also one of Kazuo's friends." She would then move towards Quintus, looking up at him inquisitively. "And, what's your name, mister?" She would then trail off, curling up and uncurling her right hand a few times. "It just occured to me, I don't have my staff with me. Anybody have a spare weapon I can use, just in case?"
Akia would look over at the pair with a curious look on her face, wonder why they're coming up to her... Ah well, rules are whatever anyways. They'll have to pry her booze from cold dead hands if anyone here wants it to be gone. "I haven't got any clue why I'm here, honestly. As for how I got it in, magic. Making booze is my Epithe- you probably don't what an Epithet is do you?" The young woman would just sigh a bit, explaining such a basic concept is such a drag. If she's gonna end up doing that might as well let em sit down and have a drink. Grappling hook girl is either an idiot, or trying to throw her off. Maybe both, but she'd at least appear to not be paying that one much attention. She is, but merely from the corner of her eye while speaking with a cheery voice. "Well if I'm gonna do exposition might as well offer ya a drink, I don't care much about your ages or anything so whatever. Name's Akia Sato by the way, nice meeting ya!"
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Rose: {Due to the possession of the grappling hook, all hidden security cameras pointed at you.} {You were still on ground level. Your actions still made you more suspicious than Akia, who brought non-registered alcohol on the school campus. Perhaps that was what you were aiming for?} (Trust Meter: Everyone Vs. Rose. -1. You are still on a route of DISTRUST.) Katty: {The girl was still long gone when you opened a path for her. Nevertheless, she'd remember to thank you for being kind, even if it was at an extremely delayed time. As for the exit you are at, the students still roam the halls, unintentionally blocking the door in front of you. The connecting hallway continues to bustle with faceless students, holding cleaning supplies in their hands and talking to themselves. And as always, only with themselves. From behind you, a boy with glasses walks past where you were standing, somehow navigating his way through the faceless students easily and going through the door.} Akia: Girl with Purple Hair: "Ah, my name is Chisaki Dorichi! I for one think your magic is a fascinating concept, we have a seer of our own here at the school! I usually go to them when I want good luck for some of the tests my teachers give!" Girl with Yellow Ponytail: "And my name is Katsuka Daida. I'm friends with Chisaki-Chan here, she usually hangs by the greenhouse most of the time. If you want, you can tell us about that Epithet stuff some other time." {They laughed with each other, almost closing their eyes until they remembered something. The two of them stopped laughing, glancing around the area they were in. As Akia heard their names, she was reminded of the time when she had to go to an airport because she was paid by Homura. Chisaki who was in a school uniform had their whole look change along with Katsuka for a slight second. Chisaki was more mature and had on a gardener's outfit, while Katsuka was also older and wearing a pilot outfit.} Katsuka: "By the by, you wouldn't happen to notice that security camera, right? There are a bunch of those around here. All of them here are currently focusing on that girl with the grappling hook, so I'd suggest you put away the alcohol for now so you won't get focused on." Chisaki: "I'd agree. It'd be a shame if the principal found out so soon when we just met..." {Katsuka's tone became a bit more serious, while Chisaki's became somber glancing downwards with worry.}
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Everyone else at the table: Asena: "Seriously, asking for a weapon out loud? I thought this was a school." {The boy with glasses raised an eyebrow at the little girl who decides to ask if people have a spare weapon lying around out of the blue. While she was also the cause of all other faceless students disappearing, it still felt a bit weird to Asena. Sonomi however, did not seem to notice that inquiry, instead finding herself laughing lightly at her and Kazuo.} Sonomi: "I see you and Asami are friendly with each other, Kazuo! As for the name, don't worry about it. It's fine, really! Sana is a really common name, right? In fact, my parents used to call me that as a little nickname back then. How is the Sana that you know of, Kazuo-Kun?...or should I say, Kazuo-Senpai? Uhm, please forgive me, I haven't been up to date with my upperclassmen as much as I should be!" {Sonomi got up from her chair, bowing her head to Kazuo in hopes of forgiveness. At the same time, she noticed how Fushi was having trouble getting used to the atmosphere. She walked over to them, taking out a moderately sized folded sheet of construction paper. Once Fushi opened it up, he would be provided with simple and direct information about all the locations present at the conservatory. Most notably, the gymnasium which was in the northeast of the quad and the library which was northwest. The dormitories and the dining hall were close to the school library, while the green house was located a ways behind the quad to the west. Finally, there would be a swimming pool to the southeast, and a theatre directly down south, with a shop being next to it. A building labelled ??? would be drawn on the edge of the map southwest, almost near the greenhouse but not quite.} Sonomi: "Fushi, right? Here, the vice-principal gave me this in case somebody was a little confused about the Conservatory. It tells you all about the place, a bit moreso than the brochures but in a less complex way. I hope you can find a use for it!" {As Sonomi was giving Fushi the map, Asena decided to walk over to where Quintus was, evidently hearing his conversation with Kazuo. He glanced around him before he lowered his voice to a whisper, lowering his head slightly as he started to talk with Quintus.} Asena: "Just so you know, you're on the right track. The security cameras tend to catch everything, and soon the principal is about to have a meeting with all the transfer students. In other words, everyone here. If I were you, I'd be on your guard." {The boy sighed, closing his eyes for a quick second, as if he was thinking about. He shook his head before turning to Sonomi.} Asena: "By the way Sonomi-Chan, I'm going to the restroom. See you in a bit." Sonomi: "Ok Asena-Kun, see you later!" {Asena leaves the table, going to the exit that Katty first went to. If he were to be followed by someone, they'd only see Katty in the doorway of the exit as well as the traffic of faceless students with cleaning supplies.}
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Emi: {The lady nods with approval at her co-worker's positive attitude. Though the microwave finished beeping a long time ago, Eiko didn't realize that the ramen was cooling down inside. She fetched her cup ramen and closed the microwave, setting it down on the table as she went to the vending machine. Eiko inserts a dollar, picking the option of a cold canned beer.} Eiko: "Funnily enough, you'd be correct on any other normal day! But in actuality, I don't have a class this period, even though a student-assistant was assigned to be in my class. At first I didn't know why, but now I think it was because I have to show my co-worker the ropes! Besides, it's pretty boring without anyone else to talk to, so I'm fine with this." {Once she heard the beer drop, Eiko went to pick it up. Afterwards, she opened the door, grabbing her ramen afterwards so as to not spill anything. She looked over at Emi with her two cups, only one of them being opened.} Eiko: "The class that you'll be assigned to is the one full of the transfer students! It's in my classroom, so I'll get to be there to survey how they perform along with my student assistant. Would you like me to show you where my class is located to get a better idea, Emi-San?" Alliester: {You pocketed the key and headed for the door to the rooftop. But when you get there, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. There was nobody up on top, and the doors weren't even locked like you had first suspected. Gee, I wonder why. In anycase, if you'd look down to where you first saw all the students at the quad, you'd notice that there's a lot less of them there than you previously had seen. Unlike last time, only two faceless students were present. On a bench. Presumably staring at nothing. Yet when you looked at them, you still felt their non-existent eyes judging your presence. Otherwise, the patio was full of students with faces and colors.}
"Ugh... what the hell is going on...!" [Kazuo was very quickly becoming irritated by the mess he got himself in. Even so, it would be best to focus on Sonomi, for what it was worth.] "You can call me whatever you please, I don't really mind it either way." [He had to wonder how dangerous things were here. He could try to use his Imaginary Numbers, but in case the people around him were all dangerous, he had to have some kind of ace prepared. His best weapon against strong opponents was his quick thinking and tricking. That said, he would continue.] "The Sana I know is a stalker. I'm not too sure what her deal is but... she is somewhat of a bully to others, and it just so happened I bit back once. So... now she keeps chasing me around and appearing when I least expect it. If you ask me, it's like a psychopath had a crush on me." [Sana was a massive creep to him... even if she was easy on the eyes. It wasn't like he could easily sit down and have a conversation with her. She was too abrasive.] "Anyways, where... do we go now? I mean, I would rather just get out but..." [Something inside him felt like merely walking out the front door was impossible to do.]
Anghel’s done here at the table. The sound of the grappling hook missing gets his attention, and so the person who fired it shall be his next objective. The mangaka searches the crowd until he finds the person who everyone’s eyes are on. “Curiouser and curiouser this place becomes. Is there an angel in the midst of us, or a demon from Hell?” He clears his throat and boldly approaches Rose. “Ho there! What manner of arts are you performing? Are you a follower of the Midnight Rose, or merely an archer under Sagittarius’s stars?”
"There we have it. Answers are going to come whether we want them or not. This place sure has some weird expectations though. Throwing a bunch of people into a weird scenario like this and expecting them to act reasonable. If only people could stay that calm." He'd mostly just be ranting to himself, knowing others were more likely to do their own thing then to listen. Of course, being asked for his name felt awkward. Yet someone younger seeming asking him something seemed to trigger a soft spot in his disposition. "Quintus is the name I was given. Not that names are the most important thing to us right now."
Katty is still clueless for what she will do until she sneezed, her only assumption is someone is maybe talking crap about her or it is just she couldn't have a good night sleep at all. She had to look around her to if anyone are stalking her, until she saw a glasses boy who is behind her, going through that door without any problems. "bingo!" as she saw how did the glasses boy going through the door without being bothered by the coward, Neko followed through him, she was able to go to the same door without any problems. Now the only hope she has is that nothing bad is going to happen... Right?
Alliester clutched his forehead. A hallucination? No, no that can't be right. SOMETHING was moving up here, right? The young man closed his eyes, contemplating for a moment before noticing the faceless pair staring at him. Well, staring was a difficult term to apply, but either way he felt uncomfortable. "Ah, seems I've made a bit of a blunder. Err, have I? Perhaps I should make myself scarce, lest I get mistaken for some sort of madman." Alliester kept the key, but returned downstairs to try and get himself lost in what he could only assume to be the crowd from down below having moved inside. He muttered to himself as he walked, a conversation only he was privy to.
Fushi wonders. Is that what these people are to him? Friends? His mother taught him about friendship, but she said it would make him feel warm inside. He wasn't sure if he felt anything right now. Asami and Quintus. He tries out their names too. Preserving it somewhere in his memory. Maybe he would link with them too. So is this place bad? He couldn't tell from smell and sight alone.
Emi clapped her hands together and hopped with joy, giggling like a schoolgirl. "I'd love for you to show me! I'm sure your facilities here are wonderful! But... just one small problem. I don't work here. I'm a teacher at Kosei High School in Shibuya not... this place. I can help out in whatever way you need me to, but as far as I know I wasn't transferred!" Despite her lack of knowledge on her surroundings and even the Eiko herself, Emi trusted her new companion enough to stay close to them, hoping Eiko would be her ticket out of this situation.
Asami nods, soaking in every detail learned. "I'm assuming that this situation is the work of an enemy stand. I'd advise we be on our guard, as well. No telling what this 'prinicipal' has in store for us." With a steeled resolve, she would follow Kazuo closely regardless of what happens, keeping a close eye on any entities in his surroundings.
Akia would sigh and cause the booze to vanish, how annoying. It would be a pain to have to try and beat some weirdo principal senseless. Probably an occult weirdo in their own right too, so she won't risk needlessly making enemies before more info is gained. And if it's just a mundie after all... That's a fight she'll pick. "Gotcha gotcha, sure sure I don't see any issue with that! And nice meeting you two, Chisaki and Katsuka. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. And yeah probably best to talk about that later, it's more fun with less pesky supervision anyways~" The 'drunk' doesn't even let a hint of what she's recalling show while smiling at them and speaking in a cheery vaguely flirty tone. As for Rose, well she's still trying to be subtle about watching that one which does impair how well she can do. Sadly.
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Akia: {Katsuka smiled as she sees the unregistered alcohol go away. She almost wants to respond to Akia being slightly flirtateous but it's easier to see if she was just playing more than anything else.} Katsuka: "Great, I'm glad you understand, Akia-Chan! Now, there are no security cameras outside, so I think that's a good place to start. Follow us, the exits are free of students right now." Chisaki: "You can tell you friends to come on too! The exit isn't going to find itself, after all!...There are friends here with you, right? Like the boy with the blue hair?..." {Chisaki would wave at Anghel, merely to say hello if he even noticed. Her eyes would avoid contact with Rose on purpose, as he was speaking to nothing and nobody in her eyes.} (New name - Kazuo and Co.): Sonomi: "Really? That sounds very mean of her! I'd never want to do something like that. In my opinion, it's better to say your feelings outright. Though, did you ever do anything to her specifically? It's unnacceptable behavior, but even so, there are causes for everything..." {As the words, "I'd never do something like that" were said, her facial expression and figure changed from a worried Sonomi to a smug Sana at the blink of an eye. As Sonomi becomes herself again, she would put a finger on her chin to think to herself, looking up at the bright sky. Whatever she was thinking about, she wasn't going to let her thoughts linger, as she clasps her hands together and closes her eyes, giving Kazuo a bright smile.} Sonomi: "Well, not that it matters too much, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to! Anyways, if you want to head for the exit, it's not crowded anymore from what I know. Come on, I'll take you there. I'll even take you by your hand if you want, Kazuo-Kun. Tee-hee!" {The girl teases her fellow transfer student as she decides to walk towards where the exit is. At the last second, she turns around and says a message to everyone in the quad, one that lets them know the exit is open this time.} Sonomi: "Hey you all, we're about to head out! Come on and join us!" Katty: {As Katty would attempt to follow Asena through the exit, she would always be an inch away before she gets lost in the crowd of faceless students. This would seem to go on for an eternity before the same blue haired girl she let through passes through the crowd with ease. Afterwards, the connected hallway would become less crowded in less than a second.} Katsuka: "Welp, that takes care of that. Ok Akia, the exit's clear for sure." {Another pair of girls would trail after Sonomi, and presumably Kazuo. Katsuka look back and flash a thumbs up to Akia to know the coast is clear, and Chisaki would think to herself, heading outside before Katsuka.} Chisaki: "I always liked the greenhouse better than the quad. Maybe I should make my way there, the plants might be worried without my presence tending to them..." {The environment beyond the quad would be unexpectedly spacious, further fitting the aesthetic of a college campus rather than a regular school. Every building nearby was a faded color like before, and there was even more grass that was less and less green the further it spread out. The sun was excessively bright, but it's rays seemed to be weaker than normal. As Fushi would head outside, his map would glow faintly.} Sonomi: "Hey Kazuo-Kun, want to go to the library? I think it's one of the first places you should look at when on the campus. Other than the dormitories, dining hall, and the portable classrooms of course. You've seen those already, right?"
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Emi: {Eiko laughed along with Emi, though her laugh was noticeably louder. Her smile grew wide as she waited for Emi to leave the teacher's lounge. Without any warning, she slammed the door behind her, almost causing her to spill her ramen.} Eiko: "Aw, is that so? I could've sworn the principal told me about having to talk to a coworker today! You did have an interview with her, right? Something about a special role?" {Her voice was still lively until she finished. Emi looked around her before giving Emi a dull-eyed gaze. The light from the window shined on her red glasses, making the lens cover her eyes.} Eiko: "Besides, if what you've said is true, that's incriminating evidence for the security cameras and would suspect me to believe you're an intruder. So if you really don't teach here, I'd suggest you play along for now, okay Emi-San? Yeah? Ok, hope that's settled! Would you like to hold one of my cups for me?" {After giving her a quick warning, the girl would immediately revert back to her cheery outlook. Whether or not Emi took one of the cups, they'd head on over to the classroom that Eiko managed. She opened the door and put her cup down, then looks over to where Alliester was supposed to be. Eiko ran back out, worried for her student assistant.} Eiko: "Oh gosh, where did he go? It better be to the bathroom, the vice-principal warned me about negligence!" Alliester: {As Aliester made his way back down the top floor, the hallways would be suspiciously empty and quiet. Were the students already in class? Since the clasroom he got out of was next to the roof, it wouldn't take long before he was back to where he was before. There, a relieved Eiko was prepared to greet him.} Eiko: "Ah, there you are! I was wondering where you went, Alliester-San! I have someone to show you!" {Eiko would proceed to take Alliester by the hand, guiding him back to the classroom where him and Emi could face each other eye to eye. Eiko talked to the both of them to introduce the roles they played. When she finished, she waited for them to introduce themselves in their own way and whether there were any questions or not.} Eiko: "Student-Assistant, meet the new teacher! Teacher, meet my Student-Assistant! He's a wonderful kid! I really hope you two get along."
Anghel holds his pose for a while longer... and realizes this person isn’t responding. Rejection is painful. Dragging his feet, he starts wandering to elsewhere. Maybe he could focus and draw in the library advertised in the brochure. He claps his hands to psych himself up and heads off towards there. “Let us hope I do not get trapped in an icy cage again. Edel Blau is not here to save me.”
[Kazuo rolls his eyes as Sana appears again. This must be it, isn't it? Some kind of plot of hers. Could it be a fake her? Or a past self? Maybe a relative. Whatever the case, he shakes his head. The girl was cute and at the very least, she was actually nice. He can work with this.] "That's... fine, I can just follow you." [Without much else to do, Kazuo moves towards the exit, shrugging at the rest of the group. He would put both hands inside the pockets of his pants as he notices the... weirdly creepy place he got himself trapped in.] "...Actually, I don't know anything about this place. I just got here. I... guess I'm in your care for now."
Okay! Fushi senses nothing amiss and tags behind Kazuo. Following him and the girl in front like a shadow.
Once Kazuo starts to leave, Asami would quickly follow at his side, disregarding the other students. "Ughh... this place is starting to make me feel a little anxious. Kazuo, do you think you could, uh, um, just keep track of me or something? I'm no good with..." There would be a hint of desperation in her voice as she struggles to even get her words out at all.
"that same blue haired girl?" as she was leaving, she notices the blue haired girl, weird, she thought she has an art club activity and fully respected that, but she is still here as there's nothing. "is she a NPC or something??" her half dream is really playing at her head. As this place bocmes less crowded with those faceless people, as she notices more people with faces finally, all she had is the sigh of the nervousness going all out, and the feeling of excitement of her head increasing, yet in reality she has just the same plain face that goes like 'you are in my way', in which she has no energy to make an excited face. "want to go to the library? I think it's one of the first places you should look at when on the campus. Other than the dormitories, dining hall, and the portable classrooms of course. You've seen those already, right?" she heard what did the girl say. "wait, so this place is more than college then?" she appeared within the conversation that those people that she doesn't know have asked.
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Emi muttered a soft 'Scaaaary' under her breath at Eiko's warning, gathering that maybe her new "coworker" wasn't necessarily the person to go to on the current situation. She took one of Eiko's cups with a shrug and followed her to the classroom. "We must be here pretty early huh? It's quiet. I almost kind of like it this way. Keeping up with the energy of kids is so difficult. Sometimes it feels better to relish the silence." She spoke with an unusual lack of expression but quickly reverted to her usual bubbly smile. She bowed to Alliester and offered him a wide, welcoming smile. "Emi Sumeragi, I'll be teaching here from now on! It's a pleasure to meet you Alliester-kun! Say, I don't think I've heard a name like that before! It's quite regal! Like the name of a noble prince!"
Alliester blinked a few times, this woman had a tendency to be overbearing. He shook it off rather quickly, and returned Emi's bow with a serene smile plastered on his face. "Well met, Sumeragi-san. As mentioned, I am Alliester, student-assistant to this... unique woman. I do hope she doesn't cause you too much trouble, she can be a bit much but I assure you she means well." As mentioned, Alliester's name was odd. His face didn't appear to give any clue has to his heritage, and aside from the streak in his hair his appearance didn't leave a very strong impression in general. He chuckled at Emi's remark, placing a hand on his chest. "Well, my parents were a bit eccentric. Perhaps they expected a bit much of me, but I suppose my name does make for a decent icebreaker. Regardless, I do hope we can get along."
The woman would shrug slightly at the question of friends being around, that's... Overselling it, she knows that Kazuo kid vaguely. She guess. But that's about it. The blue-haired one though? "I wouldn't call any of em friends exactly, I vaguely know one of em but even that's an acquaintance. Brown-haired guy named Kazuo. He's the only one who I recall too, can't tell you anything about the bluenette there." No cameras sounds good by her though, even if it means leaving the weirdo who for some reason carries around a fucking grappling hook unattended. That might be best even, she's trying to make that girl think she's fallen for a ruse after all. what better to seem like an unattentive fool with too much booze than just... Actually acting like one would? So with that Akia merely giggles slightly and stands up to begin walking. "And sure thing girls, it's fine by me to get somewhere a bit less crowded for now! Hanging around too many people is a pain sometimes after all, right~?" If she's just playing or not isn't really a question the Inscribed could or would answer even if asked point blank, but for the moment she'll keep acting like a friendly vaguely flirting drunk. Partly because it's just fun to use that kind of voice and expression, part because it's a good way to be taken as harmless oftentimes.
My deepest apologies. Such a question had brought me other questions, I follow Anghel, but then trip, not on purpose. I am really clumsy. "Ow... Wait up!" I Yelp I rush to catch up to Anghel.
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Akia: Katsuka: "That's a bit interesting. You lot just seemed to come all at once, for some reason it seemed like the easiest thing to conclude were that you all were friends enrolling in the same school." {Katsuka tried to think about how it was possible that the new group of transfer students knew so little around them, as well as about each other. The outside of the campus was like everyone else saw, faded out pastel buildings with grass that seems to reach forever, eventually losing color as one passes by. The blue skies had an excessively bright sun that seemed not to work properly despite it's extraordinarily luminous rays. Chisaki heard the wind more than conversation, so she decided to fill in the void.} Chisaki: "Agreed, Akia-Chan! Plants don't give me minor panic attacks way less than people do. Nevertheless, I was going to suggest to head to the Wayseer's place. I need to find out which day is best to give the plants in the greenhouse fertilizer. It's not like it's crucial, but it helps for letting them thrive." {Chisaki would seem to reach for the most reliable thing she could talk about, which were the plants in the greenhouse. Katsuka decided to keep her thoughts on hold and laugh at her friend's inability to not show off her love for botany.} Katsuka: "And it's also because the greenhouse is right near it, right? Either way, let's hope today will be your day. Akia, you want to see the Seer for yourself? It's almost like a mini haunted house if it only had one attraction. Well, that's only if you find that type of stuff scary. Kind of hard to, in my opinion. Otherwise, we can meet up later and you can go off and do whatever you want." Emi and Alliester: Eiko: "You aren't wrong there, Alliester-San! But it's nice to see the kids here smile for once in their life. God forbid we have joy in this establishment, right?...Ah wait, I forgot to tell Emi-San about the neighboring classes! You're right about silent. They're that almost all the time. Which reminds me..." {The girl would make sure the two were looking at her before she opened the door to the neighbouring classroom, nervously waving to the teacher who was in the middle of teaching his class. All students and the teacher himself were faceless, wearing monochrome clothes. When the door opened, everyone inside of the classroom looked at Eiko.} Eiko: "Greetings, Mr. Hasegawa-San! I left a pen in here, may I retrieve it?" Hasegawa: "Why of course, Magarabi-San. Look near my desk." {Though the marble floor had carpets on it, Eiko still entered the room being one of the loudest things there. The other one being the teacher speaking to the class as they pointed at the whiteboard, and the students writing and erasing simultaneously. The Air Conditioner extended it's reach outside of the classroom now that the door was opened, with Emi and Alliester feeling the chilling breeze of the classroom. Unlike Eiko's classroom where the chairs were comfortable as if they belonged to a movie theater, this one had the students seated on traditional, but expensive desks that almost looked like they were each crafted personally for the faceless students.} {Eiko wasted no time searching through the desk, finding a red pen with a flower pin on it. Her and the teacher waved goodbye silently before the door shut. Emi and Alliester no longer felt the cold air emenating from the neighbouring classroom, and the hallways were silent once again, with them being the only thing making any sound. Eiko sighed before she looked at the two, smiling and flicking her pen on and off.} Eiko: "...yep, just like how I remember it. Gee, I sure hope we won't interrupt anything once we start teaching."
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Kazuo and Co: Sonomi: "Huh, that's weird, I would've thought you knew about them already." {As Kazuo and most likely everyone else didn't know about the conservatory that well, Sonomi would put a finger on her chin to think about how she can fix the problem of unfamiliarity that comes off from the group of transfer students. With a quick solution made on the spot thanks to what Kazuo said, the girl nods her head and smiles.} Sonomi: "You must be some group of extremely new transfer students then! Well, if that's the case, I'll be happy to act as your mini tour guide person as long as you'd be fine with a few restroom breaks here and there!" {The group she accumulated on pure coincidence would decide to follow her as she ventures toward the library, a large building that is colored a faded pastel pink. There would be flyers plastered on the front of the double doors that acted as the entrance. Fushi in particular would notice that there's a blue crystal that floats on top of the library, spinning and seemingly pointed down at the building. Sonomi herself would clear her throat before holding the door open for everyone.} Sonomi: "Ok, here we are. The library. For the sake of the atmosphere, I'll go ahead and be quieter. There's a girl who actually volunteered to manage the library, and her help is very much appreciated. I'd say this is an amazing place to relax from schoolwork, or get help and end up doing it in order to get it out of the way sooner." {The first thing that would be noticeable in the library would be the color scheme of the place. Most things were white, to eccentuate the calming quiet of the atmosphere. The back of the front doors would have the words "Please Stay Quiet in this Environment" would be carved onto the surface, being filled in with black. At the front desk would be three girls, one of them behind the counter. The two at the reception desk would be two friends, one with long, black curly hair, and the other would have braided strawberry blonde hair. The other girl at the front of the desk would be turned around, reading a book of her own while slightly jittery. She had her black hair braided into a ponytail with a red bow and was wearing a pink school uniform.} {There was a seperate section for computers, tables for reading and/or studying, as well as a space for things like board games. White bookshelves carried an insurmountable number of books with varying colors, making the white shelves appear to have the colors of the rainbow inserted into the blank spaces. Surprisingly enough, there weren't any restrooms in this establishment, only a backdoor to lead closer to your dormitories, each having seperate bathrooms for yourself.}
The library... This is the place where neko thought that there could be a book about this school or anything, even if she's not good at reading books, she could try that... Or she could ask someone to read for her. As she looked around all the other 'transfer students' who are the same as her, what had her interest that one strange student who seems to move strange as if he is picking up something... Of course that didn't interest anything to neko... Guess she'll just read a book, or just find the computer room--- As there was a section for the computers, neko's eyes started to fire up, you can see the fire aura of excitement yet her toxic face is still written on her face. "y'all can go on your own, I found the computer room before the crocodile could tell me" she went ahead and sit on a chair and booted up some of the computer, she played a little bit with the keyboard before even booting it up. "aw yeah, ASMR keyboard clicking" she said it quietly as her grin started to appear on her toxic face, you'll never know if she does something good or bad, but there she goes anyway. After booting the computer, all she waits is what will the computer react.
[Considering where they were, Kazuo would keep his voice down. He was all too familiar with the scenery of a library, as he tries to spend all his free time within one when allowed to, reading, researching or just plainly sleeping while acting as if he was studying. They were always peaceful, so why not go wild? That's how he thinks.] "If you don't mind me then, I'll take the chance to see if I find out anything new." [Kazuo would calmly approach the reception of the library and look at all the girls, trying to remain quiet, calm, quite possibly even making his gaze a bit too serious.] "Excuse me, do you have any section related to the occult here? Or some kind of history book about this place?"
Asami would stick close to Kazuo, sighing with disgust upon noticing his gaze being directed towards the general victinity of any female. At the reception, she would speak up, not really knowing how to keep her voice down. "Ah... Kazzie, can you read aloud for me? I'm interested in that too, but... I don't know how to read." Asami would look down, feeling slightly ashamed.
“Ah, you have followed me here. This is a place with infinite knowledge, where I come for infinite inspiration. Now, then, allow me to find the richest source of knowledge in this place...” Anghel speaks dramatically to Rose, although quietly because they’re in a library. His search will bring him past the shelves, past the board games, around the library until he finds the ultimate treasure... ...the manga/graphic novel section, if there is one.
Quintus would stay away from the room, his eyes seeming irritated. "Seriously, why is everything so white? Is this supposed to make it seem more pristine or something? What a pain on the eyes." Something stirred within. He'd seem to noticeably get irritated though as usual would try to remain calm. "It'll be fine... So, are you just showing off this library or is there anything else noteworthy in this school?"
Emi visibly shivered at the cold air, taking a few steps back from the classroom. As she gazed on the radically different environment inside, her head tilted almost sideways, blinking rapidly with expressive confusion. "These two places look like they're from different schools entirely! Do you get to personalize the classrooms or something? That'd be a lot of fun if you could!" Despite her circumstances, Emi was clearly finding something to enjoy about this new workplace that had been thrust upon her, an almost childish enthusiasm in her bright gold eyes. "Is the uniform strict in this place? I realize we're kind of the only ones with any semblance of color. Literally." She'd wink at Alliester, thinking herself the absolute peak of comedy.
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"Heh, that would be something which makes sense wouldn't it. Us all joining together... But nah, I just kinda found myself here for seemingly no reason, honestly? I'd suspect they're the same but I haven't really asked on em or anything." She shrugs at that, there isn't anything that really stuns her anymore. So why not just roll with the madness and try to keep calm? Not as if freaking out over things will do anyone good after all. As for their question... "Seer huh... Well, considering I'm a spooky weirdo myself I've never been one to write those things off. Kinda hard to say things are impossible when you can conjure something from nothing, ya know? So yeah I'm a little curious." Even just from the things she knows, an epithet that lets one see the future isn't impossible. And there's far more in this strange version of Earth than just the Inscribed, that's something she's figured out a while ago. So why not check this Seer out while she's here? No harm in it by her guess, hopefully.
Alliester folded his arms in discomfort, grimacing slightly as the cold air came abruptly. He didn't particularly mind the cold itself, but it did feel a tad out of place. In response to Emi, he merely chuckled lowly. Ah, well I hope my attire isn't too strictly enforced. I have a habit of changing my styles by the day. I've been told I'm more fickle than most other boys, which I choose to interpret as a compliment.
Hey. What is that blue thing up there? Fushi directs his inquiry to Sonomi and Quintus assuming that they will know. This place was a new experience for him but none of the books caught his interest. They looked like boring colorful objects given that he lacked knowledge of their use. He couldn't read much either so he noticed the obvious instead.
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Akia: Katsuka: "Well, most of you were obviously confused when you first entered. Though I could only see everyone being like that due to the courtesy of the quad somehow getting cleared in a moment's notice. Anyways, follow us so you won't get lost!" {Katsuka would smile and Chisaki would nod her head, then they both turn around and walk in a direction past the quad down south, remmebering to go west. Chisaki would regularly check behind her so that they don't lose one of their acquaintances, as well as glance off to the side to look at the faded grass.} {After a few minutes of walking pass, they'd stop at a building that was surprisingly small compared to the rest of the facilities. It was also colored a shiny jet black instead of a faded pastel, with an antique wooden door welcoming the three. Katsuka would walk up to the door, knocking on it as common courtesy before letting it open for the others to see.} ???: "What...doth thou propose?...Thy future?...Freedom?...or Resolution?" {The room inside would have an aesthetic based on stars. Once the door behind them was closed, there would be a very obvious lack of natural lights whether it was automated or by the bright sun that was outside. Even though it was easy to feel the soft fleece carpet that stretched throughout the entire room, the environment made you feel as if you were floating in space, complete with the occasional twinkle that appears on the roof. Chisaki giggled to herself as she spun around the room, being one with the environment.} {There was a light that was carved to be in the shape of a cross, shining on a petite looking girl who's long hair stretched to the floor. She wore blue and purple robes that looked more fit to be for a giant rather than someone for her short stature. Past the veil that covered most of her face, left her with blue eyes that were dim, void of light, as if to stare into one's soul.} {She had one of her sleeves near 4 crystal balls, all were a different color. Chisaki would walk up to the Seer as they began to have a quiet conversation. The seer wouldn't even look away from the colorful orbs as Chisaki put down some currency on the table, which seemed to quickly fade out of existence as it hit the table.} Katsuka: "In order to actually use this facility and many others here, you need this form of currency our principal called "good marks", which you get from doing good in your classes. It's the replacement for traditional yen here." "Works well to get a feel for how finances work. If you're a teacher, you're basically rich since you're assigned to give these things out to good students. If you want to go talk to the Seer you can take some of mine." {Katsuka would offer to give Akia 6 bills and 4 coins approximating $6.54 worth of "good marks", which was the exact amount needed to talk with the Seer. Both the fake play money and the 3D printed coins would have an eerie smiley face and a star on them.}
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Emi and Alliester: {Eiko couldn't help but chuckle at them worrying about the strict policies of school uniforms. In most schools, that would be the case, but she already knew that it basically didn't exist here.} Eiko: "Oh, don't worry about it too much! I appreciate boys like Alliester-San with his different choice in clothing. There are a few others I've seen like Asena-Kun and Iketiru-Kun who wear slightly different clothes. It's just black and white but it's better than gray, plus they act like they have feelings so that's a huge plus for me." {Still, she felt the need to at least note why they're able to wear such things without being berated about it. It's weird to let a detail about them being the only ones having color slide.} Eiko: "When students usually come here, they wear their own clothes which is understandable. But after a semester or two I see that most of them change to the default uniforms this school gives because it's so free, easy, and accessible. Us teachers are given these too, they magically appear in our dorm rooms." {Eiko would open the door to her own classroom, which immediately held a stark contrast to the traditional outlook that Mr. Hasegawa's classroom had. The walls were colored beige, and there was a certain pattern that made the brown paint up top overlay with the beige. The floors were fully carpeted, each step taken inside the classroom would be similar to walking on a cloud. The windows on the other side would let some bright natural light in, but the atmosphere always made it felt like you were in the middle of a sunset.} {Near the back of the room would have a row of 5 computers with a flat-screen monitor, each having a comfortable chair that can fold into itself. At the same time, there would be two bookshelves placed against the walls. The desks that took up most of the space were moreso movie theater chairs that have a desk built into it, similar to a personal couch like Alliester first woke up in. A whiteboard would be placed at the front of the room, which still had the "Please Don't Mess Anything Up" message written on it.} Eiko: "On the topic of personalized classrooms, I especially made sure to make the environment look relaxing. Of course, sometimes it might be easy to sleep in class, but in my opinion it's better than freezing in your desk." "At the same time, I also made sure there weren't too many decorations so as to not distract the kids from learning. That reminds me...Emi-San, would you like to see the students that will be under our custody this school year?" {Eiko would walk over to her table that took up a small section of the room, similar to a student desk if the desk and the chair were seperated. With this, she searched through her drawers for an unopened pack of chopsticks to put her cup ramen in. Afterwards, the girl would take out a simple sheet that had every student's name written in red pen.}
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Kazuo and Co: {As Katty went onto the computer, it would give a slightly compressed melody to signify it actually booting up for the girl. Since a password was not at all needed for entry, Katty was seemingly free to be able to do whatever she wanted. But even though that looked to be the case, the red and black hexagon pattern only showed one software to boot up in the middle named "FUN.iki".} {Anghel ventured far and wide throughout the white library, taking many twists and turns until he is able to finally see the section that holds all the manga. Just across from it would also be the aisle that contains graphic novels. Out of all the genres that populated the library's vastness, this would be the one that was the most populated with faceless students, each one wearing a monochrome uniform.} {Quintus and Fushi, who were the only two that didn't choose to venture the library, would talk with Sonomi. When Fushi decided to ask about the blue crystal that appeared atop the library, she'd merely tilt her head in confusion. Quintus would also not see such a thing, as he was no the one that held the specific item to do so.} Sonomi: "Hmm? What are you talking about, Fushi-Kun? I never knew that those things really existed here on campus. Maybe the thing you're looking at had something to do with the vice-principal's map..." "Oh, and you're Quintus-Kun, right? The map I gave to Fushi can easily tell you about how to get to any other places that you desire. As for me, I'm gonna go back to my dorm and go on a little restroom break. If Kazuo-Kun asks, just tell that to him for me, please." {As Sonomi was still holding the door open, she felt that the backdoor that lead closer to the dormitories was too inconvenient, therefore she bowed to Quintus and Fushi before departing, closing the door behind her. Meanwhile with Kazuo, he'd be met with a familiar face as he goes to the reception. Or at least, familiar when she actually shows her face.} "Of course, there's one in front of the-" {Novella, who almost dropped the book in her hands once she met with the person asking the question. Even though she was thoroughly shocked that he was actually in an environment such as this, the rules of the library were to be quiet. The girl would only be able to cover her face in her book as she let out a low-volume scream.} Novella: "K-Kazuo? W-what are y-you doing here? I-I thought t-that you went to s-some other school..." {Asami might know this girl, she might not. Either way, if she were to enact her policy of dispelling illusions, she'd find out that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the scenery and the atmosphere. Ceiling fans spun as the two girls at the reception desk also spoke up when hearing the name Kazuo, mainly the one with the curly hair. Kazuo would know who this is as well, but not her friend.} Malloryn: "Novella-Senpai, are you talking to Kazuo-Kun from Kosei High? That's convenient. It's nice to see you again, Kazuo. My friend Keilin-Chan came with me too. This school looks wonderful, don't you agree, Keilin?" {The girl with strawberry blonde hair would be late to react to Malloryn calling on her, raising an eyebrow being confused about the supposed reunion going on. At least until she met who this was as well, which made her more nervous that she was openly suspicious about someone right in front of them.} Keilin: "Eh? Er, ye-yeah Malloryn-San, it does look nice. Mal, when did you start talking about this boy?...oh...he's with us...my apologies, Kazuo-Kun..." {Though she would've liked it better to walk away and cry the awkwardness out, the library was no place for that. As such, she can only resort to saying her apologies and crying internally.}
Asami tenses up and pouts as the girls reveal their connection to Kazuo, her fists clenched and her heat energy intensified. "Why does every girl we come across have some sort of connection to my Kazzie!? It's not fair..." She would then tug at one of the young boy in question's sleeves, looking up at him with pleading eyes. "Kazuo, you still care about me, right?"
Neko felt disapointed as if there was never an Internet browser, windows, or even video games in it earlier, or so any info about that weird named college academy she is in right now, as she only wants only info about it, she can't help but wonder, what is that kind of program or file... FUN.iki a file in which neko isn't aware of what did .iki mean as it is the first time seeing a file type like this... Although it could belong to a certain program, she tried her best of what could .iki mean, the first thing that neko could think of is a definition of the Japanese kanji 'iki' in which it meant 'breath'. She is unaware of what does FUN part could mean, what did it mean? Does it mean fun or something really joyful... Neko felt whoever named it at least should make a document explaining all of those meanings. But for now, she will check other computers for later if it has different things, but she should try opening this one, and so, she opened the program, she has her hands prepared for alt shift crtl delete if the program does something wrong as soon as possible.
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“How strange... homunculi fill this realm...” Anghel mutters to himself as he peruses the bookshelf. He decides to kill time before class by reading one of the series he hasn’t read yet. Occasionally, he looks up to see if there’s any change in the crowd, but he’s mostly just focused on the tome of infinite wisdom in front of him.
[The moment was probably lost as it happened during the update, but right now, Kazuo was lying limp on the desk, passing out all of a sudden. When the apology reaches him as well as Asami's own voice, he slowly lifts since face up, as well as the rest of his body. He looked weak, or rather... a weird combination of feeling mortified and weirded out.] "Girls...why is it always the girls...!? Where the hell is Gad...!?" [Kazuo somehow felt Gad was nearby, and went as far as to look back. However, there was only Quintus. Kazuo glared at Quintus silently, like expecting something to change when it wouldn't.] "Weird." [He finally looks back at Asami, with a somewhat weird mood.] "You're a kid, if I didn't, Apollo would punch me or something. Why are you even here? You should be in like third grade or something." [He directs the same face at the rest of the girls.] "Long time no see, apparently. I have no idea what I'm doing here, so I'm trying to piece stuff together... if possible. I don't think this world is completely real. I almost want it to be like what happened at Kosei with Kodomo." [He takes a deep, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath before he goes back to his usual, "normal" self.] "I want any book that may clue me in as to what exactly is this place. It doesn't seem like I can just get away easily. I would also appreciate anything any of you could tell me."
"I'm not sure how I feel about the way you say 'custody' but I'm absolutely ecstatic to meet our students! Plus having personalized classrooms is a breath of fresh air! Running around from classroom to classroom is so exhausting... good cardio though!" Emi started jogging in place for a moment as if to demonstrate before leaning over nosily to see the list Eiko was staring at. The more she could find out about her mysterious new workplace the better, which included potentially learning about the students who exist there. "So Eiko-san how long have you been working here? I get the impression the staff is pretty familiar with you considering that big sign back there."
Fushi confusedly tilts his head. Something is there. He grabs Quintus' hand to get his attention and points at the blue crystal he sees. Do you see it? He look at Quintus and then the crystal in hopes of some affirmation.
Alliester kept quiet for now, leaning leisurely against the wall of the classroom and taking this opportunity to glance at his cellphone again. It looked like he was scrolling absentmindedly up and down a rather long list, but his expression didn't betray his stoicism. After a moment, he seemed satisfied enough and stashed the device back into his pocket with a slight huff.
Quintus looks back at Fushi. Did this one seem insane? It was hard for him to tell just from the get go but assuming he was telling the truth then it just meant there'd be another odd thing to watch out for. "No, not even a little bit. I'm not even sure what you're trying to point out. Though, if I were to guess if only you can see it and your sure you're not hallucinating or something I'd assume it's just another rule of this place. That is to say, if you say you can see it it's probably there. Nobody else can tell though. Anyway, you have a map right? I'm wondering if this school has any especially unusual locations. If there was any place that would have a hint as to why we're here it'd probably be somewhere like that."
The woman shrugs a bit, right... Fake money, how annoying. She should burn this fucking hellhole to the ground when she gets a chance. But not right now, for the moment she'd simply smile calmly and go in. "Eh sure, if it's not a big deal. I'll totally pay you back sometime~" After taking the small loan she'd just go in and glance towards this 'Seer' curiously. Probably won't be too useful, but as for what she proposes... Of the offered choices, only the second one truly holds any interest for Akia. "Greetings! To answer your question, freedom I suppose. Always been a fan of it, the rest just didn't really catch my notice much." She greets this Seer person with a slight wave while looking around the room curiously, maybe there's something interesting here. But probably not. That'd be asking too much, after all.
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Akia: {The Seer's gaze wouldn't avert when called upon to respond, her dull blue eyes only seeming to perpetuate one direction. Her eyes would seem to pierce her soul, but not deciding to focus on Akia. Even so, something automates the petite robed figure to reply to her wishes.} Seer: "...I see..." {As Akia surveyed the room, the floor would start to spin. Somehow the dark room would begin to grow even darker to the degree that one could only see themselves. The crystal orbs on the table would become a light gray, then shift into various different colors. They would proceed to stop on a bloody red color, and the seer's gaze seemed to light up a slight bit. Not due to emotions, rather to the events that she is witnessing internally.} Seer: "The odds of Your "freedom"...bleak...Expiring...but fret not...for thou is able to Achieve "freedom"...be Ready...for the day of graduation...salvation...do Not be deturred...For those that live Onwards Riding past the ones that have fallen...thou possesses Desires which Entwine with All That Have came..." {Wherever Akia held her loan, if it was in her hands or her pockets, she'd feel herself feel slightly lighter. Specific words would cause the Seer's voice to "malfunction" slightly, but Katsuka nor Chisaki seemed to flinch when the prophecy was said with a glitched voice. Instead, they both breathed a sigh of relief as the room went back to normal.} Emi and Alliester: {Eiko would normally raise an eyebrow at what Emi had said, but when she figured out what exactly the statement really meant, she laughed to herself before glancing over at Alliester as she replied to her coworker.} Eiko: "Oh, that? Don't worry about that! I just copied a sign that one of my coworkers gave me and drew it on the board for Alliester-San to read when I had to go to the Teacher's Lounge. It's actually way smaller in person, see?" {The girl pulled out a smaller version of the sign that had more vibrant coloring, the way it was shaped would make one believe it were some kind of hall pass. As Emi tried to poke her head out and read the sheet clearer, Eiko put it in her hands for a better read. Then she started to talk to her coworker more.} Eiko: "I wouldn't say that I'm too familiar with them though, but they're always familiar with me! It's only kind of sad whenever I forget their names...but it happens all the time. Both male and female. I memorize off of which classroom they were assigned to teach instead of their looks, because it'd be a nightmare if that were the case." {The following names are listed on the attendance sheet, telling Emi about all the names listed under "Students".} Kazuo Takahara. A question mark is placed at the end of his surname. Fushi. A surname is not listed. Rose Black. Both words are in quotation marks. Jill Turner. Both names are crossed out heavily, but not replaced with anything. Anghel Higure. An exclamation point was listed at the end of his name. Quintus Geminus. There was an ellipsis at the end of his name. Mayuki Neko. A poorly drawn dog was placed beside her name. Akia Sato. Beside her name was the sign of a circle and a diagonal line. Sonomi Maizono. A smiley face was at the end of her name. Asena Bishoujo. A frowney face was beside his name. Katsuka Daida. A poorly drawn sun was beside her name. Chisaki Dorichi. A poorly drawn flower was beside her name. Ai Katsuzashi. Nothing was beside his name. Malloryn Von...Nevermind. The nevermind replaced the surname. Keilin Minami. An arrow pointed at Malloryn's name. Novella. Like Fushi, there's no surname listed. There was only the letter A circles next to her name. {There were 16 names listed in the attendance sheet. Some of which Emi might find as familiar.}
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Kazuo and Co: {As Katty decides to run the program, the whole computer's background would be replaced with complete darkness. However, it only took a few seconds until Katty could actually see what was being booted up.} {The word "ambience" was shown on the monitor until it transitioned to something else. A close-up of a blue haired girl with her eyes closed, gripping onto a flower standing behind a tree as the sun shined brightly. The effect of wind would take place, making the picture move with the breeze, as if it were an animation.} {However, it wouldn't take long before the picture closed. Another word flashed to show a transitioned, "Envision". But this time it went too quick for Katty to read it properly, only showing red text that went by fast as if it weren't supposed to be shown. It goes back to the picture as was seen the first time before Katty could comprehend the meaning of the word.} {Now the wind still took place, but soon the girl would open her eyes. And everything would go dark. A silhouette of the girl would show her smiling as an eye-bleeding red served to be her background. The words "I see you" are written behind her. And then the computer would shut down.} {Anghel would take a series that went past him and his insurmountably vast knowledge of the subject of mangas and stop on one that almost appeared as if the novel was shipped nowhere but this school. The plot was a regular type of situation. "High schoolers get trapped in a different world where they suddenly have to become generals of armys", just the usual.} {The more he read, the less things made sense. Even so, as the chapters were being explored, something inside Anghel made him feel like he was snooping in someone's diary. Whenever he looked up, he found out that less and less people crowded the aisle he was reading the manga in.} {Quintus still wouldn't see anything that Fushi was talking about, but Fushi's eyes would find it to be as clear as day. Nobody else would notice it though, not even the faceless students. It was at this point when his map started to faintly glow once more, in turn letting the blue crystal Fushi saw become more bright to the eyes.} {As Kazuo asks for a history book that'd tell him more about the school, Novella would adjust her glasses as she fidgeted in place. Though she's usually very specific with her nervousness, the only thing that can happen in the library is a relaxed and quiet time. No time for yelling, no matter how much her heart can't take the pressure of social conversation.} Novella: "E-erm, the history books are on Aisle 5- wait...o-oh no...I'm s-so bad at my j-job...I j-just started...eeee...they're under my desk, I need to find them..." {Immediately, Novella took this as the perfect chance to depart from the conversation, leaving Kazuo empty handed for a while. Malloryn glanced at her friend Keilin before clearing her throat, speaking up about all the information that she knows about the place Kazuo knows nothing about.} Malloryn: "Me and Keilin actually came here on a whim before you did, and we were interviewed by the Principal himself. He's just a slight bit intimidating, but still nice. His daughter's also a very exceptional individual who's aspiring to take the position for her father in due time. It didn't take long before we both became transfer students, though I kind of miss Kosei...where's this place located again?"
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{Despite thinking that Malloryn said the most useful bits, Keilin still felt the need to tell about what she knows. She looked down while giving her information as well.} Keilin: "Uh, I don't know actually, but...Y-yeah. What she said. Oh, and you can charge your phone almost anywhere. There are tables outside that have outlets, and the trees have outlets...The first day we were here, they gave away lanyards for our student ids. They both have usb plugs built inside of them. Everything's pretty tech-heavy, but I wish there were therapy dogs...I still feel kinda nervous..." {From under the table, Novella appears once again with a book that looks similar to a textbook if most of the pages were ripped out. Even so, it was easy to carry despite it being a bit tall to look like any normal notebook, and it was different compared to the alternative in mind which shall not be named at the current moment.} Novella: "H-here erm, h-here it is, Kazuo...It's not really that long of a read, but it's very useful in my opinion." Everyone: {In the middle of everyone's conversation, a speaker came into existence one way or another. In Akia's case, the Wayseer's room would have it appear from the Seer's spotlight, and the announcement would be said in an echo. For everyone in the library, the speaker's would reach everyone in the room, but the volume would be turned down so as to not disturb the masses. Emi and Alliester were in Eiko's classroom, being the only ones that can hear the announcement clearly.} "All transfer students, please head to the gymnasium! Everyone else, head back to your appropriate class! I repeat, all transfer students, please head to the gymnasium. Everyone else, head back to your appropriate class!~" {The voice being transmitted from the speakers sounded young and girlish. All the faceless students in the library started to leave from the front or back door, whichever they were closer to. Likewise, as soon as Emi and Alliester were to leave the room, they'd find that the hallways were suddenly crowding up. Akia, Katsuka, and Chisaki would be able to see the students bustle about, almost moving like a stream, heading to the building with the portable classrooms.} {The announcement would echo in the back of mostly everyone's mind. Akia, who was in the Wayseer's Room, would be able to follow after Chisaki and Katsuka to the gymnasium. Emi and Alliester, who were in the classroom, would be able to follow Eiko to the gymnasium. Everyone in the library could find their way to the gymnasium through following Kazuo and the three girls that coincidentally had connections with him, or by virtue of Fushi's map as it glowed in his pocket. To Fushi, a gem would also be on top of the gymnasium's building just like the one from the library.} {For those that enter the gymnasium, they'd be met with a spacious room, one similar to a basketball court. The bleachers were placed on the sides, yet there were no actual basketball nets that can be easily spotted. Up front was a platform that took up a good chunk of the gymnasium. There was nothing to be seen other than an oversized stuff alpaca, a dollhouse, and a microphone with no one to operate it.}
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Anghel frowns the more he reads. This plot is devolving faster than a bad fanfiction work. The concept and odd feeling is all that keeps him going. What is this- “Ah, I cannot be late, or the Great Lord will strike me down!” Anghel puts the book back on the shelf and rushes off towards the gymnasium. He raises an eyebrow at the setup within but decides to leave it alone. His unbandaged eye wanders around the room as he waits for the other transfer students to arrive. Perhaps he can make some allies here.
"It... turned off...?" Neko is weirded out by this computer... It feels like that program itself can shut down the computer... That it only took a few seconds until neko could actually see what was being booted up. "ambience...? Is it like an environment or something...?" because she isn't so sure if that what it meant, until it transitioned to a closed-eyes blue haired girl with the flower under the tree, neko caught up of what did it mean, that picture is beautiful, it made neko's mind almost relaxed. "Env--, ah, what's that--?" Another word flashed to show a transitioned, 'Envision'. But this time it went too quick for neko to read it properly, only showing red text that went by fast as if it weren't supposed to be shown. It goes back to the picture as was seen the first time before Katty could comprehend the meaning of the word After that the blue haired and the scenery appeared again but with her eyes open and bleeding. "w-woah!" it almost made Neko jumpscared, and surprised, her eyes were still open focusing on the screen when she noticed the word 'I see you' that made neko confused, after that, it turned off. what did it mean? All she needed is info about this school... Unless someone was just programming this for fun... Then this ISN'T FUN AT ALL,sure the program has really neat commands, she just wants to open cmd program, and it doesn't EVEN EXIST HERE, What the heck is this dream exactly? This is way too much of 'do your homework and forget programming' here!... But... This is a whole level of weird, why would someone leave something like this here? And for what purpose?... It is has been ringing neko's mind. "I should check the other computers..." she stood up for this idea, she went ahead to boot up another computer... She would just hope there won't be able to see that FUN program ever again. After hearing the annoucement, Katty rememberd that she is actually a transfer student here. "Hmmm.... Surely, I do know that I lost the way and things like that, but here... I'm a transfer student?" with that said, she only hopes this is all a dream, but at the same time, she can't let go thinking about who would let someone have this program, but... She wants to stay longer and see if the rest of the computers are okay, so she could use them later on to read about this Valentris Halls Conservatory school, and then she will head to the 'gymnasium' hoping she won't get lost Ooc: I intended to post another post to continue it, but I used edit here after I didn't notice the *everyone* part, sorry.
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Fushi jumps back with surprise and drops the map. The sudden appearance of a gem on the item he already knew so little about is enough to shock him. What is that thing? He warily asks. He notices that the other people are going to some place that was named in the announcement, but isn't quick to follow. He waits to see what Quintus does and tries to mimick him. If Quintus doesn'tdo much of anything then he would wait till the hallways are less packed and then follow Kazuya.
"Eh? Kazuo is here? We've been seeing a lot of each other lately. And Fushi from the ghost investigation... This place sure is mysterious..." She was careful to say all of this under her breath but her pensiveness was visible from across the room. It'd be one thing to have been sucked into this situation alone, but the fact that familiar faces were somewhere nearby was worth noting. "This school is very peculiar isn't it Eiko-san? From the little I know about western schools, this establishment seems to share a lot in common with them. I'm excited to learn how to adapt to this though! What kind of educator would I be if I couldn't push my own boundaries!" An enthusiastic smile spread across her face, at least further than it already had, practically hopping in place.
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Ooc: For those that have updated, you don't need to post again for this part (except Emi and Fushi maybe?). This mini-update is merely for clarification. Akia: Chisaki: "Ah, is that why this resting period before class felt a bit slow?" Katsuka: "I guess so. Thanks Miss Future See-r! Come on Akia, these announcements always mean something big." {The Seer doesn't respond to Katsuka's goodbyes, instead serving to look at the floor that slowly spins with a somber stare. The light that shines from the door immediately lights up the place, though nothing about the scenery changes other than finding out how bright the colors really were.} Emi and Alliester: {Eiko would give a chuckle at Emi's enthusiasm. An excited coworker are always the best to learn from. Though there isn't really much of a need to tell her about how unprofessional she can be as of NOW, right? No class going on, no worries needed.} Eiko: "I agree with that sentiment, tee-hee! Don't worry, an environment like this is kind of easy to adapt to after a day or two! Now let's not miss this announcement, shall we? We can accompany Alliester and hope that the halls won't get too crowded, plus you'll be even more familiar with the layout!" {The blonde girl would open the doors, staying on the lookout for faceless students and sigh out of relief, as they haven't started to enter the portable classrooms just yet. Eiko beckons her coworker and her student assistant to follow her towards the gymnasium.} Everyone still in the library: {The faceless students start to bustle about, a flood of them heading for the doors that lead to exits whether it were the front or the back. As she sees everyone start to leave, Malloryn looks at Kazuo.} Malloryn: "Oooo, I think I know that voice. Ok, Kazuo, let's make haste. The last announcement was very fun, I hope this one is too." {Malloryn would attempt to grab onto his hand and take him to the gymnasium herself, which she did out of pure reflex and not intention. Novella would try to suggest a less forceful approach but she's immediately interrupted by the sounds of excess human movement, putting her book over her head and going with the two. Keilin would sigh and join the rest of them just to get out of the crowd.} Keilin: "Eek. Mal, wait up please..." Novella: "Gods, too much people to surf through..." {Quintus and Fushi would be near the doors of one of the exits. Thus, a flurry of them start to head in their direction. The door opens, yet the faceless students just phase through the two, as if they never existed. However the people they would see is Kazuo and the three girls leading him to the gymnasium.}
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[Kazuo would take in the information as he also takes the book Novella looked for him. This world was getting strange. Normally, if Mallloryn was transferring then he already would become aware of the fact before most students just by virtue of being the president of their club. This place...dream world, whatever, was getting even stranger if that was even possible.] "Thank you, Novella. I'll read it a bit later." [Kazuo holds the book with with hand, lucky that it isn't exactly heavy. He was about to speak, but then comes... an announcement? This makes sense. At the very least, he may get some extra information now. He wondered where the place wa-] "Hey, Malloryn don't be like that!" [Kazuo tries to fight against the girl's pull but gives up fairly quickly. After all, she does know where they are going, and he does not. Onto the gymnasium.]
Asami would follow alongside Kazuo and Mal, but not before growling and irritably glaring at Novella. As she moves, she would fiddle with the phone in one of her pockets, carrying removing the battery without taking the phone out. "...I got a bad feeling about this."
The drunk would simply wave to the seer with a grin on her face. As for moving on... She'd just follow after the other two girls. "Announcements huh? I guess we'll find out what it means soon enough... Ah well, guess there's nothing to do except show up huh?" She'd really rather blow it off entirely and just not bother, but somehow that seems unwise so fuck it. She'll deal with this, and hopefully have enough time to suck down a few drinks soon enough. God knows she's too sober for dealing with this place right now.
Alliester kicked off the wall, smiling faintly as he began to leave. "Ah, announcements. Always the most fun part of school, am I right? I just hope this one wraps up quickly enough, I have rehearsals soon." He'd beckon to Emi cheekily with a wink, before following his teacher.
The oddly ghost-like students would definetly raise some red flags but it seemed at very least this place was telling them that they simply didn't matter. "Unsettling but at least we know they won't impede us. It seems they're just props in whatever freaky performance we've been trapped into playing in. Probably wouldn't be a good idea to miss whatever they have to tell us. Though I don't expect them to be too upfront with anything." Quintus would begin making his way to the Gymnasium. That seemed to be where the Kazuya look-alike was heading too.
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{It would take a short while until everyone made it to the Gymnasium. Anghel and Katty would be first, taking note of the surroundings that were described to them. Everyone else would see the oversized stuffed alpaca standing on an elevated platform next to a lone microphone, as the other traditional gymnasium stuff isn't too interesting, but the room was very spacious.} {Kazuo and his girls, Fushi, and Quintus would be the second group of people to make it to the Gymnasium. Like every building so far, Fushi would see that there was a blue crystal on top as well, signifying that they indeed are at the right place. As if Malloryn leading Kazuo wasn't enough of an indication.} Malloryn: "Ah, here we are, just how I first saw it! How wonderful!~" Keilin: "This is an announcement right?...will the people start piling up again?" Novella: "P-people- wait. Y-you took the words right out of my mouth..." {The other group would be of Emi, Alliester, and Eiko respectively. As Eiko would enter the gymnasium, she silently curses herself as she forgets about the lesson plan that she was given. Hopefully this announcement will be enough time to remember what it was, right?} Eiko: "Mhmm, knew it. Emi-San, welcome to your class! Hope you like it!" {Of course, it wasn't complete anyway, as Chisaki, Katsuka, and Akia enter the gymnasium. Whether or not Akia had her booze with her, the atmosphere was reasonably loud despite the small crowd of everyone she ended up with, barring the ones that just entered before her.} Katsuka: "Oh boy, classmates. Right?" Chisaki: "I do believe so! Oh, I can't wait to hear about this announcement from our principal!" {Lastly, both Asena and Sonomi would come through the doors. Sonomi in a nervous sprint and Asena in a casual stride. Sonomi was notably in cleaner clothes rather than the messy painter's attire she had last time. Asena sighed as he looks around at everyone that happened to be around him.} Sonomi: "A-Asena, we aren't late right?" Asena: "Nope. A miracle that is, we both seemed to get occupied somehow." Stuffed Alpaca: "Ok idiots, quiet down. The announcement's about to start, so we can just be less annoying and listen now." {The monotone voice of a man vaguely resembling a quiet and softspoken Canadian emanated from the unassuming stuffed Alpaca. It mocked everyone up from it's little platform with brown beady eyes and a cute smile. The lights in the building dimmed down before they become incessantly bright, showing off a girl that looked to be younger than most of the teachers and students present. Most being said only because of Asami who's like 9.} ???: "Hiiii everyone! Now, this may come as a shock to some, but my presence is only part of the announcement. Well, I might as well start off with that! Let's just say that I'm the new Principal!" {The girl would reveal herself to everyone up on the platform, smiling brightly. Everyone that was revently interviewed could most likely draw the connections as to who this girl is. She had purple curly pigtails reaching her waist and wore a white and black long-sleeved dress with a purple plaid skirt along with some black boots instead of some business suit like most principals and faceless teachers have.} {She presented herself as if a roaring audience of applause would fill the gymnasium, yet the only thing that came with her greetings was the blank stare of the alpaca. In order to fill the silence, Malloryn immediately goes and speaks to the girl.} Malloryn: "Ah, Valerie! Congratulations on your new position! Though I do have to ask, where is your father?" Valerie: "Passed away yesterday. Now does anybody have any questions before I get to the good parts?~" {With a genuine smile, the girl easily glosses over the question without hesitation, telling it straight. Daddy died, next! As for her own students, Valerie decides to be nicer by giving them a chance for inquiries.}
"This is the class huh? Somehow they're a bit more weird than my previous class." Emi took quick note of the few familiar faces in the crowd, offering them a quick and subtle smile if they even had the chance to notice. "That alpaca's kind of cute." She was surprised to find what might've been the most familiar view up until that point: a generic and spacious gymnasium. This of course was shattered when the stuffed alpaca started speaking. At the Principal's introduction, she nod-nodded, recognizing her new employer immediately.

As Neko arrived to the gymnasium, after she didn't have the time to look through the computers, but rather she'll look through it later. She looked around this place, and looked through the alpaca. "whoever put this alpaca thought it is a cute idea or something but though that the Principal is something cute as if we are like elementary school idiots" she whisperd that to herself lead that to a sigh, a very long sigh. As later when some students are filled, and this 'Principal' turns out to be this little girl, neko thought this is probably some age problem, that the girl might look like 10 years old while she would be really like 50 years old because of how the world would be harsh to her because of age, she didn't comment anything about that and left it be. "this woman is seriously too much happy-go-lucky...!" after being shocked by the father passing from yesterday, she held back her thought of being a 10 years old girl in reality being 50 years old woman just because of that. "yeah~ yeah~, I'd like to report a problem in the computer room~~★" she raised her right hand with a warm smile with that 'I don't care' eyes and that voice that turned from a toxic voice to a very cute voice. "in the computer, there's only one program, with nothing else, as if I can't find any source code or anything, I found only one file called 'FUN.iki' a weird filed name with dot iki, and if you open it up, it is like some creepy, not to mention, impressive sequence in it, whoever made it must've had some unique programming skill to only put this file and making the computer not going to have any basic programs that it has, but..." her voice went back from that cute voice to the normal voice she has, "is it okay to keep a program like this in the computer room when having computer lessons, or was it always like this?"

Anghel of all people is stunned by this turn of events. A talking alpaca and little girl principal will do that to a man. He suddenly clutches his chest when the speech is just about over. “My crimson breast pulses... What could this mean...?” His muttering is loud enough to be heard by those nearby. He doesn’t have any questions in particular to raise, though, so he doesn’t speak to this “principal” just yet. He instead whispers to his “classmates” here. “What could that furry demon be? A being of despair?”

Asami breaks away from Kazuo's group to greet Emi, lowering her voice in an attempt to not be either overheard or caught by the principal. "Sumeragi-sensei! Good to see you again." While half paying attention to the principal, she utters out something with a solemn tone that makes it seem important. "If you find time, I need someone to talk to about something later."
"I'm getting the weirdest feeling of deja vu..." [Something about this whole scenario felt familiar to him, but he couldn't quite put it together. Sumeragi-Sensei is around, and all these people...? Kazuo didn't exactly know how to react, or act, or be, for that matter. Instead, he had one question.] "Who the hell are you, what is this place and what are you planning?" [Questions.]

Fushi doesn't really know how to react to the little girl so he just doesn't. His face remains stoic and he lets a few of the others ask their questions first. But then something comes to his mind. What are the blue things I keep seeing? Maybe the girl would know. If she doesn't then he could ask her where the food is.
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