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Ball of Power (remade)
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Last time I tried this I was very much an amateur at the Phansite, this time I'm better. So let's start this up You check your mail, on a normal day, but find a envelope very far from normal. A fancy seal holding it closed and your name written I cursive on the front. It brings to you a sense of mystery. And it's quite unpleasant. "Dear [Y/N] We request your presence at our Ball of Power. You are one of a select few strong warriors that we have chosen, and we look forward to your arrival. The ball is on the 15th of this month. We look forward to your arrival. -Sydogis Deangel" Curious... You read to location off the back of the letter. And then prepare. When. You arrive. A man in a suit opens the door for you. You walk into an empty hall. Until a figure breaks the light coming from the other end. "I feared I was the only one invited. Hello." The teen spoke https://i.imgur.com/Lp4J6Ai
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The outfit is way off though, she is actually wearing a sort of fancy black combat suit. It has ruffles and an over skirt. And to describe the mansion better, its black with a sliver trim. And the doors have a silver doorknob. The man who opens the door has black hair and says when he opens the door for you "My master has been awaiting your arrival"
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