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Give me your unpopular Jojo Opinions
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Shigechi should have stayed alive.
... The characters have bad hair... ...
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I agree with all of these except for the hair but yeah all Part 3 fights were just punch punch punch punch. Win
Johnathan was written kinda shitty in stardust crusaders. Jotaro is a poopy head. Part 2 was best.
In general, most of the series isn't very interesting. The plot isn't good, the characters are mostly mediocre, and the battles just aren't fun. Part 5 is by far the worst part as none of the characters are compelling. Part 7 is only worshiped because it's in the manga, and in reality is only as good as part 2. Part 3 has decent fights, but the rate at which anything of note happens is boring at best. Coming from someone who used to be obsessed with it, rewatching made me realize the flaws.
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