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So uh...how have you all been?
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So i used to be pretty active in the forums under a different name (forgot the password rip), then when i beat P5 i moved on, ya know how it goes. Today i managed to get the P5 soundtrack on android and met a guy with a takemi profile pic and that brought me on a trip down memory lane, so how are you all?
Ok I guess. Royal was cool but it kinda sucks they made it a “different game” so they could sell it for 60 instead of making it like a 20 dollar DLC The Musou game looks fun, If kinda dumb. So Y’know, perfect for the genre Edit: btw, you’d probably remember me as Gamma, but I retired that account a while back
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You know. Dying Of inpatients Because atlus hasn't released p5s in america yet And yes I know virus stuff but I have the demo on my switch and its awsome which only makes me want it more. So ya know the usual Help me
What day is it today
Tuesday or so they say.
What is a meat based loaf Why not a loaf based meat
because if a meat is loaf-based, what is said loaf made of? it's too open ended PK
Meat is also very open ended. It's also squishy
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