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Phighting Game: Miscellaneous extras
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So whenever we have these discussions about a phansite fighting game, we usually go for big topics. You know, win quotes, attacks, supers, all that stuff. But what about the small stuff you usually dont care about? Thats what this thread is for. This thread could be for anything really. Your characters playstyle, the quote they say when you select them, their continue/game over quote, heck you could even go with thr Persona 4 Arena or Smash Bros Punch Out stage approach and give them titles. Go wild!
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So Ina's title would be "The heartburning foxy vessel!" Playstyle would be very heavy rushdown, sprinkled in with a few traps, an install, and projectiles. Think Terumi (Blazblue) mixed with Byakuya (UnderNight) and Parasoul (Skullgirls) Selection quotes: "im fired up!" "Think youre ready to take on a goddess?" "Lets see if youre worth my time!" Continue? Quote: "Maybe i should... Rest for a bit...." Pressing continue quote: "Pfff, you think I'd go down that easy?" Game Over quote: "Night night..... *Snoring*"
guess i'll go by the same categories as you title: king of horny playstyle: similar to phoenix wright in marvel vs capcom, just fucking shouting words and throwing shit selection quotes: "fuck off" "please no" "you're kidding, right" continue? quote: "alright i'm fucking done here" pressing continue quote: "fine, whatever, let's keep going" game over quote: "how did i just do that" edit: i've been informed that my moves are "not horny enough for king of horny" so i will make a few edits, but leave the original above playstyle update: shouting stuff stays, but i'm throwing anime tiddy figures and boob mousepads, as well as main fight style being a large broadsword, but it's actually a body pillow with various waifus on it, dependant on stage/opponent/skin continue? quote update: "just let me lie here and read some hentai" pressing continue quote update: "for the anime tiddies!"
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Each time we do this shit, it's characters, and I've said enough on both This time is different
Title: [Safety Warning: Made in Chile] This was genius, thank you Mal Playstyle: Stance based definitely. Fast and weak moves, strong but slow ones. Easy, Kagura represent, not much to add here, it's pretty easy to get. Selection quotes: "Do I really have to?" / "Fine" / "Whatever" Continue? quote: "...Are we there yet?" Continue! quote: "*Sigh*" Game Over quote: "Okay, I'm doing my own thing now"
Bow down, foolish mongrels
Title: Twilight
Selection quotes: "You're dealing with the Twilight." "Let us waltz amongst the black roses!" "Ready for combat."
I move fast on my feet, my katana and dagger cause my melee attacks to have a small amount of distance or a up close and personal strike. For my projectile or Neutral B, I have a small crossbow, I jump back and take aim. My Side B causes me to spin toward the direction that was tapped towards, if an enemy gets caught, they obtain extreme damage from the blades slicing at them. For my Up B I catch a vine and climb up. As I climb the vine shakes a little, anyone too close will get hit with it and it causes slight damage. Down B is a charge move, but once fully charged. I have access to a Shadow copy, once the Shadow copy is there, pressing Down B again results in a combo attack on any close opponents.
Continue? Quote: "I don't know if... I should rest or not..."
Continue! Quote: "The game is far from over! Let's go!"
Game over quote: "Can't... Fight... Anymore..."
Also, cool idea and... Please don't eat anyone. I'm sure you get what I'm referencing.
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Title: Slapstick Scholar of Sloth! Selection quotes: "Kay." "Oh... ah." "Finally." continue? Quote: "What, I totally had that!" "That shouldn't have..." Continue! Quote: "I see where I went wrong..." Game Over Quote: "I can't do this today..." Alternate Colors: Laharl (full costume), The Joker, Fancy Suit (Full costume), Elmco
Title: Blinding Runt That Can't Count! Selection Quotes: "You're picking me? That's for the best" "I won't let you down!" "I'll make sure no one gets hurt!" Continue? Quote: "Is it safe to keep going...?" Continue! Quote: "I still have power left!" Game Over Quote: "I'm sorry... Kazzie..." Alternate Colors: Amaterasu from Okami, Primary School Outfit (full costume), Casual Clothes (full costume, unlockable), Tatsuya Suou
Title: Moon Man who can't read the room! Selection Quotes: "Oh, is it time to fight? Good." "Looks like it's my time to shine... even if only via reflection." "There's no other way, so why are we still waiting?" Continue? Quote: "How's everyone holding up?" Continue! Quote: "It'll take more than a little back and forth to bring me down!" Game Over Quote: "Can't die yet, I still have a duty to fulfil..." Alternate Colors: Apollo Persona 2, Yu Narukami, Unnecessary Battle Armor (full costume), Butler (full costume), ??? (full costume, unlockable)
Title: Blind Boomer With a Penchant For Shocks Selection Quotes: "I have experienced this scenario many times before." "This shouldn't be a problem." "An expected outcome." Continue? Quote: "My predictions were off... how exciting!" Continue! Quote: "Time to end this!" Game Over Quote: "Ah, The end..." Alternate Colors: Senator Palpatine, Work clothes (full costume), Business-Casual (full costume), Dr Eggman, Shido
i may have spent too much time on this for a non-existant thing but fuck off i do what i want original/base colour: https://i.imgur.com/ywkXRGK.png alternate skin 1: strongest baldy (referencing OPM, with oppai hoodie, black pupils and a very obvious bald cap) https://i.imgur.com/yXXDp4a.jpg alternate skin 2: final form (sort of referencing DB, with ahegao hoodie, blond hair and blue eyes (super saiyan mode)) https://i.imgur.com/6onbz3A.jpg alternate skin 3: hopeful (referencing DR, with makoto's hoodie, red sneakers, grey DR eyes and makoto's brown hair) https://i.imgur.com/TFK3Omg.jpg
Well everyones been doing this for themselves, which is certainly not what i expected while making this. So i figured why not do this for myself? Title: "The painful cringe lurking in the shadows!" Selection quotes: "Well, guess this is happening" "Uh, why are you picking me?" "Please dont tell me that im your main" (chances of this one apparing raise every consecutive pick) Playstyle: A little similar to Kokonoe (blazblue) mixed with Seth (Under Night), able to set shock traps that keep you in place (make you cringe) With a bit of sword play and projectiles (joycons that i have to pick up) Continue? Quote: "Oof...." Continue! Quote: "Not today satan!" Game Over quote: "Not... cash money...."
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Title: The idiot with 1000 IQ Selction Quotes: "Eh. Why not?" "You do know what you're doing, right?" "Activating Keraunos System." Playstyle: Stance Character. Can switch between ranged attacks with use of the electric based abilities of the Keraunos System and Melee combos with his claw and cane. Both styles can call Sams drone to support him. Continue?: Not giving up already are you? Continue: Heh. Didn't think so. Game Over: Tch. I thought you knew what you were doing,
I don't really have anything better to do for the moment, so I may as well give this a try. Sen megumiba: Selection Quotes: "You made the right choice." "Come forth Socrates!" "I'll show you my justice." Continue?: "I just need to stand up..." Continue!: "I'll make you proud!" Game over: "Time to close my eyes..." Playstyle: power-up based rushdown character, most of Sen's attacks are fast, but are weaker with relatively short range. However, she comes with an Idea gauge that charges a little as damage is received, and can be charged more quickly with a skill that makes them vulnerable for the duration. Once charged Sen would be able to release it to summon Socrates, greatly increasing Sen's damage and range. Kokoro Fudoji: Selection quotes: "Let's go Diogenes!" "Someone called for their Big Sis?" "I'll crush them for ya." Continue?: "Guess I got careless." Continue!: "I'll get them this time!" Game over: "So this is where it ends..." Playstyle: Power-based Grappler As a grappler, Kokkoro is focused on getting in past the opponent's game and taking control of the game by keeping their opponent off their feet. She'd have a few rushing grabs that come with super armor and the general goal of forcing an opponent to the wall in order to combo more effectively. She has the same Idea gauge as Sen does, which increases grab range and damage for a short time when activated.
Hello “Phansite.” Title: The Overconfident Vigilante from Tokyo Selection quotes: “Let’s get this show on the road!”/“Looks like we’re up, Washington!”/“Ugh, I still have to run some errands for mom after this...” Continue?: “Just remember what dad always said...” Continue!: “It ain’t over til’ it’s over!” Game over: “Screw it! What’s even the point?” Playstyle: Rushdown (With a few zoner capabilities) Like any other generic rushdown character, Jiyu has various tools that allow him to close in on his opponent and keep them from getting out of his reach. Despite being a rushdown focused character, he can use his flintlock revolver the inferno beam shot from Washington’s sword to pressure enemies from afar. However, these attacks can only be fired in one direction depending on his position (horizontally while grounded and diagonally down while airborne) which makes it easy to punish if the other player is sharp enough. And to keep things short, Washington functions like any other persona from P4A. Alternate costumes: Colonial Rebel Uniform (metaverse costume), Jacket/beanie-less outfit, DMC4 Nero
Title: The Snow Queen Who Won't Shut Up Kaz did all of the work for the title I just tried to make it look original. S̷͉͌̏o̷̞̗̊ṋ̸͆̌ơ̷̱m̷̰̋i̵̡̪͌ ̶̻̅̕ "Sana"Ḿ̴̨͓a̴̩̱̍̿ǐ̷̼z̷̟̑ò̵̠n̷̘̕ó̴̢̙̃ Selection Quotes: "Whoever's on the other side, your mom's a hoe!"/// "Was there even any other option?"/// "All-Silence Protocol Anti Maestro...yeah, that's totally it." Continue?: "Ugh, I'm all sweaty. Can I go home now?" Continue!: "You're making me work! You're so bad at this anyway!" Game Over: "A crappy feeling on top of another crappy feeling...pfft, whatever. Bye forever, loser." Playstyle: An unorthodox trickster type of character that pretends to be something she isn't in order to make both the player and the opponent confused. A messy buffet of traditional playstyles like Mixup + Comeback + Rushdown + Keepaway. - Whatever Sana's doing, she makes sure it isn't predictable. You aren't supposed to be that. That would make you boring, and thus, you'd die easily. What Sana does instead, is change her game plan every second that passes with a smug attitude. Despite having a multitude of options (perfume, weapons, summons, magic), she isn't a jack of all trades, master of none. Despite being extremely fast and damaging in her own right (being slow, clunky, or defensive takes way too much effort), she would pale in comparison to someone that actually specializes in that type of deal. And that's what she wants anyway. Putting in less effort while secretly putting in more effort. This is where her actual playstyle comes in. - Thriving off making her opponent look stupid. Using counter hits (negate supers with a single input using illusions) and parry moves and a variety of options to go with them in order to be flashy while breaking their spirits. Do combos that almost make sense but really don't (fourth-wall breaking and a power up super) yet still work at making the health drop fast. Avoid every single move the opponent throws and pay them back by making them swallow their pride. Annoy them to death by making them fight against projectiles, traps and out of combat effects when you're annoyed. What matters is that Sana has fun with the toys that she had decided to play with, and the toys getting beaten are the ones who deserved it for being the loser on the other side. Who cares if her complicated, roundabout way of doing things makes her on the verge of being a joke character? She's still winning with what she does. And every single taunt she makes against you powers her up, as the opponents who play as someone else deserve to know they are worthless for not being her already.
I only have 1 thing to add. Pancake eating taunt.
Playstyle: A little similar to Kokonoe (blazblue) mixed with Seth (Under Night), You did something, do you know what you did? You mentioned SENPAI! Well, my senpai. Heheh~♡
It's time for more from me https://i.imgur.com/T9fLPMT.jpg Twilit Assassin https://i.imgur.com/QGrnq5r.jpg Angel Dance https://i.imgur.com/Ajmrynv.jpg Blood Curse https://i.imgur.com/LEkZgdS.jpg Red Wild Taunts: "That can't be your best...!" "That was a pathetic try." "*yawn* you bore me." Themes Maddening voice!: https://pzen.perfectpiano.cn:433/html/userDetail.html?picid=252673 Willing to fight!: https://pzen.perfectpiano.cn:433/html/userDetail.html?picid=252674 Sweet memories: https://pzen.perfectpiano.cn:433/html/userDetail.html?picid=252675 Entrance quotes "Foolish decision... Now you'll fall by my hands." "Ready to dance?" "I'm trained to end a life, you will be a small bump in the road to victory..." "I needed a warmup, thanks!" Win quotes "That went well." "Could've done better..." "Don't mess with the queen." "And another victory to add to my collection..." Victory screen quotes "You have potential, which is why I'll let you live. So you can use that potential." "Scared? You should be. Go run to your mother, I'm sure she won't mind your crying in front of her." "You missed one too many times." Special victory screens with others here Elmco "Tch... An irritating, sex obsessed brat... Glad to get YOU put of my way." Sam "You have some interesting tricks up your sleeve, you were a fun opponent- I'm still a little sore from that fight!" Mimikip "Your fighting style reminds me of a certain assassin... Did Seth train you???"

Those images remind me of how Rosie described her Persona, being just Black Widow with Lucina's mask.
I can't forgive bad rp, but mentioning Elm before me? That's just unforgivable.
I remember being overexcited over the concept of the Phighting Game before I knew what scope was. I'm pretty rusty with this sort of thing, but in any case, I have some ideas for Ryoma aka Rom but I kinda regretted that Title: The Programmer With a Savior Complex Playstyle: While he can effectively zone opponents out with his spear and projectiles, Ryoma thrives on using said projectiles to make the opponent guess what approach he will take. These include a stalagmite that comes out of the ground that has to be blocked low and does more hitsun on counter hit, and overhead icicles that can both be delayed for setting up his okizeme. On their own, these options can leave him open to counter attacks with their slower startup times. However, at the cost of his super meter, Ryoma's compiler allows his Persona to add different effects and drawbacks to these attacks, like sapping meter at the cost of his HP, and such. Selection quotes: "Huh? Oh, alright." "I promise, I won't disappoint." Anansi.ps compiler ready. Beginning mission. Continue? quote: "There has to be something more I can do..." Continue! quote: "Not just yet. They still need me, right?" Victory quotes: Against Friends: "Let's go!- Uh, thanks for taking the time to spar with me." General: "I still gotta work on my execution..." Note: Rollback netcode to be applied. Game Over quote: "I'm sorry... There's still a lot I don't know."
Apologies, Mona. So to show how sorry I am, I will give to you, some extra stuff. Entrance quote again Mona "I sense a real fire within you, let's see that flame grow white with heat!" Win quote against Mona "Powerful, but you're a taddddd bit slow. I will happily teach you some new skills." Victory screen quote against Mona "You still have things you need to learn, I'll teach you some more skills if you wish." Team entry quote with Mona "Let's see your fire against these opponents, Sloth. I'll gladly lend my assistance!" Team win quote with Mona "Nice! You impress me even more now!" Team victory screen quote with Mona "That went well, maybe we will work together again!"
Ah yes victory screens too, no one ever really did victory screens Or KO noises now that i think about it Ina: Victory screens: "Pfff, why'd you even try in the first place? No chance youd beat me!" "Well, you tried. Thats about all i can really ask for!" "Well that was a good warm up! Hah, get it, warm up...? Tough crowd." KO noises: "Nice knockdown!" "Huh, caught me off guard!" "That was a cheap shot!" Mimi: Victory screens: "Uhhhh.. wow i did that?" "Alright, THIS is epic." "GG no re.... Well unless the players wanna rematch" KO sounds: "*Bruh sound effect*" "Alexa, play despacito." "Oh no." Aaaaaand why not soem creator vs creation shenanigans? Ina vs Mimi quotes Before battle: Ina: "Why do i get... Really strange vibes from this kid?" Mimi: "WHO THE HECK FORCED ME TO FO FIGHT MY CREATION!?" Win quotes: Ina: "I... Feel bad hurting you for some reason" Mimi: "Is... Is this some sort of strange dream?" Victory Screens: Ina: "Theres... Theres no way youre my creator right? Thats impossible..." Mimi: ".....so does this mean i should buff her and make her stronger, if i can beat her?"

Victory Quotes Stronger than I thought you was, aren't I? Tch Heh Heh I could see every flaw in your form. Let me tell you, there were a lot of them. You really lost to a guy with one arm and a cane? Go back to the training room. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. (Low HP Victory) I'd say both us probably have things to improve on (Low HP VictorY) Ah. Mayu. Run Diagnostics. I think something broke. (Low HP Victory) KO Sounds " What a let down." " Malfunction." " Oops." Entry Quote Should I be impressed? Let's see how what you've got Let's put this new invention to the test.
We literally did a whole thing for victory screens before
All of the mods are boss characters lnao
Title: The Hopeless Emperor of Pancakes Selection Quotes: "If you want, I suppose." "Just dying for second place, huh?" Victory Quotes: "Better than expected, naturally." "Ok, that was pathetic." Defeat Quotes: "Aaaand there it is, folks." "I was never built for first place..." Rematch Quote (after victory): "Oh, once more?" Rematch Quote (after defeat): "Time for ass handery, round two." Alts: Presentable (Suit & Tie), Weebo Mode (Littered with weeb merch) & Harutron (Robotic suit) All my attacks would be light jabs and kicks, with nothing really heavy hitting. I'd be speedy more than anything and use a toaster as a flail for a weapon.
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