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More curiousity from me.
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What would you all do if the Phantom Thieves were real, and responded to requests off of THIS Phansite? Just curious.
Wrong account again...!
One, I think that would get more busy because if changes of heart were possible, the public would be all over them. Second, I'd wonder if requests were actually legitimate and not fake and made up. Third, I'm also a bit curious on how the pandemic would effect the shadows in mementos. And lastly, something else would be the world itself. Since all of the persona users are in Japan most of the time, what if there were other persona users in other countries? Would they have groups too? Or would they work solo?
Probably ask them to change my head
Or if the Phantom Thieves started working worldwide? That would be interesting.

@SimonTheGuardian You sure they don't? @Broadway_Thief 1) Mishi would be overwhelmed with government investigations and IP tracking. 2) Depends on the person. 3) Most of the shadows would either be set to "Rage", "Despair" or "Flu" 4) It's largely up to the individuals to go solo or form groups, much like how even in P5, each user had their own goal that deviated from the group at one point. The reason it's mostly focused in Japan (outside of Dev Bias), is because it was the battle ground for Philemon, and then again it was ground zero for the Dark Hour, which left lingering effects.
But what I was asking was, how would you all react to it? Not what do you think would happen? What would you do?
@Joker Thanks for the info. It's a very helpful insight to the questions that I wondered about previously.
Well for one I would be on the end of calling the PT fucking dangerous given what they can do, so if requests were being taken, and I assure you real life is not as romantic and black and white as Persona 5 sadly paints it and all it presents, then idk I would call them poopy heads or something, tell em to eat dirt or whatever Reason is that teenagers are volatile dumbasses who do not know better, and most people don't grow out of it That said, in canon it's 100% guaranteed there's more Persona users all over the world, the collective unconscious' reach is that of all humanity present and gone, so really it's just Atlus usually keeping themselves in Japan as a setting
regardless of how righteous their cause may be, i would not want a bunch of teenagers fucking around in the minds of people not to mention that younger people are usually more biased than they realize, and may do something they think is for the greater good but they are just totally wrong
ask thieves for mote they steal mote and are to give it to me I need mote if they will not give me mote I will kill and do terrible thing please give mote I need mote so bad phantom thieves change my heart into mote it is very important that you give me mote or killing is only option take mote and bank mote give the man his motes it is needed to give him motes many mote many time five motes will do if done one hundred time twenty mote is ample if is given forty time I need all of these motes also give mote fifty time ten or fifteen will do for to mote please joker give mote please ann give mote please ryuji give mote please yusuke give mote please morgana give mote please haru give mote please futaba give mote please goro give mote please other thieves give mote do not steal my mote give me your mote I need for collect mote please my hat is white it means give mote you may kill ifor mote but do not take mote it is important that you do not but I do take mote please moteif not thief give mote then to be of investigation team give mote or are mote in telivison I do note know this mote please phantom thieve give moe te mote please I need mote I am humble warlock not petty hunter or small intelligent titan I am strong walog with man y braincel l worthy many of mote I carry and give to him and he will see me give him mote and talk about it and give me rewards for my motes but I do not to wish have these motes or things of given only to take mote and keep I have 5,948 mote and have given to him but it is not enough there are many block to give mote and bad thief not phantom but bad they kill and steal mote from me but what am I to do when kill is harder than have mote oh why are I not to have mote when ask why not be given to me please he is keeping me here when I want mote and new name made from mote giving but he will not he will not he will not this is a very ungood thing of to have when mote is the thing of topic beacuise I need mote and to give mote please it is very importan t are the thieves real I need the mote please I must know if they will give me mote the portal is up go take them out but why do this when I can have mote and give him mote he needs them more thn am e but i must be one the one to have give n mote to him please phantom thieves i beg of you to give me mote
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