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Shibuya: Kosei High School [Número 3]
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Yeah, regular ol' japanese high school if you want to use it. Someone opened it before and severely limited what this is actually all about so now that I'm free and bored, you guys do as you please. Caaaaasual as usual. Hidden among the many skyscrapers, streets, and parks, maybe even the convenience stores, there is a beautiful building of three floors and painted in white. The front yard is ample and surrounded by giant trees with benches underneath, as well as neat paths taking the rest of the park-like area around the main building, popular spots for students who want to relax in the school ground when the weather is on their side. From here, it is easy to reach the main entrance into the main building, where all the classrooms are placed. The first floor is about what one would expect from a traditional high school; leading to the backyard and having at least three different classrooms on each side of the building, all belonging to first years; the walls looking to the backyard all with windows that allow for a better view back. There’s also a single Store offering snacks, drinks, and lunch for those who can afford it, and get there in time for it. Finally, the Nurse’s Office is in this floor, as well as the Principal’s Office. The second floor is more of the same, this time for second year students. Besides that, the Teacher’s Lounge is located here, right in front of the Student Council Room. Then, the third floor, belonging to those going through their third and final year of high school. The library is located in this floor, being quite massive for all those students that would rather read, study, or keep a low profile in silence. Finally, the rooftop. Not many go there, but those who would rather be alone with no one else looking. It’s popular with lovers and close friends. The backyard is quite spacious, similar to the front yard leading to two places: The Gym Building and the Practice Building. The first one is merely a gym, meanwhile the second one is centered around the activities and school clubs students themselves form. There are many different clubs in it, so much so anyone could probably make one up if they wanted to.
Contrary to expectations, Apollo had been absent from the school grounds for a few days, while Asami would hide amidst the giant trees in the front yard instead. She would appear severely worn out and anxious, frantically trying to remain out of sight, an effort once again hindered by her natural glow.
Jessica walks by the school grounds, heading back to her TARDIS, when she sees a gentle glow, a moment passes, then she recgonise's her. "Hey, you're Apollo's sister right? Hey, are you okay? You seem frightened and/or anxious. Yes, just like you Anxeity, now shut up now, please. You also kinda look tired and winded."
As apparently the closest thing to a normal person here, Nanaka goes to school as if nothing was happening. The girl's a third-year, and overall well-known for her looks and high scores, the classic combination of brains and beauty that haunts every anime high school. Regardless, Nanaka enters the school as she normally does, bringing her textbooks up to her locker on the third floor before heading to the library. She was one of the first ones there, beaten only by a few members of the school's staff, and thus has the opportunity to study in silence before the school day has truly begun.
There'd be a strange feeling among all the student body and even the faculty. A strange feeling that would soon become normalized by all but those with enough unnatural amount of awareness. A man in a strange white suit would stand inside of the science room, seemingly reading a book on physics with great interest as if simply absorbing knowledge was only natural for him. To many he simply would be the odd science teacher who had been around for the past year though some would possibly find him more out of place then that, down to the pale skin and dull eyes he possessed.
After waiting awhile, Asami would enter the school proper, taking some time to explore before coming across the strange aura. "Wait, is that? Maybe he's...!" After deliberating in her mind, she would decide to make her way to the science room, forcefully pushing the door open and looking disappointed upon seeing only the pale skinned teacher. "Oh, it's only..." Soon, Asami's disappointment would be replaced with anxiety and nervousness when she realized she was talking to a perpetual stranger in an unfamiliar environment. "Uhhh... um, hi! I was just, um..." She scratches her right cheek, being at a loss for words.
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[Nope, not today. No sir, he was going to relax. Truth is he could easily feel something was weird and off today with the school, but after what happened a few days ago, he had been in the mood to just forget about things and relax at his favorite possible place.] "No sir, I won't get involved into supernatural things today." [He automatically makes his way up towards the third-year's floor and then to the library, feeling as if he had just committed a sin by saying that out loud. Without much of an issue, he would make it to the place itself, and notice only the single most popular girl in their year and possibly the school. Kazuo was still generally relatively unknown but given that he was now the president of the Occult Club... it meant a lot of weird attention from those how knew anything about such a bizarre subject. He figured he may as well just walk past her and look through the books. Maybe he would find something interesting this time around. To achieve normalcy, one must act naturally.]
The man looks up from his book and down at the girl. His gaze shifts to a more serious one as he addresses her. "Good morning, are you lost? Class is starting soon and science isn't until the afternoon. Of course, that's assuming you go to school here. Otherwise it's not really my department to tell someone to leave. Just make sure you don't get caught wandering during school hours."
Asami's nerves would fade once asked if she was lost. "Well, no, i'm not exactly lost. It's just that... my brother hasn't returned home in the last few days, and I thought i'd search for him here." She would then be more focused, speaking clearly and consisely. "His name is Apollo Sonnenschein. Do you know where he might be, by any chance?"
"There aren't many things I don't know..." The man would close the book they were using for study and quickly place it on a nearby table. "Apollo hasn't been coming to school either. Though in a town like this students missing school seems to be more than a little common." His expression would once again transition, going from serious to much more lax as if there wasn't much consistency with his own temperament. "I can't help you look for them right now as I'm working and the last thing a newer teacher like me needs is for my seniors to accuse me of leaving in the middle of the day. At very least, his location isn't something so simple to gain hold of but since you asked..." He seemed to concentrate for a moment. If Apollo's location was known to any ordinary human he'd have the answer but even he saw that as unlikely. At very least, this was simply a natural talent for him.
Nanaka seems to have picked out a history book, one covering the Edo period, though she doesn't seem too interested in it. Naturally, the girl would notice Kazuo joining her in the library. She hadn't taken him as one to come this early, so his presence was surprising. But not surprising enough for him to be worth talking to. After all, with his Occult club and social awkwardness Kazuo had attained a reputation for being something of a weirdo. Associating with him too long might be harmful for her and her family's reputation, so it was something to be avoided if at all possible.
While Apollo's location would be known by a small group of ordinary, it would not be within the same realm of reality as the one currently inhabited by everyone present. Instead, he would be with a human accomplice in a Tokyo more reminicient of an apocalyptic wasteland, festering with demons. "Oh?" She would wait patiently while the science teacher concentrates, holding her breath in anticipation.
"You won't find him right now. If I were to guess I'd say he'll have to come back on his own." The man only spared a quick smile before picking the book he had been reading back up and continuing to gloss through it. "In it's present state knowledge is quite a limited resource. I've always believed myself to posses most knowledge available to me but I doubt I'm as impressive as someone who can gain even knowledge unavailable to them. Not that those types are easy to find. Besides, knowing absolutely everything spoils half the fun."
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["What is this weird feeling I'm getting? It's as if I'm getting assaulted by a cold wave from somewhere, but how is this possible?" The young man thinks. Indeed, his soul was telling him this, that he was being attacked by the equivalent of an Ice Age produced by contempt, coming straight from Nanaka. Kazuo's expression is filled with anxiety at the prospect.] "What? Hey, what is up with that attitude? I didn't even say anything to you and you're already giving me the cold shoulder." He thinks. "I know, maybe she's some kind of ghost instead, that's why it feels like this!" He thinks again. He is also very wrong. [He can't exactly focus on looking for a book with this the weird sensation of social anxiety hitting him all of a sudden, so it all translates into glaring at Nanaka.] "Is this because of some... rumor thing? Nobody even knows I exist." He keeps thinking. He was both right and wrong at the same time. The glare lives on, him unaware of it at all.
A young man in his second year would sit in the library as well, staring down at... A phone of some kind, with a strange app loaded on it while sighing slightly. "Ah geez... What am I even doing here right now, so much to do and yet I'm just looking through old books that probably can't tell me anything useful." Much like Kazuo, rumors swirl around Tadashi as well. And the stack of various occult books that sits next to him along with one he's reading through doesn't exactly help any with dispelling claims of him being a weirdo. He however couldn't give less of a damn what anyone else thinks, and looks far more interested in judging by the titles, books that might help one in the calling forth of demonic beings. "Heh, can I even call myself a summoner with just one to my name?" He'd glance over towards Kazuo curiously for a moment, putting the phone away and closing his book while doing so. Occult club huh, he thought about joining but never did. Not one for clubs anyways so eh, but they might be interesting people regardless... Does he want to approch, or not. That's the question, but for now he simply ends up glancing over with a curious looking face. And ignoring Nanaka, as she probably does to him.
"Oh, I see..." She would appear slightly dejected, trusting Elian's answer. "In that case, can you please tell me where Kazuo Takahara is? He's a close friend of mine..." While still worn, the conversation provided an odd sense of comfort for Asami, allowing her to relax somewhat.
oh dear he's looking at me. Thankfully no one else is in the library or people might get the wrong idea That's the first thought, until she notices the other occult weirdo sitting in the library. It was both a blessing, because it explains Kazuo's presence, and a curse, because people might associate her with this little club. Nanaka stands up and moves to a table as far from the pair as possible, and continues reading her history book
"Kazuo is at school today, probably studying since it's still early. It might be unwise to visit him at the moment as he might be wrapped up in schoolwork." Of course, he was still focusing on his book but his eyes would shift up for a moment. "If you're still intent on going despite that I'm going to have to escort you. I'd rather not get in trouble for letting someone wander the campus who doesn't even go to school here."
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"Wait, who is this NUTJOB speaking of demons so openly in the school!? You're going to make me look worse!" He thinks. He is possibly correct. [Then Nanaka, being the one other person in the place moves away.] "I WAS RIIIIIIIIIGHT!!" He screams internally. [Kazuo had already made the decision to be as NORMAL as he could for the time being, and without acting natural, he could not attain true normalcy. Therefore, although he was curious, he decided to sit in the same table as Nanaka, grabbing the first book he could find, trying to read through it.] "My favorite. I like..." [He actually reads the subject of the book. He kept his voice low, at least.] "...ice skating manuals." [He was reading an ice skating manual. How exactly was it in this library, he didn't know at this point. Kazuo pitifully tries to remain focused on whatever he was reading, looking normal in general, but his eyes were screaming...] "Kill me. Kill me already. I'm so sorry miss, I don't act like this on purpose!" He laments internally.
"I see." Her attitude would appear to significantically approve, gleefully smiling at the teacher's offer. "Please escort me, then!" Should he choose to take her, Asami would follow the teacher wherever he went.
Nanaka silently moves one chair further. Although this brought her closer to Tadashi, it also made sure she wasn't sitting across from Kazuo, a rumor prevention measure she had long been familiar with. "Ice Skating is a work of art, much like ballet dancing. It requires elegance, poise, an intense awareness of one's surroundings. In that sense its much like reading the room." Nanaka makes sure to stress that last sentence, pointing it at Kazuo's failure to do so. It was best for commoners to accept their place after all. The better not to cause trouble.
He somewhat didn't expect her to actually take his offer after all was said and done but now he had said he'd do it so he saw little choice. He'd place the book down once more and without changing expression he'd begin walking to the door. "Alright, then follow me. It shouldn't be too far." Upon exiting the room the man would take the stairs to the third floor. He'd stand in front of the library, deciding to not yet enter himself. "He should be in here. I'll wait out here unless there's some kind of issue." That said he'd pull up another book seemingly from just reaching behind his back. This one was about chemistry. The last thing he'd say was simple a murmur about something he was reading "Huh, they've discovered quite a few mundane elements here..."
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["Did... did she actually speak to me?" The young man is confused. At least, the wave of Ice damage directed at his heart wasn't as terrible. He thinks he probably should feel like it.] "You... speak all weird." ["KILL ME!" He thinks, yearning for death, as it was the first thing that came to his head and the first thing he decided to share.] "I-I mean... if you say so, then it's probably true. I've... just kind of gotten into it. I figured I needed more hobbies." [He is both lying and telling the truth.]
"Okay, thanks mister!" Asami rushes into the room, immediately chasing after Kazuo upon noticing him, hug-tackling him and nearly (and quite possibly actually) knocking him to the ground. Tightly gripping his chest, she would heavily sob on his clothes for miniscule water damage.
The "nutjob" isn't quite as clueless as one might suspect, and he can see what Kazuo's playing at. His respect for the older student just went down several notches, Nanaka meanwhile he never respected at all and truthfully has been annoyed by the entire brief time he's known her. But he was hoping someone who'd open an occult club publically might not be concerned with such sad masquerades. So instead he'd simply sigh and open up the app again, the Cathedral of Shadows... No use to him right now, sadly. But if he could get some more demons that would change. He could try and pretend to fit in, but really that just seems futile given his usual takes and known thoughts. ... He can't help but notice how sadly akward Kazuo is though, and suddenly hugged by some random child? The young man just sighs and looks over to Kazuo with a silent invitation to come over to his table, weirdo he may be. But at least he's a seemingly friendly one, right? The novice devil summoner does have to question the apperance of this child though, some kind of strange glow seems to be around her... That kid is probably not a human by his guess, could she be Kazuo's demon? He knows some take humanoid forms. "Huh, that is... A thing that's going on to be sure." Truly, he is a master of speech. But what else can be said aloud at this point?
"I suppose even a barbarian could use one pleasant hobby." Nanaka lets out a sigh, maintaining a solid and straight posture. She had always been an overly traditional type, some might even say her values had fallen behind. Thankfully, she's spared any need for further conversation by Asami's presence. An excellent opportunity to give the two... What, siblings? She's gonna say siblings since that explains a middle schooler being at a high school before class started
Morikazu’s no ace student. If it were up to him, he’d just ignore school altogether, but he can’t always have his way can he? By some miracle, he arrived pretty early today. He’d have thought the wall clocks were wrong if it weren’t for the numbers on the screen in front of him. After sending a quick text, he stuffs his phone into his jeans pocket. He’ll just kill some time at the library then. Maybe they finally got that new volume of- He is not at all mentally preparing for what’s going on in here. The science teacher’s here... and the occult weirdo with a kid clinging to him... Morikazu stares at the scene for a bit. Then starts. Slowly. Shutting the door. He’ll pretend he never saw that.
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"Wait hold it right there, what do you mean barba-WHA-!?" [Kazuo suddenly sees the floor. He is in the floor right now, with someone VERY annoying staining his uniform with tears. This is Asami, isn't it? He looks down and he hates being right. He, however, remains with a stoic face. “I’m ignoring you” He thinks.] "Tokiwa-san, I think we started on the wrong foot. My name is Kazuo Takahara. It's nice to meet you. I'm not a barbarian." [The young man's own tears would leave his body, except this isn't actually happening. Indeed, he was crying internally, hiding his pain under an aloof facade... still on the floor.]
Asami herself would be surprised that Kazuo was actually knocked down, gasping once she got up and bowing apologetically. "Ah, i-i'm sorry! I just... I really need a friend right now..."
"I'm glad you think that." while Kazuo is trapped with his sibling, Nanaka takes the opportunity to move to the NEXT farthest table. Its closer to Tadashi, but at least he seemed satisfied staying in his own lane rather than trying to get some rumors started about him and an actual somebody
The devil summoner can't help it at this point, he'd burst out into laughter for a moment. Just looking over at what's going is entirely too amusing for him. But he'd speak up to Kazuo in a curious voice after a moment. "Why are you even bothering, Interacting with that one is a futile gesture. Some people are just too caught up in their silly reputations and that's all there is too it." He'd shoot Nanaka a cheeky glance that somehow fails to acknowledge her as even worth speaking about like she's there. He'd call turnabout fair play really. "Anyway name's Tadashi Yagami, nice to meet you and your... Sister? Cousin? Something like that, probably. How's it going?" Despite his frosty Refusal to admit Nanaka exists, there's a friendly smile on the boy's face while introducing himself.
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[A single tear runs by Kazuo cheek. Nothing more comes as his aloof facade remains. He stands up and returns the chair to its rightful place, turning to face Tadashi while sighing.] "She's a friend's sister. I have no idea why she's here at all at this time of day and why she was even allowed in. Whoever let her get this far should probably have their salary cut." [Kazuo genuinely thought, caring about the regulations of the school. Regardless, he would speak again.] "I'm fine. I'm just... I guess I got caught up thinking." [He looks out the window, the sun being young. Light shines down on him, as he unveils an absolute truth, not even bothering to keep his voice down.] "Girls in this school... are all crazy. It gets worse the more popular they are." [He started to wonder if he said this out loud.]
Asami would wipe her eyes, looking at Tadashi with worn eyes, but still maintaining a somewhat cheery demeanor. "Nice to meet you, Tadashi. My name's Asami."
Tadashi would chuckle a bit, a friend's sister huh... Well he's heard weirder reasons for someone to be around, usually uttered by his favorite aunt. So that's fine with him. "Heh, well she seems alright I guess. Bit hyperactive but eh, younger kids are usually like that so hardly a cause for worrying. Kinda weird she'd come over here though yeah..." A case of some kind? Does she need help with something, if so... He probably can't do much, so no need to try and foolishly get involved. Upon hearing Kazuo's last statement the young man wouldn't be able to himself from snickering for several moments. Did this guy actually just go there? God damn, and he thought he was being blunt about Nanaka. "Hah! Oh that's a good one, can't say you're wrong either man. I know a few who are alright, but it really isn't ever the popular ones. That goes for guys too though, really... And yo Asami, any specific reason you've come by our school on this fine day?" He can't help it, he wants to know things at heart. And a little kid bursting in here who's oddly glowing or something is too odd for him to not wanna learn more.
Asami would answer nervously, clutching her fists. "Oh, uh, my brother has just been missing for a few days and I was getting worried, so I came here. The science teacher who looked kind of like that Elian guy told me he'd come back on his own, so I wanted to talk to Kazuo to cope."
Nanaka simply lets out a sigh and returns to her book. Its pretty obvious that Kazuo and Tadashi were baiting her at this point, but she's not dull enough to fall for it. Better to let them have their little jabs and bond with each other than do anything that might give up the dignified appearance Nanaka worked so hard to maintain.
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[Kazuo was confused at Tadashi's words.] "What do you mean? Did I say that out loud?" [He would momentarily look towards Nanaka, who apparently had some kind of weird idea he didn't fully comprehend. Regardless, he would check his phone for the exact time.] "One last bit. I'm not too interested in formalities, but you should call me Senpai, Tadashi. I'm still a grade higher than you are." [He would return the book he had with him and move towards the door.] "I'm off. Go back home, Asami. I'm not your guardian. See you around too, Tokiwa...no... since you called me a barbarian..." [He thinks for a moment what to say. A little voice inside of him pushed him to go this route, like the advice of an angry mother. Maybe "she" was rubbing off on him a bit too much.] "Since you have been really disrespectful, I'll go with "Princess". See you, "Princess" of Kosei." [He would shrug happily and walk towards his classroom.]
Senpai huh... Hah, he forgets about those things sometimes. But ah well, Kazuo seems nice enough all told so he's got no problem with that. "Sure thing Kazuo-senpai. We should talk more later sometime, I'm kinda curious what sort of things that club you made may have found... You probably guessed it from the books, but I'm interested in those things too. Honestly woulda joined, but I'm just not one for groups." Before going he'd put away the book he's borrowed from the library... Which is only one, the rest sitting on the table were apparently his. Considering he had been casually muttering to himself about demons before, this may not shock Kazuo. He also can't help snickering a bit while walking out from the room and hearing that new nickname, lovely. "Anyways see ya around Senpai, I should probably get to class myself anyway. Not like I have anything better to do today." No cases to dig into, no demons to negotiate with he knows of. Truly, this will be another boring day at school as he heads off to class... Just another normal day.
Asami would feel a bit dejected as soon as everyone leaves. She would then make her way out the library too, looking at Elian expectedly. "Oh, uh, do you have any food? I haven't had much to eat since Onii-chan left... He usually feeds me."
The man would sigh but in a very neutral way that didn't really say much of anything. "I'll get you something to eat but you'll have to leave right after. We can't have people wandering the campus while there are classes going on as amusing as it might be. I made an exception today but I'd rather not cause too much trouble for the rest of the staff."
Asami's eyes would gleam with joy. "Ok, thanks again! I'll be right out after that! By the way, what's your name?"
After what seems like days have passed in the devil summoner's mind, which is in fact mere hours. School would indeed finally end, and the young man is simply left... Seated in the library again, curiously flipping through a book before he pauses and glances around the place. "Hmm... What to do today, what to do indeed." Always a tough question, even more so when one is seeking to try and further their skills in occult dealings. For this second however he'd simply relax while pouring over what appears to be a book written in some strange language that's long forgotten by most. Happily humming to himself while reading through it without any issue and wondering if anyone interesting might come along.
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["Did she really have to be that rude? I guess you kind of expect that, considering..." Kazuo, trying to continue his streak of being somewhat normal, would head back into the library, pick something to read since he had nothing to share with the club anyways. Not yet, he was still looking around. There was Tadashi however, checking out occult books he himself recognized to some degree.] "...you're into that too, huh?" [Kazuo speaks to Tadashi.] "Hey, mind if I seat nearby?"
The young man would smile a bit at Kazuo's question, shaking his head and speaking in a curious tone. "Heh, yeah a bit. And nah, not a problem with me man. It was kind of hilarious watching you and Tokiwa by the end, she never does take the bait though." Clearly that talk about Nanaka he'd done so casually eariler is... Nothing new to Tadashi, as for the current book. Kazuo may or may not know it as a book on pulling Demons from the Expanse to the mortal world, one that has some actual useful knowledge even. "But yeah this little book's all about the basics of summoning things the hard way, can't say I've ever tried it out before. But it seems pretty interesting!"
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[Kazuo does indeed know the book, however, many of the rituals in that one were pure fiction. Most of them lack the detail of "Sacrificing another living being". It works for him. It means no one can truly get anything too dangerous out of the library.] "These things are never real, but I do like reading through them. Can you imagine though...? Actual demons?" [He could.] "The Expanse though. Isn't the place just called "Hell" where demons live?"
The young man chuckles a bit, Kazuo either doesn't know... Or he's playing dumb, Tadashi is betting on the later frankly. "Ehhhh, hell is more of a Christian idea. The Expanse is... Less specifically tied to just that one mythlogy, more a unified theory wherein any sort of being which humans believe in strongly enough could be a 'Demon' of sorts. Even an ancient hero of legend would count as a 'Demon' one could find in the Expanse, if you think it really exists. And some would say such things are pure fiction, but I'm not convinced. I've seen weird stuff before man." [i]He is quite sure its fairly correct, besides a few key details. And he could even prove it to an extent. But why on earth would he conjure up a demon in the middle of the school library? That's just asking for trouble after all, even a tame one like his Nekomata would be too much. Let alone bloody animal sacrifice to call some Kobold or the like, and human sacrifice is just ruled out./i]
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"That sounds made up. Not unlike all the other things anyways." [He shrugs, looking through all the different books as he continues to speak.] "Still, it's fun to read and investigate. One moment you're reading about that american urban legend... Mothman. And then you find yourself reading about some bizarre conspiracy theories, like planes releasing chemicals on us all for whatever reason." [Kazuo pulls out a book at random, not looking anymore. It is called "Goethe's Faust". He opens it up, in silence, trying to figure out what it was even about. "I can't be surprised at a few weirdos knowing about the Expanse. Just as long as it remains mostly secret." He thinks. He returns towards where Tadashi was, taking a seat.] "Personally I'm more of a fan of studying how most if not all myths go back to the same source."
Tadashi shrugs back, voice non-commital despite his... Strong feelings on the subject of magic and demons. "Maybe it is made-up, maybe it's not. Not like anyone could prove it either way any more than a religion right? But what I'm sure about is there's more to the world than just the material before our eyes. Tokyo is just plain strange half the time, spent most of my life here and man. I've got some stories, everyone does though yeah?" He'd shoot Kazuo a smirk for a moment before looking down at the book in his... Aquinatince's hands, oh that one. Hehe. "And neat, Faust, that's a classic there. The tale of Heinrich Faust, for whom the book is obviously named. It's been a while since I read this one but the gist is that he cuts a deal with a demon, the demon agrees to serve as he wishes in exchange for Faust's soul going to serve in hell when he dies. Pretty neat story, heh, if hell existed would you wanna make a deal like that?"
A boy looking just around middle school or late elementary age with an elementary schooler's outfit and gray canine ears atop his gray curly hair could be seen scaling the wall of the building with a grappling hook and/or knife, latching onto one of the library windows. He would try giving the window a push upwards, pouncing into the room on all fours. If that did not work, he would simply knock loud enough on the glass to get either Kazuo or Tadashi's attention.
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"It doesn't sound like a fair deal. If it's a life against an eternity then it would be like asking someone if they want to eat sushi, with the only condition that they will be tortured until they die right after. That's pretty unreasonable." [Even so, the story is a fun one. It was interesting to him how it had all types of ends.] "There's really only two reasons anyone would take that kind of deal. Either they didn't know the price to pay, or were too mad to even consider the aftermath." "It's fun, right? Faust always gets all these endings. He could end up in hell for all eternity for what he did, but he also has a chance at regaining his soul, which should be pretty much impossible, but can happen anyways."
The boy would nod, grinning a bit. "Exactly, it's a completely rotten deal when you really think about it... But fun nevertheless. Stories can end so many ways, and which one the original author intended at this point is a kinda iffy question really, it was made what, back in the early 1800s?" He'd pause then glance over towards the knocked on window, that is... Strange and worrying, some kid with wolf ears and a weapon. He draws out his phone in a fluid motion that's far too practiced while walking towards it, quickly opening the thing and darting off to the side. "And well, this is almost exactly the kinda thing I mean by this city being strange... What a drag, I hope you aren't gonna start a fight in here. I actually like the lady that works this library so I don't wanna cause her any trouble kid." He'd glance between Kazuo and the boy, wondering what his new acquaintance might do if this does come to a fight. But hopefully it won't.
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"I didn't see anything, what are you talking about?" [Kazuo laughs, truly not knowing what Tadashi is talking about, or who. Perhaps he was acting like he didn't know. Who knew.]
The boy gets into the library, noticing Kazuo's lack of acknowledgement. Rather than introduce himself, he would merely eerily smirk, gazing around the room like a creeper as he lies curled up with his hands on his feet, wolf-like tail lying against the floor. "Naw, fighting ain't my style. I'm just 'ere to see wot's wot."
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"...Wonderful." [Kazuo says, plainly. Not exactly sure how to react.]
Tadashi just sighs, closes the window again, and then returns to his seat, right then. "Sure, you do that. Kid that may or may not exist at all." He'd then shrug before moving on and finishing what he was going to say before... This happened. "Anyway, yeah cutting deals with demons. I can't say I'd take a deal like Faust's of course... But if such things did exist, I'd expect them to vary as much as humans do personally. In that case, I suppose you can say I'd more want to look at them as allies or partners rather than mere minions. What good is a being you can't even trust working for you?" He really can't grasp the mindset of someone who both thinks demons are all bad, and wants to become a summoner of them. It just isn't logical to try and cut deals like that, and the mere thought causes Tadashi to groan a bit while rubbing his head slightly.
Kanon would stand up and stretch, looking curiously at Tadashi. He took a few steps in the direction of where Tadashi was sitting, tail swaying from side to side with each step. "Huh? Who's this Faust fellow? Sounds like a bleedin' looney."
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"When it comes to cutting deals, you don't necessarily need to trust the other. You only need to have a guarantee things will go your way." "Think of it like... cutting a deal and them obeying because otherwise you can take them to court, and that may be a win to you just by forcing them into that position." [He rubs the back of his head.] "When you make a move, you need to have a backup, and something to fall on, and more of those as you go along." [He would turn to Kanon.] "It's a fictional character, a bit of an archetype too. Basically a guy who made a deal with the devil to get something and then paid for it."
"Ah, I see." Kanon looks away, disinterested. The pup, bored out of his mind, would sniff the air. While improbable, he was betting on the odds that he would be able to smell some kind of valuable, simultaneously looking over the visible belongings of both Tadashi and Kazuo.
The boy simply smiles and laughs a bit at that, threats of court... Threats of death would be more likely dealing with demons, but even so? "Mmm, those kinds of tactics can have their uses if you'll never need that person again. But they also breed resentment and scorn among those you use them against, it's a balancing act. In the end I'd rather be loved and feared than just feared. I won't deny you have a point though." As for what the child would find among Tadashi's items... A devil summoner glaring slightly upon noticing them looking so closely, a cellphone, several books spread around the table most of which belong to the library. Except for an old hand written journal that he places a hand on. "And oi kid, don't go digging through people's personal belongings with your eyes. You're no detective, and we aren't suspects in some case. So it's not your business."
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[Kanon would find notebooks, maybe a singular textbook and pencils. Nothing really of note. Maybe compass but that was about it. At the same time, he would retrieve his bag.] "Who are you? There's NO way you are a student here."
Tadashi's order would tick Kanon off, causing him to be more confrontational. "Wolves do as they please. Never forget that." They smirk in response to Kazuo's interrogation, shrugging it off for a few seconds before responding. "Guess you could say i'm an 'adventurer' of sorts. And so what if this ain't my own school? This one is far more exciting. Who knows, maybe I could even end up transferring here?"
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"If you cause any trouble we can just get a teacher to get you out. It's not even that hard." [Kazuo was wondering what was the deal with this weird, sassy lost child, but he figured he might as well stick to the rules if it got too out of hand suddenly. Knowing this, he would calmly close his eyes and let it be.] "Chuunibyou, are you?"
Kanon showed no signs of being intimidated by Kazuo's threat, merely ominously laughing at the notion. "We'll see about that." He didn't feel it necessary to humor Kazuo's next words with a response, only looking to the nearby books for anything pertaining to skills that would aid in evading authorities or unavoidable confrontations.
I actually think I'll be using this tomorrow. cutting it real close so I'll just keep this from exploding right quick
OOC: Alright, it might have been more than one day, but I'm finally just about ready. IC: As with everything else, the school moves in cycles, closing one day to open the next. It was a few weeks into the semester, yet the school was about to receive a new student. Risako of the Kohiyo family, was being transferred in as a first year a few weeks in. The girl was nearly blind, so many of the teachers would already know of the accommodations she would need. And so, the short girl with long-blonde hair and clouded eyes arrives accompanied by a tall man in his mid thirties. The man has short brown hair and brown glasses to go with his white labcoat, going for a scientist aesthetic. Many of the staff members would recognize the man as Risako's father, Ikemura Kohiyo. Meanwhile those interested in the tech world might remember him as CEO of Anemone Energy, a company that focuses on research in energy production and efficiency. The girl seems a bit nervous, holding tightly onto her father's hand as students rush by them. Still, Risako looks scared to get too close to him, holding the man at a distance. Risako: "Y... You really didn't have to come out for me... I don't want to take up your precious time.." As the girl stumbles verbally, her father puts one hand on Risako's shoulder in hopes of calming her. His voice is high and cheerful in contrast with his darkened, tired eyes. Ikemura: "Don't worry about it. I wouldn't miss your first for the world. Besides, I have business in this ward anyways."
After a few days, Apollo would resume going to school. He would pass Risako in the halls and look back to her, uttering something. "Now there's an unfamiliar face..." Apollo would feel possessed to walk back over to the father and daughter duo, lethargically waving his right hand. "Excuse me, freshie, name's Apollo. Who might you be?"
This one man would calmly walk through the corridors of the school, watching as the students live calmly with cold eyes and perfect posture. Always wearing an oldfashioned hat, a suit and wavy hair, standing out amongst the staff almost as much as their very own Emi Sumeragi. This was the principal of Kosei High School, known to all; his name is Utsuho Yonaga. "Apollo Sonnenschein, greeting the newcommer, are you? That is good. It is important to make the children feel safe and welcome in our fine institution." He approach the group casually, speaking softly and taking his time as he does so, almost like whispering. "Mister Kohiyo, it is indeed good to see you. Greetings, Miss Risako, it is a pleasure to have us join us for today's classes."
The pair look back at the new voice. Risako tries to shy away, but her father brings her forward a bit, giving the girl a gentle smile in an effort of encouraging her. Though she doesn't manage to muster anything before the principal approaches. The father calmly waves to the man in greetings. Ikemura: "Its a pleasure to see you too. I trust my daughter will be able to adjust." Risako gives a faint grunt of affirmation, still too nervous to speak in such a public capacity. But she was somewhat hopeful of getting something to help with her nerves, if nothing else. Risako's father looks over to Apollo, giving the other kid a friendly greeting Ikemura: "Sonnenschein was it? Its a pleasure to meet you. Are you the student who'll be helping my daughter get used to the school her first few days?"
"Hmm?" Apollo looks to the principal, recognizing him but ultimately having very few interactions and not really understanding his personality. He wouldn't add much, until he was directly addressed by the girl's father, feeling a little awkward and confused. "Um, no, I wasn't even aware there was a new student. Sounds interesting."
"We are indeed known for children that have issues adjusting for one reason or another. Because of this, it is highly encouraged that students join clubs and communicate with our teachers. We believe that everyone deserve the tools to develop the necessary skills for a better future." The man would give the father and daughter duo a reassuring smile, then turning to Risako. "I am always walking around the school or work at my office, if you ever need any help. I would also recommend looking for Miss Emi Sumeragi. She's quite popular with the students. The Student Council will never ignore you either." "Making new friends indeed happens when you least expect it."
Ikemura: "Ah yes, the history teacher correct? I imagine they find it easier to talk to someone so casual. Still, its advisable for someone in their position to maintain some distance." Ikemura lets out a faint sigh of disapproval before finally letting go of Risako's hand. The girl looks a little sad, but doesn't make any moves against it. Ikemura: "Still, I hope that my daughter will be able to find something she enjoys. Now then, why don't you introduce yourself to your fellow student?" Risako blinks a few times, taking a deep breath to steady herself before turning to Apollo and giving her fellow student a deep bow in greeting. Risako: "G.. H Hi. My name's Risako Kohiyo, I'm the only daughter of the Kohiyo family. I.. Its a... Nice to meet you."
Apollo smiles courteously, nodding as Risako introduces herself. "Likewise, Risako-chan." He would analyse the girl, checking for any signs of supernatural affinity or otherwise any sort of threatening trait she may possess.
"Good. Now, keep up the good behavior, you two. Remember that class is indeed soon to begin." The Principal would bow at the pair and then at the father as he excuses himself, deciding to continue his usual walk around the school grounds.
A man would step out from one of the empty rooms and stand in front of Apollo briefly. Almost creating a shield for the girl from his gaze. "Now, now, Apollo was it? You should really head the principals words and head to class. He is in charge for a reason. Besides, isn't it rude to stare?"
Looking around Risako, the girl herself doesn't seem to have any sort of affinity at first. However, Ellian appears before he can attempt to look more closely. The teacher's sudden appearance makes Risako jump a little, but the girl takes a deep breath in an effort to calm herself down. Risako: "S... Sorry sir. I didn't mean to be disobedient.. I'm just... Sorry, I don't really know where my classes are yet." Risako's father gives the two kids some space, bowing back to the principal before giving an earnest reply Ikemura: "Keep up the good work then. I look forward to making an announcement." That, of course, was the business he had come to the district for. While enrolling his daughter here, Ikemura was also planning to announce a special scholarship opportunity for students. As such a bit of time had been set aside later in the day for a public appearance.
Apollo appears both confused and conflicted by the man's interjection, shock overcoming him as he responds witlessly. "It... it is? No one ever told me this before. Why does everyone just expect me to know when i'm being rude?" Apollo would shrug off his own incompetence as he looks towards the stairs, nodding back to the man before walking off in that direction. "Thanks for telling me."
[Without turning around, he would stop himself and wave.] "Yes, Mister Kohiyo, we are very excited as well. Are we not, Mister Eien Jikan?" [He says, speaking to the teacher who just arrived.] "He's our amazing science teacher. If you need anything, make sure to let him know." "Mister Jikan, make sure to help them in any way you can. I have important business to take care of.
{After finding the one time in her life where she feels slightly free of work, Malloryn decides for once to go to school again. She wore the traditional Kosei uniform and did her best to make herself look inconspicuous and blend in with the crowd. Yet her drill hair, elegant air, and the obviously unneeded shades being worn inside a building make that a bit hard.} "...I've completely forgotten where I'm supposed to go." {She walks upstairs in hopes to find a classroom that felt slightly familiar to what she had in her schedule.}
Apollo enters his next class with most of his materials ready along with a half empty water bottle. He wouldn't pay much note to the students that were always there, instead choosing to focus to doodle in his notebook and occasionally stare towards the front of the classroom. His slouched posture would indicate the heavy sense of boredom he felt. "Huh... why are classes so long man? I'm really not feeling it today..."
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[Kazuo had a lot in his mind since the cave situation, where he didn't even feel like joining and then was ditched by Sana. Not that he particularly cares, the girl is a wildcard to say the least. Needing that peace and quiet, he stays at the rooftop of the school watching the sun slowly go from blue to orange; Kosei had a better view than his apartment building.]
Approaching quietly from behind was none other than Ms. Sumeragi, who would plop down beside Kazuo, munching quietly from a golden bag of gummy bears. "You know it's pretty late to still be on campus. What're you doing up here, sulking over girl troubles or something?" She spoke with a half full mouth before offering Kazuo a neon green gummy bear. She stared at the view herself, not usually able to appreciate such sights. "Some people say humanity taints the world around them with machinery and concrete. I'm not so sure about that. Sure buildings are cold, hard obelisks that loom over everything but there's beauty in them. Every building is filled with thousands of people who are living out their daily lives after all. Sorry, that was kind of out of nowhere wasn't it?"
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[The young man is initially startled by the teacher's sudden appearance.] "Emmmm-Sumera-..." [He looks around the area to see if there was anyone else there. It was only the two of them for now, so it should be fine, he thinks. Taking a deep breath, he speaks.] "You shouldn't get so close to me out of nowhere, Emi. I almost have a heart attack." [He looks back at the city, taking the neon green gummy bear he was being offered, eating it. He liked sweets. He didn't get why Emi was telling him all this, but maybe the atmosphere made her thoughtful too. The distant sound of traffic and cars passing by on top of the wind had their own brand of beauty; all human too.] "It was out of nowhere. But..." [He tries to put an order to his own thoughts.] "I like the way the city looks. I am not too fond of forests, trees and mountains. But the city, it's quiet and just loud enough for some good white noise. It's even better during the night. The only downside to this is that you can't see the stars at all here." [Kazuo turns again to look at Emi.] "Why did you come here so late? I wanted to think. I think..."
"Are you allergic to calling me Sensei or something? Most of my kids don't even know my first name, I'm surprised you even found out." She devoured another handful of gummy bears and sighed softly, resting her chin in her hand like a bored schoolgirl in the middle of class. "Not that I mind or anything, it's just weird. Then again, you're weird." She pulled out her phone, scrolling through it briefly and making a visible, disapproving frown at it before tossing it in her bag. "I like coming up to the roof too you know. Also I have to tell students to go home in about an hour or two, so there's that. What's troubling you so much that you need to sulk on a rooftop?"
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"I had to register you as the Club's supervisor. I needed your first name." [He almost chokes on air as he notices the teacher just called him out like hat, on his way of being. He was aware but it was still strange to hear.] "H-Hey! Fine, I'll call you Sensei, Sumeragi-sensei." [He pouts, looking to the side while red, embarrassed by a reason he couldn't really put together. He stops looking at the city and turns around, pressing his back against the metal fence and sitting on the floor, looking at the other side of the rooftop.] "I was just thinking, alright? It's starting to bother me, not remembering anything. No matter how much I try, I can't recall anything, and yet all the time, I have this feeling of deja vu. I just... I wonder if it's because of this city or the people. What’s worse is when I really put my mind to it... Doesn't matter, the point is that it's all gone."
"I know your frustration, believe me. How does your mom feel about it? Does she know anything? Surely she can help considering, y'know, she's been there the whole time. Err... I assume." Emi scratched at her head in frustration, struggling to find anything comforting to say. Alas, there wasn't much comforting to be giving. How could she tell him that his memories would come back if they never did for her? "You handle it much better than I did, at least. You've lost a lot of your direction in life I bet, and yet you're still a headstrong, ambitious young man." She offered her best assuring smile, scooting over and patting Kazuo's shoulder firmly. She then emptied out the last of the gummy bears and handed another one to Kazuo, this one a bright gold, not unlike her unusual eye color. "This school is such a weird place. You're not even the strangest person I've met this whole time. There's the principal, that one science teacher, Apollo as a whole... I wonder if it was like this before I came here. There's gotta be a reason they stuck me here of all places."
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"All I've asked mom is about my dad, but she doesn't really like talking about him. Guess they didn't really work out if he doesn't even call. Hah, I don't even know the guy's name..." [Kazuo rests his forehead on his right palm.] "...I know we look alike, but that's as far as I know. I think we used to meet but don't anymore and I don't even know why." [Kazuo remains quiet for the rest of it, not really believing any of it. He didn't feel particularly strong; he didn't even comprehend the reasons he felt the need to become stronger. He can't bring himself to look at his teacher, weakly reaching out for the gummy bear all the same with the left and eating it. He liked sweet things.] "...You're weird too, Sensei. You have your own problems. Don’t bother with me."
Apollo was gaming super epicly when he caught a sudden impulse and sneezed into his right sleeve. His screams reverberated throughout the mcdonalds as he had lost a stock as a result.
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"What is an educator if not a vehicle for her students to succeed? If I turned a blind eye to my student's struggles I'd be failing at my one job! Besides, what am I gonna do instead, get my old hair and eyes back and live a normal life again?" She leaned forward to get into Kazuo's line of sight, giving him a playful grin. "Moping won't do you any good. Put a smile on your face! It's okay to want to reclaim what you've lost, but you have so much now already! Smile for your new opportunities and strive to remember the old ones at the same time." Emi took the time to look Kazuo over, tapping the side of her face as she did. There was almost no chance at all that she'd be able to guess who his father was just from appearance, but there was no harm in trying. "Your eyes are definitely very striking. Everything else about you could've come from anyone, but there are very few people who have your eye color. Maybe someday we'll meet him. I'm sure you'll know him when you see him. Maybe if there was a photo somewhere..."
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"...Right, it your job." [It was that sense of duty you would find in any good person with a profession that had them work with anyone else still growing or in peril.] "It's fine, I don't need to find him anyways. I feel fine like this, I'm happy with mom..." [He would lift his face a bit as he stares at Emi. He was still covering the right side of his face with his hand, but it was clear to see. His eyes glitter, slightly watery; they lacked any hint of darkness. He didn't even seem capable of smiling yet, trying to force it but failing, as if the muscles had no strength at all. His cheeks had a faint red to them, made all the more notorious from his pale skin.] "....... Sumeragi-sensei...?"
"Hi that's me, I'm Sumeragi-sensei, the one and only." Her smile only got wider as she saw Kazuo struggle to smile himself. If he couldn't smile, she'd make up for it at least. "Kids have to go through so much these days. Times were simpler when I was younger. And that's saying a lot. You and your classmates are stronger than I could ever ask you to be. Always remember that, okay?"
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"...Shut up, you are just saying it. You don't even know what..." [There's no ill intent in his voice, but he's desperately refusing to believe any of it. Something about her encouragement didn't feel right for him, it stung inside. He didn't know from where it was coming from.] "I don't know... I don't get it..." [He keeps staring at her, from her smile to her weirdly colored eyes. Then her hair. Kazuo was trying to distract himself in any way he could, but there was nothing he could do, and he hated it. He kept thinking about what she just told him, that he was strong. It was like he had something in his throat, his mouth tensed. His lips finally give in as they open up.] "I'm okay, I should be... I should've stayed alone..." [His entire face tenses as he grips the right side of his face harder than before, wishing to stop something. It does nothing at all. In no way could he stop his own tears like this.] "Don't look at me like that, I don't deserve any of it. Stop…!" [His entire body trembles, still fighting off his own surfacing emotions all at once.] "All those times I got into fights and almost died, how many times did I jump into things without understanding why? I don't even know if I should've survived each time. It feels like a sick joke, living like this. What am I even supposed to do? I'm scared! I don't know anything about myself! I don't wanna die!"
Emi suddenly put both of her hands on Kazuo's shoulders, forcing him to stare directly into her eyes, where she wore a stern expression. It was not one to intimidate, but much more like a parent trying to get to their child directly. "Calm down. You're letting this all get to you. It's okay to be scared, everyone gets scared, even I get scared, but the only way for your fears to become realities is if you let them." Her expression softened and she gave Kazuo a few more firm pats. "It's okay to feel lost. But you're not alone. Even if every other member of the Occult Club weren't around, I'd be right here at your side. Never, ever, ever forget that. Your pain was once mine and I will guide you through it. You just have to trust me and trust your friends. So please... you must maintain perspective." She gave one last quick smile before ruffling Kazuo's hair and standing up, walking towards the fence. She figured it might be best to give him a moment for now, taking the time to glance at the darkening sky. "I wonder where Ikki is right now..." She mumbled under her breath, a concerned frown just barely visible from the side of her face.
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[Even after Emi gives him space, he keeps staring onwards. He stops shaking in place as he gives himself the time to let the tears do as they should. It wouldn't take long for him to stop shedding tears, with a better grasp of himself as ha managed to force all the emotions back inside where they belong.] "..." [He wanted to speak again, but didn't really know what to say. It was an embarrassing situation, but funny too. He also did not remember the last time he shed a single tear.] "...I'm sorry for that. I don't know what caused it. I looked at you and... it was like my chest was being crushed." [He sighs, resting his arms on his knees and looking directly below him. He spoke with low energy, a slight sense of desperation coming through.] "...We have the same pain, huh." [He slowly stands up and keeps his back pressed against the fence.] "Haha... but our shadows look so different. If we share that much... I'll believe in you, Eimi." [He keeps quiet for a moment, realizing his mistake.] "No, it's Emi... ugh, I meant... Sumeragi-sensei. I... trust you. At least I know I do."
"Your chest getting crushed huh? I dunno if that's good or bad." She raised a brow at Kazuo after mentioning her shadow. 'Is he referring to the one I think he is...?' There was no way to know, so she just shrugged off the statement. "Want me to get something from the nurse's office? You've been holding your head for a while... Or maybe you're hungry? I know a nice ramen place not far from here. I'll treat you!" She ruffled Kazuo's hair and offered him the widest smile she could. "Or maybe you'd like something more exotic? Hmm... a burger place? They're kinda messy but they're pretty good!"
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"Hrnn...." [His expression slowly softens as Emi jokes with him. It was impossible to smile at first, but then it seemed like he is trying not to smile. He would press his hand against his chest and try to show his best "I'm not smiling" face.] "It was painful but I'm sure it wasn't anything literally physical. It was more... emotional. I'll figure it out eventually." [He would not let the woman ruffle his hair more, grabbing hers so she can't keep going.] "I'm not a kid, I'm 18 already, an adult and a man. At least make that offer without messing with my hair. I may be weird, but I still have an image to maintain." [He says, feigning pride in his appearance as he makes sure his hair looks like it did before he got hit by the wave of emotion. He would also wipe away the tears and dry his face by using his sleeve.] "...And... by extension, if I'm weird and you are too, then logically..." [He looks away, clearing his throat.] "...I like weird, rare or exotic so... Burgers. They are fast too, after all." [For whatever reason, he refuses to face her again, allowing the red of the sky to hide his own blushing cheeks. He didn't even know if this would work at all.]
"As long as you're my student, you're one of my kids. But I'm glad you're okay." She let out a loud schoolgirlish giggle, grabbing her bag and heading towards the door that would lead to the stairs. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out I'm weird, that's a label I'm gonna have to live with for the rest of my days. But you know, that's not so bad. " Emi pulled up a map to the burger place on her phone, starting down the stairs. "You should count your blessings, it's close enough that you don't have to deal with me driving again. Hey, are any of the other Occult Club members around? It's my pay day, I can splurge a little bit if they want to come too!"
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[A label.] "Yeah, but it works." [Kazuo picks up his own bag as he moves towards the door leading back down.] "Beats me if they are around, I don't keep track of their movements. If I did, I would go crazy or die of stress." [He would try to keep up with Emi as best he could. He didn't want to just follow her. Instead, he wanted to walk by her side for as long as he could. It was easier to talk like this; it's like they could be face to face without turning into an obstacle. Or... so he told himself.] "...And I'm just saying, but I didn't mind your driving. After the first few minutes of fearing for my life, I found out that...you are very comfy." [He would say casually, thinking of further conversation as they leave the scene.]
"C-Comfy?!?" Emi's face turned a bright red as she started waving her arms around in vehement disagreement. "Takahara-kun, you are the world's leading expert in making women get the wrong idea, you know that? You're lucky I'm the one you're talking to!" She laughed off the comment with a slight voice crack, slinging her bag over her shoulder and doing her best to scowl and look intimidating, but to someone like Kazuo who's seen her so often, she'd look more flustered than ever. "Mr. Togami's gonna mount my head on a pike at this rate!" With a soft sigh she stepped just a bit further away from Kazuo but still keeping pace with him, offering energetic conversation the whole way to the restaurant.
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[It felt like it had been a long time but he felt like he needed to do this after finding something of worth. Now, he just needed to wait for the group to arrive.] "I'm sure they'll love this. Best part is no one is going to ask too much about us looking around there." [Inside the Practice Building, first floor, last room right around the corner that nobody ever visits. The Occult Club Room would be quite dark and old. The chairs and tables were old fashioned with equally old wood, closer to something one would see in old building that once had a terrible fire. It looked more like a way smaller classroom than an actual office. Sitting on the main desk of sorts, in front of a pair of couches, he hopes the rest shows up.]

Apollo would enter the Occult Club Room soon after Kazuo, greeting them with his typical upbeat and lax tone. "Hoy, Kazuo-chan!" Apollo would walk backwards toward a nearby chair and throw a pencil he was holding up into the air, pulling out a sketchbook and catching the pencil as he sits down. He would tap the eraser end of the pencil on the back of the sketchbook several times, seemingly deep in thought.
Already one of the couches, Miss Sumeragi was already present considering she was likely the only one to have a key to the classroom. She would have what looked like a generic women's magazine over her face, her hand hanging over the side of the couch totally limp and on the floor nearby was a half-empty soda can. Despite the decrepit state of the room, she clearly treated the place like home considering she was sleeping like a rock already.
Gad would show up slightly confused for a moment. He seemed tired, like he had just run a marathon. "Sorry if I'm late. I had a bit of trouble getting here. Somehow, I ended up at the supermarket, then an electronic store in Akihibara, then at a bar in Kichijoji, and then I finally was able to make it back to school. I don't even know how I got outside of the building in the first place."
Hikari would show up to the club room with... Well for one there's blood on her uniform and it looks rather messed up at the moment, beyond that the young woman is simply waving to those already gathered with a smile before taking a seat and speaking up a bit. "Eh... You aren't any later than me at least Gad, never was good at keeping time. That and I might have gotten into a little scrape but don't sweat it, wasn't even worth getting serious over. So what's going on today friends of mine!" She's clearly trying to brush past whatever the hell happened not so long ago, and just hoping that nobody is willing to call her out on it despite obviously having a few bruises to go along with her messed up clothing.
{The tapping of heels would ring around the corner, and with a tissue in hand, Malloryn would enter the room holding her purse like she always does. She kept up her jovial undertone, but looked around her with a wary gaze.} "Ah, rustic. What a nice aesthetic you've chosen for our room, Kazuo!~" {The girl would try to take another step but faces the door and sneezes into her tissue, which she folds up so that the part with the germs is closed off from her grip. Not because the room's dirty or dusty, but because rich people can't stand this.} "Is there a trash can anywhere?"

Apollo's eyes would alight once everyone enters the room, giving a friendly wave to Hikari and Gad. "Kari-chan, Gad-chan and... i'm glad you're all here." He would put his sketchbook to the side, listening to anyone that speaks.
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[Kazuo keeps his fingers intertwined as he covers his mouth. Eyes closed, waiting for everyone to come inside and letting them speak.] "Hello, Apollo-san, Visalli-san, Akimoto-san and Carreu-san. And..." [They had already met earlier to open the room but he should take care of this quickly too. He would stand up and approach Emi sleeping on the job, so to say. Kneeling by her side, he would stare silently until finally he blows air at her eyes after taking the magazine.] "...Sumeragi-sensei." [After hopefully waking her up, he would return to the desk and open up his laptop.] "Thanks for coming today, this meeting should be quick, and I hope you guys also have the time for the rest of the day too. I found this rumor online and looked into it further." [He would turn the laptop around and show a tacky, badly designed message boards that may or may not hold a bunch of weird and dangerous viruses. Luckily, Kazuo was running it on a virtual machine, just to be sure. There are many pictures of a fairly old looking apartment complex, the Muromachi Apartments. It seemed fairly desolate and empty.] "People keep leaving this building after being struck by sudden misfortune. The most common of the which being people falling into a coma. This raised suspicions for the government, but they were unable to find anything, officially saying it was merely a series of terrible coincidences. The people here talk about how everyone involved suffered from terrible nightmares before collapsing at random." [Kazuo takes some time to clear his throat.] "So, I uh... I think we should go check it out. This is definitely not normal, and it barely has people in it anymore. It should be easy to move around and we can get there by walking. It's not very far from here."
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As soon as Kazuo refers to him as "Apollo-san", Apollo would narrow his eyes at Kazuo with offense, waiting until he finishes explaining the rumors to interject. "Kazuo-chan, do you... not know my last name?" He would cross his arms as if interogating Kazuo on the matter.
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"I know it, I'm not saying it each time." [He would quickly say to Apollo. He keeps his eyes closed, refusing to address the "-chan" bit in any way or form.]
"Isn't it actually a sign of being closer if you refer to someone by their first name here... I'm not from Japan so I wouldn't know as much, of course." gad of course would quickly drop such a subject anyway. "Misfortune, interesting way to describe stuff like that. People having nightmares and then falling into comas...Almost sounds like... Nah, never mind, she probably has nothing to do with this. In other words this is some kind of curse. ...I guess I have no choice but to get involved since this sounds serious anyway..."
{Malloryn would drop her tissue in the nearest trash can and continue on with the discussion.} "Don't worry about it, Visalli-San, it's alright! I'm foreign too, so I'm still new to this type of stuff~" {Unlike with her classmates, the girl wouldn't bother to try and exaggerate with their leader.} "As for this rumor, I'm pretty intrigued. I'll be sure to try and figure out a time where my schedule will align. I'm already here anyway~"
As Kazuo blew air in her face, her eyes shot open and she let out a startled squeak before unceremoniously falling off the couch, just barely missing her soda. "Ow! My damn back! Oh God, I think this is it for me, my lovelies. I can see the light...!" Her hand reached to the sky with a struggle as she lay there for at least a minute. After she dropped the act, she'd look around at the group that gathered, standing up and dusting off her coat. "Whoah, that sounds wild! And if we actually solve the mystery we might be doing some genuine community service! It'll be hard, but I can convince the school to reward us for completion!" Emi clapped her hands together jovially, hopping in place with exceptional energy.
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"I... don't think a reward should be necessary. If we do find something, I don't think we should make it public. Who knows what will happen." [He clears his throat, trying not to stare at the group too much. He had to hide the hint of a smile he had somehow.] "Anyways, if you guys are fine with it then we should get there and investigate right away. Like I said before, it's as simple as solving the mystery... if there is any to begin with. Tell me when you’re ready to go. I would rather not rush it too much if any if you want to bring something to the table. I-I don’t…know how to talk to a group like this and all. This way, anyways. Like…casually.” [If nothing more was to be added, or most people were ready to go then he would have them follow him. But if there was more to do, he would wait.]

Apollo would pause for a moment, closing his eyes in rumination. "Well, gang..." He them grins ridiculuously while trying to keep a straight face, lightly chuckling as he speaks. "...looks like we got a mystery on our hands." Despite not being the Fred of this group, Apollo still enjoyed saying that. He then gets up, listening for the reactions to his comment as he stretches.
"If you're certain you'll pass on a reward. I just figure maybe you'd want a room a little better than this dump. But you know, it's almost humbling! Keeps our heads on the ground, you know?" Emi slumps back into the couch, sipping the last of her soda and crushing the can with just one hand. "I'll meet you all there. Kazuo, I'm trusting you to make sure you all get there safe, okay? Not like I can fit everyone on my bike." She picked up the key to her motorcycle and made for the door, waiting by the entrance to let everyone through before locking the door.
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[Kazuo nods as he closes his laptop and puts it back inside his bag as he leaves through the door, waiting by the teacher's side for the rest to leave the room. He would cover his face with his right hand to hide the slight blush on his cheeks.] "You didn't need to say my name like that out of nowhere. But fair is fair, Emi." [He whispers to Emi. After the which he would clear his throat and uncover his face. He was still a bit red.] "You can trust me, Sumeragi-sensei. I'll take everyone there; it shouldn't take more than five minutes."
"I guess I should try to stay close. Otherwise my random luck may bring me somewhere else entirely." Gad would say this as he followed kazuo, trying to make sure he wouldn't leave his site. He seemed more worried over what might happen if he gets distracted and ends up veering off than anything else at the moment. "Five minutes, right? Shouldn't be too hard to follow for that long..."
{The schoolgirl would delicately close the door behind her, breathing in some air that isn’t from the small, horrid room. She looks at Kazuo with a disingenuous smile.} “Guess that’s settled then. Alright Kazuo-Kun, lead us away!~” {Malloryn would decide to follow both Gad and Kazuo as they head out and towards wherever this rumor-filled hospital lies. Despite not knowing the atmosphere like a local would, she spends most of the time on her phone.}

Apollo would silently follow along too
Hikari smirks a bit, this does seem interesting to her... But eh, whatever. It'll be exciting to see if there's anything actually going on, sure as hell was last time... "Hopefully it'll be less annoying than our last investigation, can't say I loved dealing with all those illusions. Though it did inspire me to try and learn how to see past that kinda stuff, haven't had a chance to do any field testing yet. Oh an it's good to see you're still doing alright Mal, hopefully it'll go better than the last adventure I went on with you too, that was a major pain." She shoots the girl in question a slight grin upon making that remark, White Lightning is... Someone Hikari won't forget any time soon, she'll get him one day though, no doubt. Ah well, no sense worrying over it at the moment. Instead, she'd just follow after the group.
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Emi would dart her eyes around, realizing their exchange was a little strange, laughing it off with a characteristic chuckle and awkwardly wrestling the old and decaying mechanism that was the door lock. "Hopefully we'll be done with this one before midnight. I don't really want to get more knife-hands from the principal." With two finger guns and an enthusiastic 'Niiiice!' in English, she'd waste no time in darting to her motorcycle and zipping off into the distance towards their destination.
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