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What is your fondest Phansite memory?
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- - - I have caught myself today fondly remembering the past... when the site was in its prime and was a lawless land of chaos. Persona 5 fresh in everyone's minds and hearts, as everyone expressed themselves in the most absurd ways possible. How beautiful the lore is of this site. As someone who has been here for quite some time, I had seen the most of it. When it was at its most chaotic. And so, that brings me to my discussion... What is your most cherished memory? - - -
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- - - My fondest memory is this. https://i.imgur.com/60Y0nLV.png I still return to it and laugh quite often. - - -
Probably chillin with folks in PMs when the PMs were super active. Being up late, sharing memes and that one cropped image of Yukari... real nostalgic

Uhhh.. a lot of my early phansite days were pretty cringe, though a highlight for me was when i somehow accidentally made a story arc, it was the weirdest thing ever and it actually made me try to get compitent at rp-ing, so yeah it would probably just be everyone giving me advice lol
Mine would most likely be joining the phansite. I was really excited to be a part of all the antics everyone was up too.
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