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This is still real?
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Even though this site has been here for over 3 years, it still feels as if it’s unbelievable. Or that might just be me. Iv been here for 2 years now and my last thread was a long time ago. Knowing that it’s been so long since Iv been here. It really brings me back to see old friends here, even when it hit its 3 year mark people on this Site were talking as if the Site was not going to last as long as they think but here we are now. The last post being an Hour ago, the Series will always stand as long as this Site is here. Thank you for all who read my Thread. Please if you can Write what your thoughts are.
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5 Months since I was last active, how crazy can it be to finally remember how long it’s been since a wonderful reminder has been forgotten.
try me sausage man
Pfff, imagine existing?
I can imagine a social construct yes
It's been around 3 years??? Then how is this a thing? https://i.imgur.com/u07ub6o.jpg
Ok but what is your font
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