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biggest regrets
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My biggest regret is almost uninstalling my play store on my phone.
One of my biggest regrets is not saving my progress for two hours and suddenly having my game crash, making me lose all of my progress.
You can uninstall the play store???
My biggest regret is being banned by Hifumod for 24 hours after saying a funni once, or like 4 times I think
You guys have had really easy lives lolMy biggest regret is not meeting you sooner :)
That’s not a concern :)
Oh bgammax
Yeah figured it wouldn’t take you long, though everyone calls me Gamma for short. I’m just joking around because realistically no one’s gonna post anything super serious anyways since opening yourself up to strangers isn’t really how society works, so you’ll either get people using it as an opportunity to vent about inconveniences like Thief or straight up joking around like Kaz and I.
1. Had 6-8 hours of progressing some drawing then my computer turned off on its own, so my drawing that I started from zero to shading suddenly disappeared and had no trace on my computer. 2. Everything else
My biggest regret is not being able to meet stan lee and stephen hawking before they died. still gives me tears to this day.
Maybe one day Mister Walter Moose
My biggest regret is finding this https://youtu.be/Matdc7cDdcU
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