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Moon_Man98 Presents Top Ten Hottest Female Phansite Characters
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Mishimadmin, one of the greatest and most attractive characters ever thought up. He can think at sound speed, take out enemies in a flash, and best of all he's Poland colored and knows how to handle the females. Speaking of females, the Phansite universe might also be classified as "Hot Chick Heaven", because there's such a mess of very beautiful and tough women that it will make you love the site even more! And since Valentine's Day is around the corner somewhere in the world, I've been inspired to make a top 10 list of the most beautiful female Phansite characters. Grab yourself a snack and a glass of orange juice, and try not to choke me too hard through the screen because HERE WE GO! [I run at very fast speed after presenting.] 10 Number 10. Try this question on for size. Who stalks and berates Kazuo all the time and wields an annoying voice thing? Why it's Sana of course! Though more of a cutie than a hottie, you can't deny the fact that she's still attractive. Two things that make her attractive are the fact that she wears a big jacket, and when have you ever seen one big, very smooth giant eyeball of hair floating besides a person's forehead? I haven't! So once again, Sana is lovely; that is until she goes berserk and starts turbo assaulting people verbally. #9? #9? Who's at number 9? It's this scary mod girl from a distant world. Hifumod, from Elm's Discord. She arrived on the site to deliver a scary message saying that you shouldn't be stupid right before banning you. She doesn't do much except tell people to stop being idiots and focus on the real matter at hand, which is not being dumb as you get banned. The real reason she lands at the #9 is that she becomes Elmco's friend, something Elm needed for a long while. Numero Ocho (Spanish) Numero Ocho. Phansite RP's resident mother, Kokoro. She's attractive and the size of an average human mother. What really surprises me about her is that her armor doesn't really covier a lot of her vitals. Kinda silly, don't you think? She's another character that doesn't do much, but in God Complex: Out of Time, she beat the crap out of Kazuo Takahara so hard for getting in her way he practically died. Seven What number's next? Seven, of course. Shinami Gracidea from The Papilon's Deathly Wings. People always root for the good guys, but sometimes, the bad guys steal the show. Her technical IQ is equal to Tea's. She also happens to be the less useless member of her alien race. I wonder why she isn't the leader. Similar to Galio Handasma and Amadeus Seranor, her specialty is weird space magic. With two very long and smooth butterfly wings extending from her back to her arms and large ego, Shinami will rock your socks. If only we could see her take wing. Numero Six (French) Numero Six. Bgammax. Named after an ancient Greek letter of the same name, Gamma is the proud parent of many cats. He's yet another character that hardly does a thing except beg for people to act rationally so he doesn't have to. He also traps herself inside the many different Gacha games so that the money god Disney doesn't reign terror upon the land. When you're the father of the animal race in the highest power, you need to look your best and Gamma delivers perfectly. That's why he's #6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Number #1, #2, #3, #4, #5! Ah-Ah-Ahhh! Tea Gardner from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. How could you go wrong with a girl that looks like this? She can duel nearly as fast as Gamma and she went from being a supporting character to being a professional dancer who loves friendship. Next to Ene she looks more humanoid than the other characters. Who could top someone who has long (word) hair?
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thanks for the number zero spot since I stand above all females as a male
Tea should be higher smh
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