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Persona-Like Games?
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Outta curiosity, I wanna see what kinds of Persona-esque games are out there. Your definition of that may vary but it’s interesting to see what other games have similar mechanics. Mind Zero comes to mind (heh) since it looks a lot like a Persona clone. Other selves that are bootleg Stands, JRPG, secret world, all that. Might have more to it than I think but it’s still an interesting thing to see in a sea of games. Other Atlus titles such as Lost Dimension have relationship systems and social links. Basically, strengthening the bond helps you in battle, and you get character backstory with it. This feels like cheating because fangame but the JoJo fangame “The 7th Stand User” checks the punch ghost and character relationship checkboxes (latter is required for certain events or endings), and also has the interesting aspect of the MC getting a unique Stand via PMD personality test. The game’s actually very complex for what it is, and manages to decently adapt Part 3 into an RPG.
I think theres a 7th stand user sequel in development that either goes over Diamond is Unbreakable or Golden Wind, anyways if you want a bad one play YIIK. It tries so hard to be good and has good aspects (music is one, voice acting is pretty good too? They did well with what they had to work with) but the story and script and gameplay and tone are so awful and it hurts. Also it really omly has 2 character based decisions (a nonsensical secret ending and deciding wether or not a character commits persona 3) but you can tell persona was an influence in a way.
Depends what Persona aspect you mean. The modern high school setting isn't common. The only real example I can point out is Tokyo Xanadu, a game about a group of highschooler with magic powers that allow them to go into a strange world to save people who get dragged inside... That's about as Personaesk as you can get but is the only direct example I can think of. Otherwise, it would be easier to name games with a split between combat and social simulators. Stella Glow is a good example of that. Caligula Effect is a game I don't really like but has a pretty heavy emphasis on its social aspect, also takes place in a highschool sort of. Compile Heart games sometimes have systems like this as well but the focus is usually on dating which is somewhat less like Persona.

Like Yu said, it depends on what Persona aspect you're looking for. The closest game having the Persona formula would be The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel (jRPG mechanics, school, social life, no modern setting though) I'd say that Danganronpa games always reminded me of Persona games the most (especially P4G). Those aren't RPGs, but the mystery, school setting and social elements have that Persona feel to me. I've seen a lot of people comparing the two before too Mind Zero is a Persona rip off but it's a mediocre game
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Yeah, figured I’d leave the definition of Persona-like open to see how it can be interpreted. A lot of these games sound pretty interesting though minus YIIK. I’ll have to check ‘em out sometime!
Well DRV3 has an RPG mode thats tied to the social links and the weird board game thing but its only unlocked after you beat tbe game
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